Five Things Friday 08/30/13.


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And here we are at the last Friday in August. It feels weird just saying (typing) that. While I do love summer, I’m a huge Fall girl, so I won’t complain that September is just around the corner.

But, onto the Friday lists, shall we?

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Steak and chicken fried rice.

Steak and chicken fried rice

Yes, that is basically the most random dinner ever. We stayed at Eric’s mom’s last Saturday night and she wasn’t home, so we decided to just empty her fridge of her leftovers Wink

2. Buffalo chicken wraps with a side salad.


Yes, I am aware that the side salad is nothing but lettuce. I didn’t actually buy any veggies this week, and we’ve just been eating out what’s left in the fridge…which is basically the bare essentials. Fortunately, there was ranch dressing in there to save it.

3. Office Chinese food.


My office threw a goodbye lunch for me on Tuesday, and ordered Chinese. You see that rib in red sauce? I have absolutely no idea what it was exactly, all I know is that I need it frequently. And I’m not even that much of a rib person, it was just that awesome. I don’t know what most of what I ate was, but it was fabulous and I went back for seconds.

4. Whole wheat spaghetti with a beefed up tomato sauce (onions, mushrooms, spinach, ground chicken, Italian seasoning) on a bed of chopped spinach.


Basically, this is the best way to add veggies to a carb-heavy meal when you’re feeling too lazy to make a salad. Which for me is like 90% of the time.

5. Pancakes with a bit of butter and maple syrup. AKA: The week’s vegetarian dinner.


Might be a bit of a cop-out vegetarian meal, but a delicious one nonetheless Wink I ended up using unsweetened chocolate almond milk (didn’t want to open the vanilla when I still had that one to finish off) and adding a bit of protein powder to give it staying power. Have you ever had it when you’re making pancakes and then you accidentally make the batter to runny, so you add pancake mix and then it’s too thick, and then it just keeps happening until you end up with like the double the amount of pancakes that you were planning on?

Because…that happened. And we still ate them all (I went back for another) and then I was in a pancake coma all night. Delicious. Also, after years of refusing to put butter on my pancakes (thinking that it was a waste of calories)…it is basically the best thing ever and makes all the difference. So please people, butter your pancakes.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. I’m moving tomorrow. And it’s supposed to feel like 36 (96) degrees. I’ve already stocked up on water and Gaterade…and bribing my movers (read: family and friends) with Tim Hortons, because we need to get the moving van back by 3 pm so we’re getting an early start. And Eric’s getting beer for the afternoon. Yup, bribing.

2. I love watching Twitter blow up over random celebrity stuff – Miley Cyrus is the big one, obviously, but at the end of last week when it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the next Batman? Hilarious (and yes, I think that he will make a terrible Batman).


3. I can barely move around in my apartment right now. #movingproblems


I don’t think the pug is a big fan either.

4. I was thinking about the fried egg after I posted it, and I think I have the answer.


I think it was hard-boiled until the whites were set, peeled, tossed in a light coating (maybe even just floured) and deep fried. Now, to get a deep fryer doing so I can recreate…

5. We won’t get our internet hooked up until Tuesday. So Saturday – Tuesday = no internets…I may go slightly crazy without you guys for a few days! I do have posts ready to go for Monday and Tuesday, but hopefully everything will be ready to go Wednesday to resume blogging/blog reading per usual.

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to About Being Back in London (Ontario):

1. Being closer to friends and family….that’s the obvious one. Also a bonus: closer to my mom’s laundry machine so I don’t have to pay to use the machines in my building.


I’ve had this debate with myself more often than I care to admit…

 2. The London restaurant scene. London has a much, much better selection of restaurants than Brantford does. And there’s a few more that have opened up since I left, so I need to start a list going. I have a feeling that it’ll be a long one…

3. Springbank Park.

Springbank Park

One of my favourite parks that I’ve ever been to, and it’s pretty close to my apartment. Somehow, I think that this sort of scenery will get me back into running more than anything else…and it’s perfect for puppy walks.

4. Closer to the US border so I can go Stateside shopping that much easier. Yes, I do think about these things…I’m sorry, but Canadian Target just isn’t quite as good!


5. More options for entertainment. Between the sheer amount of movie theatres, bars/pubs, restaurants, the Grand Theatre, parks, walking/biking trails…I think that we’ll be able to get out of the house a bit more often. I am definitely a homebody, but I like to have options when I feel the need to escape my apartment for a little while.

But…last day of work. And then more packing. Oh goodness.

Have a great weekend!

<— Do you still live in your hometown? Is that the way you prefer it?

<— Pancake toppings of choice? 

<— Ben Affleck as Batman – yay or nay?

<— Any last minute moving advice for me?


  1. Good luck with the move Sam! Pancakes are THE best veggie dinner… not a cop out in my books. I’ve actually had breakfast for dinner 3 times this week haha lazy week! xo
  2. Good with the move! The park looks absolutely beautiful! I live close to a park too and it’s perfect for runs and walks.
    I love almond butter, syrup, applesauce or healthy chocolate sauce on my pancakes. Maybe not all together, but at least 2 toppings are a must.
    Ben Affleck is a great actor in my opinion, but Batman? No. Seriously, no.
    Moving advice – have food ready!
    • I don’t think I’ve ever tried healthy chocolate sauce on pancakes…I assume that’s water or almond milk, stevia and cocoa powder? I’ll have to try that next time. And I will definitely do so!
  3. Good luck with the move, Sam..and kudos on your organisation skills in terms of pre-scheduling blog posts :)! Shame on you for referring to pancakes as a cop-out…they are ALWAYS a great meal choice! As for my pancake toppings of choice, you can’t beat good ol’ maple syrup! Peanut butter, Greek yogurt, banana slices and berries are other favorites too!
  4. Ah good luck with the movie this weekend! Bribing people always works Pancakes are such a good dinner idea. I haven’t had them in so long because I’m not very good at making them and usually wait for my dad to do it. Maybe I need to rethink that. You always give me inspiration for my meals!
  5. Good luck with the move lady!!! Totally get the moving stateside comment! Sometimes I really do miss the states. Canadian Target just doesnt cut it!
  6. Good luck with the move Sam!!! All you food seriously makes me hungry! I think I’ll be eating breakfast a little early this morning!

    I love pancakes! My favorite toppings are butter, honey or PB.

    Nay to Ben Affleck being Batman! It just seems so weird!

    • He’s done a couple of good movies, but whenever I think of him being Batman I instantly think of Daredevil, and we all know how much of a fail that was!
  7. good luck with the move!! i’d say you’re already ahead of the game with your water and gatorade. organization really is key and it sounds like you have that covered and btw all your eats just made me starving. its def time for breakfast
  8. Good luck with your move, lady! After my last one, I pretty much swore that I’d never move again And that was only from my parents’ place to my own condo, so I couldn’t even imagine changing cities. But I’ll admit that I’m definitely a little jealous that you’ll be so close to the States… not only for Target but WF and TJ’s and Chipotle? Lucky lady! Got a spare room for me to come visit?
  9. Gah I wish I lived closer to home. I’m living in Toronto now but my family is still back in Cornwall (close to Ottawa/MTL). I would love to live closer to my home town but it makes more sense for me to be here right now (job, BF job, etc etc). I hope someday we will move closer. Best of luck with the move!! Don’t wear anything heavy – tank tops and short are where it’s at! And lift with your legs not your back!
  10. I love topping pancakes with greek yogurt! They surprisingly don’t get that mushy!
  11. The laundry gif is totally me right now. I know I raved about how great it is to live in the sorority house, but not so great is the fact I have to collect quarters for laundry again. I definitely just texted my mom and asked her what the acceptable number of days is to wear unwashed jeans is…I’m all for excuses to buy new clothes when they’re all dirty, though!
  12. Good luck with the move! Ughhh moving- it always helps when you have friends and family assist (and the beer bribing is the perfect way to reel them in. Maybe throw in a pizza, too?) Also I always eat my pasta over a bed of spinach annnnd tend to have side salads with just lettuce on the side (sometimes for no reason other than sheer laziness). I live 10 hours away from both me and my hubby’s family. One day I hope to move closer to them and always am happy when others get to.
  13. So much I want to comment on is this post Lots of good things that is! First from form the 5 things you ate, that pasta dish with the spinach underneath, delicious. That is exactly how I add veggies into my meal when a side-salad is not going to happen… plus it makes me less full which can sometimes happen after spaghetti. And then I’m just uncomfortable! No thank yeee.
    Second, I hope moving goes as smoothly as possible, especially in that heat, ugh. Good idea to stock up on all those fluids and such, they will certainly help!
    It sounds like you are moving back to a really great place… that’s nice there are simply more things to do there and yay for a better restaurant/dining scene! Can’t complain about that one
    Again, best of luck and can’t wait to hear how it goes love!
    • Yup, I can definitely get to the spaghetti-coma stage once in a while..spinach forces you to fill your bowl a little bit with other stuff And thanks Tessa, I’m hoping it goes well too!
  14. Haha…pancakes as your vegetarian dinner…nice.
    I have totally done that where they are too runny then too thick and you end up with more than you planned. Looks like they turned out pretty tasty though!

    I’m sure Atti is like “what the hell is going on?”. I think moving stresses dogs out more than humans sometimes. It will be nice when you are all settled. Hope the move goes nice and smooth for you! At least it will be a good workout!

    • Haha I made them work in the end…and may have stolen all the ‘good ones’ for myself. And I skipped today’s workout in preparation because I know tomorrow is going to leave me sore!
  15. I now have a major pancake craving!! Thanks a lot!!
  16. So exciting! Good luck with the move!! And I’m totally guilty of the last-minute addition of spinach to meat/carb heavy meals haha
  17. Good luck finishing packing & moving….I gotta say, I don’t envy you. Hah. I HATE packing with all my being. But it’ll be over before you know it!

    That park looks so pretty!

    • Haha Just have to finish the kitchen tonight and we’re pretty much done…now it’s just the unpacking to look forward too :-p
  18. Good luck with the move! Hope everything goes smoothly!
  19. target!! I still wished i lived closer to a target I could go to. I never bake or do pancakes for that reason. I totally never know how to estimate anything in a batter. I mean I suck at all recipes. I haven’t had steak in way too long.
  20. I’m back in my hometown now and loving it, even if it is tough to be living with my parents again. I really love downtown Burlington and also it’s nice to see my high school friends and family friends more often. I feel more a part of the community here.

    That being said I miss London and I’m jealous you’re moving there, especially because of Covent Garden and the Western Fair Farmers’ Market! Also I highly recommend Auberge du Petit Prince and Abruzzi be added to your restaurant list.

    Good luck with the move girl! My advice: label your boxes! Also get a McFlurry. That’s my moving tradition haha.

    • both of those restaurants are definitely on my list…I need to start hunting through UrbanSpoon for other restaurants I haven’t tried yet! And I’m thinking I may bike down to Covent Garden later this week! It’s been way too long since I was in Homeopathy London.
  21. Don’t you just love that about Chinese food- you never know what your eating beneath all that neon colours…and sometimes its best not to know!

    I’m with you on the butter on pancakes- Not sure if you guys have it over there, but if you find Lurpak slightly salted- soo good!

    Last minute moving advice, I think your bribing tactics will go very far All the best for the move buddy!

  22. Good luck with moving! My only advice is while you are moving/unpacking, just keep picturing that nice new, clean place you will be left with when you are all done.

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