MIMM: The Early Bird Catches…a Chil?


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Hello and happy Monday!


Might as well make it a marvelous one, shall we?

So, Eric and I have been in London for just over a week now, and we’re still so, so happy to be back. We went out for a date night downtown Saturday, and the entire time I was walking around with a giant smile on my face. It might be because it was a fantastic night full of great food, or it might be because we feel like we’re back home.

Being the restaurant foodie that I am, I’ve already been figuring out restaurants that are on my ‘must-go-to’ list in London. Either ones that are completely new to me, or ones that I love and haven’t been to in a while.

The first restaurant on my list and the first one I requested: The Early Bird in downtown London. It was another feature on “You Gotta Eat Here”, and since I absolutely adored the last restaurant we went to that was on that show, I figured this one wouldn’t disappoint.

Early Bird


The Early Bird prides itself as being a ‘Fine Diner’ – basically, accessible diner food (burgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, big breakfasts) made slightly upscale and unique. For example, the dish they’re most known for is a ‘Terducken Style Club’ – smoked turkey, fried chicken, duck bacon, veggies and maple mayo on french bread. As a vegetarian sandwich option, they have a ginger beer battered tofu sandwich. So diner food, but a lot more interesting.



As for the restaurant itself, they had a really cool, eclectic vibe that I really appreciated.

Looking over the menu, the braised duck sliders really jumped out at me. I’ve only had duck once or twice in my life and don’t remember being blown away by it, but I decided to give it another shot.

Duck Sliders


Best decision ever. These were so good! It actually reminded me quite a bit of pulled pork, and I’m sorry, but sliders are just fun to eat.

Of course, it was no surprise as to what my resident poutine king ordered:



Poutine with pulled pork. Of course. Eric was definitely pleased with it – I swiped a few bites and can concur that it was awesome.

Over all, definitely an amazing dinner and we will of course be back. Their breakfast menu looks incredible (looking at their Facebook page, I saw that their brunch special on September 1st was a S’mores Waffle….need. Just need.)

And then, date part 2:



Movie night (and why this picture exists and what I’m doing, I’m not sure. And that is my sweater balled up in hand, also for reasons unbeknownst to me). We hadn’t been to see a movie since The Great Gatsby and there’s a cheap theatre downtown, so we decided to go see Riddick after dinner.

I keep insisting to people that I don’t like Sci-Fi, but apparently as long as it’s not Star Trek I’m down. We were both really happy with this movie! If you followed the series at all, this one is a lot more like Pitch Black (which if you haven’t seen, you should. Vin Diesel at his best). Basically, people trying to kill Vin Diesel’s character while he outsmarts them, then they all have to work together to defeat some pretty badass aliens. I managed to sit through it for two hours without getting antsy or fidgety, which is always a sign of a great movie for me.

Afterwards, we went for our final stop of the night:



Chil is one of the newer froyo places in London, and I have to say, I may have a new favourite.

Froyo Options


Obviously, the fact that it’s organic is a plus, but I love how they actually have all the ingredients for each yogurt listed out. So you know what you’re getting, and the ingredient list is definitely impressive – organic milk, organic yogurt, unrefined cane sugar. Then, there’s the actual flavour of the froyo itself. I find that most frozen yogurt tastes like it’s trying to be ice cream without quite getting there, but Chil’s actually has the tanginess that you get from yogurt, which is delicious and a welcome change. They also offer non-dairy options, which is great news for those with intolerances.

And then there’s the toppings…



This was probably about a quarter of the toppings they offered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much in one place! All kinds of candy, chocolate, cereal, sauces, fruit, nuts….I was actually a tad overwhelmed, and that’s saying something.

My creation:

Chil Froyo

A mix of banana and cake batter froyo with:

  • cookie dough
  • mint oreos
  • strawberry poptart pieces
  • dark chocolate drops
  • peanut M&Ms
  • peanut butter sauce
  • hazelnut sauce
  • a pirouette cookie (I hadn’t had one of those in ages…so good!)

Ohmygod. I don’t even have words for how awesome that was. Ridiculous.

So, my usual favourite froyo haunts now officially have competition. Chil is another place on my must return list!

We wandered through downtown a bit before heading home. Clearly, we were out the same weekend that students were returning to school…



That’s at 10 pm. For a bar that isn’t even that good. (Locals, can we all agree that Jim Bob’s is not the best London has to offer in the way of bars? Not a fan).

So overall, definitely a fabulous way to welcome ourselves back to London. Such a great date night!

Enjoy your Monday!

<— Do you like duck?

<— What was the last movie you saw in theatres?

<— Are you a fan of the sci-fi genre? Is there any certain genre of movies or books that you really dislike?

<— Can you sit through movies easily, or do you get restless?



Note: the lovely people at Chil offered me froyo free of charge. But I was not compensated for a review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. pulled pork poutine?!?! YES PLEASE!!! London has such an awesome restaurant scene. I never realized it until I started visiting friends at Western and I’ve definitely eaten some great meals there!
    • By the time I’m done, the list of restaurants I need to go to is going to be huge! I don’t think it’s quite as good as Toronto, but it definitely has some gems.
  2. We have a restaurants me that with the fun diner food done fancier and more intriguing. Like red velvet pancakes. And maple bacon milkshakes. Yea. Good stuff. Anyways, I love moving to a new area and doing some restaurant research! It’s probably my favorite part about traveling, actually. I feel like its a great way to get (re)aquainted with the city!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..MIMM: Running FunMy Profile
    • A maple bacon milkshake? You need to get one of those so I can live vicariously through you…it sounds so good! And I can’t go to a new city without doing a quick Urbanspoon check for the best restaurants :-p
  3. Oh my Gosh, that Frozen Yogurt place!! You’re so lucky but the restaurant food doesn’t look too bad either.
    I am not a huge fan of Sci-Fi, mainly because I don’t get it. Too blonde for that And YES, I get very restless in the cinema, long movies are a disaster for me
    • Haha I usually get restless too, so I guess that means that this was a good movie! And it was more action-y, so I think you’d be able to follow along :-p
  4. An organic froyo place?! Now I’m excited! I cant eat froyo without getting THE WORST stomach pains/bloat/upset stomach. I think it’s all the sugar alcohol crap/fillers/flavours, and not so much a dairy problem.

    That diner looks so fun! I told Court that we *have* to try Five Guys soon, as per your recommendation. I told him the fries are salty and mind-blowing and now he’s excited.

    I haven’t tried duck yet, but I want to! I hear it’s greasy, which I would probably like.
    I can’t read sci-fi/fantasy books, but I’ve been known to appreciate the odd sci-fi movie. I loved war of the worlds (is that scifi?) and that sad alien movie that came out a few years ago where they were all living in the slums! Heart breaking!!!

    YES I definitely get fidgety during movies, I feel like 99% of movies nowadays suck so I’m not going to waste 2 hrs of my life when I could be watching more important stuff, like Real Housewives.

    • So I think we have another excuse for you to come to this part of the country, don’t we? :-p
      And District Nine!! That was such a great movie. I’ve heard that they’re playing around with the idea of a sequel, I hope they get on that!

      Haha if Court’s a fry-guy, he’s going to adore Five Guys!

  5. All I can say is your fro-yo creation looks fabulous! Ahhh I love it! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a fro-yo place have poptart pieces!?! Whattt!!?
  6. OOh I drooled at that fro yo cup on Instagram and I’m doing so right now- YUM! Your topping choice sounds excellent, especially the Poptarts…seeing those on offer is a first for me! And everything tastes healthier if it’s combined with frozen yogurt right ;)! I am not the biggest duck fan but I hear it’s fab in the form of duck pancakes at Chinese restaurants with lots of hoisin sauce.
    • Haha it doesn’t matter how much chocolate you throw on top, if it’s froyo, that means it’s healthy And I’ve heard of duck pancakes, I’d be intrigued to try it!
  7. As soon as I saw poutine on the menu, I assumed that would be what Eric was getting. Is it creepy that I feel like I know you so well? And I can completely relate to feeling like you don’t like sic-fi, but actually liking some of the movies. It’s funny because Star Trek is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think sci-fi as well, which is probably one of the reasons that I think I’m not big on the genre… But no, there are some pretty good flicks out there. The last movie I saw was, I think, World War Z… and I actually managed to get through that one without -too- much restlessness.

    Happy Monday, love!

    • Haha crazy how you can get to know people so well over the internet even if you haven’t met in person…although that changes in 3 DAYS!!!
      And I actually haven’t seen WWZ yet, which is surprising considering my zombie obsession.
  8. Oh that frozen yogurt! I want some!!! The Early Bird restaurant sounds yummy! I would definitely be all over that pulled pork. I’ve actually never tried duck before. I’m not sure how I’d feel about it! I think the last movie we saw in the theatre was Pacific Rim. It was awesome!
    • If you like pulled pork, you would like that duck – it reminded of that, or of dark-meat chicken. And I haven’t seen that one yet!
  9. I love duck! It’s always been a celebration/holiday food; we’ve only recently made the switch to eating ham at Christmastime–we always used to have duck. But we typically have duck a few times a year. If I had to choose my favorite meat, duck would definitely be up there. Also…that froyo, man. I’ve never 1. been to or seen an organic froyo place or 2. never been to or seen a place that lists out the ingredients right there for you. I’m thinking a trip to London is in order…
  10. I love everything sci fy – think the last movie I saw was “City of Bones – the Mortal Instruments”
    Glad to have stumbled on your post – love the fro yo place! Love your toppins!
  11. Sounds like the perfect date night! Ugh I am so not a fan of the fro yo places in Toronto. They taste sooo artificial. I recently saw “The Butler”.. it is intense but a wonderful and necessary movie.
  12. Now Joe would be very proud of you…he LOVES duck. I am still scared of it (bad experience younger left me slightly scarred), but I will take bites of his when he makes or orders it. He would love those sliders! Sounds like a seriously awesome restaurant all around….i have a big weakness for any and all diner food
  13. A fro-yo place that offered dairy-free would be wonderfullll if we had one around here. Though I’m hearing rumors that TCBY will soon be offering almond milk fro-yo, which is exciting.
    I get SO antsy during movies. It’s really bad. When I try and watch a movie at home, I usually get distracted and never finish it!
  14. Fun! I would love to get back to London. I went right after my senior year of high school, but I wish I could have seen and experienced more.
    I often get restless in movies, especially when an annoying kid, loud popcorn eater, or group of talkers are near me. Yeah… safe to say I rarely catch flicks in theaters. haha
    • London, Ontario, unfortunately – I’ve never been overseas! And yes to annoying people in movie theatres…chick flicks are the worst for that!
  15. I love poutine!! And pulled pork poutine?? That sounds like heaven! So now I’m craving poutine AND fro yo…. thanks
  16. you had to show all those toppings, that is like my heaven in a store. amazed by that one. i think I would probably fill a cup fully with just toppings.
  17. I saw that fro yo pic on IG this weekend – looks awesome. And when I come visit you, we totally have to go to that restaurant – looks ah-mazing!!
  18. Oh both dinner and ice cream places sound great! I love when places have their own take on traditional food. As for the ice cream, just yum! I almost always get a little plain in my froyo because I actually like the slight bitterness it has.
  19. My husband is obsessed with duck! He’d be super jealous of those sliders Just like I’m super jealous of that froyo – need some more in my life! Can’t wait to meet you in a few short days!!
  20. Ok what the heck is Poutine?! I see it a lot and it just not something we have in Texas! What is on the fries??
    • Haha it’s a Canadian thing, but I think it’s working it’s way South to the States :-p a regular poutine is fries with gravy and cheese curds!
  21. Haha that bar picture looks a little like the bars downtown here. It seriously gets crazy…and it’s the best time to do bake-sale style fundraising for clubs On a serious note, I haven’t seen a movie in forever and now you’re making me want to head over to the cheap-o theatre nearby me to catch up. You can’t beat a cheap movie! Especially when followed by fro-yo…
  22. I was never really a fan of duck until I had a bite of duck at Blacktree and it was seriously amazing! Then again, there’s nothing that Matteo cooks that I don’t like. Those sliders look awesome though – I have a feeling I would love those.

    And mmm I’m seriously craving Chil! That’s awesome they have mint Oreos now – those are definitely a new addition.

    The last movie I saw in theatres was This Is The End, which was hilarious! I’m not much of a movie theatre person though. I have to really want to see it .

    • I think it’s one of those proteins where it can be really good or it can be really bad, depending on how it’s cooked. And we should make a stop there next time you’re back in London!
  23. Those fries looked amazing – fries and froyo are my weakness!
  24. So. You eat catfish. You eat duck. Out of all the blogs I read, you are by far one of the most adventurous. Yet you won’t try racoon? Fail, Sam. Fail.

    I grew up eating duck on special occasions as its abit of a tradition on the Asian side, they serve it to you with thin pancakes which you roll yourself… wow, duck craving ignited. I get ridiculously antsy during movies, unless like you, I am completely absorbed by it!

  25. That frozen yogurt place has way better flavors than any of the ones around here do! That vanilla chai soy one definitely caught my attention (plus I can see it clearly ) and very cool that it’s organic. I mean I’m not too into eating organic verses not, but if it’s available, why the heck not? Banana flavor is one i have never seen before…. oh and allow me to say that I am a big fan of every topping you chose there, excellent decisions my friend
    So I actually had to look up what poutine was when you wrote it here and uhhh, drool? Is there a better word to describe this? Wikipedia described it nicely- pretty much great french fries with gravy and cheese curds.. a classic diner dish in Canada. Weeee we learn something new everyday and something like that should work it’s way down here. Although there are likely places that do sell at least a similar dish, but there are zero diners near me! Crap I know ha.
    I’m not great at sitting through a movie but if it’s one that’s captivating, then I can usually get into it. I’ve gotten much better about this though, as my sitting and antsy issues used to be about how I “shouldnt” sit for too long and need to stand to burn more cals, lose weight, and all of that CRUD. Bahhh relieved to be passed that
    • It’s not something I pay a lot of attention too either, but I figure it’s probably not a bad idea to go for organic over non-organic :-p and I know a lot of people would appreciate it!
      And poutine is basically quintessential Canadian food. Eric’s obsessed with it and after pretty much every bar night, that’s his choice of post-bar snack. I’m not quite as into it as he is, but it’s pretty damn good – I meant, it’s covered in cheese so how could it not be?
      And know where you’re coming from with that, I remember when I used to stand waiting for the bus stop, refusing to sit down because it meant I wasn’t burning maximum calories. So happy that we’re both past that mindset!
  26. An organic froyo place? No way? Did they have sherbet too? That’s my fav. Wow that poutine looks amazing.. my boyfriend would have died for that!
  27. That’s great that you and Eric are feeling good at home!
    I would too with that yogurt shop, yum! I love finding organic frozen yogurt.

    The last movie we saw in the theater was The Heat and it was hilarious!
    I get restless if the movie isn’t good or if it’s too long.

  28. I recently saw the Butler, which was pretty good. I am such a huge fan of frozen yogurt and that looks like a winning combination!
  29. I am terrible about sitting through movies. I am so antsy especially if the movie doesn’t catch my attention immediately. I love love froyo. I haven’t been in a while!
  30. The banana and cake batter combo is genius! I’m glad you are enjoying being back in London.
  31. i love dinner-movie-dessert nights. it’s always so well paced! you have time to digest dinner during the movie and are ready for dessert. love that you have all these new restaurants to try. the duck sliders look so awesome! and can’t lie so does the poutine! i had a greekified version of poutine once with feta and olives and all the amazing things. i always found that the first weekend back to school was super crazy with going out. i bet that line won’t be as long next weekend! also, props to you for sitting through ‘riddick’. i would never watch that haha.
  32. Oh man, vanilla cappuccino SOY fro-yo?! And they had mint oreos? And poptart pieces?! Be still my heart! I need to come for a visit…got a spare bed…eh, forget it, I’s sleep on the balcony! Ha!

    I have YET to try actual poutine….but I can imagine one topped with pulled pork to be out of this world amazing! And I don’t think I’ve ever had duck before, but it’s on the list!

    I always say I’m not into sci-fi movies either, but I always surprise myself…I actually really liked Star Trek!

    • Haha I do have a couch, it might be a tad more comfortable than the balcony, considering that the balcony is concrete And about Star Trek…that makes one of us :-p

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