Five Things Friday 10/11/13.


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Wooot weekend! And if you’re Canadian…woooot long weekend! 

Yup, It’s Canadian Thanksgiving up in these parts. Although, my family Thanksgiving is actually being delayed an extra week due to family members being out of town, so my Thanksgiving won’t be until the 19th. But I can still enjoy the long weekend aspect of it, right?

Anyways, the Friday lists!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. The half sandwich and salad option at The Brown Dog coffee shop in Brantford. I went with the Philly sandwich (smoked meat, swiss, roasted red peppers and onions on marble rye) and the Mamma Mia salad – spinach, dried cranberries, cashews and feta with raspberry vinaigrette.

Sandwich Lunch

I finally decided to grab dinner in town while I was at school instead of eating a super-late meal at home, and this was a good decision! The coffee shop is relatively new to the downtown, but I really liked it – nice and homey.

2. Jessica’s Chickpea Curry.

Chickpea curry

I’m still trying to do one veggie dinner a week, so this recipe jumped out at me. I subbed extra peppers and green onions instead of leeks and snap peas, and I was really happy with how this turned out!

3. Crab cakes on spinach, leftover curry, and leftover fajita chicken and steak with salsa and guacamole.

Random Lunch

When your fridge is full of leftovers and they all look good and you can’t decide which ones you want…the answer is some of everything. So random, but so good.

4. An even more random lunch.

Kabocha Lunch


The next day, I had the last of the curry, roasted kabocha, and beef jerky. I have been all about the random lunches this week, apparently.

And I spy a creeper in there! Wink

5. Stirfried snap peas, salmon, and a barley and wild rice pilaf.

Salmon dinner

I attended a lunch social at school on Tuesday, so I got to bring home the rest of that pilaf. Barley, wild rice, cranberries and almonds – pretty fabulous.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. We’re finally starting to feel the Fall weather around here, which apparently affected the pug – he had a bit of a cold last week. Of course, the second he started coughing and sneezing I spent about an hour searching for ‘pug kennel cough’ on Youtube and googling his symptoms. You know how people tell you that you shouldn’t google your symptoms when you’re sick because you’ll basically convinced yourself that you’re dying? Same goes for animals – just don’t do it. It was just a bit of congestion/sneezing, but he’s doing just fine now!


And he still likes carrots, clearly.

2. Eric and I went Halloween shopping last weekend and holy wow have companies stepped it up with creepy Halloween stuff. I mean, look at this:

Zombie Swing


When you step on a bottom it lights up, swings, sings, and it’s head turns around. If I was a trick-or-treating eight year old, I’d be needing therapy after finding that.

3. Brake lights are the bane of my existence. I went to take my driving test last Monday, but upon arrival realized that one of my brake lights was out, so of course I couldn’t take the test. The annoying thing is, that happened to me once when I was taking my first road test!! Brake lights just hate me, apparently.

4. I have so.much.baking. (and dessert eating!) to do over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got Thanksgiving, I’ve got my birthday, there’s Halloween, and there’s a Halloween bake sale that I’m contributing to. Good thing I love to be in my kitchen!

5. I love this. So much.

One of my favourite things about Halloween is watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. One of my favourite movies of all time! Fact: I was actually considering getting a Sally tattoo when I was younger. That’s off the table for now, but I still might get a little something to represent how much I adore this movie.

5 Posts I Think You Should Read:

1. 1200 Calories from Sophieologie. Basically, this sums up exactly how I feel about 1200 calorie diets and why they’re a terrible idea. Also, ‘toning’ = muscle, so you need to be feeding them!

2. Low Calorie Diets Can Be Dangerous from Slim Sanity. Alysia is awesome for sharing her story, and it provides a good luck at the negative effects of eating too little.

3. The Numbers Game from The Little Honey Bee. Don’t pay attention to the numbers!

4. Self-Like from Snack Therapy. There is a difference between self-love and self-like, and we have to make sure to like ourselves as well!

5. Every Moment is a Fresh Start from Running With Spoons. Don’t put it off until tomorrow – you deserve to have it today!

And that’s all for me today. I hope your weekend gets off to a fabulous start!

P.S. Birthday countdown: 13 days Tongue Out

<— Have you picked up any Halloween decorations? Anything really creepy?

<— Are you a Nightmare Before Christmas fan? Favourite character? Sally, followed closely by Zero.

<— Any must-read blog post lately? Leave me links!

<— Canadians, what are your Thanksgiving plans?


  1. Pretty excited for the long weekend coming up!
    Hope you enjoy your lovely holiday!
    I really like that you are still going strong on the kabocha loving. I must say my love hasn’t died down a bit yet:)
    Oh my gosh, I just went Halloween shopping with my Sister and I was pretty darn impressed with what I saw! You’re right companies are stepping it up and I couldn’t be more excited because I’m like a child when it comes to all things Halloween.
    I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas! Definitely a must watch every year! Same with Hocus Pocus!
    • Haha kabocha or squash in some form pretty much daily :-p and you and me both on child-like with Halloween! Seriously such a fun holiday.
  2. Well you read my Canadian Thanksgiving rant so you know I won;t be celebrating

    I actually should be banned from the internet when I’m sick because I freak out every time. I can only imagine what it would be like if I owned a pug! Glad Atti is doing better!

    I’ve never seen a nightmare before christmas…is that horrible?
    Have a wonderful long weekend my dear!

    • You need to get on watching that movie!!! It’s been one of my favourites since I was a kid Even if you’re not celebrating, enjoy your long weekend!
  3. Thank you for sharing the post lovely! We are having a dinner at my house on Sunday with all the fix-ins. I’m excited! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and long weekend xoxo
  4. A pug + a carrot = way too cute!
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted..What do You Think and Bloglovin (again!)My Profile
  5. I’m so not on top of my fall decorating game this year. Usually I fill my front steps with pumpkins & mums, but I’m just so damn lazy/not into it this year. We WERE planning on spending the weekend in the Rockies, but I’m feeling really tired & just want to hang out in my bed all weekend, instead.
    Happy thanksgiving!! I CANT WAIT FOR FOOD
    • I hope yours is fabulous Jo! And I had big plans to pick up a bunch of fall decorations this year…but nope. I did buy one Halloween thing for our balcony door, so I guess there’s that?
  6. Most of my Halloween decorations have fallen under the “fall” category but I do have little spiders I’ve put randomly throughout the house to creep my husband out
  7. The chickpea curry looks awesome! My husband and I have been trying to eat less meat, so I am always looking for new recipes! It’s not easy to be a partial vegetarian! Great link up and have a great long weekend!
  8. I absolutely love crabs cakes! There one of my fav foods ever! So, I’m actually not a fan of Halloween. I have fall decorations, but not Halloween ones. I’m just not that into it and I don’t like dressing up. I know…I’m a party pooper!
  9. Looks like you’ve been enjoying some really yummy eats!! I absolutely love that pic of your baby with the carrot! Have a great weekend, Sam!
  10. Okay, I just watched that video and it’s BRILLIANT. I’m even more excited to bust out the NBC! It’s seriously one of my favourite movies, and I’ve been watching it every year around this time for… well… forever. Sally is amazing, but I can’t deny that I love Jack as well.

    That doll thing? Omg. I’m well and beyond eight years old and even I would probably need therapy after something like that. That being said, I’m the biggest wimp when it comes to horror things… scary movies are definitely a no-go for this girl.

    As for my Thanksgiving plans… it’s just me and my parents, so we’ll probably just end up having a quiet night over turkey dinner.

    • Jack is definitely up there as well. And isn’t it freakin’ terrifying!?! the entire store was filled with things like that.
  11. Cooper loves carrots!! He goes crazy when I take out the bag of carrots, it’s the cutest thing ever. And apparently he loves apples too. When I was making my apple crisp the other day he was crying and barking at me to give him an apple piece. So cute!
    • Atti just loves fruit and veggies – carrots, bell peppers, squash, sweet potatoes, banana slices, berries…he’s definitely my dog :-p
  12. Mmm, curry chickpeas. Want those in ma face. And I’m completely dying over the pup and the carrot. Just too cute. I definitely understand the excitement over carrots — I ate almost a whole bag of them yesterday (with hummus, of course).

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Glad your dog is feeling better; I am such a slave to WebMD and the internet sometimes. I feel like I have a new “illness” every month sometimes. Ha.
    I’ve been meaning to make that chickpea curry! Jessica’s recipes are always a hit with me, my family and friends!
  14. You should definitely get a tattoo for the Nightmare Before Christmas! I always contemplate some sort of Alice in Wonderland tattoo but always chicken out. I’ll gladly come help you bake this week especially your birthday cake!!!
    • If you can send me that sprinkles one that you made, that’d be perfect And it’ll go on the possible tattoos list – I’ve considered Alice in Wonderland as well (one of my favourite books!)
  15. Have you see the “real life” Carrie video? Thought you might appreciate:
    • I’d heard of it, I hadn’t seen it yet though – that’s so cool! I don’t even know how I would react if I were one of the customers they were screwing with…
  16. That chickpea curry sounds amazing! I am seriously obsessed with all things curry-related :).
  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Your eats as usual look good but I’m super in love with that sandwich and its toasty rye. Also, the leftover party on eat #3. I love leftover piles of deliciousness.
    Thanks for those awesome links, but #1 thanks goes to you for the pic of Atti with the carrot. I die.
  18. Love the pic of Atti with the carrot in his mouth! Yes, the internet is a very dangerous place when it comes to self diagnosing. Glad he’s doing better.

    I would need therapy if I came across that creepy doll too.

    That chickpea curry sounds delicious. I’m liking all of the vegetarian meals on here lately!

  19. You know what’s even worse than creepy Halloween decorations? When you think it’s just a dummy ghost/zombie/witch etc on someone’s lawn, but it turns out to be a real person and they jump out at you. That happened to me and my sister as kids, and it scared the living crap out of us!

    I’ve actually never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas! My favourite movie to watch around Halloween is Hocus Pocus.

    Have a good long weekend!

    • I guess we’re even because I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus! And that jumping-out-person would pretty much give me a heart attack, lol. Have a good Thanksgiving!
  20. Thirteen days to go- wahoooo :)! Have you started planning your birthday celebrations yet (or at least cake)? Thanks for linking up those posts- I’m especially interested on the one about 1,200 calorie diets and their damaging effects! So I tried roasting up a kabocha squash today for dinner but can’t say I am overly impressed. I could taste the chestnut flavor but there was no sweetness like butternut- I’m hoping I just got a bad one so correct me if I’m wrong :)! Happy Saturday, Sam!
  21. My skin crawls every time I hear the word ‘toned’! That was a great article.

    Halloween isn’t even a thing over here, but that ‘thing’ scares the crap out of me!

  22. That Philly sandwich sounds incredible! YUM!

    I don’t really do Halloween decorations, but we do put up some fall stuff!

  23. That 1200 calorie post is the best thing I have read! Seriously…I think everyone should read that.
  24. The carrot in Atti’s mouth- priceless.

    That cold kabocha and jerky- that seriously sounds so random but so good right now- Is jerky as crazy expensive in Canada as it is here? Seriously like $4 for a TINY bag!

    I am extremely masculine when it comes to all things scary- not the sarcasm. I thought the 6th sense was borderline horror.

    Have a great weekend and great pre thanksgiving thanksgiving…turkey jerky.

  25. It’s a long weekend for us too Well, at least if you work in banking!
  26. Weee long weekend for you and Thanksgiving to boot! I hope you have a most wonderful time celebrating this weekend, and of course, bring lots of desserts to the table I’m with you, so much baking to do with all that is coming up in the next few months, and i could not be more thrilled about it!
    The kabocha and jerkey dish are indeed random, but those are items I would find myself eating together to make a meal. Good amount of protein, carbs and obviously delicious (squash ahhhhh, addicting to me once again, no more orange hue!).
    Thank you for sharing those posts, I really like when you and other bloggers do this. There are so many great articles/posts published on a daily basis and many are missed that i know I would enjoy
    On that note, I have some reading to do! Enjoy your weekend!
  27. Love that rendition of This is Halloween! The Nightmare Before Christmas is great but I have to say Hocus Pocus is probably my favorite Halloween movie…love Sarah Jessica Parker in that! Holy balls that doll is scary! I’m such a pansy when it comes to scary stuff…horror movies, haunted houses…I swear I’d pee my pants if I walked up on that in the middle of the night! Haha!

    I freaking love the kabocha and jerky combo…especially since I’ve done it before…though I mixed mine all up in a bowl with some garlicky fig spread too! Omg, it was so good and I’m bummed I can’t find that spread anymore! Boo! Love that pic of Atticus with the carrot! Lol

    Thanks for linking Amy’s and Alysia’s posts! I’d not seen either of those…both were amazing!

  28. I love lists, especially the numbered/bullet points ones, and my gosh you delivered. Do you do this every week? I think I need to check you out more often. Hopefully, I didn’t just freak you out.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great holiday or I guess just an extra day off for the time being until your family can all get together.

    I really am digging that chickpea curry and of course, I love the pug. One of my besties has a pug who is just the cutest, most adorable thing. Next to my cats, of course…..sorry, it had to be said.

  29. I’ve seen Jessica’s chickpea curry made by a few people and it looks so good! Something similar will have to happen in my kitchen, since I never seem to actually follow recipes.
  30. Must admit, weekends are a wooot but long weekends are even better. We just came off one last week here in Australia. We’re also getting better with the halloween thing “down under”.
    It’s becoming more popular for us every year. The kids love it!

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