Five Things Friday 05/23/14.


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As per usual, you guys are awesome. Thanks for all the kind words yesterday!!

Five Things Friday

Let’s just jump right into today’s Five Things Friday, shall we?

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1.  BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) with a side of Alexia sweet potato puffs.

BLAT Definitely a lot more potato puffs than pictured, but I got excited by their deliciousness and ate a bunch before taking the camera out.

2. Coconut flour waffle (I used this recipe) with Greek yogurt and raspberry jam.

Paleo Waffle I was a little iffy on the Paleo waffle thing, but this was pretty tasty!

3.  Cheese plate for two.

Cheese Plate We’ve got goat brie, havarti, baby carrots, ranch, strawberries, sliced ciabatta, and pancetta. Eric and I used to have these sorts of platters all the time when we first started dating, so this was an awesome throwback.

4. Avocado and fried eggs on toast with baby carrots and strawberries.

Avocado Toast Still one of my favourite lunches. And the strawberries aren’t quite local here, but they’re getting close!

5. Banana chunks and peanut butter.

Banana and PB Because sometimes, you shouldn’t mess with a classic snack.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. I’m going over the (US) border to go shopping with my mom tomorrow, and of course, I always insist on grocery shopping. I actually realized the other day that there’s a Trader Joe’s near the mall that we’re going to, so we’ll be stopping there. I haven’t been to one since I was in Chicago in November 2012, so obviously, I’m excited! What should I buy?!?

Trader Joe's Cheetos

Do they have these? Because I would buy’em.                                                                                                                                  (img source)

2. We actually do this in my Physique class.

Horizontal running (img source)

Ok, well we do it a little differently, but there you go. Horizontal running actually has an exercise benefit.

3. I’m sure a lot of people have read the articles floating around lately saying that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is, for lack of a better word, BS. Thoughts? I’m not sure where I stand on the subject, personally – I’ve never cut out gluten, so I don’t know if gluten would make me feel worse or makes me feel that my health was being compromised in some way. However, I definitely think that a lot of people cut it out for no reason other than because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do (obviously, I don’t feel that way about everyone that cuts it out of their diet though). It’ll be interesting to see where these studies and ‘grain brain’ claims go from here.

4. I have a newly painted balcony! The balconies in my building were horribly chipped and slightly hideous before, so I’ll take it.

Balcony Clearly, just an excuse for a pug shot. And we’ll talk about the ugly concrete another day…

5. Apparently, Eric and I saw Trivium at a good time, because a few days later the vocalist blew out his voice and they had to cancel tour dates.  So we got lucky there.

P.S. I never know whether or not to post music in my posts, because with the exception of some Top 40 stuff my music taste is pretty out of the box. I feel like I have like, 4 readers who’s music taste runs similarly to mine…am I wrong?

5 Things I Pinned This Week:

1. Not quite, because I know how terrible my singing voice is. Especially if I attempt to sing anything from Frozen. (source)

How I Actually Sing

2. Marshmallow Filled S’mores Cupcakes via Sally’s Baking Addiction.

S'mores Cupcakes This just makes me super excited for campfires and s’mores. Some of the best things about summer right there.

3. Salted Cocoa Nutella Cupcakes via Thistlewood Farms.

Salted Cocoa Cupcakes I think I just need a cupcake…

3. Both very true things.


4. Grilled Saison Shrimp Tacos with Pomegranate Tacos via Cooking and Beer.

Tacos Any sort of seafood in a taco screams beach weather to me.

5. For my fellow Beauty and the Beast obsessees:

Tale as Old as Time Pretty sure that I would never get a hand tattoo (my brother already did, and he pulls it off well. Not for me though) but I love the idea behind this. And yes, clearly I’m still obsessed with the ‘Tattoo’ Pinterest category.

That’s all for me today – have a good one!

<— What are your thoughts on the gluten sensitivity thing?

<— What Trader Joe products should I keep an eye out for?

<— Weirdest exercise move you know?

<— Best thing you ate this week?


  1. I’m personally not a believer in non-gluten diets for people without celiac. I don’t really think gluten sensitivity exists. That being said, I’ve recently noticed that when I eat less processed breads and starches for a few days and then go back to loading myself up with pizza and pasta, my stomach definitely doesn’t love me. I don’t blame the gluten, I’m blaming my body not being used to a certain food. Maybe that’s just me being ignorant and not wanting to cut out my favorite food group though. MAKE SURE YOU GET COOKIE BUTTER AT TJ’S!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..GraduationMy Profile
    • I remember when I started eating carbs and bread in high amounts after limiting them in my ED – I thought my stomach was dying. I think we can give ourselves intolerances, to some extent, if we limit the range of foods we eat.
      And I KNEW you would say that about TJ’s! Hopefully they have it – I want to try the crunchy one!
  2. I disagree. I did not test positive for celiac’s disease but I used to get sick ALL the time, my skin was SUPER sensitive (literally the wind would blow on it and it would become red and bumpy), I used to get excessively tired after eating (like I could feel my blood sugar drop) and I cut out a lot then reintroduced things to see what made a difference and for me gluten, dairy, and soy are a no go. I know a lot of people think it’s just a “fad” and for some maybe it is but I know it doesn’t make me feel good or my body good (any of those three things) so I don’t eat them. I used to eat them in little doses but then even the little doses were making me sick so I just don’t eat them at all. It’s a lifestyle for me not just a “diet.” BUT I definitely see why people say it’s a fad because a lot of people do it to lose weight etc. but for me that is not the case. On another note, for trader joe’s I hear they have some chocolate covered potato chips that are pretty awesome….and animal crackers.
    • Fair enough! Reading the articles, it looks like the researcher now think that the symptoms happen with high FODMAP foods – which include most grain, soy and dairy products. I thought it was interesting! Obviously I’m not a scientist, so I can’t say for sure…but if you found something that works for you, then that’s awesome.
  3. I’ve been diagnosed (by a real Dr, lol) with gluten sensitivity, but that was years ago & there are ways to heal your gut & be able to tolerate it. Plus, whatever we’re eating the most of will show up in allergy/sensitivity panels, so it usually just takes adding more variety to rebalance things. I personally think that when people feel better from eliminating gluten, it’s probably because they’re eating less overall carbohydrate.
    • I’m a little skeptical of those allergy tests – I agree that variety in diet is the key. And that would make sense!
  4. It is so hard to pick just a few favorite Trader Joe’s items. I have one within a block of my office and I think I have tried almost everything! Here are my top three:

    1) Stir Fried Vegetarian Egg Rolls (frozen) –

    2) Roasted Butternut Squash and Wheatberry Salad –

    3) Sweet Potato Gnocchi (frozen) –

    Have a great weekend!
    Lindsay @Treat Yourself recently posted..Have You Tried Chia Seeds?My Profile

  5. I go back and forth on the whole gluten-sensitivity thing. I think a lot of it is just a fad, with people thinking it’s going to help them lose weight. On the other hand, I’ve had several clients cut back on the amount of gluten-containing foods that they’re eating and feel so much better. That doesn’t mean it’s the gluten, though. Overall, we’re quick to villify a nutrient and/or ingredient (fat, sugar, etc.), and I think this is just another example of that, unless, of course, you do have celiac.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted..Post-Pregnancy Eats: Boobie Cookies & ‘Secret’ Sloppy JoesMy Profile
  6. The cheese plate for two looks amazing! Justin and I do that sometimes, but not with as much variety as you have picture here. I love all your choices!

    I tend to believe that the whole thing about cutting gluten out of your diet even when you’re not diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity is more of a fad than anything else.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Triple Berry Coconut Soft ServeMy Profile

  7. Omggggg I’m excited for your TJ’s adventure. They have chocolate covered EVERYTHING so I’d just do a little sample if I were you. Have a great weekend lady!
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted..Simple Berry SangriaMy Profile
  8. I have no idea if I’m actually gluten-sensitive or not! I have cut out gluten at three different times in my life, and I initially feel great but then tend to hit a wall. I think my problem is certain foods – I can tolerate bread with no problem but oats make me bloat every single time.

    Those nutella cupcakes are killing me! I’m trying to lean out here haha
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Should you count calories?My Profile

  9. Okay so the weirdest exercise I know is the bridge. When you thrust your hips up. SO AWKWARD IT NEVER GETS LESS AWKWARD.
    Anyway, I could list a million things that you should get at TJs. If you like mint and chocolate get their honey mints. Get some fig butter. Get their chocolate chips (very few ingredients!). Get some almond meal! It’s so cheap there. I also like their Soyaki sauce. Hmmm if I look at my stash and think of anything else I’ll text you.
    Have a fun day with your mom!
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..Fitness Bucket ListMy Profile
    • bahaha that’s one that I try to do in the women’s only section of the gym! :-p Yess on their honey mints! I want those. And basically just added all of these things to my list.
  10. Between flying and lack of internet, I wasn’t able to comment on your post yesterday Sam but I am SO thrilled for you! You are living proof of the healing powers proper diet can have! Cheers to regular visits from Aunt Flo.

    I tried the whole gluten-free diet during Whole30 & fortunately gluten doesn’t affect me. My carbs of preference are naturally gluten-free but every so often, I need some bread in my life ;).

    • Thanks lady!! And I’m the same way – I love my squash and potatoes, but I still need my oats and bread every once in a while
  11. Joe and I keep saying we need to make more meat and cheese plates for meals. We love such things but never think to make them on our own I tend to think to each their own as far as diet goes, but I also roll my eyes a bit unless they have a doctor’s excuse. I’m lucky, though, in not having any allergies, so I’ve never considered cutting stuff from my diet outside of ed days. Have a great trip to the states hun!
    Caitlin recently posted..Thinking Out Loud #20My Profile
    • they’re a good option for when you’re feeling too lazy to put together a ‘real’ dinner! And I’m the same way with allergies, which I’m grateful for.
  12. I love avocado and fried egg! Yum!

    I go back and forth about the gluten thing too. When I read anything paleo/primal it totally seems real and I’ve definitely been gluten/grain free at times in my life but right now I’m eating gluten daily and feel fine. I’ve also had my family not eat gluten but they all seem to tolerate it fine as well.

    The best thing I’ve eaten so far is a snack/dessert that I made last night- fuji apple, strawberries, cinnamon, walnuts and greek yogurt. It was totally delicious and crunchy and kept me pretty full till morning which is hard to do right now being super pregnant.
    Lily@findingmyhappymedium recently posted..37 weeksMy Profile

    • it’s interesting to hear so many people’s experiences with going gluten-free – it doesn’t seem to effect me at all, so I haven’t tried.
  13. I’ve never been to TJ’s but my roommate shops there when she’s home in Chicago, and she was just talking about their cookie butter!

    The best thing I ate? I had some amazing cake at a graduation party this week and now I just want more haha. And CONGRATS on your post yesterday So happy for you!
    Sally Rae recently posted..Five Things FridayMy Profile

  14. That tattoo And I'm a fan of the music

    So I really have no idea what to think about the whole gluten-sensitivity thing. I feel like a lot of it is BS, but I've also known people who've cut down on it and swore they felt better. I don't know. Sensitivities and intolerances are such a b*tch to figure out, especially because they can appear and disappear randomly. Oats bothered me for a while, now they don't. I used to be able to eat watermelon by the bucketful, now I can't. Who the hell knows. I think a lot of it comes down to gut health in general. A healthy gut should be able to handle most things, and I feel like we kind of screw ourselves over by eating the same things all the time… since I think I read somewhere that that can lead to the development of intolerances.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #79 .My Profile

    • haha I thought you’d be a fan of the tattoo! And I knew I liked you :-p

      I’ve heard that before too – I remember that when I stopped eating grains for the most part in my ED, when I first started eating them again I thought my stomach was dying, it was so uncomfortable. After a week or so, it was fine. Either way, I thought it was an interesting study, especially because so many people seem to cut out gluten for weight-related reasons.

  15. People will say what they want and I definitely think it’s become somewhat of a trend but through trial and error I know I am sensitive to gluten. My stomach bloats and my digestion gets completely thrown off. I’m just better without it, but damnnnn french baguette makes it hard!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Gluten-Free Carrot Cake + A Very Special Birthday!My Profile
  16. I’ll take any excuse for a pug shot!

    I’m definitely skeptical about the gluten thing. I try to make some of my recipes gluten-free because I like to experiment but not because I don’t eat gluten. I personally can’t see how whole grains could be bad for anyone that doesn’t have celiac disease but if that’s what they think, then so be it! I’m sure things will go in a different direction in a few years from now.

    Have a great weekend and have fun at Trader Joes!!
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Cucumber Tomato Coleslaw {vegan and gluten-free}My Profile

  17. I got all excited when the new gluten stuff came out… it’s been blow SO out of proportion!

    Also, now I want nother tattoo. Not that I didn’t already but it’s more urgent now.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Strange But Good: SwitzerlandMy Profile

  18. I love having a schmorgasboard of baguette/meat/cheese for a meal! JZ and I are actually doing that for a picnic on our hike tomorrow!

    I think a lot of people are gluten free that don’t need to be… but I’ll need to wait for further research to decide if I think gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist at all! It’ll be interesting to find out for sure…
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Pin It PartyMy Profile

    • I definitely agree that we need to wait for more research – I just like how this study is opening up conversation again and getting people away from the ‘gluten is undeniably bad for you’ thing.
  19. The meat and cheese plate- let’s cut the throwbacks and bring it back on rotation.

    As with anything diet related, it’s all based on experiment and what works for you. If at the end of the day, your doing it because it’s trendy, then it’s your own prerogative. Personally, both gluten free and standard foods make me bloat- it’s working out which ones!

    Oh TJ’s…..come to Australia.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..The salad/diet assumptionMy Profile

  20. I don’t think gluten free is healthier than gluten foods. Unless your allergic…
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted..Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon Race ReportMy Profile
    • It can be the opposite sometimes, I think – companies needing to add more sugar or weird stuff in gluten-free snack foods!
  21. I have celiac disease but I’m interested in reading more about the research on non-celiac gluten sensitivity…Haven’t read much on that subject because I’m definitely not a non-celiac I love the Frozen pin. Definitely describes me! P.S. I loved your post yesterday. So refreshing, inspiring and honest.
    Emily recently posted..Summer Lovin’My Profile
  22. I was so ANTI gluten free for people that weren’t diagnosed with celiacs disease that it wasn’t even funny. And then I went gluten free. I did it after months of research and lab tests showing my thryoid was way off but not enough for the docs to care even though I constantly felt like crap. I cut out gluten and over the course of two months have been feeling better and better everyday. I had some gluten two days ago and had a splitting headache yesterday which looking back I used to get 3-4 headaches a week and for the last two months..nothing. I am not allergic, but I do believe there is something behind the intolerance. IT’s important to know your body, do you research, and try to do what works best for YOU.
    Kim @FITsique recently posted..Running Sucks (If You Want To Lose Weight)My Profile
  23. Those chocolate cupcakes look SO BOMB. I don’t even like nutella, but damn.

    Ha, Trivium is a bit…hardcore for my taste. It’s okay though, I’m a grandma in my music taste. I listen to jazz, blues, soul, opera, lieders – lots of stuff from the beginning of the century (21st century, that is).

    I get that some people have gluten sensitivity. I get it. But so many people associate GF = healthy, it is frustrating because it’s basically an allergy! It should not be praised as a ‘holier than thou’ lifestyle.

    If someone loses weight just by going GF, it is more likely because they stopped binging on bread and pasta every night and started actually paying attention to what they were eating.
    rebecca recently posted..Hair Curl successMy Profile

    • I’m inclined to agree with you – if someone ditches gluten in favour of more veggies, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats, of course they’re going to feel better.
  24. Please please please more music chat! Seen as we both like trivium I would love to hear what other bands you like, might find a new hidden gem!

    That platter looks amazing! Wish I was young to trader joes!

    With regards gluten sensitivity, all I will say is that I feel so much better cutting gluten out of my diet. I am not allergic to gluten but if I eat it I feel rotten and have insane stomach cramps all day. Makes me sad even people talk about it being a ‘fad’ or ‘phase’ – my husband and I have made the choice to cut it out of our diet and I just wish some people could respect that choice (most do, just the general media that seem to do the bashing!).
    Jen @ Chase the Red Grape recently posted..Spill it Sunday – My Edition!My Profile

  25. I definitely have noticed a difference since I cut out gluten… more energy, less bloating… maybe the gluten isn’t the issue but wheat? I kind of want to bring it back in just to see…
    Cassie recently posted..Trail Mix Oatmeal MuffinsMy Profile
    • the article seems to suggest that it could be related more to FODMAPS, which is interesting…but in the end, we all know our own body best.

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