August 22, 2014
by Sam

Five Things Friday 08/22/14.

Hi there! Happy Friday!

Five Things Friday

Confession: when you’re unemployed and not in school, Fridays/weekends in general aren’t a big deal. But I’ll get excited for you guys (P.S. I’ve been done school for less than 2 weeks and I’m already bored. Someone hire me).

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. I used the last half of the Flapjacked packet I got from Blend to make up a waffle, which I topped with a sliced banana and a ‘sauce’ made with chocolate whey protein, peanut butter and almond milk.


This was last weekend – weekends are made for waffles.

2. Mom’s Pepper Steak on white rice.

Pepper Steak

I love it when people cook for me.

3. Oats with chocolate Nuttzo, strawberry jam and a fried egg.

Eggs and oatmeal


Some things don’t change.

4. A bison burger, sweet potato fries and salad from McCabe’s on Tuesday night with friends.

Bison Burger

I love it when restaurants give you the half salad/half fries option. I don’t love it when I get a shitton of raw onions though – those were removed.

5. Menchie’s.

Menchie's Froyo

We all know that mine is the one with sprinkles.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. I”m starting to put together my answers for the Ask Me Anything series, so if there’s anything you want to ask me, do so here!


I won’t! (img source)

2. Although one little announcement in regards to Ask Me Anything – I’ve had a couple of questions about Eric and whether or not we are still together. The answer is no – we broke up a few weeks ago. I’m not quite ready to discuss it here, so thank you for being patient and respecting my privacy about this right now.

3. It’s the bestie’s birthday tomorrow, and to celebrate we’re heading to a beach house in Michigan with a small group of people. I’m not planning to blog while I’m there, but I’ll be available through email and I plan to Instagram some of our shenanigans. I’ll be back at it on this little internet space of mine on Wednesday or Thursday!

Sam and Laura

4. As I’m typing this (Thursday afternoon) I’m getting ready to go a free Stand Up Paddleboarding ‘tryout’ session. Ohmygod I’m so excited. And preparing myself to faceplant in the water because my balance is not fantastic (although yoga is making it better!)

Paddleboarding Pug

No paddleboarding pug this time though.

5. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering what happened to the pug in the breakup:


He’s with me. That dog is 100% my baby and I never would have left without him.

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald gets me.

Start Over

Seriously, that is my life right now.

2. I love meeting people I can talk to for hours.


If you can engage in a difficult or limitless conversation with me, you’re going to be one of my favourite people.

3. This is a great quote from my absolute favourite book.

It Doesn't Matter

Seriously, Alice in Wonderland is amazing.

4. Cake Batter Whipped Cream via Beyond Frosting.

Cake Batter Whipped Cream

I do love me some whipped cream, but a cake batter version? Brilliant.

5. The best advice I’ve heard in a while.

One day at a time

Clearly, I still can’t stop on the quotes. But have a fabulous weekend and I’ll talk to you guys sometime next week!

<— What are you doing this weekend?

<— Best thing you’ve eaten this week?

<— Side salad, side of fries, or both?

<– What’s your favourite quote right now?

August 20, 2014
by Sam

WIAW: Because You Can’t Stop at One.

Hi there!

What I Ate Wednesday

I don’t even have to tell you what’s going in this post – you already know I’m showing you a day of eats


Say it with me:

Avocado Toast


Avocado toast. With sriracha and eggs. And blueberries. Yum.


Leftovers from dinner over the weekend:

Salmon Lunch


Roasted sweet potatoes, roasted zucchini, and salmon. Delicious.

And for lunch-dessert:



My favourite chocolate right now. This stuff is amazing. Although this x 2 because:

Breaking Chocolate

(img source)

Truth. You can’t stop at one.


My mom brought this home from my parents’ vacation and I can’t even handle how good it is.

White Chocolate Popcorn

And of course, the ingredient list is right on the front to remind of how horrid the ingredients are. Meh.

Quest bar


So I bought the box 11 days ago and I only have one left. Oops. Good for pre-yoga though!


I threw together a quick taco salad:

Taco Salad


Spinach, ground chicken cooked in taco seasoning, salsa, avocado, crumbled tortilla chips.

And then maybe another handful of that popcorn after dinner ;-)

Have a good one!

<— What do you add to popcorn? My answer will now be white chocolate.

<— Current go-to chocolate bar/brand?

<— Can you actually just eat one square of chocolate?

August 18, 2014
by Sam

This is What Dieting Does To Your Body.

If you frequent the healthy living blogosphere, you’ve probably seen someone tell you that diets don’t work.

I’d like to think that this is second nature to most of us by now, right? That seriously limiting your calories messes with your metabolism and makes you gain weight in the long run? If you weren’t aware or didn’t want to believe this, then you’re going to be interested in today’s post.

Don't Care

Side note: I want this shirt. (img source)

The thing is, the idea that diets are harmful was proven scientifically almost 70 years ago. Despite this knowledge, we’re still presented with restricted-calorie and fad diets over. and over. and over again. We’re presented with the idea that life gets better when you lose weight. But what if I told you that this really, really messes with your body and mind?

If you’ve ever picked up a book on anorexia or eating disorders, or had a conversation with a therapist about it, chances are that someone has told you about the Minnesota Starvation Experiment. I know for me, my old therapist told me about it in our first session together.

If you’re unaware, the Minnesota Starvation Experiment was undertaken in 1945 by Dr. Ancel Keys to study the effects of starvation. 36 men were chosen to participate, where their diets were reduced from 3200 calories/day (because that is a NORMAL amount of food for a grown man!) to a maximum of 1570 calories/day for a period of six months.

So what happened to the men in the experiment?

  • they lost about 1/4 of their body weight on average – from an average of 150 pounds to 115 pounds…skeletally thin.
  • they lost interest in politics, world events, romance and sex. Food became their primary focus.
  • they developed odd food rituals – mixing their food with water, obsessively reading cookbooks, hoarding food, drawing out their mealtimes for hours.
  • reduced heart rate due to the slowing of the metabolism.
  • weakness, dizziness, irritability, and self-reported decreased mental ability.
  • most displayed some form of psychological trauma – one suffered a psychological breakdown, and another cut off three of his own fingers.
  • as the experiment continued, some men had to have their calories reduced to 1000 calories to continue the weight loss – which completely disproves the theory that 3500 calories = one pound.

Dear Diet

(img source)

And during the rehabilitation phase (which occurred in a 12 week calorie controlled phase, and then they were released and given the opportunity to return to ‘normal eating’):

  • reports of extreme ‘binges’ (I would call it extreme hunger) to the point of one patient having to be hospitalized to get his stomach pumped due to overeating, and another reported eating 11 500 calories in one day.
  • no noticeable relief from hunger (feeling hungry all the time).
  • an average of 10% increase over their original starting weight.
  • men who had not shown any body images issues reported feeling ‘fat’.

So even if someone doesn’t diet quite to these extremes, you can see the intense physical, emotional, hormonal, and psychological damage that calorie restriction does to a person. And – in the long run the patients gained more weight anyways. Of course, people in our society tend to ‘yo-yo diet’, ensuring a return to a higher weight time and time again.

So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Dieting DOESN’T work.

Dieting is HARMFUL.

Your body NEEDS adequate calories in order to function properly.

So let’s focus on appreciating our bodies the way they are without trying to diet them down, mmk?

Have a good one!

<— Had you heard about this experiment before?

<— What are your thoughts on calorie-restricted diets?

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