MIMM: Some Pretty Marvelous Cupcakes.


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Happy Monday! I hope you’re just coming off of a marvelous weekend.

Which, I think is the most marvelous thing about Mondays – thinking back an awesome weekend. Thanks to the Diva and her-soon-to-be-here little man for hosting!

So my weekend was a good mix of fun and relaxing, with some awesome food thrown in for good measure.

Friday was definitely relaxing – I hit the gym in the morning, put in my 8 hours at work, and got to enjoy driving instead of biking to work (Eric had the day off and didn’t need the car). As much as I love Queen Cersei, it’s nice to have the chance to drive and sleep in an extra 10-15 minutes once in a while.

I put together a tasty dinner:

Fish Dinner

Hoki fish with sauteed asparagus and potatoes…if you saute potatoes with something else, does that automatically make it a hash? I’m not sure whether to refer to that as a potato and asparagus hash or not. Either way, it was pretty fabulous. The hoki was a firm-fleshed fish with a little bit of the ‘fishy’ taste to it. Eric and I were both fans.

And then Saturday…I drove up to Burlington for the afternoon to hang out with Chelsea!

Sam and Chelsea

Right now we’re actually only about a 40 minute drive away from each other, so I was happy to make the trip down to spend the afternoon with her. We made plans to go to Kindfood for lunch…if you read Chelsea’s blog at all, you know about this fabulous vegan, organic, gluten free restaurant!

The restaurant itself is small and homey…a little hippie-ish, actually. I thought it was adorable! Although everything looked amazing (the Huevos Rancheros were calling to me a little), with the way Chelsea waxes poetic about the Buddha Bowl I knew I had to give a shot Tongue Out

Kindfood's Buddha Bowl

First of all, I’m obsessed with the bowl itself. I kind of want to serve all of my meals out of giant wooden bowls.

Kindfoods Buddha Bowl

The Happy Buddha Bowl includes brown rice, grilled sweet potato, red onion, tomatoes, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried herbs, olive oil and tamari, garnished with cilantro and avocado. I added tofu as well, at Chelsea’s suggestion. 

So I can understand why she’s such a fan. This was such a good meal! Some of my potato slices were a little bit blackened, but other than that, absolutely delicious.

Over lunch, Chelsea was telling me about Kindfood’s sister store – Kelly’s Bake Shoppe (in between our random conversations about everything from puppies to Game of Thrones…I love having another person I can talk GoT with!). Like Kindfood, it’s an organic, vegan, gluten free facility. And as an added bonus for my peanut allergy sufferers out there, the bakery is entirely peanut free as well! I didn’t exactly need a lot of convincing to head over there after we finished up our lunch.

So, this was clearly the most difficult decision I’ve had to make in a while.

Kelly's Cupcakes Hell, I even had trouble arriving at the decision that I wanted a cupcake. They had cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, cake ball truffles…so.many.decisions. After an embarrassingly long time of deliberations, I decided on the chocolate coconut cupcake.

Chocolate Coconut Cupcake

Because it looked like it had more frosting than the rest of them Wink

So I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t grab a box of cupcakes to take home…holy jesus this was amazing. The cupcake was perfectly fluffy and chocolate-y, and the icing was just the right amount of sweetness. I never would have guessed in a million years that this was a vegan, gluten free cupcake…the icing wasn’t as thick as a traditional buttercream, but it was better than the vast majority of conventional cupcakes I’ve had. I think I’m actually making myself drool on my keyboard a little looking at that photo again.

We followed lunch with a shopping trip that ended up being more of a browsing trip…neither of us ended up getting anything. Although we did go into Sephora and talked about how we needed Amanda or Lisa there to guide us, because we had absolutely no idea what we were doing  Wink

As per usual, I had a great time hanging out with Chelsea. Hopefully, she can make the trip down to see me soon so I can take her to my favourite sushi place in town!

Sunday was just a lot of lounging about, so I think I’ll end the post here. I hope you have a wonderful day!

<— Do you name your cars/bikes/vehicles? Never named my cars, but for some reason bike names feel necessary to me…

<— Vegan restaurants – yay or nay? I’m pretty sure was my first time at a 100% vegan restaurant, and I was thoroughly impressed!

<— What was the last cupcake you had? Before Saturday, the last cupcake I had was a Turtles cupcake at a bakery here in town…also pretty wonderful.


  1. Ah 2 of my favorite bloggers together- now THAT’s one lunch I would have loved to crash…especially when cupcakes are thrown in! I’m more of a muffin person than cupcake person but I believe the last cupcake I had was vanilla with chocolate frosting- nowhere near as exciting as a chocolate coconut cupcake but it hit the spot :)!
  2. All of that looked amazing!
    I don’t name anything … my sister does, though
    The last cupcake I had was vanilla with a really thick, rich pink icing (maybe fondant?)
    And definitely a yes on vegan restaurants …. one time I went Vegan for a day hahaha
  3. The only reason I’m forgiving you for not letting me tag along on Saturday is the fact that I’m all the way across the country But a day with good food, amazing friends, and makeup?! Sounds perfect to me… especially since the cupcake place is peanut free We may just have to scout out a place like that in Twin Cities.

    I don’t usually name my cars or bikes… I just pick a gender for them and go with that. My car right now is a dude, but the one before that was a girl… Aaaaand typing it out that way makes me feel a little crazy Hope your week is off to an amazing start, love!

    Whoa. And this is kind of random, but I just realized your smilies look different!

    • My day would have been even better if you were able to tag along! And I’m actually not sure what gender mine/Eric’s car would be…It’s looks kind of masculine to me.
      And I’m assuming the different smilies are a Mac vs. PC thing!
  4. Aw what a fun day! I love blogger meetups. I feel like there are just so many things you can talk about that real-life friends don’t always relate to. I have to say I would have gone for the cookies and cream cupcake but hey, we all have our preferences I’m with you on driving to work every once in a awhile in favor of sleeping in. I used to bike to work before it got stolen and while it was nice to be a little active, it does take more planning and time.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..MIMM: the wait is overMy Profile
  5. How awesome that you were able to go to Kindfood! I am jealous!
  6. What a delicious looking Saturday! The last time i was at a fully vegan restaurant was a couple years ago (I don’t think it was gluten free also, but maybe…) but i remember it being delicious. That buddha bowl looks soo tasty! and whenever im in my local cupcake shop i always tell myself to try the gluten free ones, but i dont. next time, i absolutely will! have a great monday!
  7. Ahh rice bowls! I am so obsessed with those lately! That one looks great!
  8. I name my cars! My focus is named Yolanda!
    That rice bowl looks delish, I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant but this makes me intrigued!
    & yay for coconut. I tried a coconut donut for free on Friday and it was tasty! So I obviously wouldn’t mind trying a cupcake either
  9. YUM this all looks so good!
  10. Chocolate + coconut? I’m sold. And I LOVE wooden bowls. My grandparents used to always serve us in wooden salad bowls and they were so cute. Buddha bowls, ftw.
  11. So FUN you got to hang with Chelsea!!!
    So jealous, looks like a great time.
    Oh my gosh, KindFood looks amazing. I’m dying to try it sometime. I’ve heard amazing things about it.
    That buddha bowl is to die for.
    And cupcakes too! Fun.
    Haha, I love your girls. Wouldn’t that be the best if all four of us could be there!!
    We all need to live closer, and go on lunch dates, cupcake dates, and sephora dates
  12. Happy MIMM!!

    never had hoki but looks so yum! I really love fish so I am sure I would like that!

    How fun you got to meet up with Chelsea! I just adore her, she is so sweet and genuine! I met her at HLS last year!

  13. Wow, gorgeous cupcake. Is it wrong that I’m lusting after the giant wooden bowl just as much? It looks awesome!
  14. I had such a blast with you on Saturday!!

    Haha it’s so funny that you said that about the wooden bowl because I am totally obsessed with them too. Ever since I started eating there, I’ve been on my own personal mission to find bowls like that. No luck yet, but I’ll let you know if I ever find any!

    I’m definitely coming to visit you sometime next month. And I’ll bring you a cupcake! Any specific request?

    • My mom has some big wooden salad bowls, I may have to ask her where she got them…and oh goodness, hard decision!! I was down to choosing between the chocolate coconut and the chocolate mint, so I may have to request that one for next time…although really any chocolate cupcake makes me happy! Look forward to when you’re able to come visit me!
  15. That restaurant sounds amazing and those cupcakes…holy moly! I would have chose the chocolate coconut too, it sounds incredible! I need to try and find some bloggers close to me so we can plan a fun day. I love how blogging leads to new friends.
  16. I’m pretty in love with that bowl too! Imagine all the things you can serve out of there: pasta, salads, nuts, guacamole. Yummm.
  17. I can see why you had such a tough decision!! I also had some pretty fabulous dessert on Saturday and it took forever to decide what to get – and I am also kicking myself for not getting some to take home. . . and it has been way to long since I have had any cupcakes. But I did have some cookie cake this weekend too – so that helps!!
  18. Both you and Chelsea look so kind and lovely, no wonder kindfood was your kind of place I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant- The food looks wonderful! Oh my I’m right there with you in decision agony- I think you made the best choice (I like your criteria lol) even though I love chocolate mint- in cake form coconut/chocolate wins. I am a bit embarrassed I can’t remember the last time I had a cupcake- they haven’t taken over Italy yet I think lol. Last cake I enjoyed was an amaretto chocolate torte with Marsala and vanilla gelato- it was good- very,very- good. I think your bikes name is fabulous- I’ve never owned a car, and bikes tend not to stick around in my neighbourhood to long (honestly every bike I’ve ever had has been stolen!) but perhaps I’ll take a leaf out of your book and name my next one Daenerys- that ought to deter the bike theifs lol. Have a marvellous week Sam
  19. Yum…cupcakes! I’m kind of cupcake obsessed and I would definitely have a hard time choosing. They’re so many good ones! The chocolate coconut one sounds perfect! The last cupcake I had was a chocolate cappuccino cupcake…sooooo good!
  20. what an awesome meet up. must have been a blast, I mean she does know the best places to eat. I have been on a fish kick lately and totally forgot how much I loved it
  21. Awwrr, two of my favorite people in the same place! Cue: major jealousy! Naw, I’m so happy you and Chelsea were able to hang out over the weekend – how fun! I’ve been dreaming about trying Kindfood’s Buddha Bowl since I first read about it on Chelsea’s blog. Not only does it sound delicious (hello, sweet potatoes and avocado!), but it *looks* beautiful. A blogger’s dream! Now we both have to convince Chelsea to join us in Minneapolis this summer…Do you think we can do it?

    The cupcake looks heavenly, too…that COCONUT! Swoooon. One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten was at Babycakes in New York City, so I completely believe you when you say it was over-the-top delicious.

    Happy Monday, Sam! xoxo

  22. That does looks like an absolutely marvelous day!! So jealous of your cupcake though. I think I need to plan a field trip to that bakery And I love how you decided on which one. Frosting is definitely my favorite part of cake/cupcakes.
  23. we just enjoyed some cupcakes over the weekend – we got babycakes cupcakes at the orlando location. we got just basic vanilla and chocolate but we love mint chocolate cupcakes! we love our cupcakes!
  24. Gosh, all that food looks so delicious!! Sounds like you girls had a great time!! We have a vegeterian buffet-style restaurant here which I think is pretty fabulous.
    I love this huge woodden bowls too. So classy!!
  25. Hmm I’ve actually never thought of naming my bike before, but my car’s name is Rhonda…. Rhonda the Honda It works.
    What a nice time you two had together, and I am just so jealous you both live so close! On that note, jealous that you are that close to a buddha bow (and yes, the wooden bowl does make it that much better), and also the treat shop! I applaud your choice of the coconut chocolate flavor, it would have been on my “perhaps” list when trying to decide! Next time you have to take a box home with you
    I no next to nothing about makeup either. I need those two ladies to help me out too!
  26. Ahhhh this looks like SO MUCH FUN! I want to hang out with y’all. Buddha bowls, cupcakes, and sephora?? That’s living the dream.

    So glad the two of you had fun!

  27. I need to see if there are any vegan restaurants around. The Buddha bowl looks amazing with tofu. I am craving that now.
    I haven’t named any of my cars, but some of my friends have named theirs. I’d call mine Black Beauty just because its a 12′ black mustang!

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