March 6, 2015
by Sam
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Five Things Friday 03/06/15.

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Any exciting plans this weekend? I’ll be working, but the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I’ll definitely be heading outside as much as I can. Fingers crossed that winter is over and done with for Alberta!

Five Things Friday

But since it is that time of the week – Five Things Friday!

5 Things I Ate This Week:

1. Sushi at Marra’s Way in Canmore.


My first dinner when I moved to Canmore was sushi, so it seemed fitting that my last dinner out before I moved to the city was sushi as well. We were hoping to hit Chef Studio Japan, but it was closed for renovations so we headed to Marra’s instead. It was pretty good – the sushi wasn’t the best quality I’d ever had, but it was cheap, so there’s that.

2. 90% dark chocolate.


In an attempt to rein in my sweet tooth a little (as per one of my goals this month) but still eat chocolate, I’m going for the super-dark stuff. 90% might be a little too much for me though – I may have to drop it back to 80% or 85%. Although chocolate in any form = the best.

3. Banana protein oats in a Nuttzo jar.

Nuttzo oats

I usually end up with messy fingers after OIAJ but WORTH IT.

4. Western omelette with hash browns and toast.


When I had dinner with my coworker on Wednesday, he suggested Blackfoot Diner - a real truck stop, complete with little individual jukeboxes at some of the tables with all Elvis and old country songs. Whenever I end up at a 24-hour breakfast place I always need to go with something breakfast-y. This was so, so greasy – but tasty!

5. Flapjacked protein pancakes with coconut butter.

protein pancakes

Sometimes you want super doctored-up pancakes, sometimes, you want to stick with something simple. It got the job done.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. I think I’m pretty much settled into the new place and getting back to a routine. And of course, so’s Atticus – he’s been doing real well in his new home. Although to be fair, he’s now lived in 5 different places with me. So I guess he’s getting used to it?

2. I missed Bodypump so much.


I’ve been twice this week and I may go again tomorrow. I’m planning on dividing my weights workouts between high-rep/low-weight stuff (Bodypump) and low-rep, high-weight stuff (my own weight room workouts) but right now I’m so excited by the return of Bodypump that that’s what I’m focusing on. I will vary my routine sooner or later!

3. So I almost locked myself out of the house yesterday. I would have been stuck for ohhh….six hours? Glad I avoided that.

4. I’m sure we all saw that Emma Watson will play Belle in a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, but did you see who’s going to play Beast?

Dan Matthews

I love Downtown Abbey. So this excites me so much.

5. I currently have a bunch of black bristol board covering the window in my room so I can sleep during the day when I need to. Life of a shift worker.

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

1. One of my favourite quotes from my favourite story.

I've changed a few times since then

2. Aren’t we?


3. I want this for my wall.

Life is too short

4. Good question.

Something remarkable

5. This week’s drool-worthy pin: Mounds Layer Cake via Confession of a Cookbook Queen.

Mounds Layer Cake

Because chocolate and coconut.

That’s it for me today – have a great weekend!

<— Dark, milk or white chocolate?

<— What are your weekend plans?

<— When you strength train, do you prefer high weight/low rep or high rep/low weight?

March 4, 2015
by Sam

Goal Talk: March.

Hi friends!

I’m busy getting settled into my new place and into a new routine, but of course, I still had time to figure out some goals for the month.

Goal Talk:March

But first up, a review of my goals last month.

February Goals:

1. Get packed and ready to move.

Done and done! This makes 3 moves in about 7 months, so basically, I think I’m a little bit of a pro at it these days. Already, I’m feeling good about the move – Tuesday morning I finished work around 7, I was home by 7:30 and in bed by 8:00. When I was in Canmore, I was getting home around 8:15 and would be in bed around 8:45. So already, the shorter commute is making a difference in my health and sanity levels. Also: BODYPUMP!


I missed it so much.

2. Rein in my spending on food.

I’m actually really happy with how successful I was with this! Comparing my grocery and dining out bills in February to January, in February I only spent 45% of the amount I did on groceries in January, and about 20% of what I spent on dining out. Super proud of myself for that one.

Highest of fives

(img source)

3. Less snacking while I cook.

I think I did get better with this one, or at the very least – tried to keep myself to snacking on baby carrots and other veggies while I was cooking. It’s nice to actually sit down to a meal and still be hungry, rather than semi-full already!

4. Connect more.

Yup! I did my best to text and FaceTime more people, and made sure to talk to my family on the phone at least once or twice a week. While I am an introvert by nature, I am happier when I’m keeping in touch with people.

You Will Need Other People

(img source)

March Goals:

1. Start half-marathon training.

Yup. Eep!! More details on this one to come.

Morgan Freeman run

(img source)

2. Get settled into a new routine.

…I’m still just so excited by the ’25 minutes and I’m home from work’ thing. And the ‘gym 10 minutes away’ thing. But of course, every big change requires adjustment and I’ll have to give myself time to get used to my new normal.

3. Pick up as many work shifts as I can.

So I work overtime pretty much every week, but I want to keep that momentum going and possibly pick up a few more shifts this month. My vacation time is unpaid and since I’ll be away from work for 2 weeks in April, I want to make sure my bank account won’t take too much of a hit.

post night shift(img source)

4. Cut back on my sugar intake.

So I’m never usually one to think about this sort of thing, but honestly, my sugar/desserts has gotten a little out of control lately. Working a lot of night shifts means that I’m tired a lot of the time, and reaching for sugary things to give me a burst of energy. Which leads to a blood sugar swing and then I end up in a worse place than before. Not ideal! So I want to break that habit and get back to my usual salad-eating, fruit-loving self rather than reaching for chocolate or sweets all the time.

Sugar Rush (img source)

But that is it for me today – have a good one!

<— What are you hoping to accomplish in March?

<— Anyone else needing to keep an eye on their sugar intake these days?

<— Any races/competitions/fitness events on the horizon for you?

March 2, 2015
by Sam

Rehashing February.

Oh hey, second day of March! 

Anyone else feel like we were celebrating New Years last week? Although I’m not complaining that the first few months of the year are flying by, mind you – January and February are probably my least favourite months, so I’m always a little glad to see them go. Now we just have to hope that March = spring, hey?

But since it is a new month, today I’m looking back at some of my favourites from February. Last month, I was…


#GIRLBOSS by Sophie Amoruso.

Girlboss (img source)

So while I don’t really have any interest in the fashion industry, I found this to be a really interesting read. Part memoir, part career advice, I found Sophia’s story inspiring when it comes to taking charge of your career and pursuing what you really want. Probably not something I would re-read, but I did enjoy it.


The Walking Dead is a given, since that’s back on. But also…

Better Call Saul (img source)

Without even really meaning to, I finished up Breaking Bad just in time for Better Call Saul to start. And so far, I’m really enjoying it! It takes place before Breaking Bad and tells Saul’s story before he opened his strip-mall office in Albuquerque. Definitely recommend this one.

Listening to:

Indulge my inner metalhead for a moment.

All That Remains have been one of my favourite bands for years. Admittedly, their previous album was pretty sub-par, but the new one they dropped last week impressed me quite a bit. I’m seeing them in Calgary in less than two weeks, which is awesome – I haven’t seen them live in about 8-9 years.


Quest bars.


I try not to buy them too often because they’re so pricey (even more so in Canada), but sometimes I just can’t help myself – I picked up two boxes last week. And I’m a good third of the way through both of them. Oops.


 WATER! The air is so dry out here in the winter that I’m constantly thirsty. Definitely getting more than 8 glasses a day these days.

Best posts in February:

Becoming Lost (and Found)

Following your path

Why I needed to get lost in order to find what I was looking for.

NEDA Week: I Had No Idea.


A repost from my NEDA post in 2014, looking at all the things I didn’t know about eating disorders…until I had one.

NEDA: Setting the Record Straight.

Eating Disorders

There are so many eating disorder myths out there, so it’s my goal to help break down the myths and educate people. I tackled 5 of the most common ED myths and disclose the truth.

But that is all for me today – I’m still trying to get settled and packed after my move, so that’s on my agenda today. Have a good one!

<— What are you watching these days?

<— What book are you reading right now? I need recommendations!

<— What were some of your February highlights?