Five Things Friday 10/25/13.


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Good morning! First of all, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes yesterday! Every single one contributed to making my day better, so again, thank you.

But, even on the day after my birthday, I still need my Friday lists!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Pork chop, sweet potato, and salad (apple sauce, cinnamon and butter, and salad dressing added post-pic)

Pork, sweet potato, salad

AKA: my Thanksgiving recovery dinner. Healthy, balanced and tasty – exactly what I needed.

2. A half-empty spinach container with roasted squash, cottage cheese, and salsa.



I am getting so lazy with my salads these days.

3. Jessica‘s Buffalo Chicken Soup.

Buffalo Soup

So, I freakin’ adore this recipe. I used shredded chicken thighs instead of breasts and topped it with sour cream and tortilla chips – delicious.

4. NuGo Go Free Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bar.

Go Free Trail Mix

This was my afternoon snack at school on Tuesday, and it was a fabulous choice. I prefer a lot of texture in my bars, so the nuts and seeds in this one didn’t disappoint.

5. Vermicelli rice platter with shrimp, sugarcane shrimp and pork balls.


Eric’s mom took us to Ben Thanh (a local Asian food restaurant) for dinner Wednesday night and I selected this, which was basically a build-your-own-spring roll (rice paper not pictured). So, building those things is a challenge – I had rice paper ripping all over the place and they kept falling apart on me. Still tasted good though.

5 Things Happening This Week.

1. If you’re interested in an online fitness program, Booty Camp Fitness (the largest bootcamp for women program in Canada)  is offering a new HIT the Weights online program, in an effort to reach women worldwide. The program teaches women how to use weights and home and allows for progressive improvements as you get stronger. Check out the full program here – it includes weight workouts, cardio workouts, monthly nutrition seminars, and more! They’re currently holding a pre-launch sale, so if you sign up before October 31st, you’ll receive the first month at a discounted price – under $3.50 a workout.

I previewed the program and I have to say, I’m impressed with what Booty Camp Fitness is offering. And as a bonus for Sprinkles readers, use the coupon code ‘sprinkles’ at checkout to receive $10 off the first month’s registration.

Booty Camp Fitness

2. After hearing about it’s benefits for the last couple of months, I finally started dry-brushing.

Dry Brush


My skin gets hideously dry when the weather gets cold, so I figured it was as good of a time as any to start. It apparently helps with circulation as well, which is good news for my chronically cold hands and feet. I’ve only been using it for about a week, but I’m already starting to notice smoother skin.

3. I made the switch from plastic to glass tupperware about a year ago, and I much prefer it. Although the downside? I’ve probably broken about half of it. So klutzy.

4. Thank you to Cely for bringing this my attention. I kind of died a little.


5. I’ve been having some trouble with brittle hair and nails lately, so I picked up a supplement to try and strengthen them up a bit.

Hair and Nails


Anyone have any luck with a supplement like this?

5 Things I Pinned This Week

1. Pumpkin Pie Pockets from Cookies and Cups.

Pumpkin Pie Pockets

I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin pie (I can take it or leave it) but I wouldn’t be able to resist these adorable things.

2. Vulgar. But true.

Pretty Awesome

Keep this in mind. Wink (source)

3. Bloody Nails.

Bloody Nails

Must. Recreate. (source)

4. Tator Tot Burger with Sriracha Sour Cream from Domestic Fits.

Tater Tot Burger

Tater tots. In burger form. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

5. Slow Cooker Triple Chocolate Brownies from All Four Burners.

Slow Cooker Brownies

I make pretty much everything else in crockpot, so why not dessert?

Have a great weekend! 


<— Have you ever made homemade sushi or spring rolls? Was it difficult?

<— Have you or would you ever do an at-home online workout program?

<— Do you dry brush?

<— Plastic or glass tupperware?


  1. Tater tot burger?! Omg, mind = BLOWN! I hope you had a great birthday, love! I hope we’ll be seeing some delicious birthday eats sometime next week!

    I’ve made both homemade sushi and spring rolls before…both can be a bit of a pain, but I’ve made spring rolls a bit more and have finally somewhat mastered the process…yeah, they still rip and fall apart on me sometimes! I actually have a recipe that I’ve been meaning to share on the blog for months now…need to get on that!

    I really really REALLY need to go get a dry brush! I’ve heard Amanda sing it’s praises TOO many times but I keep forgetting. My skin has gotten so dry in the last couple of weeks though…no more excuses, heading to the store today! I’ve tried so many of those hair and nail vitamins (while I worked at GNC in college). I know some people swear by them, but they never seemed to work for me!

    • Haha there has been a lot of delicious food, and I’ve still got more to come And you need to teach me how, because I was really, really terrible at it!
  2. Whenever I see anything made in a “slow cooker” I immediately have terrible flashbacks to the times my mom attempted to make food in the crock pot that was literally inedible. So yea. I’m skeptical but I’ve been wanting to make a choclatey concoction! And those nails- so scary but so cool. I can’t do my nails myself though sadly.
    • Ah! I wonder how she managed that. And I’ve made banana bread in the slow cooker before that actually turned out really well!
  3. Whoa – so many great things are happening in this post. That tater tot burger looks sooooo goooood.

    I used to have brittle hair/nails, and the *cure* was just eating a lot more healthy fats. Esp. saturated fat, which we don’t need to be afraid of. I know it seems like my go-to answer for everything but that’s because it actually works! Just simple stuff like avoiding lean meat (like chicken breast) in favour of dark fatty meat instead, liberally tossing steamed veggies with butter, etc. Oh, and I started taking a cod liver supp too, for a little extra brain power. The great thing is, it feels SO good to eat those things, it’s almost like you can’t get enough?

    I LOVE those Halloween nails – it’s my fav holiday & I haven’t had time to decorate/do anything festive yet. I gotta change that, this weekend!!

    How was your *actual* birthday, yesterday? I hope you had fun/got kinda drunk. I’m in the mood to get drunk today.

    • Good thing I prefer chicken thighs to breasts And I started taking fish oil a few years ago for the same reason, but it doesn’t seem to have helped much.
      Annnnd my birthday was pretty fabulous, and there maaaaaaay have been some drinking involved
  4. I LOVE dry brushing! I started about 6 months ago and have never looked back. It adds a little time to my shower routine, but that just means more ME time. Plus, it’s basically like a mini massage.

    Happy belated birthday!

  5. The booty bootcamp sounds like a great program. We have a class at our gym called WOW- women on weights and it teaches women about strength training. It takes place in the free weight area of the gym too, which I think is great because most women are intimidated at first, but after the class they feel comfortable to face it alone!
    Heather Murphy recently posted..Friday Favorites!My Profile
  6. I’ve been hearing all about this dry brushing but I’ve yet to try it. I’m already terrible at remembering so many other body related things like moisturizing that I’m not sure I could handle adding an another one!
  7. My skin has been soo dry lately!! Especially my hands, some parts are so dry they hurt. And I am noticing my legs and arms to be extremely itchy when I am working out because sweat and dry skin are not a great combo. I have been wanting to dry brush for awhile but just keep forgetting about it! I think it is time to start!
  8. Those pumpkin cookies are adorable… sometimes I wish I did have kids so I had an excuse to recreate things like that… then I remember that is why I married Ben

    And that some ecard is fantastic! I want to blow it up, print it out and put it on my mirror.

  9. I’ve always wanted to make sushi/spring rolls, but have always been intimated by it. It seems kind of difficult. I want to start dry brushing. Ever since I read Amanda’s post on it, I’ve been thinking about it. My skin gets super dry in the winter too, so maybe this would work for me too.

    Have a great weekend Sam!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Sweet Potatoes RuleMy Profile

  10. oh GOD those brownies! and those bloody nails skeeve me out i gotta say it haha. whenever i put salsa on my salads i know it’s a lazy salad. it means “i dont feel like chopping fresh veggies to put into this right now” oh well. that build your own platter looks fun! i think i may have just put it all in a pile and eaten it with a fork haha.
  11. LOL that walking dead trailer just made my life. soo funny! and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! im sorry i missed the actual day! hope it was fantastic and yes- ive made spring rolls- they came out good tasting, but not good looking- that rolling technique is HARD!
  12. Weee I hope you had a nice birthday yesterday, and you celebrated with flying colors! That tater top burger sounds rather glorious…. although a bit errr sickening at the same time? Not that that would ever stop me from at least trying it, tater tot day in elementary school was the BEST.
    The brush idea is an interesting one… I had no idea what you were talking about at first, but I did a quick search and yes, it does seem to work after a bit! On a skin, hair and nail note, I take Biotin which is supposed to help with strengthening and lengthening. I think it’s working? My hair is longer than ever, though the ends need a bit of TLC ha
    Those pumpkin cookies are too adorable! I’m going to a Halloween party tomorrow night and wanted to bake/make something festive. I may give these a go!
    Have a delightful weekend Sam
    • Haha I want to figure out how to make homemade tater tots! And that supplement that I got has biotin in it, so good to hear that it’s working for you!
  13. I’ve never tried to make sushi because I have a feeling I would get really annoyed if the first roll didn’t turn out right. Haha. My family always gets plastic Tupperware which you can heat/freeze/etc. My mom and I are pretty clumsy, too, so this route is probably a lot safer. Those pumpkin pie tart thingys look SO good and I really want to do my nails like this for Halloween!
  14. Tator tot burgers??? Seriously?? Um, yeah…those sound amazing!
  15. Tater tot burger?? That looks amazing.

    And I’ve never attempted sushi before – making it that is. It just looks so complicated. And I can barely wrap a burrito without it falling apart.

  16. All of those pins look incredible!! And spring rolls are probably one of my favorite foods in the world- once you get the hang of rolling them, they are really easy. I love the idea of an open platter and make your own. Definitely going to do that for a party sometime!
  17. The tater tot burger is AMAZING! OMG! I used to eat tater tots like no joke when I was younger, love them!!

    Happy Birthday love! I wished you one on instagram but did not get to wish you one on here!!

    Love ya and have fun celebrating your birthday this weekend!

  18. That soup looks crazy good. And I’ve used a hair & nails supplement like that in the past.. didn’t notice much of a difference with my hair, but my nails grew really, really well while taking that.
  19. when this weather comes everything gets dry, especially around my face. So weird. those nails you pinned, so cool. I wish I had more of a reason to dress up. man i miss being young when halloween comes, it used to be my fav holiday
  20. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t actually made the REAL sushi roll (which happens to be one of my fave foods and can eat it forever and ever), but I’ve made the Korean “sushi” rolls, otherwise known as KIMBAP! I guess it’s kind of similar?? And don’t get me started on roasted squash! I’m so crazy hooked on ’em ever since I bought a ginormous one at the farmer’s market the other day. Have a blessed Friday, Sam!
  21. The nails are cute – I would probably just go with white and blue and make them splatter paint!
    And those pumpkin pie cookies look amazing!
  22. Brownies…made in a slow cooker- is that for real?

    Ohhh those rice paper rolls…I had friends over a while back and I had a recipe which made 12 rolls so I needed only 12 sheets. The smallest pack at the supermarket was 100 sheets. I got annoyed but got them anyway- lets just say there were only 5 sheets left after making the 12 rolls.

    Plastic tupperware- I chuck my bag around so much if I had glass- it would shatter!

  23. Those pie pockets are too cute! Between you and Amanda, I am starting to gravitate towards dry brushing! Apparently it’s common practice in the spas in Dubai, whereby you pay for it to be done for you (it’s called “hammam” over there). My aunt who lives there has been a few times and raves about it. I’ll have to try a DIY hammam at home soon!

    Although I’ve never made spring rolls at home, I have had success with making sushi. Surprisingly it’s way easier than expected. Although I bought a rolling mat, I didn’t end up needing it- definitely give it a shot!

  24. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Those pumpkin pie pockets are adorable.

    I’ve been having the same problem regarding my nails and hair…though in particular, it’s my hair. It’s really frustrating. I used to have super thick hair and now…I don’t. I’m actually taking prenatal vitamins again for that reason. I did this years ago when I went through a bout of hair loss and I remember it helping.

  25. I love making my own spring rolls at home! They take a lot of chopping and assembly, but I love them anyways. I don’t make sushi as often at home though because I’d rather just get it at a legit sushi restaurant.

    I use plastic containers, even though I know there’s some concern about the chemicals in them… but I try to at least not microwave them!

    Those pumpkin pie pockets are so adorable!!

  26. Ugh, heard you on the nail problem, Sam! I need to invest in some extra supplements as well. Brownies in a slow cooker? That’s something that I have never heard before. Sounds like the perfect way for someone (like me) who is always on-the-go to prep some treats. Also, the festive Halloween cookies are absolutely irresistible. If only I had a way to pop them in a slow cooker and give them out as trick-or-treats instead of candy!

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