July 6, 2015
by Sam

Goal Talk: July.

Hi friends! Hopefully, everyone had a fabulous weekend. Mine was super busy, but I accomplished a lot so I’m happy.

Goal Talk

Since we’re into a new month, I’ve got a new set of goals I’d like to work on.

First up, a recap of how I did for my goals in June.

1. Plank a day.

Honestly, this one was a fail. I did pretty good for the first 2 weeks, but then it fell by the wayside. But, I did keep it up whenever I did strength training – so 2-3x a week. Maybe I’ll focus on keeping it as a practice then, rather than trying to do it every day.


Still didn’t get any new plank pics so you get this one from a few years ago again.

2. Get a massage.

Yaaaa another fail. With trying to get myself situated at my second job I never got around to booking one. Sooner or later though.

3. Be more active on the blog’s Facebook page.

This one is still a work in progress. But, I did make the effort to link to more outside articles that I found interesting/relevant, which is a start. Now I want to work more on asking questions/generating discussion. Like the page here!

4. Balance the two job thing.

This one is also a work in progress. There were weeks where I definitely worked more than was good for my mental health or pulled some insane hours, but I think I did ok. I’m feeling more settled into job number 2, which helps.

Work-life choices

(img source)

July Goals:

So now, as for what I want to accomplish this month:

1. Go to Stampede.

Of course. I can’t live in Calgary and NOT go to Stampede! I’m not a country music fan in the slightest, but even I can get behind a big festival like that. I can’t promise that I won’t get a cheap wicker girly ‘cowgirl’ hat for the occasion. 

2. Stop the clothes shopping.

I’ve been doing a lot of unnecessary clothes shopping and my closet is getting a little too full. So, I want to cut back on that and work with what I already own when it comes to putting outfits together.


Although I do need a new pair of sandals because I broke the ones in the picture there. Oops.

3. Make my way up to Kananaskis/Canmore for a day trip.

I haven’t been back since I moved on March 1st and I could seriously use some mountain time. The Rockies have a crazy calming effect, and being around them and in nature just makes me feel centered and peaceful. 


4. Stick to the training plan (as much as possible).

I’m into my Canmore half marathon training, and so far it’s going well. Naturally, I want to stick to the plan as much as possible! But I’ve learned that flexibility is definitely necessary, because life does happen and sometimes you can’t always get a planned workout in.

Half marathon training

So far, so good.

That’s is for me today – have a good one!

<— What are you hoping to accomplish in July?

<— If you need to relax or de-stress, where’s your happy place? I think just being in nature in general helps me.

<— Do you get massages often?

July 3, 2015
by Sam

Five Things Friday 07/03/15.

Hello friends! Happy Friday!

Five Things Friday

Moving right along to the usual Friday stuff.

Five Things I Ate This Week:

1. Peanut butter and Nutella toast with banana slices.

Banana toast

Because sometimes you just can’t pick between peanut butter and Nutella.

2. Pork Belly tacos from the Taiko Taco food truck at Summer Frenzy.

pork belly tacoz


I hit up Summer Frenzy (a Calgary food truck festival) with a work friend Saturday afternoon. I can’t resist pork belly (or tacos, for that matter,) so I grabbed 3 from Taiko Taco – pork belly with kimchi slaw, gochujang glaze, green onion and black sesame on little steam buns.

Taiko TacoSo good.

3. Mint Stracciatella gelato.



Also from Summer Frenzy, but I don’t remember which truck. It was perfect on such a hot day though.

4. Blueberries.



As soon as summer fruits are in season – I can’t get enough. Particularly blueberries and cherries.

5. Chocolate.



Coworkers with candy dishes are my favourite.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. Stampede has officially started in Calgary! Although I’m not a country fan in the slightest, I’m still excited. I’ll be saving my celebrating for next weekend though, since I work crazy hours over the next few days. I work pretty close to the Stampede grounds and I work tonight – that’s going to be an experience.

2. At Summer Frenzy, they had a bunch of games set up, including this giant Jenga set.


Jenga is so much harder when it’s giant, just FYI.

3. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been even clumsier than usual lately. On a run earlier this week I managed to get smacked in the face with a tree branch. And then at work, I tried to sit on a stool and missed completely. I’m usually pretty awkward, but that’s bad even for me.

4. I wanted a hat for running, so I picked up a cheap one at Walmart.



Between the hat and the bikini I bought a couple months ago, apparently I’m in a Batman thing right now?

5. As of today, this little blog of mine has been around for 3 years. 3 years!!! Craziness – it’s funny how something that starts as a little hobby/side project ends up being a big part of your life for so long. Look for an awesome giveaway next week to celebrate!

5 Things I Pinned Lately:

1. If you’re ever doubting what you’re doing in life, just do this:

Adjust accordingly

2. This one would work too.

what's important

3. And this is why it’s a good thing to take risks.

I did that

4. Runner problems.

I'm hungry

5. This week’s drool-worthy pin: Chocolate Oreo Cake via Life Love and Sugar.

Chocolate Oreo Cake

My birthday’s in October if someone wants to make me this. K thanks.

That’s it for me – have a great weekend!

<—- What are you up to this weekend?

<—- Would you consider yourself clumsy?

<— Bloggers, how long have you been blogging?



July 1, 2015
by Sam

Rehashing June.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! 

Canada Goose

I could actually see this happening. Geese are surprisingly scary things. (img source)

And as for the rest of the world – happy July 1st! We are officially into the second half of the year, which is craziness. But since we’re into a new month, let’s look back at what I was up to in June.

I was…


I was reading a ton, but this was one of my favourites last month:

Golden Son

Golden Son by Pierce Brown, the sequel to Red Rising. I really enjoyed this book! I’m not usually big into space-y sci-fi, but this series is really well written. Although between the ending to this book and the ending to the last episode of Game of Thrones, I need to watch some Disney or something that’s not going to make me freak out. Jesus.


Orange is the New Black, season 3.


As of right now I’ve got 2 episodes left this season – which I will probably watch today. I think this might be the best season yet! I love all the flashbacks and getting the backstory for some of the ‘lesser’ characters. Like Chang – who woulda thought?

Also, Ruby Rose (who plays new inmate Stella) might actually be the best combination of beautiful and badass I’ve ever seen in my life.

Ruby Rose

And nooooow I want more tattoos.

Listening to:

I’ve been going back to my high school metal lately. Lots of Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down and Rammstein.

Although when I feel like peppier music, I’m really loving this one by Andy Grammer:



Cookies. and brownies. and scones. Basically: all the stuff I hoarded for myself after all the baking I’ve been doing lately. So good.


Water. Lots of it.


(img source)

Because it’s summer and Calgary had a good heat wave going for a little while there!

Best Posts in June:

Calgary Half Marathon Recap:


My experiences at my first half marathon.

Why I Stock My Kitchen with ‘Unhealthy’ Foods.


Why I think it’s important to keep all the foods I love at home – including the ‘unhealthy’ ones.

Alberta: 8 Month Update.

8 Months in Alberta

Where my thoughts are after living in the province for 8 months.

Color Me Read 5k Recap.

RAD bloggers

Running a 5k color run with a bunch of local blends!

But that is it for me – have a good one!

<— Canadians, how are you celebrating Canada Day? I’m working. But hopefully I’ll see some fireworks!

<— What are you reading right now?

<— Anyone else love OITNB season 3?