MIMM: Birthday in Pictures.


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Birthdays are marvelous.


So I want to relive mine Wink Here’s my birthday last Thursday, in pictures!


Started the day off with a TRX class that kicked my ass… (img source)

Brioche French Toast

Followed by a fabulous brunch. Eric took me to Cora’s, and I ordered the cinnamon swirl brioche french toast with an egg, bacon, and a mountain of fruit. So good.

My afternoon was spent marking exams – when I was in undergrad having a birthday in late October meant that I usually had to study on my birthday, as a grad student/TA it means I have to get marking done. Le sigh.



Birthday nails – Essie’s sexy divide.

Squid Ink Pasta


A fabulous dinner  – recipe coming tomorrow.

Then, birthday shenanigans. Popped a bottle of champagne at home with friends, then headed to the martini bar:

Martini Bar


Yes, I am wearing a tiara.

Sam and Laura


We also got soaking wet in our attempt to get to the bar: when we left it was snowing and it turned to rain by the time we got downtown, so that made for a fun 6-block hike from the bus stop.

Clearly, dancing is the best way to dry off:





And hanging out at the pub:

Pub Pose


Although I kind of feel like I’m getting too old for bar crawls, it’s still fun to relive my youth once in a while Wink 

Apple Crisp

And I finished the night with 3 am raspberry-apple crisp before faceplanting into bed. Oh goodness.

So all in all, a fabulous birthday with friends! The family celebration (and cake) came later in the week…which will be recapped later. Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes, and thanks to my fabulous friends (and my wonderful brother) for coming out and making my night awesome!

<— When was the last time you did a bar crawl?

<— Which would you prefer on a night out: a quiet pub for conversation or a loud club for dancing?

<— How did you celebrate your last birthday?

<— Your go-to brunch order?


  1. I know what you mean about getting too old to bar crawl but I also feel like I’m gonna have way too many responsibilities before I know it so might as well have as much fun now as I can!

    And you made the pasta! yay! Can’t wait for the recipe. Glad you had a nice bday

  2. I’m not a bar crawl girl… I can’t remember the last time I did one to be honest.
    I’m glad you had a good birthday!
  3. so so fun! a trx class is still one class I have yet to try but want to. I am hoping during the holidays I can try it out at my dad’s gym. Looks like a blast for your birthday!
  4. looks like such a fun bday!! i dont think one ever outgrows pub crawls (especially in boston) soo, i’ve been on a few in the past year however, i do like a quiet/semi-quiet bar for talking most going out nights. and omg is that squid ink pasta? it looks amazing! and i love the tiara!!
    • I didn’t go to any when I moved away from home last year, so now that I’m back in my hometown I’m looking forward to going out on occasion
  5. It looks like you had a great birthday! I really am too old for a bar crawl, but I love live music, so if there is a good band playing I don’t feel bad going out, but it doesn’t happen often- my body wouldn’t allow it!
  6. A martini bar! How fun!! Take me there when I come to Ontario. I was just telling Chelsea that I need her to take me to Kind, too!

    I hope you had a great birthday.. and don’t worry, you’re not too old for bars. My last bday was really chill – I was leaving on a trip the following day, so I hung out at home and did some shopping. Nothing fancy!

    I usually get an omelette for brunch. But, if I’m on vacay & staying somewhere fun, I always get waffles or pancakes.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! My birthday celebrations are usually low key. We either go out for a nice dinner or go to my parents’ house for dinner.

    I love that nail color!

  8. SUCH a fun birthday! As much as I prefer quite nights in pubs with a few friends, the occasional wild night out is sometimes necessary :)! Your brunch looks ah-mazing! I’m normally a pancakes over French toast girl but when the latter comes in the form of cinnamon brioche, it’s almost a no-brainer!
  9. To be honest, I’m not huge on bar crawls — even back in the day when I was partying 3 or 4 days a week, we’d usually pick a club or two and stick to it for the night. And when it comes to clubs vs. pubs, I’m all about whatever place will let me unleash my dancing QUEEN

    Glad you had a good birthday, love. And I feel ya on it just coming at an inopportune time of the year — mine usually fell on the first day back to school after the winter holidays.

  10. I’m sure you could guess bars aren’t my favorite but I’m going to give a bar crawl a shot this week for halloween! I know, who am I. But I’m really, really glad you had a great birthday!!! It was the perfect balance of a good workout (I really want to try TRX!!), good food, and good friends. Here’s to another awesome year!
  11. Oh god! I can’t remember the last time I did a bar crawl! Hahaha but sounds like a very fun birthday weekend! But I DO love dancing…
  12. Sounds like such a GOOD birthday! I love TRX classes!
    I don’t think there is an appropriate ‘age’ to do a bar crawl, so I would still be up for it, but I prefer to dance when I am out. Hanging at the bar makes me so tired and hungry
    The 3am dessert looks delicious and is a must after a bar crawl!
  13. A successful birthday if I do say so myself! I actually went to a bar crawl a few weekends ago and errr I think I’m too old for them too. After about an hour I was all “funned” out. <– That's a word I swear! Once in a while though it can be great, and birthdays are certainly a perfect time for them. If I do go out these days to that kind of scene, I do prefer if it's a place dancing can be a full-on experience. A night out at a club is just the thing sometimes!
    Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your special day/week Sam Have a nice Monday!
  14. Is it bad I’ve never done a bar crawl? Lol. I’m such a sit at home and drink type of person rather than going out to bars. I think it’s the fact I don’t live in an area with a lot of public transportation so you always have to worry about a DD. So, staying at home normally wins! I could eat pancakes breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert Pancakes are my anytime go to order!
  15. Happy Birthday again!

    Girrrrrrrl, you rock that tiara and should be wearing one! Love it!

    Happy you had a great weekend celebrating!

  16. Looks like you had a great birthday!! I adore martini bars!! SO delicious (but oh so dangerous). Can’t wait for that pasta recipe!!
  17. Looks like a great weekend. I’ve done my fair share of pub crawling. I think the last one I did was at the Calgary Stampede on a bus. There are likely many reasons why it was my LAST one I am definitely at the point where I am feeling “too old for that stuff”. I don’t think it’s necessarily an age, but just a feeling you get.
    For brunch, I always try to order something that I’d never make at home!
    • Definitely agree that it’s not necessarily an age – more of a mindset! And that’s a good strategy for brunch, I should keep that in mind next time I’m out!
  18. Glad you had a great birthday- that breakfast….amazing.

    I am the black sheep amongst my mates who all LOVE the pubs and pub crawls, but personally, I’ve always been a clubbing boy back in the day.. Geeze that makes me feel old. Love the tiara- My friend for her last two birthdays would wear a replica of Luna Lovegoods lion hat. Best. Ever.

    Looking forward to that recipe- Squid ink perfection.

  19. I am so loving the pub crawl, obviously the best way to spend your birthday. And that pasta looks so good!
  20. Haha I definitely feel like I’m too old for those nights of bar crawling too. Although every so often it’s nice to go out and act like I’m 20 again. These days my birthday celebrations just consist of going to a nice restaurant with my family and lots of little lunch dates with friends during my birthday week. Yikes, I AM getting old…

    Your brunch looks amazing! Cora’s is seriously my favourite place ever. I love getting their bagel and lox, with a heaping side of fruit of course.

  21. Sounds like you had quite a night! I love the guys’ gangsta pic! Haha! And 3am raspberry apple crisp sounds like the perfect way to end a birthday to me!

    I’ve never done an actual pub crawl, but a couple of Halloween’s ago, my girlfriends and I kept going back and forth between two bars that were around the corner from each other…we couldn’t decide which one had more cuties in it! Lol And it pains my inner dancing queen to admit this, but I think I’d rather have a quiet night with conversation over breaking down on the dance floor…of course, I’m probably only saving those innocent bystanders out there with my serious lack of moves!

    For my last birthday, I went with my mom and dad to an Irish pub and tried Scotch eggs for the first time…and immediately fell in love…stuffed my face with homemade kettle chips, cabbage, and corned beef, and before rolling myself out to the car, made sweet love to a bowl of bread pudding! And then I didn’t eat for like two days! Ha!

    Go-to brunch: Sweet breakfast options are usually too sweet for my tastebuds, so I play it safe and go with eggs…runny yolks are a must!

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  23. WHAT FUN! that bday brunch sounds delish and TRX is awesome. i rarely get to do it because i’m too cheap to pay for the sessions my gym offers but i have one free one to redeem and i’m saving it up! i adore your tiara. and dancing bar crawls are the best! as are 3am snack sessions.
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  25. You rock that tiara. Princess is a good look on you ;).

    So glad you had an awesome birthday weekend, pretty lady!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted..Wordless WeekendMy Profile

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