Goal Talk: October.


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Yup, we’re into a new month so it’s time to talk about the monthly goals!

First of all, reviewing how I did with my goals in September.

1. Try some new fitness classes.

Done and done! I didn’t get around to trying out the Crossfit box near me, but the insane amount of classes at my new gym have more than sufficed. I’ve taken aerial yoga, hot yoga, circuit training, boxing, bootcamps…and I’m loving it! I’m changing things up in my routine for sure, and I’m excited to see what classes I end up falling in love with.

Gym classes


2. Get 75-100% of my preliminary research done for my thesis.

As of Friday, all my research/coding should (will) be 100% done. The reason why I’m pushing this so hard is because I have a secret goal to graduate a semester early (grad school goes full year, so to finish on time will be to finish in August and I’m hoping to graduate in the spring). With the progress I’ve made, my supervisor has informed me that finishing in the spring  semester is a realistic goal. So…that’s pretty awesome Laughing

3. Make a savoury pumpkin recipe.

Half points for this one because I did it, I just haven’t blogged it yet. Sooo look for that next week!


4. See as many friends as I can this month.

So…I did pretty well with this. I saw a lot of my blogger friends, which was awesome, of course. I was busier than I expected this month, so I have friends at home that I haven’t been able to meet up with yet. This month should calm down a little, so I should be able to meet up with people a little more often. And I just found out that an old friend lives around the corner from me, so that’s pretty cool!

So, I’m going to say a pretty successful month!

And, onto what goals I’m hoping to reach in October:

1. Try as many workout classes as possible.

So after trying some different workout classes and loving them, I’m now making it my goal to try as many as possible. My plan was to try all the classes that my gym offered, but when I sat down and counted them up…I realized that my gym offers 43 different classes, not including beginner and aqua classes (leaving beginner classes off my list for obvious reasons, and aqua classes off because right now all I have are bikinis and those probably won’t hold over to well for a bootcamp in the water). As of this morning, I’ve tried 8…so probably won’t get around to trying another 35 before November. But – as many as possible…let’s aim for trying at least 30 total by the end of October. You never know – I may end up finding a new fitness obsession!


(source) After admitting my zombie obsession the other day, this just feels appropriate…

2. Stretch after workouts, and hit up a yoga class once a week.

I know, another yoga-related goal…sad that I keep trying these even though I never meet them. But, I have extra motivation now – during my fitness evaluation I found out how bad my flexibility actually is (believe me, it’s bad…very much in the lowest category) so I really need to work on improving that. And with so many yoga classes I can try, I don’t have an excuse why I can’t make one a week!

Aerial Yoga

They have a different aerial yoga class, so that’s definitely on the list!

3. Get my G license.

In Ontario, we have a graduated licensing system – you get your G1 as your learners permit (so you can drive as long as you have someone qualified in the car with you), then your G2 (you can drive on your own, but must have 0 alcohol in your system, and you can’t drive on the 400 series highways, which are basically the freeways in Ontario) and then your G, which is your full license. I’ve been taking the train to school because I haven’t gotten my G yet, and the cost is starting to add up. My test in on Monday – keep your fingers crossed for me!


(source) I promise mine isn’t that bad…

4. Ignore my stats for a month.

I know a lot of bloggers talk about how they don’t pay attention to stats and…I’m not one of them. I do like to check mine daily, and if they’re lower than normal, try to figure out why. Basically, I’m starting to drive myself slightly crazy and I think I need a detox. So, no stat checking until November.

So hopefully, I’m able to pull off these goals for the month. Have a good Thursday!

<— Ever done an aqua class? Were you a fan?

<— Bloggers, do you think you get too caught up in your stats?

<— At what age did you start driving?

<— What are you hoping to accomplish this month?


  1. you had an awesome month! and great goals for next month! i really want to try aerial yoga. it looks so much fun. and as for driving- wow thats interesting- so you CAN drive with alcohol in your system with a G license? here the laws are by states, so while most people get to drive by 16, i grew up in new jersey where you cant drive til 17. (i dont really drive now, but i keep my license up to date) and stats- i was just thinking i need to start ignoring them for a bit. i’m join you in that no stat viewing til november!
  2. I don’t know if I could go an entire month without looking at my stats – go you! As for the driving test, you’ll be fine. I always stress myself out over exams and it always turns out well! I grew up in Iowa and we could start driving at age 14 – crazy, that is so so young! And dumb question because I’m sure I just missed it on your blog before… What are you going to grad school for?
  3. Try ALL the classes! :mrgreen: Sounds like you’re in for a fun month. And I actually don’t pay much attention to my stats anymore. I used to obsess over them when I first started blogging, but that took all the fun out of it and really had a negative influence on the content I published. Now I just check if I need to share with a brand or company… otherwise I keep it in the dark. It’s kind of like giving up the scale — hard at first, but very freeing in the end.

    As for driving… my dad let me “drive” (sit in his lap and steer) in empty parking lots when I was 5 I grew up around cars, so driving has always been a huge part of my life. I got my learner’s at 14 and my license the day of my 16th birthday.

    • That’s what I assumed it’s going to be like – but 3rd day in and I haven’t peeked! :-p And that’s crazy that you can get your learner’s at 14 in Alberta! Here, you can get your G1 (learners) at 16, and you can’t go for the next level until 8 months later (if you took Drivers Ed, otherwise you have to wait a year).
  4. I love how into these new classes you are, it is the best part about being part of a gym in my opinion. I think you totally nailed meeting friends – i mean blogging wise I feel like you had so many blogger meet ups. Lucky duck!
  5. I thought I was the only one who went stat crazy. I guess that’s every blogger. I sometimes go days without checking it but… it also drive me crazy on those days.
    Your goals look awesome! I need to do more classes too. I want to become a trainer so I REALLY need to!
  6. That driving test sounds so intense! I had no idea so much went into it! Shows how much I know about other countries… Your goals are all totally doable and you’re making me miss spinning and my other gym classes! I really need to be better about yoga. Realistically though I can make one class every other week without stressing. I wish I could fit in more!

    I gave up looking at my blog stats cold turkey when I switched to self hosted. I like how Amanda put it- it is exactly like the scale. At first it was tempting but honestly I think the content I put out is way better when it isn’t determined by those numbers. When they begin dictating what we write, our blogging can feel forced. People like the free thought posts best from my observation!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..Count it OutMy Profile

    • I have noticed that some of my posts that have gotten the most attention have been the ones that I just sat down and pounded out – it’s interesting how that works!
  7. Good luck on your G test; I passed my in August thank goodness (now I don’t have to think about it until I’m 80)!

    Oh stats. I really don’t pay them much mind. Sure they’re interesting (and a nice perk) but I like blogging for so many other reasons too!!

    • Thanks Suzanne, I just need to practice parallel parking :-p And stats aren’t really the reason I blog, so it annoys me when I find myself getting too caught up in them!
  8. I did my G test a few years ago..it’s a piece of cake! You’ll do great! It’ll be so much easier/cheaper for you to drive to school than taking the train, and you won’t have to rely on their schedule!
    • Definitely looking forward to that! It’ll be nice to be able to get at school at 3 pm when I need to, as opposed to having to be there at noon because that’s the only train that gets there in time!
  9. Good luck on your G! It really is not bad at all… it took me like 36367463764 tries to get the parallel park and I still passed. So many classes is right — that’s awesome! If you end up trying Crossfit I’d love to hear about it happy Thursday pretty girl!
    • Oh good, because I’m more concerned about the parallel park than anything else :-p I need to practice this weekend! And of course, I’ll let you know if I try it out!
  10. Way to go on achieving so many of your goals, Sam…September was a great month for you! I like you honesty about checking your stats daily. Although it’s often stigmatised as being an obsession, I think the approach towards stats makes all the difference i.e. how much you let it control your mood. Embarrassingly enough, I am 25 and still without a license. I started my lessons but then got lazy about it- maybe getting back into driving should be my goal for October/rest of 2013!
    • I’m hoping that if I go a month without looking at them, I’l realize that they don’t have to dictate my mood and I can look at them a little bit more objectively in the future. And getting back into driving wouldn’t be a bad goal :-p
  11. Ontario licenses sound super complicated! I don’t get it. You lost me at “G”.

    I haven’t been to an aqua class, but I think I’d love it – being in water is one of my fav things, but I’d worry I’d get too cold… why are pools always freezing?!

    Sam, don’t make fun of me, but I don’t know how to look at my stats. Since I switched to Bluehost, they’re not where they used to be in WP. So I have no idea what’s going on. Nor do I really care, now. You’re like the only person who reads my blog, and that’s all that matters. Hahaha

    • Find an indoor pool, they tend to be a tad warmer! :-p And the self hosted wordpress doesn’t have the stats available, you need the jetpack plugin. Aaaand more people need to read your blog, because it’s awesome :-p
  12. How cool that your gym has so many classes! And good for you for getting the most out of your membership by trying so many. I go to classes on occasion- like spin- if I’m feeling unmotivated or bored, but lately I’ve gotten into a great solo routine at the gym and classes just aren’t appealing. Though if my gym offered hot yoga, I would be ALL over that! I have to go a nearby yoga studio to get my vinyasa fix.
  13. Oooooh yes, try all of the classes!! And good luck on your G- thanks for explaining what that is…kind of interesting that there’s the middle license between the two. As far as stats….I honestly try to only look at them once a week or so. I find it’s not helping to obsess over them so why bother!
  14. It looks like your month was a great one!
    You did awesome on so many of your goals.
    And it seems like the classes at your gym are quite fun.
    I also think it’s awesome to not check your stats anymore. Honestly, I NEVER check mine. I did the first few months I blogged, but now I could care less. And it really is a freeing feeling.
    Um why do your licenses in Ontario sound so complicated haha. We just have our L’s N’s and then full license…which reminds me I need to get my full license. whoops.
  15. I am impressed with the license procedure there! Here, in Georgia, with all the scary accidents involving teens – wish they had a G1 and G2 requirement too! I didn’t get my license till I was 22!!! I didn’t learn till I was 21!!!
    Love hearing bout all your classes! And am so curious to hear your reviews on any others you take. I haven’t taken an aqua class yet…but spinning and rowing are on my bucket list…oh wait, think joining a gym again should be above those 2 on my list
    This month I really wanna go apple picking – my mom went last year WITHOUT me and had a blast, so I feel the need to go hopefully before the end of the month!
    • I’ve never tried a spin class – there’s 3 or 4 at my gym, so I’ve got a few options! And I’m hoping to go apple picking this year too, it’s so much fun.
  16. i never check my stats unless someone asks me via a campaign form or maybe a brand emails me asking for them. i’m glad i’m not too into the habit! it’s like weighing yourself (which i don’t do at all!) or checking stocks…long term changes are what really matter, not short-term. daily fluctuations will drive you mad!
    great job on your goals. stretching is a constant goal of mine. and i constantly don’t do that well at it lol. guess i need to take it more seriously!
    i’m excited for your savory pumpkin recipe. i’m way into savory over sweet! i think that’s why i don’t get as into the pumpkin trend each fall as other bloggers do.
    • Exactly – it’s all about the long term stuff. And I’m excited for the recipe too, I was really happy with how it turned out!
  17. I never check my stats because I’m just beginning to really get into blogging. I’m trying to learn more about it before I dive head first. I really need to find my writing style! I love the fact your gym has so many different classes. It’s nice to be able to switch things up and it’s probably a smart decision to not do an aqua class in a bikini

    I started driving at 13, but 17 legally. haha

  18. omg good luck on your G! Would give you advice but I failed mine twice and well I’m a hazard on the road…At least use my poor driving skills as a confidence boost!!! Great goals for the coming month. Also you’re killin it with your thesis. So impressive!
  19. Wow that’s a lot of fitness classes offered! I love yoga and always say I’ll make it a few time a week but I usually only make it once… If I’m lucky. I think you have great goals set for October!
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..Bentley gets a haircutMy Profile
  20. I definitely get caught up in a stat rut! It’s terrible. Good for you for detoxing! I’ve done Aqua Zumba before. I love Zumba but I can’t say I loved Aqua Zumba. It’s a good workout because you have the resistance of the water but you have to go a lot slower and I like to go fast! (Cue AT&T commercial). Same with Aqua Spinning. It was not nearly as good as regular spinning. So I guess you aren’t missing out!
  21. I don’t pay much attention to my stats because I don’t know what to compare them to! They seem to be the same pretty much every day anyway, which is strange considering I only blog 2-3 times a week.

    I definitely need to be better about stretching! It’s catching up with me!

  22. I love that goal of trying out as many new fitness classes –30 is a lot! Can’t wait to hear about your faves!

    And I am so not a stat (on da blog) checker. I forget about it….so a few weeks usually go by and then I’m like oh yah! Gotta check ’em! hah

  23. Those are some great goals. Especially the stats one. Write for you and the rest will come naturally.
  24. Sweet job on your goals! I know I’ve already said it, but I’m going to say it again: I’m so jealous of all the fitness classes at your gym! Goodlife is so boring in comparison.

    I can’t even remember when I started driving! I didn’t get my full G until I was 20 though, which was wayyy later than most of my friends. I hated practicing, so I put it off for so long haha. Good luck on your test – it’s not that bad!

  25. Love the range of fitness classes you have and so glad you’re enjoying it- I must admit I was envious of that boxing circuit one I saw on instagram..not so much the presents they left you. :p

    Cannot wait to see how you made pumpkin savory- In tomorrows post I have 3 recipes I want to publish next week so maybe you’ll like one of those.

    I never really understand the stats side of blogging on a day to day basis- some days I notice a bigger drive of traffics, others (like weekends) are alot less. Regardless Im a fan of this, so after I post this comment I’ll refresh the page 200 times.

  26. I can’t believe you gym offers THAT many classes! Holy hell! I think mine has like 15 at the most? And definitely not any cool ones like aerial yoga or zombie apocalypse prep! Good job on kicking some goal ass last month! Very impressive…especially with how busy your schedule is!

    I’m not a stat checker…there for a little while I was kinda obsessed with my IG following, but eh, I just don’t really care anymore. Wait, I take that back…because if I woke up and saw that I had like 1 comment on the post from the day before, I would probably cry! Honestly, the only time I even think to look these days is when I’m signing up for a Fitfluential opportunity and have to note it down. Oops?

  27. Awesome goals! I made a pretty big fitness related one recently that I hope will kick my ass into gear! I’ve been so slack about it since moving to Toronto!

    I used to check my stats all the time but lately I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten about it. I figure that’s not a bad thing though, keeps m motivation in the right place for blogging
    Gabby @ the veggie nook recently posted..chocolate peanut butter protein bites (north coast naturals product review 2)My Profile

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