November 24, 2014
by Sam

Why I’m Completely Giving Up the Scale.

Why I'm Completely Giving Up the Scale | Better With Sprinkles

It’s interesting to see all the different opinions out there regarding how often we should weigh ourselves.

Every day.

Once a week.

Once a month.

One a year.


There’s so many rationales behind how often we should use the scale to ‘keep us on track.’ It’s commonly preached that if you notice that scale creeping up, that means you need to cut back on the treats or up the exercise. But on the other hand, there’s concern that being too involved in tracking your weight (and dealing with all the fluctuations that come with that) can be frustrating, useless, and at times, can help contribute to an eating disorder or disordered eating/exercise habits.

It’s been years since I weighed myself every day, but that’s definitely a practice I used to engage in. As I got healthier, got further into recovery and started putting less emphasis on my weight, I slowly cut back on how frequently I weighed myself. Over the last year or so, I’d say I typically hop on the scale every 1-3 months.

Even though I had absolutely no interest in weighing myself any more frequently than that, I still felt like I needed to have a scale around. So that whenever that urge hit, whenever I felt like I absolutely had to know my weight, I could hop on. I knew that the number didn’t really matter and wasn’t a reflection of my health, but I still liked to know approximately where I was, weight-wise. I carted the scale around to every apartment that I’ve lived in for the last 3-4 years.

Until now.


When I was back in Ontario packing up my things for the move, I stood in the bathroom and stared at the scale for a few minutes. The same scale that I tracked my weight on throughout my eating disorder, throughout my recovery, and occasionally through my life as a happy, healthy individual.

I thought about packing it in with all my bathroom stuff, but as I looked at it, I realized that I really just didn’t want it around anymore.

Although I know that my body image is light years better than it was a few years ago, I still felt some sense of anxiety whenever I’d strip down and get ready to step on the scale. I would mentally prepare myself to be ok with whatever number popped up at me – whether it was the same, higher, or lower than what I remembered.

That scale still had power to affect my mood, and I didn’t like that.

So I left it behind. It’s still sitting on the floor my parents house, and that’s where it’ll stay.

Because really, who gives a shit what I weigh?

Because a stupid piece of plastic should not have the power to affect my mood.

And because I’m so much more important than whatever a scale could tell me.


Honestly, there was a little nervousness when I made my decision. It was a little bit like giving up a security blanket – I liked having it around as a ‘just in case.’ But frankly, the scale can’t tell me anything important – I’d rather use how I feel to assess how my health is holding up. Frankly, I know when I’m ‘indulging’ more than usual or when I’ve been more active – I don’t need a scale to either confirm or deny that. There’s so many other (and better) ways to measure progress.

This is the first time I’ve been completely scale-free in my memory. And I think I like it better this way.

More important


<— Do you own a scale?

<— How do you feel about weighing yourself? How often do you do it?

November 23, 2014
by Sam

Workout Recap 11/16-11/22.

Hi guys! I’m popping in today with another workout recap for you.


off! Lately I’ve been taking the weekends off from formal workouts, which has been great. I still get out and about and stay active, but I haven’t been going to the gym. Works for me right now!


Gym! This week, I decided to focus on an upper/lower body split. Monday was upper body, focusing on supersets:

  • 12 shoulder presses + 12 seated cable rows x 4
  • 10 upright rows + 12 incline dumbbell chest press x 4
  • 10 lat pulldowns + 12 pushups x 4
  • 12 dumbbell lying tricep extension + 10 hammer curls x 3
  • Tabata: squat jumps + skaters + high knees + jumping jacks (repeated once)


Lower body time!

  • 15 goblet squats + 8 single leg dumbbell straight leg deadlift (each leg) x 4
  • 15 jump squats + 8 split squats (each side) x 4
  • 12 dumbbell straight leg deadlift + 12 leg extensions x 4


back to upper body:

  • 12 lat pulldowns + 8 push up rows x 4
  • 12 seated military press + 12 dumbbell flies x 4
  • 12 dumbbell rows + 12 dumbbell front raises
  • 10 alternating bicep curls + 12 tricep extensions
  • tabata: squat jumps + skaters + high knees + jumping jacks (repeated once)


Ashtanga yoga! That class kills me, but in an awesome way. Although frustrating enough – I’ve suddenly found myself with a mental block when it comes to headstands. I know I can do them, but everything I push myself up into one I get freaked out that I’m going to topple over. Annoying.


final gym workout of the week:

  • 12 dumbbell sumo squats + 8 plyo lunges (each side) x 4
  • 8 Bulgarian split squats (each side) + 12 single leg hip raises (each side) x 4
  • 45 second wall sits + 10 standing leg curls (each side) x 4

And Rest and Restore yoga! Definitely a great class to end the week with.


off! But I went shopping so I was on my feet a lot.

So I was in the gym a little more than usual (I usually lift 3 days a week) but it was a fun change and I could feel the difference – I was a little but sore all week! Since my intro pass at the yoga studio is almost up, I’m anticipating a lot of yoga next week to take full advantage.

Have a good one!

<— How were your workouts this week?

<— Do you do formal workouts on weekends?

<— Do you utilize tabatas or HIIT in your workouts?

November 21, 2014
by Sam

Five Things Friday 11/21/14.

Hi! Happy Friday!

Five Things Friday

Let’s just jump into Five Things Friday, shall we?

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

Tuna steak with rice and edamame coleslaw from the Rose & Crown.

Tuna Steak

I was a little nervous about ordering tuna at a pub, but this was actually really good! It could have used a tad more seasoning, but it was cooked really well.

2. Grilled cheese and baby carrots (which I apparently only photographed one of, for some reason…)

Grilled cheese

And Breaking Bad. Yay Saturday night!

3. Giant pretzel.

Giant pretzel

I went to a Christmas Bazaar last Sunday, and I grabbed one of these to munch on. Yum.

4. Homemade peanut butter cups.

Peanut Butter Cups

Jo brought these home from work the other day and they are fabulous.

5. White chocolate Reese’s:

White Reese's

Because I just can’t get enough peanut butter cups. Weirdly enough, I had never tried the white chocolate Reese’s before – I can usually take or leave white chocolate but of course when peanut butter is involved everything is amazing.

5 Things Happening This Week:


Victory Dance


Dancing Jimmy

(img source 1, 2, 3)

Can you tell I’m maybe just a little excited? It’s in a field I was hoping to get into, which is awesome. It’s in the city, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pick up a second job and keep this one as supplementary income (it’s a casual position, so the hours are flexible) but either way…INCOME! WORK!

I’m happy.

2. I may have let out a little squeal of delight when I saw this:


3. I finally got myself on Snapchat. I haven’t actually sent any yet…but at least I took that first step?

4. I asked my brother what he wanted for Christmas, and all he said was ‘something practical’. When I asked him to elaborate, he said “you know…socks and batteries.” and stuff. He was not kidding when he said practical.

5. I realized that I forgot a nickname on Monday’s post! In one of my groups of friends, I’m known as ‘Ginger Sam’…despite the fact that I din’t actually rock the red hair all that often. But there’s another Sam in that group and I had red hair when I met them so…I’ve been Ginger Sam for the last 7 years.

Ginger Sam

Now I kinda want to go red again… (sorry I forgot that one Mel!!)

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

1. It does.

Be you

2. The best things come out of love.

Love More

3. What’s stopping you?

Whatever you want

4. I try to keep this in mind every time I face rejection.


5. And the foodie thing this week: Caramel Crunch Cream Pie via Betsy Life.

Caramel Crunch Cream Pie

I never would have thought to put a crispy rice layer in pie, but that’s kind of brilliant. I’m a texture freak, so that would be fun!

That’s all for me – have a great weekend!

<— What are your plans this weekend?

<— What’s the story behind one of your nicknames?

<— What movies are you really excited to see? I’m also looking forward to Into the Woods and Mockingjay Part 1!