MIMM: Weekend in Pictures.


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And maybe a couple of words – I’m writing this at 11:00 pm, but I do love to talk (write?) so I need to chat a little bit, at least.


Non-wordy = still marvelous. Thanks to the diva for hosting!

Friday. Day at school + schmoozing at my program BBQ. I kept the picture taking to a minimum (trying to be all professional and academic and whatnot) but of course managed to snap a quick phone picture of my dinner.

Dinner Plate

Rice crackers, deli meat (turkey and ham) green salad, quinoa salad, deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are amazing, and as was that salad. My prof told me she was just throwing random ingredients into it, but it turned out awesome. Probably because random ingredients included raisins and chopped dried apricot – I adore dried fruit in grain salads.

Saturday = market trip.

Covent Garden

Exploring Covent Garden – an indoor market downtown. One of my favourite spots in the city.

Hole-the-wall Date night.



One of Eric’s friends had been raving about Shmokey’s, so it was Eric’s date night request. I happily obliged when I determined that they’d have pulled pork.

Menu and Dinner


Left – my pulled pork sandwich. Right – Eric’s Texas Taters.

Side of cassava fries:

Cassava Fries


Which Eric was hesitant to try but agreed that they’re awesome.

Also awesome: Diet Coke in glass bottles.

Diet Coke


It’s just classy. And makes me feel like it’s the fifties.

The waiter asked me if I liked hot sauce, to which I gave a resounding yes….which he (rightfully) interpreted as a desire to have my sandwich completely drenched in it.

Froyo was clearly needed to soothe my on-fire-in-the-best-way-possible-mouth:



Chocolate banana and salted caramel froyo, and going light on toppings for once. Brownie bits, yogurt-covered pretzels, milk chocolate malt balls, mini peanut butter cups, frosted animal crackers, maraschino cherries. For me, this is absolutely light on toppings – although it was pointed out to me that I forgot the sprinkles, and for that I am ashamed.

Sunday = navigating another class at the gym:

Gym classes


I want to try them all! Except not right now, because Saturday’s circuit + Sunday’s bootcamp = holy wow I am sore.

Parent’s house for dinner:

Sunday Dinner

Scalloped potatoes, BBQed chicken thighs, and unpictured salad. Scalloped potatoes are messy, but definitely one of my favourite things that my mom makes. We also got sent home with the leftover chicken – another reason why I love going to my parent’s for dinner.

And also because my mom buys dessert. She set it in front of me to cut:

Meat Cleaver


Apparently, we are so serious about dessert that we cut it with a meat cleaver.



Just wonderful.

The rest of the night was this:



(I love taking over their laundry room…because laundromats/my building basically charge an arm and a leg for it these days)

and this:



Where I proceeded to guess pretty much every category wrong. Apparently, I’m not too good at this.

But done! And I love how my short posts still end up being not actually all that short. Oh goodness.

Have a good one!

<— Did you watch the Emmy’s last night? How accurate were you in your predictions?

<— Ever tried cassava fries? 

<— Favourite thing at BBQ place? I’m all about the pulled pork, but BBQ chicken, baked beans, cornbread and mac and cheese are all up there too…pretty safe to say that I just really like BBQ.

<— Do you exercise on weekends? I go back and forth with it – I was feeling it this weekend, so I went for it.


  1. Haha the meat cleaver is great. My family would do the same thing. I personally do exercise on the weekends but that’s because my rest days fall during the week. I like the idea of starting out my Saturday or Sunday with a run- especially in the fall! I’m glad you had a great weekend I got froyo last night and the salted caramel flavor stole the show.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..MIMM: DC LivingMy Profile
  2. I love cassava fries! There was a restaurant that I lived a block from in NYC that had the best cassava fries and I would order them at least twice week.

    I love your date nights I need to institute more of those!

    • I hadn’t tried them before, but they were really good! And Eric and I try to do them most Saturday nights – it’s my favourite tradition of ours!
  3. Coke in glass bottles always feels so much more posh — I’m not even a huge soda drinker, but I still get tempted by those pretty bottles… maaaaaybe because they feel so much more glamourous and make me think of the 50’s as well. And I can’t believe you used a meat cleaver to cut dessert I could probably use one of those to cut my kabochas… I had a pretty close call the other day, and almost ended up drawing blood when I was cutting mine up. Eep.

    I didn’t actually end up watching the Emmy’s because I was over at my parents’ and my dad was hogging the TV with something else. Fine by me, especially since Twitter kept me pretty updated.

    Happy Monday, love!

    • Be caaaareful with your squashes! Although I would gladly come out to Edmonton to visit you, I’d rather that not be in the hospital because you lost a digit! And considering that I don’t have a TV, Twitter just keeps me updated with life in general.
  4. I have to say hole in the wall places always turn out to be the best, I am still a firm believer of that. I am glad i am not the only one who digs good deviled eggs, they are so tasty. I like them nice and spicy! Have a great Monday Sam!
  5. Those cassava fries are intriguing to me. They look so crispy.
    And how come coke in glass bottles just feels so much more classy. I swear it tastes better too.
    Looks like a great weekend overall! I always love visiting markets like that. They always have such neat things.
    I typically don’t workout on weekends, unless I took a few breaks during the week day. I guess it all depends on what I have planned.
  6. Ah I love love love going to markets! Always a fun time and good to look around and browse. Also, your date night pick was perfect! I LOVE BBQ! Like, LOVE. I would have had such a hard time picking something off of the menu because I’d want it all…literally. Dessert is obviously some serious business…ain’t no dainty knife going to do the job!
  7. I REALLLLY never ever ever exercise on the weekends.
    we move as a family–usually at the playground
  8. Your weekend looks like a blast…and delicious as always! I’ve never tried cassava fries nor had I ever heard about it until now but it definitely looks like something I’d be all over! As much as I’m loving the gym I’m a member of now, I wish they’d offer a few exercise classes for the sake of variety! I usually work out once a weekend but but I usually stick with something more relaxed like low-intensity cardio session or a quicker-than-usual weight training session! Happy Monday, girlie :)!
  9. Hole in the wall places are the best. I love BBQ places. I’m a big pulled pork fan but I enjoy anything slathered with BBQ sauce honestly.

    Training I do work out on weekends. They are normally reserved for long runs or runs with the boyfriend. When I’m in my off time (in a month or so) I’ll be the same way and go back and forth with it.

  10. YOUR WORK DINNER LOOKS SO GOOD. Also, I always say “okey dokey papa shmokey”…I have no idea why or where I first heard it, but I’m glad that the word “shmokey” isn’t completely out there! (Maybe it’s the inner Canadian in me coming out?) And that froyo…drool. I’m way overdue for some froyo.
  11. I want cassava fries! Never tried ’em, but I’m sure they’re great. I completely forgot the Emmys were on last night, but I DID start watching season 2 of Homeland.

    One of my fondest BBQ memories is from Hawaii – it was a road side stand where they were cooking whole BBQ chickens & ribs served with these spongey rice/donut balls on a stick. It was the greasiest & most delicious meal EVER!!!

  12. I would like some of your dinner and that cake please!?! Yummy!!!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the Emmy’s last night. I’ll have to catch-up on all the winners today. My favorite thing to get at a BBQ place is definitely the pulled pork! And yes, I do workout on the weekends. My rest days are actually Wednesday and Friday.

  13. Dried fruit + grains = the best salad accessories ever. I had a quinoa and farro salad with dried cranberries and pistachios yesterday (stuffed into collard greens) and it was SO GOOD! Would never have thought to combine those things on my own. Your professor must have the magic salad touch.

    I remember going to Greece when I was 14 and all the Fanta was served in glass bottles. It was the first (and last) time I ever really enjoyed soda; sitting at a table in the sun with bottle just seemed so European to my unworldly little self. I think theres a 1950s style diner somewhere around here that sells glass-bottled coke still.

  14. Meat cleaver to cut up dessert – Oh yeah! That means bigger pieces can be balanced on the blade and handed out
    Those cassava fries have my curiosity piqued big time!
    And definitely work out on the weekends – seem like I can get a good workout in and not be too time crunched!
  15. Wow…. you had some delicious looking eats this weekend! I always work out on the weekends because with work and my kiddo’s activities, it’s just so hard to fit it in during the week. Have a great week!
  16. Yes- love going home to my parents house to raid the pantry/do my laundry. I can’t remember the last time I did my laundry in my apt building, actually. I hate having to get quarters/paying for it.
    I go back and forth with working out on the weekends. Sometimes, I need a lazy weekend and this past one was just that. Fine by me!
  17. I may not be a huge froyo fan, but I’m all over yogurt-covered pretzels and brownie bits. Yum!!!

    Have a marvelous week!

  18. Some serious dessert with that meat cleaver, haha!

    Glad you had a good weekend! No froyo for me this weekend, but hoping this upcoming one I will get some pumpkin froyo!

    Happy Monday!

  19. LOL cutting the cake with a meat clever. It’s definitely something you’d see happen in my house from time to time. My dad doesn’t know the difference between a butter knife and a meat clever so he’d grab the closest one. And in your defense, the animal crackers DO have small little sprinkles on them

    I wanted about 15 minutes of the Emmy’s and managed to guess the best comedy show right because I love it! (Modern Family)

    Happy Monday, girl!

  20. Mini Reeces?! What is this!! And I can’t believe that your London has a Covent Garden as well. Way to jock our style!
  21. so much marvelous food!!! the texas taters sound amazing and i know you love your pulled pork. the program bbq plate is so nice and varied. looks just like a plate i’d grab! i’m loving deviled eggs lately. glad to hear you are getting into your gym’s nice variety of classes. i love circuit/bootcamp style classes. they are definitely always killer! my sis is a diet coke addict and loooves it out of a glass bottle.
    • I’m definitely trying to take advantage of the classes – I’ve already been able to try some different equipment and exercises in them that I haven’t done before!
  22. Danggg I wanted to watch the Emmys! Watching the recap on KathieLee and Hoda right now. Your weekend looks great (minus the laundry…but I guess it has to happen).
  23. I have made food so hot (on many occasions) that I run the the freezer for ice cream. It works better than milk!

    Exercising on weekend is my favorite – I feel so rushed during the week. It’s nice to get in a gym and take your time.

  24. I love hole in the wall date night! Good food and no pressure to put on fancy clothes…count me in i didn’t watch the emmys thanks to breaking bad, but I heard I didn’t miss much? Not sure if this is true or not haha, but I’ve also always loved movies more than tv so the golden globes and oscars are more interesting to me. What are casava fries?
    Caitlin recently posted..You Brought Us Nothing?My Profile
    • Haha and not wearing makeup out to dinner is a bonus too and a cassava is a type of root veggie – pretty sure it’s mainly eaten in South America.
  25. So jealous of how close you are to Covent Garden! Gah, I miss that place!

    I’ve never heard of the BBQ restaurant though – where is that?! I looove BBQ food, so I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it before. My favourite thing to get at BBQ restaurants is pulled pork, baked beans, and cornbread!

    I sometimes exercise on weekends unless I’m out of town or super busy. I take rest days whenever I feel I need them, so sometimes that’s on weekends and sometimes it’s not.

    • It’s reaaaaaally small – I hadn’t heard of it before Eric’s friend mentioned it! It’s in the mall where the Sears Outlet store is, Wonderland and Oxford. A really small menu, but the food was fantastic. And that seems like the smartest approach!
  26. It looks like you had a good weekend! When I was a freshman living in the dorms I would always fly home with a suitcase full of dirty clothes. My parents washer was so much less gross than the school ones. BBQ is usually a great choice, especially since there are so many different types and ways to eat it.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..MIMM First day of fallMy Profile
  27. Um okay, I definitely need cassava fries in my life. I typically exercise a little on the weekends, but they usually include my rest days also. I love doing absolutely nothing on Sundays!
  28. I swear soft drinks just taste better out of glass bottles- even though they tend to be just that much more expensive..worth it

    Pulled pork = amazing. chicken thighs = amazing. Salted caramel froyo= salted anything = amazing.

    Never tried cassava fries, well, I don;t even think I’ve tried cassava- I’ll have to google that. I generally do a strength workout on Saturdays, but sundays is free game!

    I bought a meat cleaver purely to cut kabocha

    • I agree with all your ‘amazings’ And I’ve never tried it before either, but it was pretty good – reminded me a lot of parsnip fries, actually!

      And I can’t say I blame you on the meat cleaver thing

  29. Nope i’ve never heard of cassava fries before and this is just not OK haha. Noted for a future dining out experience! Oh and heck yes to diet cokes in the glass bottle. Not only do they make you feel classy, but I seriously think they taste better too! Perhaps a placebo effect of some kind and I’m stickin to it Good choice on the froyo as always (salted caramel FTW) though the forgotten sprinkles?! Noooooo. I guess you’ll just need to get extra next time! Problem solved.
    As far as BBQ goes… BBQ chicken is probably my favorite followed by yep, pulled pork! Also there is this place near me that has great BBQ and the BEST cornbread I’ve ever had in my life… no exaggerating! So add corn bread to my list!
    Looks like a great weekend Sam and have a nice rest of your night
    • Someone else just pointed out that they’re also called yucca fries. And more sprinkles is definitely something that I can do And I adore cornbread! Now I’m thinking that I need to make some, I have an awesome recipe for a jalepeno cornbread that I’m somewhat obsessed with. Hope you’re having a good Tuesday my dear! Oh and P.S. – did you get the email I sent you over the weekend?
  30. Looks like a delicious weekend! I love deviled eggs and your professors quinoa salad looked yummy too.
    Haha, yes, the best way to put a fire in your mouth out is with froyo. Totally agree.

    I had to Google cassava fries to see what they are and it turns out I have had them before! I just refer to them as yucca fries. Although cassava seems to correlate with yuca which I think is the same thing as yucca. If so, they’re really good!

  31. I’ve never even HEARD of cassava fries! Hmmm…

    I love me some pulled pork and a really good coleslaw (though I tend to be a bit of a snob…among other things! Ha!)

    Love the “carving device”! You guys mean BUSINESS when it comes to chocolate! Lol

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