Lessons From the Weekend.


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Happy Monday! Yup – I’m allowed to be excited that it’s Monday because we’re officially into my birthday week. Why yes, I am big into celebrations¬†Wink

But I learned some important lessons over the weekend that I figured were worth sharing, so here you go:

1. When you’re doing an outdoor fall activity in the evening, a pumpkin spice tea is a great way to keep yourself warm.

Pumpkin Spice Tea

So warm and comforting…(source)

An even better way to keep yourself warm is to add a shot of Caramel Bailey’s. That was the best decision I’ve made in a while.

2. Homemade caramel sauce goes from perfect to hideously burnt really quickly. And it’s a really, really bad idea to get it in your finger…I’m rocking a nice burn blister on the tip of my pinky finger right now. The version I ended up with was a bit runny for my liking, but I wasn’t about to attempt it a third time.

3. Pumpkins are awesome.

Purple Sparkly Pumpkin

(from my Instagram)

Sparkly purple pumpkins are even better.

4. People get really, really sweaty in Spin class. The spin room at my gym is really small and the class was full, so leaving at the end was hazardous. Simultaneously trying to avoid big puddles on the ground and trying not to touch any sweaty bodies in a crowded room is not an easy feat.

5. You can break buttercream frosting.

Broken frosting

Like, it separated…I didn’t know that could happen! I spent a good hour trying to save it, before it ended up in the garbage. Le sigh.

6. I can teach people the concept of hashtags. At my family Thanksgiving on Saturday, I spent some time trying to explain to my mom and my brother what hashtags are and how to use them. At dinner I was taking a photo of my wine when a cousin asked me if I was posting it on Instagram. My brother suddenly announced “I get it! Hashtag dinner roll!”

dinner roll

He gets it. #dinnerroll

7. Cheddar popcorn is wonderful. Caramel popcorn is also wonderful.

Chicago Mix

Together, they are wonderfully addicting. Cannot keep my hand out of that bag.

9. They make The Nightmare Before Christmas sweaters for dogs.

NBC pug

And Atticus looks adorable in it.

10. My family really, really likes dessert.


Caramel apple cake, rice pudding, pumpkin cake, chocolate cheesecake. Apparently, we also really like caramel.

And ten is always a good number to end at. Have a great Monday! 

<— Have you ever tried to explain to someone how Twitter, Instagram or hashtags work?

<— What did you learn this weekend?

<— How do you like your popcorn?

<— What do you usually add to tea?


  1. Your family sure does know a thing or two or four about dressing a dessert table!
    GREAT looking spread!
    Love the doggie sweater and I had no idea that buttercream frosting could separate
    This weekend I learned that apple picking is BIG in Georgia – some of the trees at the apple orchard I visited were picked bare!
    I used to love tea from this restaurant that used to put a spoonful of condensed milk into it and froth it by pouring it from one cup to another – increasing the distance between pours…so good! And I didn’t think there was a way to not like popcorn
    Hope you have a happy monday!
    • Tasted good too And that tea sounds delicious! I’ve heard of the pouring-it-back-and-forth thing, but I’ve never tried it.
  2. I’m afraid I still don’t have twitter or Instagram- but I do know how it works (recently learned ;))

    I love popcorn. Especially with butter and honey yum

    Tea- milk full fat and 1 sugar- try it and let me know if you love it too I certainly like your baileys addition lol!

  3. Haha, I exactly know what you mean with the hashtags. My Mom wouldn’t have a CLUE, since it’s an english word and she does not speak any. I don’t even start.
    Atticus tops it all with that hoodie. And that tongue!!
    I learned this weekend that my Rooibos Teas from David’s Tea (which I hoarded when I was in Boston) taste like a decadent dessert when I mix them with a little stevia and coconut milk. Especially Birthday Cake and Chocolate Mint.
  4. Well I see your Thanksgiving feast was well worth the wait… even for the desserts alone! And can you please come teach my family (specifically dad) the concept of hashtags?! #fail
  5. A shot of booze is ALWAYS a good idea! I like the way you think!

    Can I please come to your next family celebration? You guys sure know how to eat! THAT popcorn is seriously addictive, but I’d have to say kettle corn is my all time fav – love that sweet & salty combo.

    I put a little almond or coconut milk in my tea – I’m all about the lattes lately.

  6. I really like your family since they understand desserts. The hashtag conversation is funny. My brother and I have had many similar conversations. And post-spin sweat. Yep, that’s always really awkward. Worth it, but still gross. Have a great monday
    • Haha to say my family likes dessert is an understatement :-p And I’m pretty sure I was shuddering a little bit for the last 10 minutes of that class…
  7. Eeegads… just thinking about that spin room is skeeving me out. I can’t stand small crowded rooms, and it’s even worse if it’s all hot and stuffy. I wouldn’t even say I’m germophobic, but puddles of sweat? Gah. Okay, need to get that mental image out of my mind

    Popcorn! I love it. Lately I’ve been all about butter with nutritional yeast, but I also love dipping popcorn in honey with a sprinkle of sea salt — gotta love that sweet and salty combo. As for tea… I add water

    • I’m the furthest thing from germaphobic (I’m the person who won’t even wash fruit 98% of the time) but it was definitely unpleasant. Annnd dammit. I keep meaning to buy nutritional yeast but I haven’t done it yet.
  8. So many good lessons! Spin classes are sweaty nastiness… I try to duck out a minute early to avoid any sweaty encounters. Your poor frosting! I hate when baking adventures fail And when you visit chicago next, I’ll show you the best place to get that mix of popcorn
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Pumpkin-Nutella Bars with Cinnamon Cream Cheese GlazeMy Profile
    • Definitely trying the ducking-out-early thing next time…and that cake I made turned out to be the biggest pain in the ass….at least it tasted good :-p And oh goodness, yes please!
  9. It looks like you guys had a great feast! Atticus looks adorable in his little jacket! I seriously think dogs dressed in clothes are so funny and cute- I love it!
  10. Aw so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m getting super excited for mine now!! Pumpkin spice tea is always a win. I love cozying up with some hot tea or cider after being out in the chilly fall air! Pareeety pumpkin! I love it!!

    Also you are so right about spin…it’s like the sweatiest thing ever in there! And that popcorn, the Chicago mix, is one of my favorites! I love sweet and salty and that is like the best combination…especially when you get it straight from Chicago! One thing I always snatch while down there!

  11. Justin’s family is like that with dessert! It can never been just one cake…there always has to be at least 3 or 4, not to mention, 5 different kinds of cookies and ice cream. It’s crazy!

    Love that sparkly pumpkin, and it’s my favorite color too!

    Yup, I’ve definitely burned caramel sauce before. Now I know it needs to be watched like a hawk!

  12. wow, those cakes look amazing!!! I love the sweet caramel popcorn!
  13. Hashtag LOL at your brother’s comment- it’s so funny trying to explain hashtags to others. I once tried explaining the concept of blogging to my grandmother- I think I ended up confusing her more than when we started off! I have been drinking SO much tea lately to warm myself up! I usually add just hot water to tea bags although English breakfast is the exception: the more milk the better! Have you ever tried mixing M & M’s into salted popcorn? It’s only the best combination ever!!
  14. That is too funny about the hashtag explanation… I have been there before, recently as a matter of fact! i was trying to explain both twitter and therefore hashtags to my dad, oi vey. He was not getting it/unwilling to for some reason, and just concluded that it’s dumb and he’s told old to learn it. Okayyyyy then lol.
    Your family does indeed love desserts! I used to think the idea of rice pudding was narsty, but I realized last year I LOVE it. Therefore I would be elbowing people out of my way to get my hands on a serving of that
    Cute outfit for the pup! If I tried putting anything on Caleb, he would likely attempt to scratch my face off. What a delight he is.
    I hope your finger feels better, that sh*t can burn like no other! As errr I’m sure you are aware of at this point!
    • Haha maybe I should have tried it then – I don’t think I’d be a fan, but maybe I’m wrong! And Atti seems to be ok with clothes…which is good, because I’m definitely ‘that’ owner that loves to dress him up :-p
  15. Atticus is a stud in his sweatshirt!

    Boo on the frosting; I didn’t know you could break it, either.

    I understand the hashtag theory, but I’m horrible in practice. I don’t think I’ve ever really used a hashtag appropriately. They usually end up as a sarcastic comment at the end of my post. #shejustdoesn’tgetit

  16. Where to start commenting??? About #2: ahem, yes, I can relate … Do I need to get into more details about trying to cook caramel pudding from scratch with my sister at ages 5 and 8? It was her idea ;).
    Something I learned this weekend that creating a recipe with dates will have them get stuck everywhere around the kitchen. I’m sure I’ll still find some hidden in corners during the next days …
    I’d say you did well explaining the principle of hashtags #awesometeacher. My parents still don’t quite get the whole Twitter/Facebook/blog business but we’re getting there :).
    Wait … caramel and cheddar popcorn mixed in one bag? I … want some.
  17. I’ve tried so many times to explain things to my mother but it takes her at least five times explaining it until she gets it. Since her job is becoming more “technology friendly” she’s definitely getting better than she was a couple of months ago! I don’t usually add much of anything to tea but I have a heard time enjoying tea at all. For some reason, mine always comes out tasting like dirty water. NEVER a good taste.

    RICE PUDDING UGH. It has such a great, sweet spot in my heart.

    • Haha my mom just started texting about six months ago, so I think it’ll be a while before she gets anywhere neat Twitter :-p
  18. I’ve had to explain to Brandon how hashtags work but he already had somewhat of an idea because of ESPN.

    That sucks about the buttercream. I’ve had that happen before but with vegan butter. Such a waste!

  19. Grant’s dad swears by Bailey’s in coffee. He thinks Bailey’s is cream.. like he doesn’t get there is alcohol in it. No joke. Atticus looks adorable in that sweater!! Clothes on dogs is my faaaav. Especially Halloween costumes!
  20. i did a post like this awhile back! it wasn’t a lessons learned it was more like how to have a good weekend. so maybe it wasn’t like this. oh well hahaha.
    atti looks SO cute in that hoodie. what a YOU outfit for him! love it. those desserts look amazing too. the #dinnerroll thing reminds me of me teaching coworkers about hashtags. they’ll make fun of me for using them on FB but i’m like “no i only have them on instagram pictures that i SHARE to FB. whenever i post just on FB i don’t use them!” i don’t know if they believe me…
    give me that purple sparkly pumpkin asap
  21. I love everything about this post!!! We made homemade caramel in my baking class and our whole class learned far too well how rancid the smell of burnt caramel can be. I couldn’t breathe or open my eyes for about 5 minutes! fortunately it wasn’t my caramel that burnt so I got to eat mine

    Oh and don’t even get me started on trying to explain the concept of hashtagging to my family. I’m still trying to get them to realize it’s not called “the” twitter lol

  22. Oh man I always have to try and describe what hashtags are to my family! Too funny. I also think adding a shot of baileys to your tea was a very good decision. All of those desserts are making me really excited for our Thanksgiving!
  23. Mmmmm your family is right up my alley! Dessert and caramel are my faves!!

    p.s. YES to the homemade caramel sauce. I ruined one of my mom’s pans real quick when I attempted to make homemade caramels. yikes!

  24. LOL I always love trying to explain hashtagging to clueless people. They tend to think it’s stupid, and I tend to agree
  25. I looooove Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice tea! That’s pretty much the only hot beverage I like at Tims because I find their coffee gross. But I actually haven’t even picked up a pumpkin spice tea there yet this fall… I better get cracking because I think they only serve it for the month of October!

    Um that dessert table is amazing. I’m crashing your next family get together. Do you think they’ll let me if I bring dessert?

    • I might have to go back and see if I can buy a box of it – it’s my favourite pumpkin spice tea that I’ve found. And if you bring my family dessert, they will love you
  26. Oh, wow, I’ve never added baileys to tea before- I had in back in the day with milk and with coffee….interesting!

    I tried explaining the hashtag to my mum and sister because at the moment, every TV show is obsessed with having a hashtag (insert word) during the show- self promotion. My mum left more confused than before lol!

    Those desserts…no words. Best popcorn I had was when I was in Malaysia they had a popcorn store with over 30 flavours- the best was white chocolate mousse. So . Good.

    • I’ve noticed that so many shows are doing that now! Such self-promotion. And if you find yourself back in Malaysia anytime soon, you’re sending me some of that! ;-P
  27. I once spent an hour explaining to my dad what hashtags are…
  28. Hashtag dinner roll! Bahahahaha dying over here. Love your sparkly pumpkin. It’s very fabulous.
  29. Caramel Bailey’s in pumpkin tea? Genius. Wish I had some to add to mine.
    I love the purple pumpkin–I’ve been slacking with my Halloween/fall decorations.
    I think I could probably explain hashtags to family members, which is quite the feat since I’ve only just begun understanding them myself. I still feel awkward using twitter, though.
  30. Ok, so I had no idea that caramel Bailey’s even existed but now I am most DEFINITELY making a trip to the liquor store this weekend! I don’t usually add anything to my tea, but I mean c’mon…it’s CARAMEL BOOZE!! YUM! But OUCH! You’re poor caramel-burned finger! Omg, I know that had to hurt like hell…only because I’ve done it before! Ha! I swear every time I’m in the kitchen for longer than 15 minutes, I end up injuring myself! Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ve dulled all the nerve endings in my left hand…the last time I cut it with a knife, it didn’t even hurt! Lol I don’t know much (read: anything really) about baking and cakes and such, but the frosting looks like it might have curdled…did you maybe melt your butter in the microwave? That could have been what happened. I have tried and tried and TRIED to explain hashtags to the man-friend…he just doesn’t get it…or care. Yeah, pretty sure it’s the latter! Lol Is it wrong that I see that last picture and all I can think about is dipping those cheese slices in the caramel topping on top of the cakes?
    • Yea, I’m pretty sure it curdled…and nope! It was a complicated buttercream recipe, so I’m not sure exactly where it went wrong.

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