Five Things Friday 11/01/13.


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Hello there! Atticus hopes that you had a fabulous Halloween! Atticus Dragon Cutest dragon I know. And this is acting as a hint for my costume, because I’m saving mine until the costume party I’m heading to Saturday.

This week has been insane for me. So.much.marking. So little time. So, jumping into the Friday lists:

5 Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Black bean burger on a bun with steamed broccoli. Black Bean Burger   This week’s vegetarian offering. So good!

2. Crab and shrimp stirfry with veggies and brown rice. Stirfry Stirfry = weekly staple. We never get sick of it!

3. Sweet Potato Nachos with chicken, salsa, sour cream and guac.

Sweet Potato Nachos


So, I think I may prefer sweet potatoes to actual tortilla chips. Amazing with Mexican flavours.

4. A tupperwared banana protein pancake with banana slices and peanut butter.

Protein Pancake

Sometimes, you have to eat breakfast in the car.

5. Salad with chicken, feta, almonds and strawberries with a poppyseed dressing.

Chicken Salad


Aka: the salad I picked up for lunch at school yesterday. Which also served as a reminder as to why I usually pack lunch: why must coffee shop salads be so expensive?

5 Things Happening This Week:  

1. So, the Lululemon gift cards are gone already. 



so fancy in my kitchen, clearly.

I ended up buying a pair of Wunder Under pants and a Bliss Break hoodie…and then cried a little when I got the register. But ohmygoodness so comfortable! I put on the pants immediately, and when I was getting changed for bed I realized that it’s actually more comfortable to wear the pants than go pants-less…how do they do it?!

2. My best friend gave me  what I’m pretty sure is the most unique present I’ve ever gotten in my life:

Star Registry

She got a star named after me. Isn’t that awesome?

3. I’m super-excited to read this book:

Doctor Sleep

I’ll plan on starting this one after Allegiant. I’m a massive Stephen King fan and I loved The Shining, so I’m excited to see what I think of this one.

4. I forayed into vegan baking earlier this week. I was contributing to a bake sale, and I wanted something that was vegan, gluten free and naturally sweetened…and actually ended up with something awesome.

Vegan Baking

I used this recipe for Healthy Fun Size Snickers Bars – followed exactly except I doubled the ‘caramel’ layer. They were fancy and tasted reaaaally good, although by the end of the day they were kinda melted from being out all day.

5. Some Halloween throwbacks:

Sam and Craig


2009 – the year of the slutty football player. My brother was a Samarai – clearly badass-ery runs in the family.

Halloween 2010


2010 – the prisoner, apparently getting bunny ears from a friend of mine.

Halloween 2011


2011 – the schoolgirl and Eric as Jack the Ripper. Interesting combo?

And I’m cutting it out here, because I am exhausted. Enjoy the first day of November!

<— What’s your favourite Halloween costume that you’ve ever done?

<— What was your last experimental baking success?

<— Is Lululemon overrated, or worth the steep price tag?

<— Most original/unique present ever given to you?


  1. Cutest dog dress up ever awwww so cool you have a star named after you! I’m interested to see what you think of allegiant- I really didn’t care for it on many many levels. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind
  2. I have always stayed away from buying Lululemon because I can’t get myself to pay so much for workout gear buuuut you’re making me think it’s worth the moolah. Any pants that feel more comfortable than no pants sound like a win! Love the flashback Halloween photos. In my sophomore year in high school, I went as a 4 of Hearts Playing Card. Given it was a last minute outfit, I was rather pleased with how it turned out!
  3. Amazing Lulu purchases! I know, crying at the register happens to me too… but as you said… so worth it! Enjoy the weekend lovely
  4. Having a star named after you is so cool and such a unique gift! Love some of your costumes- they’re all really unique I hope you have a great weekend!!
  5. I still haven’t tried sweet potato nachos, but you’re making me think it has to happen sooner rather than later… Hard to imagine that the chips and salsa combo can be beat tho…

    And Lulu… Oh gosh. Walking up to the till makes me cry as well, but I still think it’s so, SO worth it. Not only are the clothes super cute and comfortable, but they last forever if you take care of them.

    • Really, as long as there’s salsa and guac on top I’m a happy girl I’m a little afraid to wash it in case I accidentally ruin it – might end up doing it by hand.
  6. Are you Merida and Toothless?? I’m trying to think of what you might be ….
    And I love that you got a star named after you!!
  7. Hi Sam,
    Where can I find the recipes to your meals? Especially the sweet potato nachos, black bean burgers, and the stir fry. Do you cook the frozen shrimp or just add already cooked shrimp?

    Looking forward to seeing your costume.

    • the sweet potato nachos are Jenn from Peas and Crayons recipe, I’m working out the burger recipe (but it’s not quite ready yet) and I’ll share the stirfry sauce recipe soon! And generally, I buy whatever shrimp is on sale.
  8. What a cute pup costume! Sweet potatoes, any form, are one of my favorite foods! I hope you have fun at your Halloween party this weekend.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..Crock Pot Vegetable SoupMy Profile
  9. Oh my Gosh I loooove all the Halloween costumes, especially Atticus’ of course!! Absolutely to die for.
    And I love that star present! Such a lovely idea!!
  10. Cute pics and glad to see you look so much helathier these days Sam. Don’t go back to 2009/10 you look so much better now- I mean this in the nicest way possible and a total compliment- you are stunning now and looked a bit sick (sorry) in those first picks (bad ass- but sick) xo
    • That picture was actually taken a few weeks after I started therapy for my eating disorder – believe me, I AM sick in that picture and I’m definitely not going back to that. Thanks for your concern and the kind words though!
  11. I totally told myself last night MUST CHECK Sam’s blog because I knew you would have the best costume for that little guy.
  12. Pancakes out of tupperware is one of life’s necessities

    LOVE Atti’s costume- especially those eyes on his head! Seeing as halloween isn’t celebrated year, my favourite costume I’ve worn to a 21st a couple of years back a ‘pairs’ themed party and I went as Harry potter while my friend went as the golden snitch :p

    Most unique present ever given to me was probably in year 12 when my friends pulled together and got me literally 100 king size mint aero chocolate bars. Ahh, the good old days!

  13. Your dog is the cutest! Great costume!

    My favourite halloween costume was when I was Supergirl I think, I had a red cape and a blue bodysuit that i used to wear to gymnastics and cut out an S made from felt and my mom pinned it on. It looked so awesome…………………then she made me wear my winter coat over the whole thing. I cried. haha

    And I used to be anti-lululemon bc i thought (and still think) that the prices are ridic, but the quality and cuteness is amazing so.. I own quite a few lulu items now.

    • Definitely not going to be my go-to for workout wear just because of the price, but I’ll happily buy a piece here and there, or ask for it for gifts!
  14. Oh! are you going to be Danny from GOT!!!!! So cool you will look so pretty can’t wait to see! Am I right?
  15. My Halloween costumes have been either super lame or non-existent for the past few years! Last year I threw together an 80’s workout girl outfit at the last minute and two years before that I don’t even think I dressed up. I think my favourite Halloween costume was when I was 11 and my mom sewed me a Medieval queen dress haha.

    Those healthy Snickers bars look so good! My last experimental baking success was probably my pumpkin chocolate chip muffin tops… so a few weeks ago. I need to do more baking soon!

    Aren’t Wunder Unders amazing? I just can’t get over how comfy Lululemon stuff is. I think it’s worth it, although sometimes I have a hard time justifying some of their prices like $88 for a simple long sleeve top. That’s when I put it on my Christmas list though haha.

    • A medieval queen dress would have been awesome! And I’m definitely going to have trouble spending my own money on it (especially in the student lifestyle) but it will be making an appearance on future Christmas and birthday lists
  16. I am going to steal Atticus and make him wear his dragon costume everyday. Lululemon is always a heart breaking experience, hey? Like, how can a bra cost $9949, but when you try it on, you can’t bear to leave it behind. Welcome to your new addiction. I wore a pair of wunder unders to work as my Halloween costume. I dressed up as the REAL me. Hahaha.
  17. Aww that dog costume is the MST precious thing ever!

    My halloween costumes haven’t been the best lately- I think I went as Batman 3 years in a row! This year I was Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead- probably one of my faves!

    Can’t wait to see what yours is!

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