Elf For Health Week 2 Recap.


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Hello there! I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their weekend. Today, I’m recapping week 2 of Elf for Health – I can’t believe the challenge is halfway over already! 

Elf 4 Health

read my week 1 recap here.

So, I’m two weeks in and still completing all the challenges. Monday’s challenge happened a day late, but I’m still counting it. Wink 

So, a quick recap:

Monday: Send a handwritten note.

I didn’t get a chance to send them out on Monday, but on Tuesday I dropped a Christmas card or two in the mail. I only sent out a couple this year, but this is a habit I definitely want to get into – no one really sends snail mail anymore, so I think people appreciate cards or handwritten letters that much more.

Tuesday: Eat the rainbow.

As summed up in my WIAW last week – I did my best to eat fresh produce and veggies throughout the day. I didn’t cover blue or purple, but I think I ate enough green and orange to make up for it!


Mmm, colour.

Wednesday: Go makeup free today!

I didn’t capture a picture, but it basically looked liked this, except I put in contacts at some point:

DSCF3298 I have to admit, this wasn’t exactly the hardest challenge for me, because the only place I went on Wednesday was the gym. But you can still applaud my effort, right? Wink

Thursday: Workout with a buddy.

On Thursday, I roped Eric into taking a walk with me and the pug. It wasn’t exactly the best day to do it – we had a few random 10 (50) degree days, so all the snow we got a few weeks ago melted. This led to a TON of mud everywhere – Atti definitely needed a bath when we got home. At least we all got some fresh air though!

Leave an Operation Beautiful note.

Operation Beautiful Someone would have stumbled across this in the ladies room at the gym on Friday night!

Saturday: Clean your fridge and pantry.

Considering that we’ve only been in our apartment for about 3 months, I haven’t had a chance to truly muck up the fridge or the pantry yet. I did do some organizing though:

Cupboard Organization My baking cupboard was looking a little disastrous, so I organized that a little bit better – less chance of everything falling out when I open it Wink

Pantry I didn’t take a before picture, but I got my pantry cupboard straightened out a little as well. Yay being able to find things!

Sunday: Make a list of 20 things you’re grateful for.



Also included on my list: being in a loving relationship, a cute apartment keeping a roof over my head; my strong sense of self, my physical health and abilities, chocolate…the list goes on. It’s always nice to sit back and reflect about all the great things you have, isn’t it?

And that covers week 2…bring on week 3!

Elf 4 Health

My elf for the first two weeks was Clara from Southern Thintellect, and my buddy to round out the challenge is Nicole from Fruit n Fitness. I’m sure we’ll be pushing and motivating each other through the final two weeks of the challenge!

Have a great Monday!

<— Fellow Elf for Health people, how did week 2 go?

<— How organized is your pantry?

 <— Top 3 things that you’re grateful for?

<— Have you ever left an Operation Beautiful note?


  1. Oh man, baking cupboards are the worst hey. I have such a bad habit of just stuffing everything in. Out of sight, out of mind.

    <— How organized is your pantry? It's actually pretty tidy right now. But that's because I'm low on supplies. I'm going to Costco later to stock up on baking supplies. TIS THE SEASON!!! I'm making brownies this week.

    <— Top 3 things that you’re grateful for? Fun, funny, supportive friends & family, my health, and this cup of coffee I'm currently drinking.

    <— Have you ever left an Operation Beautiful note? No, but I'm going to do a Pay It Forward tomorrow & leave a note with it.
    Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted..I Would Do Terrible ThingsMy Profile

    • haha that tends to be my approach too – I’m amazed I haven’t found myself with a pan falling on my head yet. And good idea for the Pay It Forward!
  2. I just organized my pantry! I found some ants and some fresh herbs that… weren’t so fresh anymore! It’s very clean now but will be a mess again in a week or two. That’s just how we roll!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted..Weekend Wrap Up – No Christmas Tree for us this year. My Profile
  3. omg I went through my pantry this weekend and it was a disaster. But instead of cleaning it like a normal person I just left it. My Mom is going to kick me out of the house…oh wait, I’m moving out! I’ll organize then
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..{MIMM} Weekend Recap 12/06-12/08My Profile
  4. Going makeup free was the easiest challenge for me last year when I participated since i don’t wear makeup, pretty much ever. My pantry could really use a facelift, though! I love the idea of the operation beautiful notes. It’s such a great idea to inspire others
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..MIMM: LastsMy Profile
  5. I love this challenge. Definitely missed to join in!
    I just cleaned out my whole kitchen a few weeks ago and it felt so nice. Though I have to be careful, it0s so easy to mess things up again in only a few days!
    Today I am grateful for the sunny weather, good food and Yoga.
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..MIMM – Chasing Christmas Lights and Holiday Season Food AnxietyMy Profile
  6. I love the handwritten note idea, really a nice touch. I like to do more of those this time of the year because I think it goes a long way in the end.
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..I will stumble and fall.My Profile
  7. My -pantry- is actually pretty organized, but my baking/pot drawers? HA! I’m lucky if I can open them without everything falling all over the floor. I seriously haven’t found a good way to organize those suckers yet, although Ikea would probably have something. Maaaaaaybe I’ll have to go when I can spare 3 hours of my time

    As for what I’m grateful for: good friends, loving family, and HEALTH. Without that last one, everything else seems to matter a whole lot less.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... cabin fever, a teaser, and thinking out loud .My Profile

  8. Oh gosh, I definitely need to organize my pantry! It’s gotten to the point where I started shoving things in and when I open the doors or basically just move anything…stuff falls out. I think I need to work on this asap!

    Three things I’m grateful for: Justin, my friends and family and my health.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..MIMM #13 – Christmas FavoritesMy Profile

  9. The pantry clean-out came at the perfect time for me because I needed to do it anyway since I’m leaving my apartment for a month soon! It felt so good to get rid of the junk I didn’t use, although kind of wasteful in a way. Luckily I didn’t have too much and I don’t think anyone will miss an open can of chipotle peppers that was sitting in my fridge for a month.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..#Elf4Health TabataMy Profile
  10. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards–every year, my parents collect all of the Christmas cards they’re sent and cover our fridge door with them. I wish people sent cards more often and not just for the holidays!
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted..Champions, Sweets Galore, and Rodney the ReindeerMy Profile
    • My parents keep their on display in the dining room – they’re fun to look through! And definitely agree that sending cards should be a regular thing
  11. I applaud you for sending out a few Christmas cards! I told myself last year I’d get personalized photo cards made of my husband (and dogs, of course!) this year…and uhh well, it didn’t happen! Haha, whoops. My pantry is actually pretty organized, but I’m anal when it comes to the little, unnecessary details. I’m thankful for my husband Tyler, my family and close friends, and my health. I think relationships and health are the most important things in life! Love that you left that note by the way- it definitely made someone’s day
    Kim recently posted..My 9 Year College CareerMy Profile
  12. You’re doing SO well with the Elf for Health challenge! Wearing no makeup was probably the easiest one for me too – the best excuse EVER to not wear any and sleep in a few more minutes
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Holiday Cranberry SaladMy Profile
  13. Nice blog! Just doing my daily blog hopping and saw yours – wanted to stop by and say HI!!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Cauliflower Wings with Green Ranch DressingMy Profile
  14. Way to go on cleaning out the pantry! I did this about a year ago and it’s about time to clean it up again. It always makes me feel so good, when everything’s in the right place and not so cluttered!
    Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl recently posted..Taco Chili in the Crock PotMy Profile
  15. There is nothing more refressing than a clean pantry/cupboard, right?? I actually cleaned out my freezer because it was in seriously sad shape. It is amazing the things that I found in there that I didn’t even know I had.
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Weekend Wrap-Up in PicturesMy Profile
  16. Totally agree with you about how nice it is to send and receive snail mail, which is why I spent the morning filling out a ton of Christmas cards for our friends and family haha. Joe shook his head when he found out what I was doing, but I told him he should thank me, since everyone will think he’s a nice person now since I signed them from both of us Three things I’m grateful for: my family, my health, and the chance to take a nap in a few minutes!
    Caitlin recently posted..The Season of HealingMy Profile
  17. I am wishing I would have linked up with Elf for Health. There are so many great ideas!

    And seeing all of these clean pantries is killing me. Mine is a pig stye!!

    I still applaud you for going to the gym without makeup, even if it’s the only time you left the house. Some women get dolled up just to go the gym and I don’t get it.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Baby It’s Cold Outside + Lunch in Walnut CreekMy Profile

  18. I’ve had fun reading these from everyone. I think my favorites from this past week are 1) write a handwritten note and 2) leave an Operation Beautiful note for someone. I would love looking up and seeing a special message like that. I think we all need to have a makeup free day like once a month. Makeup is overrated! You look great!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted..I Looked At It and then I Saw a Christmas TreeMy Profile
  19. After seeing Amy’s epic organisational skills and Amanda’s deep clean mention, I’m tempted to bribe them both to come down under and do my kitchen… its terrible!

    How fortunate for the lucky person to get your note- I think its a fantastic concept!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..Marvelously 6 MonthsMy Profile

  20. Seeing your cupboards reminded me that I have Justin’s almond butter in our lazy susan – that won’t last long!
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted..Currently In DecemberMy Profile
  21. Umm, come organize my pantry? Please? Mine would make even the messiest person cringe.

    3 things I’m grateful for: My friends, finding career I’m passionate about, and my ability to make things happen for myself.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..What is mesquite?My Profile

  22. This Elf for Health challenge sounds like so much fun! Maybe I’ll have to take part in it next year if they do it again.

    My pantry totally goes in phases. Currently it’s far from organized, but I’m sure in the next few months I’ll get really sick of it and clean it out and organize it, then it’ll continue to go in the same cyclical pattern.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..A Lazy Saturday + Festival of TreesMy Profile

  23. I dropped some handwritten Christmas cards in the mail yesterday, because I received some the week before and enjoyed them so much that I knew I had to spread it forward
    Caitlin recently posted..Blue Nile “Give One, Get One” Necklace Giveaway!My Profile
  24. Funny you should mention it, I JUST cleaned out my pantry last week! Though it was prompted by some motivation of the mousey variety! *shudder* I had to put a whole bunch of stuff in Rubbermade totes until I know for sure that my house is again mouse-free so it’s practically empty right now, but it’s actually got me motivated to try to polish off a lot of the bits and pieces of random stuff that I discovered while in there…there isn’t much out there that is more satisfying than finishing off something and throwing the jar, bag, box away…am I right?

    I’ve never left an OB note, but I did see one at the gym once and had to take a picture!

    Three things I’m grateful for: My health, my family and friends, and the roof over my head…even if I am possibly sharing it with rodents at the moment!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Movie MondayMy Profile

    • ughhh the rodent problem. We had a BAD infestation at our old apartment last winter – we could see two or three of them running around at once, which means that I don’t even want to think about how many of the little things we actually had!

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