October 30, 2014
by Sam

Rehashing October.

Holy shit, October was insane.

But, I guess a cross country move will do that to you?  There was just so much to do before the move and so much to get adjusted to afterwards, that I feel like I’ve barely had the chance to breathe for the last four weeks. But that’s ok – I survived and I’m in a good place.

So, let’s take a look back at what I was up to in October.

I was…


Scorch Trials

Last month it was The Maze Runner, this month it’s The Scorch Trials. With The Death Cure next in the lineup – I’m enjoying the series!


The Walking Dead (img source)

The Walking Dead. This doesn’t surprise anyone.

Listening to:

Not my usual style, but I’m really liking this song.


Beef Jerky

With how busy the last month has been, there was a lot of on-to-go type foods. So much beef jerky, granola bars and Quest bars.


I found beer that I like!

Ginger Beer

Thank you Jo for introducing me to ginger beer. It might be one of my new favourites.

Best posts in October:

We’ll see how November unfolds! It’s interesting, because I’m at a point in my life where literally anything can happen. It’s scary, but it’s so, so exciting.

Have a good one!

<— What were some of your favourite moments in October?

<— What are you reading right now?

<— What TV shows have you been watching lately?

October 29, 2014
by Sam

WIAW: Traditional Style.

Remember how I said I would bring back the good old WIAW?


Well, I remembered. So, a full day of eats – enjoy!



Green smoothie – coconut milk, frozen banana, North Coast Naturals Chocolate Whey Protein, peanut butter and spinach. Topped with Panda Puffs. It’s getting cold outside, but I still want smoothies.



Almost-empty spinach containers always make the best salad containers. Spinach, sweet potato, avocado, eggs, and an Asian vinaigrette.


And raspberries!


Clif Pumpkin Pie

I spotted this seasonal Clif Bar flavour the other day and picked it up – it’s pretty good!


I was out shopping and got home kinda late. So, snack plate to the rescue.

Snack Plate

Kii Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Crisps (which are awesome, by the way), Rainforest Nut Butter, mixed veggies, sliced turkey, and goat chevre.


And chocolate because…chocolate. Lindt Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt.

 But that’s all for me – have a good one!

<— Do you like seeing these ‘full day of eats’ posts?

<— Do you still do smoothies in cold weather?

<— Are you a Clif/Luna bar fan? I don’t get them too often, but I like most of the flavours they have!

October 28, 2014
by Sam

35 Before 35.

So while my goal right now is to learn to live without a plan and let life unfold as it’s supposed to, I still believe in bucket lists. I think it’s fine to have a list of things you want to accomplish by a certain age (or before you die – hence, bucket list) within reason.

I thought about writing a 30 before 30 list, but then I realized that I had a LOT of things I wanted to accomplish and probably needed more time to do them. So, I’m giving myself 10 years to accomplish 35 things. Seems reasonable, right?

So, here we go: 35 before 35.

1. Deadlift 2x my body weight. Right now, my one rep max is 225, so I still have some progress to make to hit this. I think I can do it.

2. Put a down payment down on a house. It just feels like one of those adult things I really should do eventually.

3. Sit in the audience for a late night or a talk show. Preferably Ellen or Jimmy Fallon. That would just be fun.

4. Do a cage dive with sharks. So I’m not a swimmer – when I go to the beach, 95% of the time I’m laying on a towel rather than being in the water. But I really, really want to do a cage dive and see sharks up close. They just really fascinate me.

5. Go to Europe. In my 25 years of life I’ve never been. That saddens me.

6. Make a wish at Marie Laveau’s tomb. There’s an urban legend that says if you visit her tomb, write out 3 x’s, leave an offering and ask for a wish, she’ll grant it. So basically, this is a roundabout way of saying that I want to go to New Orleans.

Marie Laveau's Tomb (img source)


7. Learn how to listen to my intuition. I don’t know if I can really put an end date on this one, but I’m including it because I would really love to learn how to trust my gut instincts more. Hey, it got me out to Alberta!

8. Go on a ‘real’ camping trip. I mean like backpacking to the middle of the woods with pup tents and sleeping there.

9. Have a job that I love. Although, isn’t this everyone’s dream immediately post-grad?

10. Feel comfortable having a conversation in French.

11. Visit Pompeii. It really interests me, for some reason.

12. Go on a tour in an ice cream or chocolate factory. I blame Willy Wonka for that dream.

13. Hold a handstand.

14. Do a Tough Mudder. Anyone want to do it with me in Calgary next year?

15. Be able to touch my toes in seated forward fold.

16. Go to Vegas. I’ve never been there either!Blend Vegas trip?

17. See a psychic. I’m so interested in them, but I’ve never been to see one in person. I’d love to sometime soon.

18. Get LASIK surgery. I’m so sick of glasses/contacts.

19. Eat peanut butter and bacon on a burger. 

20. Finish the tattoo on my left side. I’m hoping to do this while I’m in Alberta, actually.

Love Myself First

21. Get something published in print. As much as I’d love to write a book one day, I’ll start with an article or an essay.

22. Take out my tongue ring. I have to put this on the bucket list otherwise I probably won’t do it. I’m attached to it, but I definitely don’t need it. And I’ll feel a little awkward if I hit 35 and I still have the tongue piercing I got in a bout of 16-year-old rebellion.

23. Get a puppy sibling for Atticus. 

24. Get a(nother) new tattoo. Ya, I like them.

25. Donate blood. I tried to do it about 2 years ago and couldn’t because of my low iron levels. They should be fine now though.

26. Run a half marathon. I want to do the one in Banff next summer!

Running (img source)

27. Join a book club.

28. Improve on my swimming skills. Which currently are fairly non-existent.

29. Learn to snowboard. What better place than in the Rockies?

30. Go traveling solo. Does this move count? A little?

31. Go rock climbing outdoors. So ‘real’ rock climbing.

32. Do 3 consecutive pullups.

33. Become comfortable with the unknown and the unplanned.

34. Do yoga on top of a mountain. It just seems like a good place for it.

35. Spend at least 9 months in Alberta. I have no idea when I’ll head back to Ontario, but I want to stay in the mountains at least through the summer.

And that’s it! Looks like I’ve got some work cut out for me.

Have a good one!

<— Do you have a bucket list? What are some of the things on it?

<— What country/city/landmark would you most love to visit?

<— Do you ski or snowboard?

<— Ever taken a trip or gone travelling by yourself?