Five Things Friday 01/31/14.


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Hello there – happy Friday and happy last day of the month! Hopefully with January ending, that’ll mean the end to this ridiculous winter weather. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

five things friday

But, let’s focus on happy Friday things, shall we? Thanks to Clare for hosting!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Tuna melts on rice cakes with baby carrots.

Tuna Melts Easily one of my favourite easy dinner options.

2. Banana protein pancake with peanut butter.

Pancake All it needs is some chocolate and it’d be perfect…

3.  Spinach salad, brown rice and pork.

Pork, rice salad Again, an easy dinner. I have been all about the simple dinners lately, haven’t I?

4. Cereal-topped green smoothie.

Smoothie Delicious, but oh-so unphotogenic.

5. Chicken lasagna, salad and cheesy bread.

lasagna dinner The bestie and her boyfriend hosted Eric and I for dinner last night, which was lovely. 

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. So remember when I did this post, I said that I had just started taking biotin? Well, a few weeks later, I started breaking out…a LOT. And I usually don’t have problems with my skin. A little online sleuthing lead me to find some claims that biotin had caused some acne issues…so I’m cutting it out for now to see if that clears my skin up a little.

2. When I was in Toronto last weekend, I didn’t do anything even remotely close to a workout – so three days off, plus two days earlier in the week. And then this week, my workouts have been awesome – just goes to show you that the best thing you can do for your body sometimes is rest.

3. This family picture = makes me so happy.

Family Photo Side note: I also really want to steal my dad’s camera for a day. Clearly, it is much better than mine.

4. Despite the fact that I’ve only ran one race before and I haven’t been running regularly for…oh…a year now? There’s a few local spring races that I’m really considering signing up for. A 5 k and two 10k’s….we’ll have to wait and see if I follow through with it though. And I’m definitely blaming this new found desire to run on all my running blogger friends out there Wink

Running (img source)


5. For our dinner party/double-date, this was my contribution:

Cupcakes Aren’t they just cute? The lemon curd ended up being a bit more tart than I was aiming for, otherwise, I was happy with them.

And I’m ending it here, because I’m now in full TA and thesis-writing mode (eeep!) so this week has been on the busy side. Have a great weekend!

<— Best thing you ate this weekend?

<— When was the last time you took a break from working out? At least once or twice a year, I take a full week or two off. I might do that over reading week this year.

<— Favourite dinner sandwich? I’m torn between tuna melts and grilled cheese.

<— Ever had a negative reaction to a supplement or vitamin? This is definitely a new experience for me.


  1. That family pic is absolutely adorable!! You should frame it!
    I am all about rest. I wasn’t always, but since expermenting with it more, it just shows that it’s SO good for our bodies.
    I am not a huge fan of sandwiches, but I love me a good wrap – filled with all things mexican. Can never be wrong.
    Happy Weekend pretty lady!!
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..Looking sick vs. looking healthyMy Profile

  2. I recently read the same thing about biotin! My derm has me taking obscene amounts each day (like 10000mg) and I haven’t had any acne issues and my skin breaks out super easily. I think the pill may be counteracting the effects of the biotin. Or maybe my skin has just gotten use to it. Have a great weekend, Sam!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..A day in the life, Becky style.My Profile

    • wow – I was taking 5000 mg and I thought that was a lot! I’m sure it doesn’t cause breakouts in everyone, I just must be unlucky. You have a great one too lady!

  3. Here’s my 5 things comment:
    1. Just ate a banana protein pancake. Best.
    2. I was taking a b-complex that made me break out like crazy. Trying to deal with my skin now too ugh.
    3. LOVE the family picture!
    4. Heck yes to the races!!! DO IT. Just sign up and then it’s happening
    5. Have a wonderful weekend xx
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted..Tips & Recipes for a Healthy Super Bowl SundayMy Profile

    • haha I’m waiting to hear on some things from my doctor, but hopefully I’ll be good to run at least one or two! And you have a great one too lady!

  4. Well…you know I love pancakes!!

    I’m currently on a break from working out (since this past Monday). I’ll start up again in a day or two. It’s definitely nice to give my body a little break.

    One time I started taking B12 and it gave me the absolute worst headaches…like it felt like my brain was going to explode. So awful! Needless to stay I stopped taking it right away!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Drool Worthy Pins #6My Profile

  5. LOVE LOVE family photos…that is just so damn cute!!!!!!

    I love taking rest days now!! I feel so good when i get back to the gym. I used to hate rest days though (so much anxiety blah blah blah that time has passed!).

    Yes, I once took a vitamin (this was years ago so I don’t remember what it was) and I broke out HORRIBLY.

    Also, liquid stevia drops…if I use them I get crippling headaches! So weird. My body just cannot handle that stuff! And whey protein powder gives me tummy aches.

    So I kinda just stick with a multivitamin and sometimes, rarely though, will use Vega Protein powder after a weight workout.

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!
    Natasha recently posted..WIAW: Eats and My Mom’s Famous Pumpernickel RecipeMy Profile

  6. um I just want that meringue topping please and thank you. cutest freaking family picture, you better be framing that one
    alex @ therunwithin recently posted..Suck it up Buttercup.My Profile

  7. Great family photo! I really want to try making tuna melts. Do you just use plain canned tuna? Or do you mix anything in?

    I need to take a break from working out! I love when other people talk about breaks in such a positive way – I get so sick of hearing that we should force ourselves to “push through” when are bodies are screaming for rest. So thanks for that
    Lindsay recently posted..WhiskeyMy Profile

    • Believe me, I’m all for rest days and breaks – our bodies need them and i’m able to get much better workouts when my body is well rested! And as for the tuna melts, I usually mix in hummus, seasonings, and a bit of olive oil mayo.

  8. Those tuna melts look good! I’ve had to take two week long breaks from working out already this year (yes I’m aware we’re only 4 weeks into 2014…) I blame it on the flu then vacation. Sometimes you have to give your body a break and in reality, a week off isn’t going to do any damage. Have a great weekend!
    Sarah recently posted..Five Things Friday: Cheers to the WeekendMy Profile

  9. I don’t like taking long breaks from working out, but sometimes life just makes you! When my husband had surgery in Sept and we were in the hospital for almost a week, I didn’t work out at all. Right now I am taking a little break, too since I had stupid knee surg yesterday! Hopefully it won’t be too long of a break…
    Meg @ Meg Go Run recently posted..Knee Scope Update!My Profile

  10. I haven’t taken a total break from working out, but for the past month all I’ve been doing is yoga and light cardio here and there. I know I’ll get back to it soon, but I just wasn’t feeling it!

    Your family pic is really lovely! Have a great weekend dear!
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..Relax with Tea: Traditional Medicinals Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  11. That family picture is adorable ! I’m on an unscheduled break right now…not sure how long it will last.
    Best thing this week would be the glorious Indian feast my Mum cooked up last night..complete with freshly baked garlic naan (which is like crack by the way!). Interesting about the biotin.. I think I need to let my brother in on that since he’s been having some skin trouble and I remember him purchasing a supplement with biotin is awhile back.
    Ms.J recently posted..Self-apology in writingMy Profile

  12. Yayyyyyyy!!! Sign up sign up sign up!!!! I think you’ll do marvelously I have just started back up slowly after taking over a week off from everything, and I still haven’t gone to the gym for anything besides treadmill. It’s given me a much greater appreciation for how awesome I feel when I’m well rested and helps keep me in check when I’m tempted to push through tiredness and get up to do something instead of resting like I need. And I think the best thing I ate this week was turkey meatloaf with roasted potatoes. Really hit the spot on a cold night! Have a great weekend hun!
    Caitlin recently posted..Thursday Thoughts #8My Profile

  13. Is that a yogurtland spoon hiding in your smoothie?! I bring those home with me- I love the shape and reusing them. If not, just call me off as a weirdo Those lemon meringue cupcakes look fabulous- I haven’t made lemon curd before but this is motivating!
    Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon recently posted..Cocoa Almond Power BarsMy Profile

  14. Ahhhh yayyyyy running races! Also you made me want cheesy bread so I’ll be adding that to my dinner tonight I think, or something carb-y like garlic bread. Oh, and LOVE the family picture! So adorable

    • haha she sent the leftovers home with us, and I was a little disappointed when I woke up this morning and realized that Eric ate the rest before bed…it’s good stuff

  15. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about the biotin… I don’t really take supplements so I don’t have much to weigh in here.
    However… that picture of your three really is adorable!!

  16. Sorry to hear about your breakout. Acne is the worst!!! Hopefully it will clear up once your body gets the biotin out of its system.

    I typically do a deload week every 4-6 weeks (drop the weight of the main lifts but keep the weight up for accessory exercises) – just did one last week after my big training session on Wednesday! And then I also take a full week off about 2-3 times a year. Rest is best!
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Is it ok to be competitive?My Profile

  17. Your eats look mighty delicious! They seriously do.
    The family picture is adorable!
    Natalie @ lovenataliemarie recently posted..Thinking Out Loud #4 – What A WeekMy Profile

  18. Fav dinner sandwich is probably a Philly cheesesteak. Yum! Good luck with training if you decide to start racing.
    Tiff @ Love Sweat & Beers recently posted..Mom StuffMy Profile

  19. Oh yeah, smoothies should always be eaten with spoons. Always. Your family picture is adorable! You guys are too cute :).
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted..January Review: Five Things FridayMy Profile

  20. Argh sorry to hear about the negative reaction- hopefully you’ll see some improvement and can look to something else!

    I’m currently on a ‘break’ from working out because the gym here is pretty crap andf I’ve been feeling pretty crap but as you said- all the more to go full gusto when I’m back at it! Tuna mixed with mayo,sweet corn and celery and put in a roasted potato instead of a sandwich.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..Pin me up. Buttercup.My Profile

  21. I’m blowing up, framing and placing that picture on my mantel. Seriously beautiful and adorable all at the same time!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Best of January 2014My Profile

  22. Best thing I ate this week was a cake ball from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe! And you’ve now given me a major craving for tuna melts – adding that to my list of dinners for next week!

    The last time I took 3-4 days off from working out was a couple weeks ago. I always feel so full of energy and eager to workout after I take a few days off.

    That family picture is adorable!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..5 ways to add protein to your oatmealMy Profile

  23. I’ve been loving tuna melts too!
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted..Would You Rather Running Survey #7My Profile

  24. Best sweet thing was a batch of chocolate chip cookies, savoury was a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (which is also my pick of diner sandwiches) Life seems to be my workout at the moment- & I don’t plan on a break anytime soon I had a very bad reaction to calcium supplements- I had terrible stomach pain & migraines that went away when I stopped. Have a great weekend Sam


    You need to print and frame that ASAP.
    Laura recently posted..Restaurant Week–ProvidenceMy Profile

  26. That pancake looks like perfection! It may be about time for me to hop back on the pancake train…
    Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate recently posted..Thinking out Loud #3My Profile

  27. Awww! I LOVE your family picture! So cute! That’s so crazy to hear about biotin being linked to breakouts…I never knew that! Hopefully it clears up soon! I’ve been fighting hard with my skin for the last few months…I don’t know what it is, but sheesh, I thought I was over the acne period of my life! Ha!

    A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I can take a lot of stress off myself if I plan my rest days to be during the work week. I can manage to get to the gym on Sunday before I go in to work, but it’s nice to not have to be running around like a mad woman trying to fit everything in Monday-Wednesday…so those are my “rest periods” for now. I pretty much took a month off around the holidays so it’s really just good to get back into the groove of things and actually WANT to go now!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Let’s “B” Marvelous!My Profile

    • I stopped taking it about 6 days ago and there’s definitely an improvement. I doubt it causes breakouts in everyone, but maybe I’m just sensitive to it!

  28. Such a super adorable family pic and yes your dad’s camera is pretty awesome! The tuna rice cakes and the pork both look wonderful.

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