Five Things Friday 10/04/13.


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Hello and happy Friday! Hope your weekend gets off to an excellent start. Side note: it’s 20 days until my birthday. But who’s counting? Wink

Anyways, Friday lists!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Fried eggs, roasted kabocha and Justin’s Maple Almond butter.

Squash Breakfast

Guys, squash is even starting to sneak into my breakfasts now. I just can’t stop! Tongue Out

2. Steak with roasted baby potatoes and salad.

Steak Dinner

Those fingerling potatoes in my dinner last Friday gave me a huge cravings for baby roasted potatoes. Crispy skin + soft inside = perfection.

3. Tuna melts on rice cakes with mozzarella and salad on the side. Tuna melts Rice cakes officially work for absolutely everything. I adore that crunchiness.

4. Following said tuna melts was a pretty fabulous dessert:

Apple Crisp


The best friend brought over some pretty spectacular Apple Crisp for dessert Wednesday night, which we accompanied with vanilla ice cream. Is there a more perfect combo out there than warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream? I think not.

5. Spinach salad with tempeh and baby hubbard squash:

Tempeh salad

I followed Chelsea’s tempeh recipe and really liked it – and of course, squash. Baby Hubbard is a lot like buttercup, so of course I’m a fan.

5 Things Happening this Week:

1. I learned a valuable lesson last Sunday. Boxing classes require boxing gloves.

Boxing Hands

Yea…it looks like I’ve been beating people up all day. I loved the class and am going to take it again, but I’ll be buying some gloves first.

2. We live right behind an elementary school with a massive yard, so we have a new favourite place to take Atti on the weekend.

Pug Field


He’s a big fan. Although when we race around, he tends to cut me off so I think he’s cheating.

Sam Atticus

And there’s a nice big hill that he likes to run up and down:


And then he goes home exhausted and passes out for a while, which we welcome Wink

3. Lesson learned when it comes to train travel: book your ticket early. I didn’t have to be anywhere until 3:00 pm when I was at school last Tuesday, but because I waited until Monday to buy my ticket I ended up having to take the 7:30 am train in. That’s just annoying.

4. In addition to bringing me apple crisp, Laura also brought me this on Wednesday:

Chocolate Banana Jam


This stuff is insanely good…like take-a-spoon-to-the-jar good. I had some on my oats with peanut butter and a banana yesterday morning and pretty much died of happiness. So good.

5. I found my Halloween costume!! I haven’t bought it yet, but I found the exact one I’m looking for online for a decent price. I don’t even know what I’m doing for Halloween yet, but I’m just happy that I found the costume I wanted.

5 Things I’m Getting Used To:

1. Having a pug that follows me everywhere. I was told that pugs are ‘lap dogs’ but now I’m fully understanding that meaning. He’ll be sound asleep, but if I get up and go to the bathroom, he will follow me in there and plunk himself down on the bath mat, then follow me back to the computer. Then there’s the literal meaning:

Lap pug


When I’m commenting on your blog, there’s a good chance that this is exactly how it’s going down Wink

2. The grad student lifestyle. I’m going to have a lot of trouble working a regular 9-5 after this…I love just making my own schedule.

3. Working from home. Kinda sad considering how much money I spent last summer on work-appropriate attire, but I’m basically in PJs, yoga pants or workout clothes all day:

PJ pants


Penguin pants. Hells yes.

4. Having squash in the fridge at all times.


Basically what my fridge looks like. Except not quite. (source)

I’m waiting for when I get sick of it but…nothing yet. So, so good.

5. This face:

Pug Face

He makes me happy Tongue Out And yes, this was a pretty pug-centric post today. But with that picture, can you blame me?

Have a great weekend!

<— Dog owners, do you have a favourite place you like to take your dogs?

<— Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Know what you want to be?

<— Best accompaniment to apple crisp? Whipped cream is my second choice.

<— Any fun plans this weekend?


  1. Ahhh I die at that last picture of Atticus- what a cutie!! I don’t think I’ve read a blog post that has left me craving squash like the way I am now…especially with runny eggs- genius! A bestie that brings you apple crisp is a keeper- a la mode is the only way to serve it! There’s a restaurant here that serves it with 1 scoop cinnamon ice cream & another scoop of vanilla- best combination! Hope you have a fun weekend planned, Sam! As of now I have a movie & dinner with my mom, drinks & dinner out with friends, and getting ready for London on the agenda this weekend!
  2. Oh my gosh girl you neeeeed gloves!! Can’t believe you did class without them. So funny you posted rice cakes… I have been totally obsessed. Have a wonderful weekend!
    • Ugh, you should see my hands now, they look even worse! Don’t hurt so much anymore, so I guess that’s a good thing. Lesson definitely learned!
  3. Confession: I’ve been sneaking squash in the morning too. I haven’t necessarily been having it for breakfast, buuuut I’m munching on it approximately 15 minutes later So good! And with Justin’s AB? Be still my pounding heart.

    As for Halloween, you better believe that I’m still toying around with the Minion idea I still don’t know how I’d go about pulling it off, but now I’m going to have to bug you about what you’re going as. Waiting until the 31st to see is just… not good (<– 5 AM brain fart).

    As for weekend plans, farmers' market (SQUASH!!!), coffee date, and dinner with the fam are all on the agenda so far. Have an awesome Friday, lady!

    • Haha we need to find you some overalls, some goggles, and a lot of yellow…I’m sure you can make it work :-p And you will loooove my costume!
  4. girl you need gloves!!! I keep saying i should get one for pump too. chocolate banana jam?? so interesting. jealous of all that kabocha.
  5. I’m running a half next weekend and I’m excited to dress up for that!
  6. That last picture of Atticus is too cute. Haaha, I love it.
    I’m definitely dressing up for Halloween this year but I have NO clue what to be! I don’t want to do the typical “slutty” type outfits my friends all do. I want to do something cool, but I’m so lacking on the ideas. I’m just stumped!
    I haven’t done the squash for Breakfast thing, but that does not look like a bad idea. That stuff is addictive.
    And my weekend plans include groceries, extending my birthday celebration (duh), family, and a trip to the mall.
    • I’d suggest just going to a costume store and wandering around, or looking at Spirit online – there’s tons of ideas and they’re not all super-revealing. And I totally agree that birthdays require two weekends of celebrating :-p
  7. Tuna melts on rice cakes is a brilliant idea! I’m definitely going to give that a try! Oh your poor hands…that looks awfully painful. I wish I could work from home, but unfortunately my job doesn’t allow it. It’s nice to get dressed up sometimes, but getting dressed up everyday gets so old.

    Have a great weekend Sam!

    • I have to admit, it feels like my nicer clothes are kind of getting wasted when I only wear them once or twice a week! You have a great one too Holly!
  8. THOSE EGGS. I’m currently eating scrambled egg whites but I miss eggs with runny yolks…they’re a special commodity here. Chocolate banana jam sounds SO good. And I completely understand about your dog–though Rosie’s a bit more independent than clingy, she LOVES people and being around us. She’s definitely followed me into the bathroom on more than one occasion!
  9. how do you make your roasted potatoes and tuna salad? And what kind of greens do you use for your salads?

    Not dressing up for Halloween. Don’t have a dog (although I want one desperately). Isn’t it hard to have one in an apartment? Where do you take him to “do his business”…especially in the winter!

    • So disappointed that I have yet to find Kobacha squash anywhere in the area!
      • For the potatoes, I just cut baby potatoes in half and roasted them at 400 for about 30 minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper. I liked the tuna a lot, so I’m going to recreate and post as a recipe – so keep an eye out for that in the next few weeks!
        And Atticus is pad trained, so we don’t have to worry about taking him outside all the time – we’re on the first floor so, so I still take him out a couple of times a day.
  10. Yep, it doesn’t get much better than warm apple crisp + vanilla ice cream. Especially vanilla bean ice cream – something about those black speckles that makes me extra happy.

    I doubt I’ll be dressing up, I don’t have any Halloween plans since it’s on a weekday & I’m too much of a granny to do anything on work nights.

  11. How do I become friends with Laura? Chocolate Banana Jam AND apple crisp. I expect an invite to your next get-together! Also Atti just made my day!!!
  12. I don’t know much about pugs, but gahhh love that they are known for being “lap dogs!” Animals that do that are just amazing and even make YOU feel great about yourself, as they want to be around you all of the time. I don’t know it’s just nice to know haha. My cat does the same thing- follows me around that is (surprisingly or some cats) and I adore it.
    Your squah collection is epic, and one I would be proud to have myself On that note, I do need to get to WF (the only place that has good ones, some are yucky at stores) and need to pick up a kabochaaaaaa. BTW my orange hue has diminished so i’m allowed to have it from time to time, weeee
    I’m with you on the vanilla ice cream and apple crisp, the best combination! Add the whip cream and yep, delicious. Blueberry crisp is my favorite though… i’m going to the local fair on Monday and you had better believe that blueberry crisp and vanilla ice cream= true love
    • Haha it does feel pretty awesome to know that someone wants to be around me 24/7 :-p and I’m still waiting for the orange hue to start!
      Blueberry crisp sounds amazing!
  13. Ha Love the pug face. And I LOVE fingerling potatoes. Last year I think I ate them roasted with dinner every. single. night and when we have friends over they like to request them They’re so good!

    It’s awesome that you have that pretty, huge yard next to you and dont have to MOW it!! haha

  14. AHH! He’s so cute Elmo sticks his tongue out, too, and it just makes me smile every single time. We call it his cute deformity I wish there were more places around my house to take Elmo because I would gladly do it! There’s just very little places which are dog friendly these days. And I think he’s going to have serious separation anxiety once I get a full time job. He’s with me ALL the time. No exaggeration. I miss dressing up for Halloween! Perfect opportunity to go crazy! I’m answering my brother’s door this year so I want to get something small and relatively cheap just to get in the spirit.
    • Haha we call it Atti’s ‘derp face’. And definitely on the lack of dog-friendly places – we’re lucky that we have a dog park so close, but I’d love to be able to take him with us to a restaurant or coffee shop or something. And that makes sense, I’m sure you’ll find something cute!
  15. Yay for tempeh!! Chelsea’s recipe looks delicious.

    You are seriously hardcore. I can’t believe you did that to your knuckles while boxing! Ouch.

    Aw, I bet Atti loves having you home more now. That’s so sweet he follows you everywhere.

  16. I want to eat number 1 right this second…holy yum!! And chocolate banana jam? That sounds incredible!
  17. Cooper follows me everywhere too. It’s adorable. Grant gets so jealous that Coop “likes me better” and will do whatever I’m doing. Dogs are so funny! And that chocolate banana jam looks so delicious!! I bet it is amazing on absolutely everything.
  18. ha my cat is like your dog. I have to fight to get my hands to my computer to type some days, but it’s so cute.

    ok you are making me realize I’ve totally not had any squash yet, must correct that

  19. I love apple crisp and that pug tongue. Adorable!
  20. Awww you are making me want a pug!
  21. What do you think of the maple almond butter? I was so excited for it but was bummed it was salty! I am so totally jealous of your pj and yoga pants work clothes. I wish I could still work from home!
    • I liked it, but when it comes to Justin’s almond butters I actually prefer the vanilla. Chocolate hazelnut takes overall prize for me though!
  22. Are you going to dress up Atticus for Halloween too? Seeing all of the animal costumes everywhere has made me wish that I had a dog to dress up. So cute!

    I have some exciting plans tomorrow, my bf’s work is taking us all on a harbour cruise of Vancouver with a buffet lunch. I’m excited, because I haven’t seen everything from that viewpoint yet. We also have a running date scheduled for tonight, 10km on the calendar!

    • I actually have a really good plan for Atti’s costume – it’ll work well with mine! And that sounds like so much fun for your date tomorrow, enjoy it!
  23. that looks very painful . you pug and my shih tzu should hang out. For Real.
  24. um.. that breakfast? Kabocha, eggs and nut butter- how can so much goodness be in one meal?!

    I wish I had a dog, the only pet I had were goldfish. fail whale.

    That is what I love about working from home- Wearing sweats and bum clothes all day long. Right this minute, I’m holed up in the library about to get my nerd on. Par-tay it up for me

  25. Kabocha for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! No shame. I have always wanted to try a boxing class, but I will now make sure I have gloves first…
  26. I love boxing! Haven ‘t been able to do it for a while, but I still keep my gloves in my trunk. Just in case I get road rage…
  27. Oww! Your hand looks so painful! But at least it’s an opportunity to say, “but you should have seen the other guy!”

    There aren’t really any parks nearby, so when I need to get Duke out for a romp I take him to our roof and he sprints laps. Technically the building management doesn’t allow dogs, but he’s small and cute and no one’s complained yet. Quite the opposite, really, everyone always asks for him to join us.

  28. Confession… squash intimidates me. I look at them EVERY time I go to the store but EVERY time I walk away without one in my hands. I bought a spaghetti squash once and it sat on my counter until I had to throw it away.

    p.s. vanilla ice cream goes with hot apple crisp- always.

    • Ahh lady, you need to get on that! Although see if you can find buttercup or kabocha, they’re a good introduction to squash.
  29. Are you turning orange yet? Haha don’t worry though, I’m pretty obsessed with squash too. I haven’t started having it in my breakfast yet though, unless we’re talking about pumpkin oatmeal!

    I gotta say, I’m super jealous of your stay at home lifestyle this year. This week I had to leave my house at 6:30 am a few times – eek! And I’m seriously missing getting to wear leggings and sweaters.

    I have no idea what to be for Halloween yet! Feel free to pass along any good ideas!

    • Haha amazingly enough, no! I don’t even understand how that hasn’t happened yet. And Eric and I are going to Spirit Halloween store to get mine today, I’ll let you know if anything awesome leaps off the shelves at me!
  30. Kabocha is appropriate for any meal…anywhere…any TIME! That big pan that I roasted up on Wednesday night? Yeah, totally finished it off the last few bites last night…at 3am! Hahaha!

    I definitely learned my boxing glove lesson the hard way too…make sure when you GET gloves that you wrap your hands first or get a good snug-fitting pair or the same thing will happen…or maybe I was just seriously pissed that day?

    I freaking LOVE Stonewall Kitchen spreads! I swear if I ever find their roasted garlic and fig spread (TJ Maxx score) again, I will serve it to myself in 1/8 teaspoon increments! Hahaha!

    Best thing with warm apple ANYTHING is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream…though I have to say I’ve really been wanting to try it with a slice of cheese! C’mon, you know you’re not surprised in the least! No big plans for the weekend…just chilling a bit (and trying to schedule some posts) before I make my way up to Cleveland with the man-friend! LOVE the pup pic at the end…melt my heart!!

    • I picked up some UFC style gloves today! Hopefully, those will do the trick for my next class. And I’ve actually seen a couple of recipes for apple-cheddar pie that really intrigued me!
  31. Ouch, your knuckles! Although it actually looks really badass. I would love to try boxing, it sounds like a great way to get rid of frustration, but I’m afraid I would go overboard and have to go to work looking like someone out of Oliver Twist.

    I love Stonewall Kitchen’s strawberry chocolate jam. It’s so very good with peanut butter. The banana sounds a little weird to me, I love bananas but I like my jams to be a little tart.

  32. ATTI FACE. sooo cute. i feel like i knew pugs were lap dogs from reading tina’s blog, carrots n cake. her pug murphy is always all up in her business no matter what she is currently occupied with! i love the idea of tuna melts on rice cakes instead of bread because crunch is the BEST! the apple crisp looks fab too. warm dessert + cold ice cream is so lovely.

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