April 17, 2015
by Sam

Five Things Friday 04/17/15.

Hi friends! How has your week been?

Since I got back on a Wednesday, it doesn’t feel like a Friday to me. Buuuut I work the rest of the weekend, so I guess it wasn’t going to feel like one anyways.

But anyways, Five Things Friday!

Five Things Friday

5 Things I’ve Eaten Recently:

1. Bacon-wrapped deep fried pickles.

Bacon-wrapped pickles

The restaurant where chef-friend works makes these, so my family requested he bring them to Easter. He did, so those pickles are basically going to be his job at all of my family events for the foreseeable future. With good reason – they’re awesome.


I hope he’s realized that dating me means that awkward pictures of him end up on the internet sometimes.

2. Easter dinner.

Easter Dinner

1 of 2 – I didn’t photograph the second one because that was at chef-friend’s and I didn’t want to reveal my food blogger ways to his family upon first meeting. So this is from my family’s where they’re all used to it. Deviled egg (Heather understands why gatherings NEED these), bread, ham, meatballs, Greek salad, veggies, mashed potatoes, roast beef, gravy.

3. Dinner at Parts & Labour in Toronto.


Chef-friend is a big fan of Matty Matheson’s YouTube channel, so for our night in Toronto he made us reservations at Matheson’s restaurant. It was great!  On the left is the pork belly, which came with sweet potato, pickled cipollini and pork bone broth – the dish was supposed to come with uni as well but they were out. We also got the pigs tails dish with scallion pancakes, pickled red cabbage, yuzu and spanish onions. My first time trying pig tails and I liked them – super fatty, but tasty. Unpictured: our side of mac and cheese which had a CHEETO TOPPING. Best idea ever.

We both loved it and would definitely go back – it had a fun, indie feel. Everyone sat at large tables (so if it was a busy night you’d end up sitting next to someone you didn’t know) and they played fantastic music – think Blink 182, The Offspring, etc. Such a fun night.

4. Marrakech sandwich from Wich is Wich.

Marrakech sandwich

Wich is Wich is a cute little sandwich shop that just opened up in London a few weeks ago – chef-friend had already been a few times and liked it. This had chicken thigh,tzatziki, shiraz salad, lemon tahini, lettuce and pickles served on a baguette. Loved this – so much flavour.

5. Chil froyo.


I told chef-friend months before I came home that I absolutely HAD to go to Chil when I was home – I’ve yet to find a froyo place I love as much as this one. They use organic Greek yogurt and it actually tastes like yogurt, rather than being all chemically and weird. So, chef-friend, the BFF and I hit Chil the night before I left. Mine was on the bottom right – from what I remember, I had a mix of salted caramel and pumpkin pie froyo with vegan cookie dough, a scoop of some sort of chocolate cheesecake, peanut M&Ms, crumbled raspberry pop-tart, sprinkles, and dark chocolate fondue. As awesome as I remember it.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. 21 Things You Should Know About Dating A Woman In Love With Food. YES TO ALL OF IT.

2. I figured that the first few days back in Calgary would be the hardest. Readjusting to being back at work, to the long distance thing, to being far away from my family and friends…

Good thing I have lots of cuddles and hugs from this guy. It makes me feel better.

3. I had the best cocktail ever at Parts & Labour.

Egg Hunt

It had mini eggs in it!! Obviously that’s what sold me, but the drink itself was fantastic.

4. Also in our Toronto adventures – a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium. I’ve been to the Ripley’s in Myrtle Beach, but that was when I was around 11-12. 


The sharks are my favourite.

Baby shark

That guy’s my favourite too.


Oh heeeeey octopus. They freak me out a little.

Ah. So fun. I don’t think it’s as impressive as the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, but we had a great time.

5. I’m going to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo today! Basically, I’m going to indulge my inner nerd and probably try to get a creeper photo of Norman Reedus because #obsessed.

Norman Reedus

(img source)

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

1. You need to take some risks in life.

Biggest Mistake

2. We all have scars.


3. So, don’t live in fear.


4. Sometimes it’s hard to marry those.

What you know and what you feel

5. The drool-worthy pin this week: Beer Caramel Pretzel Cookie Bars via The Baker Chick.

Pretzel Bars

I drink beer now, so why not eat it for dessert too? I love the salty/sweet thing.

That’s all for me today – have a great weekend!

<— What are you weekend plans?

<— What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten lately? The pigs tails. Or head cheese croquettes, I had those a few weeks ago.

<— Are you a big aquarium/zoo person? I definitely want to go to the Calgary zoo this summer.

April 15, 2015
by Sam

I Don’t Know Where To Begin.

Good morning, friends. Long time, no talk, hey? Sorry about that – I barely touched my computer over these last few weeks. And honestly – I’m ok with that. I needed this break from both work and the blog in order to recharge, destress, and feel enthusiastic about both of those things again. But, I’m back and ready to return to my little corner of the internet.

As you’re reading this, it’s either really early in the morning and I’m on a plane back to Calgary, or I’m back in the city, frantically unpacking and trying to get myself organized and ready for a return to real life.

Today, I had planned to do a ‘trip home’ recap. I wanted to talk about all the adventures I had back home, all the people I saw, and the food I ate.

But honestly, I don’t even know where to begin.

I consider myself a decent writer (writing a blog for almost 3 years will do that to ya), but I have no idea how to appropriately capture everything I’ve felt and everything I’ve experienced over the last two weeks.

How it felt to hug my mom and my best friend for the first time in 6 months.

How it felt to walk into chef-friend’s apartment for the first time in just as long.

How surreal it felt to be back in my old city – how everything managed to feel different, but somehow seem like nothing had changed.

How it felt to see friends I hadn’t seen in months – or in some cases, years.

Bar Nights



How it felt to be back at a family event.

Cards Against Humanity

Playing Cards Against Humanity with your family is fun, but there are some things you can never unhear…

How it felt to revisit my favourite local restaurants and bars – and find some new favourites.

Fat Elvis

The ‘Fat Elvis’ from The Early Bird – french toast sandwich with bacon, panko-fried banana, peanut butter and honey, and topped with syrup and powdered sugar.

How it felt to have my mom, my dad, and my boyfriend cook for me again.

How it felt to see Atticus running around and playing with my family’s dog – his favourite thing to do.

How it felt to go on adventures with chef-friend again – this one involving a night in Toronto.




How it felt to feel like I was in a regular relationship for a while, rather than a long-distance one.

Sam and Chef-friend

Basically, I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling right now. Grateful for the time I had at home. A little bit heartbroken that I’m leaving again (and won’t be back until August). Happy that I got to spend time with so many people I adore. In disbelief that two weeks could go by so quickly. Feeling like I have a new appreciation for both the place that I come from, and the places I’ve explored since. More in love than I’ve ever been (ugh, I’m a sap). 

So, I think this might be as much detail as I’m going to get into of my time at home, to be honest. I might throw a slightly more detailed recap up of the Toronto trip, but that’s about it. I love having this internet space and sharing my life with you guys, but this time, I think I’m keeping most of these memories locked away for myself.

Until next time, London. 

Why do you go away?

April 3, 2015
by Sam

Five Things Friday 04/03/15.

Hello from Ontario!! Currently, I’m writing this on my kitchen counter while my mom is making dinner and Atticus is hanging out at my feet. It is SO NICE to be home! Seriously, this is going to be an awesome 2 weeks.

But since it is Friday:

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday!

Five Things I Ate This Week:

1. Oreo Mcflurry with Cadbury Creme Egg bits.


This was dinner last Saturday and I’m not even sorry. Whenever I go to work I drive past a McDonald’s and I finally fell for their Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry ad. So I convinced my coworker that we needed to go there – but they didn’t have the syrup for the Creme Egg McFlurry! This was my compromise, and it worked out.

2. Super fluffy pancakes with maple syrup.


AKA: The first meal made by Chef-friend at home. I missed that guy cooking for me so much. (Oh, and I suppose I missed him too….)

3. Chicken noodle soup, crackers and cheese, and wine.


Moms just know what you need. I’m still fighting my cold, so this is the dinner my mom had waiting for me when I flew in Wednesday. Healing food.

4. Clif Bar in White Chocolate Macademia Nut.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

I can’t decide if I like this flavour or not. Some of them are really good, some aren’t – they don’t seem to be really consistent. I did like the last one I ate though.

5. Lasagna and garlic bread.


Because going home to mom’s cooking is the best.

Five Things Happening This Week:

1. Atticus survived the plane ride home! I was more of a nervous wreck than he was, I think. When I got off the plane, found my mom and the bff and we were waiting at oversized luggage for Atticus, an airline representative came over and told me that he was in a different corner. Sooooo I took off running across the airport. I may have been a little concerned about him.

Atticus and Lexus

Clearly, he survived just fine.

2. Have I mentioned that I’m excited to be home!?!? Seriously.  It’s so surreal though – everything is the same but so different at the same time.

3. Goodlife has a new campaign going on right now – The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong movement. It aims to shifts our perceptions around these words and help people take pride in their achievements and their bodies. The website has profiles and a quiz – check it out!


4. One of the best things about going home = raiding your parents cupboards. On that note…sorry I ate all your Tim Tams, mom.

5. It is AWESOME not having to play long distance relationship for a few weeks. Seriously – so freakin’ happy right now.

Five Things I Pinned This Week:

1. Keep that in mind.

Worst Days

2. She had that look.

She had that about her

3. It happens.

the universe

4. It is ok.

It is Ok

5. The drool-worthy pin of the week: Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Skillet Smores Via How Sweet Eats.

Peeps Smores Skillet

Ive never seen a more perfect Easter treat. Jesus, that looks amazing.

That is all for me though – have a great Easter weekend!

<— McFlurries or Blizzards?

<— What are your Easter plans?

<— What’s your go-to store bought bar? Quest is my go-to, but I also like Luna Bars, Clif, and if I’m in the States, Think Thin bars.