November 24, 2015
by Sam

Christmas 2015 Wish List.

Every year, family/friends ask me what I want for Christmas and my answer is always the same.

“Ummm….I don’t know.”

Seriously, I’m the worst. It’s hard to come up with stuff! But mom always want a list, so I have to think of at least a few things. One thing that helps: Looking up gift guides/wish lists that other bloggers put out there. They tend to help me put together a list, and I can use some of the items I see in my gift-shopping for other people I buy for. So, it made sense to me to put together my own list.

gift guide

Here’s what I’m asking for this year:

1. Lululemon yoga mat.

I still haven’t gotten myself back into yoga (oops) but I think part of that might be because my current mat is literally falling apart. I always hear good things about Lululemon mats, so I’d like to try them out.

yoga mat

The 3mm reversible yoga mat in ultra violet/deep coal.

2. Restaurant gift cards.

Because I love going out to eat. In case any locals are interested, I’d be looking for cards for The Early Bird, The Church Key, Bungalow, The Only On King and Che as my top choices.

3. Salt lamp.

I’ve heard really good things from people that have salt lamps: basically, the act as an air purifier by emitting negative ions to restore and neutralize air quality. This is supposed to help increase energy, reduce effects of SAD, boost serotonin and support the immune system (source). Since I’ve never owned one I can’t really speak to how effective they are, but I think it’s worth a shot. I know that Green Earth always has them in stock.

salt lamp

4. Books.

Right now, I only have 4 books to read to meet my goal of reading 40 books in 2015. So it’s pretty safe to say that I like books. I have 40 some-odd on my current Goodreads to-read list, but a few titles that I’m particularly interested in:

  • 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress With Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works – Dan Harris
  • The Husband’s Secret – Lianne Moriarty
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora – Scott Finch
  • A Taste of Generation Yum: How the Millenial Generation’s Love For Organic Fair, Celebrity Chefs and Microbrews Will Make or Break the Future of Food – Eve Turow
  • The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom – Miguel Ruez

5. Experiences/Adventures.

I’d love gift cards for some fun adventures/activities to do around Southwestern Ontario. A few examples:

  • Junction, the rock climbing gym in London
  • Boler Mountain, so I can learn to snowboard this year
  • Exodus Escape Rooms
  • Metro Toronto Zoo
  • Canada’s Wonderland (theme park in Toronto)
  • Wine tours in Niagara

Because who doesn’t love adventures/trying new things?

6. Quest bars/B-Up bars/Quest protein powder.

I love having the bars and Quest protein is my favourite protein powder. But of course – that shit is expensive.

Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest

7. A new dresser/bedside table.

Currently, I’m using the same dresser I’ve been using since I was little. While it still gets the job done, it’s pretty squeaky and you can see the remains of stickers I threw on there when I was around 9. And I don’t actually have a bedside table right now. 


I really like this Nexera Vicky 6-Drawer from Lowes with the added hutch.


8. A massage gift card.

Because I was in half-marathon training mode for six months (and now I’m in strength-building mode) and didn’t get a massage…in fact, I think it’s been a good 2 years since I’ve had one. Needless to say, I could use it!

Honestly, I’m really just happy that I get to be with my family, friends and chef-friend this year so I don’t care what I do/don’t get. Best Christmas present ever.

Have a good one!

<— What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

November 20, 2015
by Sam

Five Things Friday 11/20/15.

Hi friends! Sorry for the silence this week…can you tell I’m still struggling with that blogger identity crisis thing? Hopefully, I’ll get over it sooner or later and figure out what I want to do.

But I do like the Friday posts around here to catch you up on my life, so I decided to pop in today for the Friday things.

5 Things I Ate This Week:

  1. A bok choy salad mix with salted peanuts and Asian dressing.

bok choy

My veggie consumption has been a little sad lately, so I’m trying to bring big-ass salads back into my life. This worked as lunch part 1.

2. Part 2 to said lunch: a bowl of bean and bacon soup.

bean and bacon soup

I always forget how much I love soup as part of a meal. So good.

3. Running With Spoons Double Chocolate Mug Cake.

eat cake

Because cake is just as acceptable for midnight snacks as it is for breakfast.

4. Qdoba tacos – 2 chicken and a steak.


taco Wednesday should be a thing.

5. Cool Whey peanut butter protein ice cream.

cool whey

I picked it up on a whim when I was in Popeye’s (a supplement store) this week, and it’s not bad. It’s definitely no ice cream, but if I just want something tasty and frozen, it’ll get the job done.

5 Things Happening This Week:

  1. How sketchy/creepy does this look?

sketchy treadmill

It gets dark so early these days and my parents live out in the country (so walking around at night is a little freaky) so the window of time I have to get out for a walk is getting shorter and shorter. So the solution: I dug my parents old treadmill out and set it up in the slightly creepy unfinished basement. Plus the closest I could get to a treadmill desk (so I can watch Parks & Rec while I walk) was a stack of totes. Hey – it gets the job done.

2. We had another week of 10-15 (50-60 F) degrees around here this week. Seriously – my dad is still playing golf these days and I was able to go to my job interview on Wednesday in a dress and I was comfortable. Meanwhile, from my understanding Canmore/Banff and Calgary have been getting snow for a few weeks now. Not going to lie, I don’t hate it.

winter is coming

3. Weekend plans – a friend of mine from high school plays in a band locally, so I’m going to go check it out. Reconnecting with old friends = awesome.

4. In current GoodLife Fitness news, GoodLife has teamed up with ParticipACTION to offer a GoodLife open house from November 22nd-30th. Basically, sign up HERE and you can attend GoodLife for FREE in that time period. If you’ve been thinking about a gym membership, why not check it out? They have locations pretty much everywhere in Canada, offer a huge range of classes, and have knowledgeable staff hanging around if you need some help getting started.

5. Unemployment boredom is reaaaally starting to kick in for me. I was working so much last year that having a bit of a break was nice…but now I’m definitely over it. And my bank account is starting to feel the same way. But, I’ve put my intentions out there, so all I can do right now is keep working my ass off towards finding the job I want and staying confident that something awesome is coming my way.

the universe

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

  1. So you might as well go for it.


2. Just don’t do it.

don't shrink yourself

3. Enjoy what you have.


4. Because really, it is a superpower.


5. The drool-worthy pin of the week: Chocolate Amaretto Crepe Cake via Sprinkle Bakes.

Crepe Cake

I’ve never had a crepe cake before, but I’m definitely intrigued by the concept.

That’s it for me today – have a good one!

<— How do you feel about treadmills? I’m not a fan for running, but they’re good for walking/interval work as long as I can watch TV.

<— What are your weekend plans?

<— Mexican food: salads, tacos, burritos, or quesadillas? Burrito bowls are usually my go-to, but tacos are definitely a close second

November 13, 2015
by Sam

Five Things Friday 11/13/15.

Hi! Happy Friday the 13th! How superstitious are you feeling today?

But, since it is Friday, the Friday things.

5 Things I Ate This Week:

  1. Chicken ‘n Waffles from The Early Bird.

Chicken n waffles

So basically, this is my new favourite dish ever. From what I remember, waffles and fried chicken with duck gravy, maple syrup, crispy onions, and bacon jam. It’s insane and amazing and I kind of want to eat it for every meal.

2. Shared farmer’s market lunch with chef-friend: pork and cheese pupusas, chicken tamal and lime Jarritos.

farmers market lunch

Pupusas are probably my favourite food ever – I need to learn how to make them.

3. Flapjacked Carrot Spice waffle with banana and Salted Caramel Nuts n More.

flapjacked waffle

Not quite as fancy as the first waffle dish, but super tasty and high-protein and good for you. Can you tell I’m really into waffles right now?

4. All You Can Eat Sushi.

all you can eat sushi

We went to my favourite AYCE in London (Sushi 168) and went to town. Seriously, you can’t go to an AYCE sushi place and NOT overdo it.

5. Green tea ice cream.

I didn’t get a picture, but I promise it was delicious!

5 Things Happening This Week:

  1. Still living the unemployed life over here. But I do have an interview next Thursday, so there’s that! I’ve had some days where I’ve been seriously down and frustrated, but I’m doing my best to stay positive and accept that the universe knows my intentions and will help me get the job I want.
  2. Things that happen when you’re unemployed: you watch 11 episodes of Lost in a day.


Seriously. That is by far the most I’ve ever binge-watched a show in one day. Ridiculous.

3. If anybody’s looking for me over the next week or two…

Fallout 4

I’m playing this. Gaming is a big hobby of mine that fell by the wayside over the last year or so. But chef-friend has a PS4 and I am definitely taking advantage. I’ve been looking forward to Fallout 4 for a while now, so of course I had to get on it ASAP.

4. Filed under things that make me happy: I’m getting tickets with a big group of girlfriends to see Mariana’s Trench in March.

I saw them in a small venue about 4-5 years ago and they’re so much fun live. It’ll be interesting to compare that to a big arena show. Sooo looking forward to this!

5. Here’s Atticus and I being cuddly and cute. Just because.

Sam and Atticus

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

  1. It will.

supposed to happen

2. So maybe put the phone down once in a while?

be all there

3. Probably the best way to look at fairy tales.

dragons can be beaten

4. I can’t think of 3 better lessons.


5. The drool-worthy pin of the week: Peanut Butter Caramel Candy Cups via Keep It Sweet Desserts.

Candy Cups

Basically a Reese’s Cup on steroids – how can you go wrong with that?

That’s it for me today – have a great weekend!

<— What are your plans this weekend?

<— How do you feel about video games? Do you play?

<— Have you been to any good concerts/shows lately?