I Bet You Didn’t Know This, But…


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Good morning! How’s everyone doing today?

So, I write a blog post most days of the week. Considering that I’ve been at this for almost a year (a year next month! That snuck up on me), you would think that I’ve pretty much told the internet everything there is to know about me and my life.

But…not the case. There’s definitely at least a few things that you guys don’t know. So a random things ‘about me’ post? I think so.

1. I bet you didn’t know this, but…I was a Highland dancer for the vast majority of my childhood. You know the thing with the bagpipes and the kilts?


Highland Dancing


Yup…I did that. From the age of three up until thirteen. I quit because I was starting high school and wanted to free up my time, and because I had reached the highest level of competition and didn’t really have any more goals with it. Most of my summers were spent driving around Southern Ontario on weekends attending various competitions…part of me really misses it!

2. I bet you didn’t know this, but…Eric and I are Game of Thrones nerds. Ok…you did know that. But, his collection of GoT memorabilia extends to a book of maps that he got for Christmas. One of which we put directly over the sink.

GoT Map


So I’m staring at this every time I cook or we do the dishes…yes, we are nerds.

3. I bet you didn’t know this, but…I have a lot of piercings. In fact, I would say that piercings were my big ‘rebellious’ thing when I was a teenager. The one that was the most scandalous (and got me in the most trouble) was when I pierced my lip at seventeen.

Lip Piercing (Bahhh high school picture!) Pretty sure I only had it done for a few months, which is probably a good thing…I was working a summer job in a factory and had to take it out when I was on the floor, and it grew in within a couple of hours. I still have a bit of a scar.

4. I bet you didn’t know this, but…I can’t do word jumbles. You know those puzzles in the newspaper where they just jumble up all the letters? I can’t do those AT ALL. My brain just does not seem to process them very well. However, I am all about the crossword puzzles.

Crossword Kitty


5. I bet you didn’t know this, but…field hockey was ‘my sport’ in high school. I was absolutely obsessed with it – I was captain my final year. In fact, I still have my field hockey stick. I keep it under the bed.

Field Hockey Stick

(pug photobomb!)

So potential burglars…if you break in, you may get a field hockey stick to the face. You’ve been warned. Wink

6. I bet you didn’t know this, but…the first recipe I ever posted on Better With Sprinkles was a guacamole recipe.


This should come as absolutely no surprise to you (Although, reading old posts = most awkward thing ever….)

7. I bet you didn’t know this, but…I didn’t start eating peanut butter until college. I wasn’t allowed to bring it to school as a kid (every year, I had a kid with peanut butter allergies in my class, so we wouldn’t be allowed to bring it) so I never really thought about home. My first year of university I had a phase where I would eat peanut butter and banana toast for lunch that lasted for about 4-5 months, and the love affair has continued since then. I’m pretty sure my current obsession is making up for years of peanut butter neglect.

Peanut Butter

That’s basically the face I make whenever I open a jar. (source)

8. I bet you didn’t know this, but…Atticus’s middle name is Helmut. Clearly, that translates into ‘helmet’. The top of his head is really…dome-y. So it looks like he has a little helmet under his fur.

Atticus Helmut

Can you see the dome on top of his head? (you’re probably too distracted by that face…oh god, that’s precious).

And that seems like a good place to leave off. Have a good one!

<— Do your pets get middle names?

<— Any other dancers or field hockey players? What sports did you play in high school?

<— What’s something I didn’t know about you?

<— Any other peanut butter devotees out there?


  1. This was so fun to read – great idea for a post! I actually used to be allergic to peanut butter! Oh the horrors. I developed the allergy when I was about four, and it grew from peanuts to all nuts (looking back, worst allergy ever. Actually, I think that would be chocolate ). Then a few years ago, I decided to be tested and the allergy had cleared! Thank. good. ness. Well, I actually showed a slight allergy to peanuts, but they said I could them some every once in a while. Yeah that didn’t happen… I don’t exactly practice moderation with peanut butter. Perhaps that’s what’s wrong with me
    • I don’t know what would be worse between a chocolate and a peanut allergy! But thank goodness you grew out of it! Hopefully the slight allergy doesn’t bother you too much.
  2. Haha my dogs names are Molly Jean and Sandy Lou so I totally relate on the middle names thing.
    I did dance for many years when I was younger, mostly ballet and jazz. However I am so jealous you played field hockey! That was something I always wanted to do but my school didn’t have.
  3. Lol, awesome post!! I did the rebellious belly button ring when I was in high school. I took it out freshman year of college, but I still have a scar. That is SO COOL about being a highland dancer! I always wanted to do that! I did gymnastics instead though. and LOL- “atticus helmut” is that best dog name ever, especially for your pup. you just won the internet with that one
    • My bellybutton ring is definitely still in I feel like I should take it out…but i can’t bring myself to do it yet!
  4. So fun! I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that I haven’t shared but I’m sure there’s plenty of things. I played field hockey for one year in middle school… but it hurt my back to be bending over all the time haha I don’t have any crazy piercings. I’m too afraid of needles!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..Lifeguard ChroniclesMy Profile
  5. A Highland dancer, eh? I would have never guessed. And I can definitely see Atti’s dome head, although I had really focus to pull my gaze away from his buggy eyes Oh goodness… precious is right.

    So I didn’t start eating nut butter until college either. I’ve always had a peanut allergy, but my parents raised me to think I was allergic to ALL nuts so that I wouldn’t get confused when I was younger and accidentally eat a peanut. Well, let’s just say they failed to inform me that my allergy was limited to peanuts, and I only found out I could eat all the others when I was something like 24. I’m definitely making up for lost time now, though. Not a day goes by without copious amounts of my beloved almond butter

    • I feel like a lot of people were surprised at the dancing thing! And that was actually a smart move of your parents to avoid any accidental ingestion, but I’m sure you would have rather found out a lot sooner!
  6. I don’t have pets currently, but my old hamster was named Chibi Chica (little girl in Spanish … thanks, Google!)
    I’m not either one, but I am considering taking hip hop
    I am terrified of any and all things rodent
    I can take or leave pb
  7. Hahaha i love atticus’s middle name and the fact that you were such a good dancer! I always wanted to learn how to dance like that
    Caitlin recently posted..Marathon Training Week 4My Profile
  8. Aww, he does look like he has a little helmet! So cute!!
  9. This is cute.
    I never ever would’ve guessed you were a highland dancer for some reason!
    That’s so sweet.
    Oh my gosh, I love those word jumbles haha. Too bad you can’t do them My Mom can’t do them either though so I understand. I think it’s the use of the left/right brain thing.
    And yah, I don’t think I ever ate any nut butter until college too. I always hated peanut butter, and I only knew about almond butter when my Dad’s girlfriend told me about it once haha.
    Now, I’m clearly obsessed with them all!
  10. 1. I got my nose pierced during a weekend down the shore when I was 19. My parents told me it looked like I had dirt on my nose, but I loved it (and am still so glad I got it done). The downside? I had to cover it up at work. Laaaame. When it fell out during school that year, I just left it out and now I miss it.

    2. I played field hockey, too! And I totally still have my stick. Unfortunately, I have no one to play with so it’s kind of a waste haha.

    3. My current dog does not have a middle name, but that could be because my last dog had 5 names. We called him Cocoa, but his full name was Cocoa Shadow Oatmeal Candy Gotham. The names were added over time and each had a very specific meaning.

    • I haven’t actually played in years! I wish I could find a recreational league or something. And wow – long name!
  11. Woohoo – Almost to one year, congrats! Love the piercing story. I almost pierced my belly button to upset my parents (funny what teenagers will do…) but then I saw my friend do it and couldn’t go through with the pain and needles!
    • I got my belly button done when I was 14…actually probably the least painful/intimidating piercing I had done! Apparently, I have no problem with needles
  12. Fun getting to know a little more about you – thanks for sharing!
    PS. Happy (almost) anniversary!
  13. Love finding out more about you! The hockey stick reminds me of what my mum and I would plan when papa was out at sea and we were alone (we live in a bit of a rough neighbourhood) We would practice our “get the f out of our house voices and we each had a large frying pan ( in retrospect that probably wasn’t the most intimidating item to have on hand) next to our beds lol. If you new me in person this would seem very out of character as I’m extremely polite lol. I would love to see you dance! Very cool about the hockey too- kick ass! I did karate from a young age- my papa is the local teacher (he is a black belt) also danced ballet and did breakdancing- as well as flirtations with jazz and hip hop. Something you didn’t know- well you already know I’m a GOT nerd (and a Harry Potter, hunger games, Star Wars nerd) but I have just found out this summer I will be fishing a lot to help out my papa Gosh I am rambling! Anyway lots of love to your avocado, hockey playing, GOT nerd self!
    • That’s so cool that you did karate! I’ve flirted with martial arts a bit, but never took a class for an extended period of time..it would be fun!
      • I’ve got a black belt now (I think that has a slight edge on the whole frying pan technique lol!) I would be happy to teach you some moves if ever you grace Portofino with your presence
  14. Ooh I did highland dancing from the age of 3-13 and my dad plays the bagpipes! I’ve actually thought about going back lately. Love to know I’m not the only one!
  15. Such a fun post!! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come since when you first started blogging, huh? (at least for me it is!) Love your blog
  16. Haha I love how you guys are GoT nerds. I can feel myself slowly becoming one. I’ve missed nerding out about books – Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings was my last big nerd phase and that was like 6-7 years ago. I had posters plastered all over my room and spent wayyyy too much time watching the interviews in the special features lol.

    Also that’s so funny that Atticus’ middle name is Helmut – that was my great grandfather’s name! What made you choose that as his middle name?

  17. high school we played soccer and volleyball. and love that you gave Atticus a middle name – I have not given Jax a middle name — maybe I will now
  18. it is so funny how you can still learn new things about other people you follow daily. I can’t believe you were a dancer like that, I honestly would have never pegged that to you. crazy
  19. Love posts like this! So cool that you played field hockey! And I can’t believe you were a highland dancer, that is seriously so cool and unique!
  20. Haha cute! I did ballet and jazz for 15 years. I didn’t start having nut butter until two years ago. I still can’t stand peanut butter so I stick to the almond or cashew varieties. I got my belly button pierced when I was 17, but took it out on my wedding day. No reason why I picked that day, but I’d had enough of it and had to squeeze into my corset so figured the less junk in the way the better! I also had the top of my ear pierced but I took that out too. Sometimes I regret going through all that pain for a completely hasty decision to remove them!
    • I think that’s probably why I haven’t taken any of the piercings out – I went through the hassle and the pain to get them, I want to get a decent amount of time with them!
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  22. Aww, I loved this! So fun finding out new things about you! I have like ZERO coordination so I’ve never done any dancing or organized sports, but I was in the band in middle school for two years and played the flute…that counts for SOMETHING, right? I still have it too…though I have NO IDEA why…I couldn’t play a note if my life depended on it! Lol

    Before blogging, I never new other nut butters existed. And besides my more than occasional PB&J, mainly made for convenience sake (and because I’ve never been able to shake my inner child), I NEVER looked at peanut butter the way I do now…it’s a downright love affair!!

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