Five Things Friday 6/28/2013.


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Woot Friday! And if you’re up in Canada, it’s a long weekend. And if you work at my office, you get off early today Tongue Out Yay!

So first of all, thank you for all your congratulations and well wishes yesterday! Eric and I made sure to celebrate with one of our favourite couple activities – going out for dinner. So, in the theme of Friday lists…

5 Things I Ate at the Buffet Last Night

We went to King’s Buffet, which basically focuses on Chinese and sushi.

1. Wonton soup.

Wonton Soup


I really need to learn how to make wonton soup at home, because it is just amazing. I could seriously go out for Chinese and just eat buckets of the stuff.

2. Salmon, tuna and crab sashimi, with a piece of mango salmon sushi.



While tuna sashimi is pretty tasty, I’ve decided that it is all about the salmon. I told Eric last night that salmon sashimi may make my list of top three favourite foods, which is a pretty big deal.

3. Fried sweet potato, a shrimp dumpling, a pork dumpling, asparagus, and mussels. 


Sweet potato is amazing in any form, including battered and deep fried Wink

4. Seaweed salad (and more sushi).

Seaweed Salad

Not quite as good as the seaweed salad at my beloved Sushi 8, but you pretty much can’t go wrong with seaweed salad ever.

5. Dessert round.



Chunks of banana in strawberry sauce for me,, and a slice of cappuccino mousse cake for Eric. I adore bananas in this strawberry sauce stuff, but I can only find it on the dessert table at Chinese restaurants.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. In addition to making a dessert for my parent’s BBQ tomorrow, I also made gummy bears…

Gummy bears


of the vodka variety. The ones on the left are soaking in fruit loops vodka (I’m going for super-fruity ones) and the ones on the right are in a mix of cake vodka and bubblegum vodka (weird combination, but I was feeling adventurous). I’ve never tried it before, so we’ll see how these turn out!

2. Today is the Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day. Unfortunately, my package will be arriving late, so I’ll have to update you all on what I got another day. But, you can take a look over at Deb’s blog to see what I picked out for her!

3. I’ve become a gum/mint fiend all of a sudden.

Gum Fiend


I think it’s because of afternoons at work when I get bored and need something to do with my mouth (TWSS?), because lately I’ve been at least a couple of pieces per day. I’m a particularly big fan of the Trident Layers gum, it’s awesome.

4. I borrowed (read: stole) Ashley‘s Father’s Day present to Cody for an anniversary present for Eric.

Reese's Pieces


Complete with the phrase “I love you to pieces!” (Cause it’s Reese’s Pieces. Teehee). And yes, that is my handwriting. There is a reason why I type everything.

5. We had some crazy levels of humidity here over last weekend and the beginning of this week…so bad, that Eric and I decided that we could not make it the summer without air conditioning. I mentioned this to a coworker of mine, who offered me his old window unit for $20. Umm, you don’t pass up a deal that good. We got it hooked up and working, but the only problem was that the extender-things on the side were ripped.

Air conditioner


Duck tape solves all. Definitely an eyesore, but at least we’re not dying of the heat anymore.

And that’s all I got for you! Due to the long weekend I’m not sure when I’ll be back to blogging, but have a good one my dears!

<— What are your top 3 favourite foods? This is such a hard one! I’m going to go with salmon sashimi…peanut butter….and chocolate.

<— Are you a big gum chewer?

<— Would you rather be stuck without a heater in the winter or an air conditioner in the summer? Before I would have said the air conditioner, but now I’m not so sure…


  1. I knew you had good taste, Sam…salmon sashimi, peanut butter and chocolate are in my top 5 too! Add in some yogurt too though :)! I loved Fruit Loops growing up and part of me is extremely intrigued about the vodka variety- I need to keep an eye on that :)! Have a great sounds like it’s going to be a super fun one!
  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous time and what a delicous meal! I too love wonton soup….recipe eludes me ok 3 favourite foods?! I’m taking this as individual foods (not meals or desserts) it helps so grant me that kindness lol… Oh my so hard- fish (all kinds, yes I’m cheating) eggs and potatoes (I’m already doubting my answers lol) I am not a gum chewer- I chew not. I think I’d go with without a heater- I run fairly hot, I’m usually warmer than those around me- and I find artificial heat makes me feel sort of “off” I like a real fire better it’s nice you have some relief from the heat- it sure can drain your energy when it’s really hot! That note is so cute what a lovely gesture- majorly “sweet” xo Sophia
  3. I kind of want try vodka gummy bears but I haven’t yet. I like the flavored vodka idea though! Maybe I wouldn’t be able to taste the alcohol! We don’t have air conditioning at home and it’s always brutal when it gets hot. Thankfully the wind acts as an air conditioner on the boat.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..Live without fearMy Profile
  4. Naughty gummy bears! I love it. Such a cute idea with the Reese’s! I actually prefer Reese’s pieces to M&Ms…unless the M&Ms are peanut butter. I guess it pretty much has to be a pb&chocolate combination for this girl!
  5. Oh my Gosh, what is this gummy-bears-vodka-thing?? I never heard of this before and it sounds crazy good! I mean…. I love Vodka. And sugar.
    And I love the wordplay on your love not for Eric – I am all about wordplays
    3 favorite foods? Oh that IS hard. Hm. Almond Butter, Eggs and Chocolate. 4th one would be Blueberries.
    Heater!! I am freezing almost all the time and I would die in winter without a heater.
    Have a wonderful long weekend Sam!
    • Basically, you just soak gummy bears in vodka in a glass bowl for two-three days, and they absorb the alcohol. I’ll let you know how they turn out!
  6. I totally forgot it was a long weekend over here!
    Duh, that was dumb of me and now I just got more excited!
    I’ve had those vodka gummy bears! They weren’t for me, but that’s only because I don’t like gummy things. I’ll take the vodka though
    That is such a cute present idea, and now I need to steal it from you.
    And I’m definitely a big gum chewer, I have about 7 different kinds lying around my house right now. Yikes.
  7. Looks like you had a wonderful evening! I’ve actually never had seaweed salad before, but I think I’m going to have to change that asap!

    My 3 favorite foods are pizza, peanut butter and strawberries.

  8. Ahh i’m a huge gum chewer…easily go througj a pack a day if left to my own devices. I’m trying not to chew quite so much, but it’s hard, especially in the afternoon when my mouth apparently needs/wants something to do those gummy bears look gooooood! I might have to try those at some point happy friday love!!
    Caitlin recently posted..Fun Facts FridayMy Profile
  9. How have i never had vodka infused gummy bears?!!? this needs to change pronto. i would MUCH rather be stuck without AC in summer. i have a high tolerance to heat, but as soon as the temp drops below 60 i want the heat on
  10. I just had sushi last weekend, but after looking at your pictures, I think I need it again this weekend! Happy Friday!
  11. Choose between freezing to death and dying of heat stroke? There are no clear winners in that debate But since it doesn’t get that hot here -too- often, I’d be tempted to go with the heater.That being said, I had to turn on the AC today because I thought I was going to die this morning. is it going to be hot this weekend.

    And YES to chewing gum. I think I need to do it because I get bored as well, but some of the flavors are defiitely good stuff. Have you tried the strawberry/citrus and peach/mango Layers? SO good. As for top 3 foods, they’d be yogurt, bananas, and almond butter… but that’s only because I -could- technically survive off of those, but I’d miss things like chocolate and cereal big time.

    • I’ve had the strawberry/citrus one – I was obsessed for a while! And I saw the peach mango and went with the green one instead…next time. And I’m not surprised in the slightest by your answer to the favourite food question :-p
  12. YUM. Vodka soaked gummy bears. Reminds me of college! Have a great long weekend!
  13. I loveeee wonton soup and salmon sashimi! Yummmm Lucky you get a long weekend. Those are the best, enjoy it!
  14. #3 on the buffet list looks dynamite. i love me some roasted sweet taters but let’s not lie, they’re bound to be great fried. and while i’m not totally head over heels for many asian foods, i love dumplings! not something i normally eat so i just love them when i do eat them. i’m glad you had a good celebratory dinner!
    • You just can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes, period And dumplings are fantastic! I want to try and make my own at home sometime!
  15. From one Canadian gal to another….Happy Looonnng weekend!!!
  16. Enjoy your long weekend! Top 3 foods….. ice cream, french fries (the THICK ones!) and bacon. So healthy haha
    • That might be the best answer ever. And I just decided that bacon is going on the grocery list…I could use a BLT sometime soon
  17. Fried sweet potatoes? Those sound awesome! And it seriously cracks me up to see how different packaging is (like your gum) in Canada. It’s weird!
  18. Your air conditioning unit looks exactly like the one I had in my old house – ripped edges and all! It may not have been super appealing to the eye, but damn, that baby did the job. Comfort > aesthetics any day. And for $20? Steal!

    But wait, let’s back up a bit, because something far more important than air conditioning units needs to be discussed…

    HAPPY (belated) ANNIVERSARY!! Congrats on two years together! Your dinner at King’s Buffet looks like it was the perfect way celebrate, especially considering that salmon sashimi, mango sushi (swoon!), wonton soup and fried sweet potatoes were part of the party. Oh man, those sweet potatoes sound so good! Like fries but in disc form, which I imagine increases the “potatoey” factor? YUM.

    My top three favorite foods (<–SUCH a tough question, but I'll give it a shot…): peanut butter…eggs….chocolate. I don't voluntarily go a day without eating those foods, and on the rare occasion they're not available, I experience major withdrawals.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sam! Sending big hugs your way! xoxo

    Salmon mango sushi
    sfried sweet potato -like fries but in disc-form
    bananas in strawberry sauce

    • Thanks so much Sara! And definitely agree with your favourite 3 foods, eggs, chocolate and peanut butter are a daily must for me. I forgot peanut butter when I went shopping a week or two ago and had to go without it a week. It was pretty terrible.
      Have a great one, my dear!
    • Omg, when I read your reply I saw that I hadn’t deleted words from what I’d started to write, before getting up from my computer and coming back! Haha. Whoooooops! :-p Have a fab day, Sam! xoxo
  19. That buffet looks fantastic! Any buffet where there is unlimited sushi and seaweed salad is my kind of buffet! My top 5 favourite foods… okay that is just plain hard! Bananas, chocolate, and soy nut butter maybe? Or wait, sweet potatoes. And I forgot sushi! Gah, too hard of a question.

    I’m glad you guys got AC because I seriously would have died this week without it – it was a crazy level of hot!!! I would choose not having a heater over not having AC… because I could just heat my house with fireplaces and have lots of electric blankets everywhere haha.

    • I struggled with that question too, and if I think about it too much I’ll change my mind
      And it might be the best decision we made all month, we were seriously dying!
  20. As you know, sushi is the way to my heart. Awesome eats and treats! As far as fav foods go, that IS a tough one. I’d have to say nut butters, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal! Gum chewing: does one piece a day count? I freeze to death, so I would rather be stuck without an AC in the summer. I can’t take the cold! Hope you’re having a great weekend, Sam!

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