September 2, 2014
by Sam

Goal Talk: September.

So…who has a goal to eat pumpkin-flavoured everything for the next few months?


Pumpkin (img source)

While not a specific goal of mine, I’m sure I’ll find myself picking up my first can of pumpkin within the week – I’m surprised I didn’t run out and buy one yesterday!

Ok, but how about my actual goals for September?

Goal Talk

First, a quick look back at my August goals:

1. Focus on my job hunt.

Sooooo job hunting is difficult. And frustrating. But I’m still working away on it! I don’t have anything solidified yet, but I’m optimistic that a great opportunity will come along as long as I keep putting in the effort.

2. Complete two unbroken chin ups.

Done! Although instead of in the gym, I tested it out on a weird pull-up contraption they had set up in Dick’s Sporting Goods. Random, but I managed to pull it off! I had been doing assisted chin-ups twice a week in the gym, which seemed to pay off.

Chin Ups(img source)

3. Successfully defend my thesis.

Done and done!

4. Breathe.

You could say that I took this goal a little bit literally.


I’ll have to get an updated picture of the tattoo posted – it healed up nicely! 

This goal was about keeping calm and not let myself get overwhelmed with graduating, job hunting, and all of the personal changes I’ve gone through over the last month. And I would say that I’ve been successful! I’m feeling like I’m in a great place these days, which is awesome.

Overall, a fairly successful month in regards to goals!

September Goals:

1. Pull a 220 lb deadlift.

I’ve been slowly reintroducing strength training over the last few months, and working my way back up to my old numbers in terms of how much weight I can lift. My old deadlift PR was 210 pounds, and I’m feeling ready to try and beat that – I’m aiming for 220 pounds. So, I’m going to start deadlifting twice a week and go for the PR at the end of September.

Deadlift Yes, I do find deadlifting that exciting. (img source)

2. Sloooowly reintroduce cardio into my workout routine.

My body has been giving me signs that it’s ready to handle some cardio again – which is something that I’ve been craving lately. Just like when I started again with weights, I want to reintroduce is slowly and carefully, making sure that I’m aware of how my body is handling it. Right now, I’m just planning on Zumba, some easier sprints (HIIT is never easy, per say, but I don’t want to go completely balls to the walls straight out) or a slow run once a week or so. And of course, if I start seeing negative symptoms, I’ll back off right away.

3. Keep 2 rest days a week.

I’m one of those people that really loves exercise – I love feeling fast when I run, powerful when I lift, flexible when I do yoga…and all the sweating and endorphins that come with that. So, it’s easy for me to shove rest aside while I chase the next workout high. I think this habit of mine contributed to my hormone issues last fall/winter – it’s easy for me to do intense exercise 6 or 7 days a week if I’m not mindful about it. I know my body still needs at least two full days of rest (and yoga doesn’t count as rest!) per week, so I need to make sure I’m giving my body those off days.

Rest (img source)

4. Get all my ducks in a row and get ready to move.

I keep hinting at big life changes – and they’re coming. I’m moving next month! I’m keeping the details quiet for now while I hash them out, but right now I’m planning to move pretty far away from my family and most of my friends. It’s a big, terrifying life change, but my gut instinct tells me that this is what I need to do. Rather than letting myself be scared off by change (which is what usually happens), I’m embracing it and following my heart. 

So basically, I need to spend the next few weeks job hunting specifically in my soon-to-be city, selling my furniture, figuring out what all goes into moving to a new province, and saying my goodbyes to my family and friends that I won’t get to see nearly as often.

Basically, life will be insane for a while, but I’m so, so excited for this next step.

Gut feelings(img source)

That’s all for me today – have a good one!

<— What are your goals in September?

<— Do you have a fitness PR that you’re currently trying to beat?

<— Any moving advice for me (specifically, advice for moving reaaaally far away)?

<— How many rest days do you normally take per week?

September 1, 2014
by Sam

Rehashing August.

Hi friends! Happy Labour Day and happy September 1st! Hopefully, you’ve got some time to just hang out and relax today. 

It weirds me out so much that we’re into September. For me at least, August brought a TON of changes. A breakup, moving back in with my family, reconnecting with old friends, and starting to piece the next phase of my life together. All in all, I’m in a good place and I can’t wait to see what September brings.

So, let’s take a look back at what I’ve been up to in August, shall we?

I was:


When one of your favourite authors puts out a new book, you get your hands on it as quick as possible.

Mr. Mercedes

(img source)

So it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things horror and I adore Stephen King, but I don’t even have words for how great this book is. I find with a lot of King books I have a lot of trouble getting into it – I don’t get interested until at least 1/4-1/3 of the way in when the story starts picking up. But this book held my attention right from the beginning…it was so well written and such an awesome story! I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads.


Sticking with the horror theme:

Halloween II

(img source)

When I was at the cottage with friends, we spent one night watching back-to-back slasher movies – Freddy vs. Jason, Halloween II, and Halloween H2O. Is it weird that I probably prefer horror movies to any other genre? And of course, I loved hanging out with people who love them as much as I do.

Listening to:

Guys, I’m so embarrassed.

Let it be said that for the vast majority of my life, I’ve changed the radio station whenever a Taylor Swift song comes on – it’s just not my thing. But her new song is SO DAMN CATCHY that I find myself car-dancing and singing to it whenever it comes on. Huge guilty pleasure song.



Fabulous and Flawed

Not that that’s different from any other month, but I’ve been particularly fond of my dark chocolate lately.



Cards against Humanity

A glass of a nice Riesling is pretty perfect these days (with a side of Cards Against Humanity).

Best Posts in August:

That’s all for me today – have a good one!

<— What are some of your best memories of the last month?

<— Horror movies: Love em or hate em?

<— Current guilty pleasure song/artist?

<— What have you been reading lately?

August 29, 2014
by Sam

Five Things Friday 08/29/14.

Soooo it’s the last Friday in August. Ahhh I’m not ready for this! Although fall is my favourite season (my birthday, Halloween, all things pumpkin, boots, leather jackets…) I’m not quite reader to let go of beach weather yet.

Five Things Friday

Distracting myself from the thought with Five Things Friday!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately (at the cottage!):

1. Hot dogs, salad, and bacon.

Hot Dogs


Apparently, you can BBQ bacon and it’s awesome. Just try not to lose your eyebrows in the process, because it gets fiery…

2. Eggs, a sliced banana, and a packet of Nuttzo.

Eggs and banana


And I’m pretty sure this was followed by a few handfuls of cereal.

3. Chicken, baked potato, and green beans with bacon.

Chicken dinner


We had a beer-can chicken one night, which I had never tried before and was awesome. Also – bacon will always improve vegetables. P.S. are you getting the idea that bacon was a common theme in most of our meals? Because that’s how it went.

4. Skor cake and cookies n cream ice cream.

Cake and ice cream


We were celebrating a birthday, after all.

5. Chobani Oats in Banana Maple.

Chobani Oats


I really liked the flavour, but I’m not sure how I felt about the added oats – the texture just felt a little weird to me. 

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. Of course, I can’t go to the States without bringing some food back with me.



I’m trying to take it easy on the spending, but there were some things I couldn’t resist picking up. There weren’t any Whole Foods or Trader Joes around (boo!) but I made do with Target, Meijers and WalMart.

  • Barney Butter – Cocoa + Coconut almond butter.
  • Skippy Dark Chocolate peanut butter.
  • Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch salad dressing – we bought a bottle for salads at the cottage, but I loved it and snatched it up to bring home. So good.
  • La Croix in Apricot flavour – I haven’t tried this one before, but it sounds good.
  • Cookie Dough Oreos – I haven’t broken into these yet…how are they?
  • Lindt in Dark Chocolate Cookie.
  • Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper – probably won’t help with the “I should drink less pop” thing, but I couldn’t resist.
  • Fage Total 2% plain – I should have brought back like 4 of those tubs. Officially my favourite yogurt.
  • Dove dark chocolate – of course.
  • Kashi Island Vanilla – I think this is my new favourite Kashi cereal. So good.
  • Hershey’s Cinnamon Chips – I have no idea what to do with these! I know I’ve bought them before and made scones, but I want to try something different.

I couldn’t find Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, which so disappointing! I’ve been craving that stuff like mad lately.

2. I HELD SIDE CROW. I didn’t get a picture, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It only took me like, four months of working on it, but better late than never, right? I’ll get a picture at some point.

3. Chocolate is smart.

Fabulous and Flawed


I am both of those things ;-)

4. I love blogging so much. But I also loved NOT blogging for a few days. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to put out posts five days a week, even when that ends up resulting in something less than stellar. So, I’m going to stop making myself stick to that schedule. If I’m not feeling it and want an extra day off, I will – I’d rather keep the blog quiet an extra day than put out something half-assed. 

I have no idea how much this new attitude will affect the blog or my posting schedule – we’ll wait and see. I want to work on making the blog a little more focused, so we’ll see what happens in the coming months.

5. Despite the fact that I missed half the week and there really isn’t much of a difference between weekdays and weekends for me right now…I kept thinking that yesterday was Friday. And kept being disappointed when it wasn’t. I hate that.

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

I should really just change this to ’5 quotes I pinned this week’ because I’m still in a quote-y mood.

1. A lesson I’ve learned more than once.

Only Love Them

2. It’s ok to know what you want…and not be willing to settle for less.

Bring to the Table

3. A little chaos can be a good thing.


4. You are stronger than you think.

All the Fears

5. The scariest things can have the biggest rewards.

Have a fabulous weekend!

<— Cookie dough Oreos – yay or nay?

<— What are your weekend plans?

<— What should I make with my cinnamon chips?

<— Bloggers, do you put pressure on yourself to stick to a schedule?