Five Things Friday 08/16/13.


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Yaaay Friday! The first full week after a short one always feels long, doesn’t it? But that just makes Friday that much more of a relief.

But as is the drill around here, Friday = Friday lists.

Five Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Lamb loin chops with sauteed veggies.

Lamb Dinner

Eric’s not a big fan of lamb, but I love it so I’ll pick it up once in a while. The veggies included in the saute were the kohlrabi I bought last week, half an onion, half a bell pepper, and zucchini. The kohlrabi was pretty good – taste and texture wise, it reminded me of parsnips. Eric wasn’t a fan of that either, so I was eating leftover veggies all week – I’m ok with that.

2. Taco Tuesday.

Lamb Taco

That times three…lamb tacos (I was sneaky and didn’t tell him, he didn’t seem to notice under the seasonings) with lettuce, salsa, guac and sour cream. So.much.guac….but that’s exactly how it should be.

3. More randoms-from-the-fridge lunches.

Random Lunches

Leftover roasted veggies, 2 chicken hot dogs with BBQ sauce, bell peppers, baby carrots and hummus. Yup, that’s random.

4. Sarah’s Mini Salsa and White Bean Loaves.


Veggie dinner number 2 was a complete success! Got full approval from both Eric and myself. The best part was randomly finding little cheesy pockets. So good!

5. Still working my way through my stash of Coconut Bliss.

Coconut Bliss

This is one element of cleaning-out-all-the-food that I’m definitely enjoying Wink It’s still summer, so I still need ice cream or froyo on the regular! I think chocolate peanut butter is still my favourite, but this one was a close second.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. I am currently obsessed with this seasoning.

Chipotle Mango Seasoning

Literally everything I cook has been getting a liberal sprinkling of the stuff – fish, chicken, roasted veggies…mainly spicy, a little bit sweet…basically perfect.

2. I’m going camping this weekend! Eric and I are going to join 4 other people tomorrow for a night up at a campground on Lake Erie. I’ve gone camping a lot in my life, but all family trips – I’ve never done the friends-camping thing. Should be a good time!

3. I have more Creepy Butt Guy stories. On Monday, friend of Creepy-Butt-Guy (well, I assumed, I’ve seen them talking before) approached and told me that Creepy Butt Guy was after my number (no shit, Sherlock) and told me that I should just tell him that I had a boyfriend. I told friend of Creepy Butt Guy that I did, indeed, have a boyfriend, and his face fell. He still came up and talked to me no less than 4 times while I was there, usually when I was on the treadmill with headphones on (grrr). I swear, my gym life is a soap opera.

4. Does anyone else find it really awkward when a guy comes to the gym wearing a shirt like this?

Gym Nipples

I’m really just not interested in seeing male nipple at the gym. #Justsaying

5. And apparently, I am all about the gym in this post:


Yay new PR! I tend to progress really slowly on my chest, so I’m always thrilled when I’m able to put the weight up.

5 Things Making Me Happy This Week:

1. Oatmeal bowls with nut butter, jam or honey, and a fried egg. In an attempt to eat all my nut butters I’ve been eating this breakfast every day this week…and ohmygoodness I love it. Sweet and savoury at it’s finest.

Oat Breakfast

2. Atticus. But he makes me happy every week Wink The campsite we’re going to has a dog beach, so I’m so excited to take him out there (yup, he’s coming with us). Although sleeping with a dog in a tent is going to be interesting…

Atticus Pug

3. Speaking of camping, this is the weather forecast for the weekend:


That is perfect. (American translation: high 70’s, low 80’s)

4. Coconut butter. I thought it was only ok, but once I started adding it to hot oats and mug cakes and letting it get all melty…I realized how freakin’ good it is! It’s on my list of nut butters I’m trying to eat through, but I’m not looking forward to paying for another jar…why must delicious things be expensive?

Coconut Butter

5. Moving HOME in two weeks. The new apartment is nicer, the area is better, lots of green space for Atti, a balcony…and then there’s the fact that my family, Eric’s mom, and most of our friends will be a lot closer. And I’m actually really looking forward to getting back into school mode, I miss it (#nerdalert).

But I’m out for the weekend, have a good one!

<— Hard or soft shell taco? Hard all the way (TWSS?)

<— Are you on the coconut butter bandwagon? What’s your favourite way to eat it?

<— What’s your favourite seasoning or spice to use when you roast veggies?


  1. Mm i like one of each OR if i’m feeling super crazy i’ll put a hard shell in a soft shell! I feel like putting some guac in between would really make that even more awesome must try next time we have tacos! I love that you guys are trying vegetarian meals once a week….i might see if joe would go for something similar in september. He might if i offer to cook it have a blast camping with your friends atti this weekend!!
    Caitlin recently posted..Fun Facts FridayMy Profile
    • That’s how Eric does his tacos! I need to start following his lead, at least last way when the hard taco breaks you don’t end up with taco insides all over your hands. And it’s a good way to force yourself to think out of the box a little in the kitchen!
  2. Haha I love that you didn’t have to lie about a boyfriend – that could have been awkward (Not that it already was or anything, haha)
    I wonder if Creepy Guy’s friend wanted your number?
    Have fun camping with Atticus! And congrats on your bench PR
  3. The gym is just a goldmine for creepers! I get those same types of people at the beach I work at, but I’ve never had that much of a problem while working out. I must just give off a vibe. I always tell people I have a boyfriend- it’s way easier to lose people that way!
  4. Gotta let the coconut butter get melty!!! Creepy butt guy is actually starting to scare me! I hope he starts leaving you alone!
  5. I love tacos, especially soft tacos!!! Mmmm…I want some of that coconut bliss!!! Okay…that shirt is seriously terrible! Why would any guy where that!?!
  6. HARD! I like the crunch. Although, I hate the mess on my hands afterwards.

    Yes, I love coconut butter, but I’ve only bought it once because it’s expensive. It lasts a long time though! I like it melted onto toast with banana slices, or just eaten straight up with a fork – it reminds of a shortbread cookie, that melts? MMMM

    My #1 seasoning is Braggs all purpose dried seasoning mix – I put it on pretty much everything. I season meat with it, sprinkle it into stir frys, roasted veg, etc.

    Have a great time camping, you two! xoxo

    • The crunchiness is definitely vital, but I need a stack of napkins nearby. And I haven’t tried it with banana slices yet, must get on that.

      And thanks Jo!

  7. Oh my heavens. Number 3 and 4 of the happenings made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I can not BELIEVE what happens in your gym! And I love that we all call him the Creepy Butt Guy now. And yes, these shirts!!! Seriously, do they really think it looks GOOD?!
    I am obsessed with coconut butter and I was the same, very skeptical in the beginning and now I can not stop. I love the Cocoa Coconut Butter even more. Topped on cinnamon scrambled eggwhites. Hmmmm.
    Yay for camping! I am sure this is going to be so much fun!
    • I wish I could find coconut cocoa butter! That sounds insanely awesome. And I really have no idea what possesses guys to wear a shirt like that, just awkward!
  8. As coconut-obsessed as I am, I can’t believe I still haven’t tried coconut butter. I think the cost deters me. Without a doubt, I have expensive taste when it comes to food (alright and maybe clothes). All the good food is SO pricey!
    Hopefully creepy butt guy takes a hint soon. I never have any problems at my gym with randos trying to talk to me, besides a couple male trainers. And I always assume that they’re just trying to get me as a client rather than hitting on me…
    Have fun camping this weekend!
    • It is definitely pricey…it’ll be hard to convince myself to buy another one! And on the male trainer, you never know. I had one all buy offer me training for free until he found out I was in a relationship!
  9. Have an awesome time camping this weekend, lady! Make sure to bring marshmallows

    In my mind, soft-shelled tacos don’t really count as tacos – you’ve gotta have that crunch factor in there! And when it comes to roasting veggies, I usually use some variety of Mrs. Dash. I’m glad you discovered the goodness that is coconut butter, because that stuff is kind of amazing… definitely has to be melted, though. Have you ever tried it melted on toast with some honey and cinnamon? One of the best combos ever.

    Happy Friday!

    • Apparently, a s’mores kit has been bought for the occasion
      And I haven’t had it on toast, but I’ve had it on oatmeal…so I suppose it counts?
  10. Ahh, this post made me giggle! Creepy butt guy is really getting to be a problem!
    And no, those tank tops are not acceptable at the gym!
    I’m really happy you liked the bean loves! I know the concept is a little weird so thanks or keeping an open mind and trying them.
    Camping sounds like so much fun! Especially because you are taking Atti! Can’t wait to read about it next week!
    • They were awesome! More impressive was that my meat-and-potatoes guy really liked them…I had one for lunch today with guacamole on top, and it was fabulous.
  11. Lamb tacos- say whaaat?! Now that’s a variation I am yet to try but really ought to- love my meat :)! Despite the variation, tacos always need to be hard for me- gotta have the crunch factor and let’s be honest- a soft taco really is basically a wrap in my ever so humble opinion! Enjoy your camping trip- I hope s’mores are on the menu! If not, time to get editing!
    • Haha definitely agree with you on the hard-vs-soft debate. And I’ve been told that there’s a s’mores kit, so we’re covered!
  12. LOVE new weight lifting PRs! i’d tweet about it too! those white bean loaves and the lamb look AMAZING. i love lamb, i never have it at home so whenever i order it out it feels special. lamb meatballs are my fave way to eat it, with all the tzatziki of course. damn, creepy butt guy can’t catch a hint! maybe he kept hitting on you because he is pretending his friend didn’t inform him you have a bf. you should tell him directly so then he has 0 excuse!
    • I don’t think I’ve ever tried lamb in meatball form – I’ll have to get on that, especially if I get some tzatziki in there too. And that’s the plan, but hopefully the friend passes on the message that I’m taken! Either way, only two weeks until I move and won’t run the risk of seeing him anymore.
  13. I’ve been wanting to make Sarah’s loaves for forever now! They look delicious
  14. aww i love when atticus makes an appearance on the blog!! and its seriously inexcusable that i havent tried coconut butter yet. i really need to get on that. and hard shell taco all the way!! soft shell tacos arent tacos in my opinion, they’re burritos at best.
    • You should get on that, it’s good stuff! And 100% agreed with you – it just doesn’t feel like a taco without the crunch factor.
  15. Love soft tacos cuz they can get all smooshy and awesome while you’re eating them.

    Coconut butter is good, but I have only gone through one jar- it really adds flavor!

    PS- I hate when guys where those shirts to the gym! But I also hate when girls wear booty shorts. yuck.

    PPS- just came across your blog. Love it!

  16. Haha, that gym shirt is hilarious. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear those to the gym, but that would be quite awkward.
    I SO want to make those bean loaves! They looks amazing.
    Happy Friday:)
    • Apparently, that guy has a couple – I saw him today wearing a yellow one in a different style. Awkward.
      Thanks love, hope you have a good weekend (and that everything’s ok!)
  17. Hard shell tacos all the way! But if I’m making fajitas, I’m okay with soft shells. Also that’s hilarious that you snuck the lamb into the tacos.

    I wish I still worked at Organic Works so I could get you another deal on the coconut butter! But I’ve seen other brands of coconut butter around (like at HomeSense) that are cheaper than the Artisana brand. I like to use mine on oatmeal, especially when I put tropical flavours in it like mango and banana. Also I love it on sweet potatoes too.

    Have an awesome time camping!

  18. I actually love soft shell tacos, I make such a mess with the hard shell ones (I mean I make a mess either way but the soft minimizes the damage). I still haven’t tried coconut butter, every time I think about getting it I forget it when I get groceries.

    Right now I’m loving the Smoldering smoked applewood Club House seasoning on chicken…and everything else. Yum!

    • Haha that is the only downside to hard shell…I need a pile of napkins next to me. And definitely try it if you get the chance! It’s a little hard to find, but some of the health food stores downtown should carry it.
  19. I finally tried the oats+pb+jam+egg!!! Wow, seriously amazing. I even added broken pretzels to the mix because I’m , um, currently addicted to them, and I just can’t believe I’ve never had that sweet+salty combo before – especially since sweet+salty is my favorite combo ever!
    And yes, I am definitely on the coconut butter bandwagon. I love it on toast, waffles, or on oatmeal with chocolate or carob chips
  20. I am in love with all things coconut and am just as in love with coconut butter. A fun way to eat it is to pour it over Greek yogurt w/fruit and then stick it in the fridge for a minute. It hardens up and tastes like candy…yum!
  21. Ha, I love that you do “American translation” for the temperatures and your speeds/distances now a days =).

    I love Taco Tuesdays! We used to do that when we lived back in Colorado and seem to have somehow dropped the habit. Definitely one worth reviving. If I had to chose, I’d pick soft, but I love “double decker” tacos where you have a soft taco spread with refried beans and then you put a crunchy taco inside of it. Best of both worlds.

    • Haha Eric does the same thing, except with guacamole I never think to get refried beans for taco nights, I’ll have to pick some up or make them sometime!
  22. Teeheehee! Those man tank tops are hilarious. I usually find that the guys who wear them also like to grease up their exposed skin. I swear that is not sweat sometimes, those guys are straight-up oiled. Also, I will officially be proposing taco tuesday to my roommates. I must have it in my life.
    • oh god…just ew. But definitely do it on the taco Tuesday…or at least, Mexican food Tuesday, although it’s not nearly as alliterative
  23. Omg, warm, melty coconut butter is the BEST! I swear it tastes so much better when it’s warmed up! I’ve recently rediscovered my love for it too…hot oats have MADE their appearance for the season!

    I can’t believe your gym drama…and the fact that that dude at your gym is known all over the internet as “butt guy”! hahaha!

    Way to go sneaking the lamb in the tacos! My mom used to do (and probably still does) with different stuff that my dad “claims” he doesn’t like! I’m a soft shell taco kinda girl, but only because I HATE taking a bite of a crunchy one and having it fall apart all over the place…which is why most of the time I’d rather have a taco salad!

    Roasted veggies + smoked paprika = DELICIOUSNESS!

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