MIMM: Maybe Not My Backup Career.


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Hello and good morning! How was everyone’s weekend?

So I had a busy weekend and took a few days to unplug a bit, but nonetheless I have to start off this post by wishing a happy belated Father’s Day to my dad!

Sam and Dad

Fortunately, I had plans to come home this past weekend so I got to spend some time with him yesterday. Love you dad! 

So I had a pretty awesome father’s day…


And the rest of my weekend was pretty fabulous as well! Definitely deserving of the ‘marvelous’ descriptive. Thanks to Katie for hosting!

Friday Dinner

Eric works in an elementary school, and for the last little while some of his students have been telling him about Wingmaster, a local restaurant known for their insane amount of wing flavours – over 200 varieties. Eric requested that we head there for dinner Friday night.

So literally, all this restaurant has is wings. They have a few fried appetizers and sides (onion rings, fries, mozzarella sticks) and the celery sticks that come with the wings, but that basically covers it. 

So…that didn’t phase me. We went for wings, I realized that quite literally, all I was going to get was wings, and I was fine with that. Even six months ago I would have been unsettled and probably pretty anxious and that thought, but now? Nothing. I was excited to see what different flavours we could get! We decided to get three pounds of wings so that we could try three different flavours.

This was the list we had to work with:

Wing Flavours

Ummm….yea. Holy wing flavours, batman.

We finally came to our decision:

Wing Night

  • Top left: Medium Buffalo Bacon Blue Cheese. A really creamy, bacon-bit filled sauce with a bit of heat to it. Really good!
  • Bottom right: Carolina Gold. A sticky, sweet mix of carolina and honey garlic sauce. I think this was Eric’s top pick – he prefers a sweet sauce.
  • Top left: My pick of the day: peanut butter and jam. Yup…on wings. Strange but good much? It was actually one of the best wing sauces I think I’ve ever had!

I downed about 6 wings and munched on all the celery sticks it came with. And left guilt-free…I don’t eat this way all the time (in fact, I can’t tell you the last time I had wings for dinner…maybe half a decade ago?) so why should I feel guilty about it? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years is that one meal (or one weekend) is not going to cause me to suddenly gain five pounds overnight. As long as most of my choices are healthy (which they generally are), then I’m fine.


Although the unhealthy choices continued a little bit into Saturday Wink because I was at a bachelorette party! The bestie’s older sister is getting married in Mexico next month (unfortunately, lack of funds + saving for HLS means I can’t afford to go) so we were celebrating Saturday night. The bride isn’t a huge ‘go-clubbing’, sort of person, so it was more of a girls night in…after we went to a pole dancing class!

First thing though, I had some girl time of my own with my mom when we went for pedicures and a polish change on my nails:



Whenever I get a pedicure, I absolutely must have high-lighter bright toes. And the butterfly was just a nice touch Wink

Afterwards, my mom dropped me off at the bride’s house where we surprised her with a limo!

Bride and Maid of Honour


Have to roll around your bachelorette party is style, don’t you? Wink We went to the hostess’ (one of the bride’s friends from childhood) house, where we were promptly greeted with this:

Jello Shooters


Those would be jello shooters…a lot of jello shooters. Some of which were in the shape of starfish. They were the drink choice of the evening Wink

Unfortunately, pictures from the pole dancing/the rest of the evening in general are pretty limited for the internet. The bride and another guest are elementary school teachers, so I’m keeping pictures of them stripping/drinking/with penis paraphernalia (it was a bachelorette…of course there was penis paraphernalia everywhere) to a minimum. Don’t need any parents stumbling over that!

I can assure you that the class was awesome though: 

Pole Dancing


It was at Aradia Fitness in London (Ontario) and included dancing, pole and lap dance components. It was also BYOB (they had a little bar at the back), so we brought along some of the jello shooters for a bit of liquid (jiggly?) courage. I enjoyed all the components of the class, even though the lap dance portion was a tad awkward. You want to get familiar with someone you just met a few hours beforehand? Just give them a mock lap-dance Wink 

Obviously the pole dancing part was my favourite. It was actually a lot of fun to swing and hang around on those things!



And it’s actually a really good workout. The instructor had more muscles in her legs than a lot of fitness competitors that I’ve seen! It gave me a bit of a newfound respect for the athletic abilities that go into pole dancing….but I don’t think I’ll make it my backup career Wink


Overall, it was a great experience and something that I would love to do again! They actually offer a six-week TRX class, which I think would be amazing to try.

After the class, we took the limo back to the hostess’ place for dinner, drinking and a slumber-party esque movie night. 

Dinner spread

Just some of the dinner spread. We had rolls with turkey, ham and all the fillings, hot apps (some of those came out before we headed to the class…I love me some pugs in a blanket), chips with pico de gallo and guacamole, meatballs, baguette slices, a cheese and cracker plate. bread with spinach dip….so much good food.

My plate:


Clearly I kept nibbling on the chips and guac/pico. Sooo good. And then a latecomer arrived with a watermelon, mint and feta salad, which of course I had to dive into. Watermelon and feta is a pretty ideal combination.

The rest of the night was an old-school movie night. We watched Now and Then (which I’ve never seen in full before. It was so cute!) and All I Wanna Do ( released under the title of Strike in the US and The Hairy Bird in Australia). Both were awesome, girl-party appropriate 90’s movies. I can’t even remember the last time I had a movie night like that, so I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I also had one of the cupcakes that I had brought with me as my contribution to the party…which I apparently didn’t take any pictures of. #bloggerfail. Basically, I made dark chocolate cupcakes (this cupcake recipe), filled them with the strawberry filling from this recipe, and topped them with a chocolate buttercream frosting and strawberry slices. Dark chocolate covered strawberries, anyone?

It was an awesome bachelorette party and a lot of fun – different that the clubbing sort of bachelorette party you usually see, but it was a great night. 


Sunday, I was able to spend the day just lazing around at my parent’s house, which I haven’t done for ages. I’ve been in some pretty desperate need of some relaxation time, so it was great to get some of that in. Of course, ending with an awesome dinner that my mom made:

Chicken Potato Asparagus

Roasted chicken with BBQ buffalo sauce, a baked potato with a bit of light sour cream, and roasted asparagus. I love mom-cooked meals.

Before heading back to my boy and my puppy. A busy, but definitely marvelous weekend!

Hope you have a great start to the week!


<— Food guilt: do you ever experience it?

<— Fan of chicken wings? What’s your flavour? Sweeter or spicy?

<— Ever done a pole dancing class? Would you want to?

<— Married ladies: what did you do for your bachelorette party? Single/not-yet-marrieds: What would you want to do? I imagine mine is going to be of the going-clubbing variety Wink


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing weekend! Loving the jelly shots! Now that I’m 18 I can actually try these! Woo!
    This is going to sound stupid, but … What are wings? Being australian in the blogger world is really hard!
    I had two friends that took pole dancing classes. They are only 17, and I think that’s a little young, but I guess it’s good from a fitness perspective. I’m so uncoordinated that I can never see it working for me!
    Happy Monday x
    • They’re literally the wings of the chicken – here, they’re usually deep fried and coated with different kinds of sauce! They’re messy and delicious
  2. Holy ribs- just looking at the number of options is making me confused! As much as I love having a choice, too many options on a menu are sometimes a bit overwhelming haha! You guys made good choices, and am extremely intrigued by the PB & J marinade! During my sister’s hen, we actually did a pole dancing class and I can definitely vouch for it being quite the workout!
    • It wasn’t so much of a marinade as quite literally, peanut butter and jam poured on top. I think it’s something to recreate!
  3. I’m just about to graduate University so my group of friends will be entering wedding season soon enough. The thought of drunkenly pole dancing kind of sounds like my worst nightmare, but it seems like you did it with a good group of friends and managed to see the humor in it! And I bet it was such a good workout. (But I still hope my friends’ bachelorette parties are lapdance-free…)

    I don’t like chicken wings so much – because I hate getting a mess on my face and hands when I eat. The sauce always sticks in my hair… But when I was a kid I would get chicken tenders with the sauce for dipping. Pb&J sauce sounds so tasty! Chicken and peanut butter is amazing and chicken with fruit (like roasted with apricots or plums) is amazing, so I guess it’s just mathematics that they should all be combined.

    Love your blog, btw. I expect I’ll be stalking it for a while.

  4. I still really want to try a pole dancing class sometime so badly. I feel like I’d be the most awkward person in the world though. I don’t think a stripper type of bachelorette party would be my speed either. I’d much rather go the pampered route… and that dance class
  5. that first picture melts my heart, reminds me of me and my grandfather. gosh those jello shots, I can tell it was a great time. Hope you have a good monday lady!
  6. Wow, that’s a ton of wing flavors! My dad makes amazing boneless buffalo wings (tofu wings for me)… maybe I could get him to make some plain ones and then I could put a different sauce on them! The peanut butter one sounds pretty fantastic (but then again, when is peanut butter anything not fantastic? ).
    I’m glad you had such a great time at the party! I didn’t ever know they had pole dancing classes. How interesting!
    And I love that picture of you and your dad – so cute!
  7. Wait, wait…. Gummy bear wings?! Now I’ve seen everything. I’ve never actually been the biggest wings fan, and I think it mostly has to do with not enjoying picking the meat off the bones. But a lot of those flavors sound so unique that I’d probably be willing to give them a try. And I’ve LOVE to try a pole dancing class, too. Not gonna lie… I get all sorts of envious whenever I see really talented pole dancers because I know how much skill and strength that sort of thing takes. Plus I think it’d just be fun as heck, although I’d probably have a hard time keeping a straight face.

    Happy Monday, love!

    • For my pick, I was down to between the pb & j, creamy dill and gummy bear – if we go back sometime this summer, I may have to try the gummy bear! And I’m thinking I would love to take more classes – it was so much fun!
  8. Sounds like a super fun weekend.
    I heart jello shots haha, they are so fun to drink because you literally just throw them down.
    Oh reminds me of some good ol’ times.
    And I want to try a pole dancing class really badly, even though I’m pretty sure I’d suck but it’s pretty amazing the amount of strength it takes to do all the skills and tricks they do. How could that activity not be a ton of fun anyways, right.
    Have a lovely day!
  9. That wing place sounds so awesome.. my kind of restaurant! And I LOVE Now & Then and All I Wanna Do. Definitely classic sleepover movies. What a fun bachelorette party! I am not married (or engaged), but I would love for my bachelorette party to consist of a concert to see one of my favorite bands followed by a night at a bar where we can dance. I’d also like to get a beach day in there if possible.
  10. First of all, LOLed at that pic of you and your dad. I know I have one almost identical somewhere!
    Second POLE DANCING! I’ve wanted to try that forever!! Plus, all those noms look amazing. Glad you had a fabulous weekend!
    I’ll have to try pb&j wings…I’ve tried it on a hamburger, but I have a feeling this could be an amazing palate revolution.
    PS. how cool is it to not feel guilty about delicious things?? LOVE YOU!
    • there’s a burger place that does bacon, peanut butter and banana slices, which is definitely on my list of things to try. And thanks – it’s definitely my favourite picture I have of us!
  11. So happy to hear about the lack of food guilt…it is THE WORST! I totally feasted on late-night nachos on Saturday and am proud to report ZERO food guilt! YAY for us! PB & J wings?! Holy smokes…I need to try that! Also, POLE DANCING=SO HARD!

    PS LOVE the photo of you and your dad.

    • Cannot go wrong with late night nachos! There’s a place near me that does pulled pork nachos, and they’re pretty incredible
  12. I am the queen of indecisiveness so I’d never be able to decide what flavours to get!!

    I actually did pole dancing up until I left Australia as it was included in my gym membership for free. It is frickin’ hard! Every dancer I met was super muscley – it takes a lot to do those moves! I sucked but I was starting to get better after a few months. It’s a shame my new gym doesn’t offer those classes!

    And I never actually had a bachelorette party – I flew in two days before my wedding and the only time we would have had to do it would have been the night before! I didn’t think nursing a hangover on my wedding day would be a good look haha

    • haha might not have made for the best wedding photos so jealous that your old gym offered classes! I’d seriously consider signing up for a round of memberships at the one I went to, I really loved it.
  13. So much fun wrapped into a few days! Love weekends like that. I have never taken a pole dancing class but I totally would…I heard it is a great workout and tons of fun (and funny). I think Now and Then is one of my all time favorite movies so now I want to watch it!
  14. I can’t say I’ve ever taken a pole dancing class – but I’m sure it’d be a fun experience! Looks like you had such a good weekend, though. You’re just reminding me how much I need to get my nails done….
  15. What a fun party!! That looks like a blast. I’ve never tried pole dancing! those jello shooters look fun. aaand omg i wish we had that wing place in boston- i would be all over that like, well, like bbq sauce on a wing have a great monday!
  16. Love your mani and pedi, so cute! That menu is ridiculous, you could eat there for weeks with a different thing each time!
  17. Hahaha i think you should definitely keep this as a backup career looks like you’d have a blast and get a good workout everyday, just saying i used to have food guilt all the time, but i am happy to say that i experience it much less these days, usually only if i’m stressed out about something else so taking a few minutes to work out whatever that is usually makes it go away. Right now, I’m just enjoying eating what I want…is it always healthy? Nope…but I’m ok with that and happier than I’ve been in a long time
    Caitlin recently posted..Small and MarvelousMy Profile
  18. So many things I want to comment on! That can only be a good sign First, good for you for the lack of foot guilt business… Getting to that point in all of this takes not only time but EFFORT from the person taking an initiative to heal…aka you. So yes, so proud of you woman oh and I very much concur with your flavor of wings… The bfs sweet one would likely take first place but that pb and jelly one would not be far behind! An odd flavor fo sho though haha
    Second, yay for such a fun bachelorette party! A great idea for someone who is not too into clubbing and you guys still certainly had a blast. Poll dancing is on my to-do list, a list I really need to get on as I have a whole lot to accomplish! I bet you were one hot momma up there on dem pollzzzz
    Finally a lazy Sunday is always a good thing, you deserve to relax and simply enjoy yourself m’dear!
    P.s I’m sorry I have not been commenting much recently but I do read each and everyday you post… So most days and look forward to them! Keep em coming woman
    • lmao I think I need a little bit more practice before anyone would actually want to watch me And definitely give it a shot sometime!
      And that’s fine love, I know you’ve had a lot going on recently so I completely understand! Send me an email if you ever want to talk or catch up
  19. I’ve actually been to that same pole dancing studio. I live in London, and a few years ago my firend and I went and did a class. Although it was a little awkward…the instructors were amazing!
    • Oh, that’s awesome! The instructor was showing us some crazy aerial upside down move she was working on – I was seriously impressed.
  20. I have experienced food guilt a bit, but I eat fairly clean most of the time, so I don’t feel that badly about it anymore
    Honey BBQ Chicken Wings … boneless
    I’ve never pole danced, and I really don’t think it is for me
    I think I want to go to a spa and get a mani/pedi, full body kind of thing
  21. That peanut butter and jam flavor for the wings actually sounds REALLY good. I will have to try that out with meatless meatballs. I am thinking that the sweet and savoryness of that would be AWESOME!
  22. What beautiful feet! I’ve never had a pedicure! My feet are a bit embarrassing- I have really strange long thin toes lol! What an amazing weekend- sounds like the perfect balance of friends and family fun! I actually don’t do food guilt- I take a nigella view that you should never feel guilty for pleasure (poor nigella her husband seems very unstable!!) Oooh those chicken wings sound interesting! I’ve only had them as part of a roast chicken with rosemary and olive oil- a restaurant with only chicken wings- Yoda- I am amazed Would love to try pole dancing! I think I’d like a girls night with lots of movies and a midnight frolic on the beach as a farewell to my single lady status- you’ll be invited ;)! Now and then and the hairy bird are two of my teenage favourites! Girl power! I was always a “Samantha” So nice you got to spend a great Father’s Day with your papa! Happy Monday Sam
    • I saw that thing on Nigella today, I wonder what actually happened. And I would definitely make a trip out to Italy for that
      • I was wondering the same thing- have seemed very upset- I hope she leaves him- her mother was physically abusive apparently- can’t help but wonder if she has repeated the relationship? I love Nigella she is such a fabulous women- I hope she is getting a lot of support! So sweet- I know a great little place you can stay! Where a wonderful italian mama will make you lots of tiramisu!! A warm Bed and dessert are there for you anytime Sam
  23. Omg a pole dancing class! That’s hilarious yet awesome at the same time. I’ve never done it (and probably never will) but pole dancing really does look like a great workout. Definitely a lot of ab strength needed!
  24. LOVE the pedicure!!! I too MUST have bright toes. It’s not even a question.
  25. jello shooters is a drink of choice for some of my girlfriends – always a good time with those haha
    and never pole danced – we admit though we have wanted to try it out
  26. I really want to try a TRX class! It is on my list of things to do with summer!
    Pole dancing classes look intense. My friend does them and tells me about how much upper body/core strength you really need. (minus the fact that some bruises may occur) 200 kinds of wings? WOW! I am not a wing fan just because its not huge here in Seattle. I could become one or become overwhelmed if I went there!
  27. Oh my gosh I love that idea for a bachelorette party! Good idea to have some drinks to loosen you up – I’d probably be so self conscious otherwise haha.

    Now & Then was one of my favourite movies when I was younger! I think Devon Sawa was my first childhood crush lol. Now I really want to watch that movie again.

    • I remember my mom watching it all the time when I was younger, but I never bothered to watch it from start to end. It was so good!
  28. Wings, garlic all the way for me! I have not had wings in forever, but garlic has my heart!!

    A pole dance class would be so fun, always wanted to try one! Glad you had a fabulous fun filled weekend!

  29. I feel like my food guilt is getting better and better. If one of my roommates makes treats, I always dig in now and I generally don’t feel bad about it. Win! Those wings looks insane! I have never been to a place with that many flavours and I think I might have to.

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