January 29, 2016
by Sam

Life Lately.

Oh hey there!

Remember when I blogged regularly? Apparently, that’s a thing of the past because I haven’t posted anything for almost a month. Oops. I guess I just hadn’t been feeling the motivation, and with starting two new jobs within a few weeks of each other, I didn’t have the mental energy. Sorry about that!

So since it’s been so long, how about some general life updates?


So work. Like I said, I was able to start 2 new jobs within a few weeks of each other, and I’m feeling confident and settled in both. Unfortunately, both jobs are on-call/relief-type roles (I work in essential services, so to start in these kind of agencies you usually have to get in a foot in the door in volunteer or on-call positions) so my hours are all over the place and I’m just not getting enough hours to sustain myself. So the job hunt for something more full-time continues. I’m trying to stay optimistic and positive about the process!


Remember when I said I wanted to start pole? Soooo I did – I’ve been at it for two weeks now. I’m loving it! It’s crazy how confident you feel when you hit a certain spin or hold, and I find that that confidence generally carries over to my personal life. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do once my intro pass expires on February 13th, because while I love it, it’s also really expensive, especially to get an unlimited pass. But maybe it’ll be worth it for me? I’ve been going anywhere from 3-5 times a week and I’m improving quickly. I feel a little weird posting videos online, but check out this little thing I posted to my Instagram.

Otherwise, just trying to get my steps in and still hit GoodLife for some weights once in a while. Chef-friend (should I start calling him by his actual name? I feel like Chef-friend is getting a little tired) got me a Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas so I’ve been having fun playing with that. I really like the Floors thing – I had a busy day at work once (the building is a three-floor with no elevator) and I ended up with 55 flights of stairs in a day. No wonder I’ve been hungry lately!


When I moved back to Ontario, my eating patterns were less than ‘healthy’ for a while there – lots of Doritos, chocolate, fries and burgers. I’m fine with that, because it’s nice to have a truly “I don’t give a fuck” attitude towards that kinda thing. Right now, my goal is to just eat regular meals rather than snack through everything, and to get a decent amount of vegetables in. Nothing crazy, nothing extreme, and definitely nothing on the diet spectrum (oh hey, midnight Chinese food snacks that happen once in a while). I’m feeling pretty confident in my body these days, which is lovely.

Chef-friend and I did hit up the London Food and Wine show a few weeks ago, which was pretty awesome.

Food and Wine show

To be honest, it was a lot more wine-and-beer focused than food focused, but that’s not the worst thing in the world. We did eat some tasty things and now we have a few new restaurants on our must-visit lists. The foodie highlights: Oysters from sixthirtynine in Woodstock, scallops from Smackwater Jack’s in Grand Bend, and this lovely pistachio-filled cannoli that I can’t exactly remember where we got it from.

pistachio cannoli

Personal Life

The most exciting thing to happen lately: MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED!


It was a New Years Eve engagement, and it was so much fun to be there/to be in on the secret. So, so happy for this lady and her fiance!

As for me, things are good. When I’m not working, I’m spending lots of time with Chef-friend, the bestie, my family, and other friends that I’ve been happy to reconnect with since I’ve been back. I’m naturally an introvert, but I’ve been trying to push myself a little bit more socially and hang out with some new people. So far, so good!


(I’m a huge sap and feel compelled to post this picture everywhere because it’s cute. Also: THAT BOW TIE. I love it).

Since I spend so much time at Chef-friend’s, I don’t see Atticus as much as I’d like to (his apartment isn’t exactly dog-friendly, and he gets a yard and another dog to play with at my parents), so I miss him a lot. That’s probably the biggest complaint I have about my life right now.


I love that cute pug face.

GoodLife News: iheartexercise

And of course, a little announcement from my favourite gym!

Since February is heart month in Canada, Goodlife is partnering up with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre to run a healthy heart challenge on Facebook throughout the month. In addition to posting a daily challenge, they’ll be posting exercise tips, recipe ideas, suggestions on how to get better sleep, and advice for how to prevent heart disease and stroke. I’ll definitely be following along with the daily challenges – check it out on Facebook in February so you can too!

And to celebrate, I’ve got a one-month pass for one lucky Canadian reader!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, February 3rd.

That’s it for me today – have a good one!

<— Tell me about your life! What have you been up to lately?

This post was written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

December 31, 2015
by Sam


Hi friends! How were the holidays for everyone? Christmas was crazy busy for me (and I spent Christmas Day nursing a bit of a hangover…oops) but of course, it was awesome and I was so happy to be enjoying it with people I love.

Normally, I finish out each month with a Rehashing post, but since I didn’t actually blog all that much in December (I’d say that I’m sorry…but I’m not, really. I was out there enjoying life instead) I’d trading it in for the ‘currently’ post I tend to see floating around at month’s end. I stole this particular one from Meghan – Hope you enjoy!

Current Book:

I got a good stack of these for Christmas – in the last week or so, I’ve already worked my way through The Giver by Lois Lowry and Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. And by the way, I’ve now completed my 2015 Goodreads goal – 40 books in a year!! (happy dance).

But to answer the question, I just started reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I absolutely adored her first book, so I imagine this one will be a winner as well.

furiously happy

Current Music:

Lately I’ve been feeling the ‘Pop-Punk Pandemonium’ and ‘Fall Out Boys’ stations on Songza. Basically, lots of Fall Out Boys, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Green Day….all that fun stuff.

Current Non-Guilty Pleasure:

All the Christmas desserts I’ve been whipping up. I made Life Love and Sugar‘s Gingerbread Cheesecake Trifle for dessert on Christmas Day and I think it might be one of the best things I’ve ever made. Highly recommend.


Current Confession:

My sleep habits are all sorts of crazy again – I’ve been working a mix of days, afternoons and overnight shifts. It’s not ideal, but unfortunately it tends to come with the territory with the environments I tend to work in.

Current Drink:

Sugar-free Monster. See above statement.


Current Food:

All the Christmas cookies and chocolate I’ve got laying around.

christmas candy

Current Obsession:

Putting those extra Christmas cookies towards adding some muscle. I’ve been hitting GoodLife Fitness four times a week for 12 weeks following these workouts that Tara posted a while back. I’ve always been able to put on muscle in my lower body quite easily, but I feel like my arms are (finally) starting to look like I lift.


(forgive the low-quality bathroom picture. Oh hey little bicep!)

Current Excitement:

New Years Eve! Of course. It’s another holiday that I worked last year, so I’m excited to have the night off (and a boy to kiss at midnight).

Current Wish List:

To book the massage gift card I got for Christmas. My muscles need it!

Current Bane of Existence:

Finances. I’m working again so I’ve got a bit of money coming in, but I haven’t been finding full time hours/I have two months of unemployment to make up for. I hate adulting.


Current Blessing:

To put the last point in perspective, at least I’m actually working in a field that I enjoy and feel like I’m making a difference. So that’s awesome.

Current Indulgence:

I’m planning a rest week from workouts next week (something I like to do every 12-16 weeks to give my body a break) and I’m definitely looking forward to it. There will be a lot of resting, easy walks, PS4 and Netflix when I have downtime – it will be lovely.

Current Epiphany:

Hmm. Can’t really think of anything!

Current Needs:

At this exact moment? Probably a nap.

Current Triumphs:

I just added a bit of weight to my squats – I’m now squatting 4×4 at 160 pounds. Definitely not much for a lot of people, but I’m currently the strongest I’ve ever been.

Current Links:

I’m a huge fan of Caroline Dooner of The Fuck It Diet. I just caught her latest post on Ravishly about existing in the feminine body, and naturally, I love it. Check it out here, if you’re so inclined! (p.s. – no one asked me to say that, I generally love her approach).

Current Mood:

Excitement. New Years Eve!!

party don't start

That’s it for me today – have a good one!

<— What are your New Years Eve plans?

<— What are some of your currents – current book, current music, current triumphs?

This post was written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

December 21, 2015
by Sam

Being Home for Christmas.

Hi friends!

For most of you, I imagine that the last few weeks have been all about prepping for Christmas. Naturally, it’s been the same around here.

Decorating the house:

Christmas decorating

(well, complimenting my mom on her decorating job).

setting up the Christmas tree:

christmas tree

(the cute little apartment sized-tree I insisted chef-friend and his roommate set up).



watching holiday movies:

christmas vacation

and spending time with loved ones (particularly the one that understands the value of matching offensive Christmas sweaters):

Christmas sweaters

Although I maintain that moving to Alberta last year was the best decision for me at the time, Christmas was easily the hardest, most homesickness-inducing part of my year away. It’s the only time I’ve ever been away over the holidays, and it’s just not the same opening presents/saying hi to friends and family when it’s over FaceTime and Skype. Although I’m incredibly grateful that those exist (it definitely made being in a long-distance relationship much easier) I’m so, so happy to be home this year.

Adventures are amazing. But nothing compares to being home for Christmas. Last year – I worked. Although a few generous souls offered to have me join them and their families, I ended up picking up a couple shifts. It was a quiet Christmas, to say the least. With balancing Christmas with my family, chef-friend’s family, and friends, it is certainly a busy one. And chef-friend and I have our ‘official’ one-year anniversary on Christmas Eve, just adding to the craziness.

It’s awesome. 

You guys – I’m so happy and grateful for my life right now.

Tipsy Elves Sweater

(And an adorable boyfriend who’s willing to attempt to get on ‘awkward Christmas photos’ lists with me).

Have a good one! 

<— What are you feeling particularly grateful for/happy about this holiday season?

Thanks so much to Tipsy Elves for providing the hilariously inappropriate Christmas sweaters! Look for the #TipsyElves hashtag on social media to see how other people are putting together their ultimate Christmas outfits.