Please Don’t Do This At The Gym.


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Happy Thursday! Mmmm….weekend. So close.

So this has been an awkward week for me at the gym. First there was creepy abs guy, and now I have creepy butt guy. Basically, I was laying on the floor at the gym on Monday doing weighted hip thrusts (which is awkward enough in a crowded gym) when a bro-ish looking guy came up and asked if what I was doing was “working my ass.” And then proceeded to ask me what other exercises can be done for that particular area. And it can be noted that I’ve seen this guy at the gym a few times before, and he’s the kind of guy that would find an excuse to stand behind me as I was doing squats.


Anyways, this got me thinking about my own pet peeves in the gym. Basically, the things that make me silently rage inside when I see them happen. Apparently, I have a decent list.

So, if someone does these things while I’m working out, I will be seething on the inside a little:

1. Make me listen to your music.

When I was using the gym at school, there was always one girl who would carry around her iPad blasting music…as in, was not even wearing headphones. It’d be one thing if I liked the kind of music she was playing, but she was playing really slow, R & B type music…not exactly music that I would want to do jumping jacks to. Please people…headphones.

2. Talk to me while I’m wearing headphones.

Right now, when I’m at the gym it’s 6:30 am. I’m not conducive to conversation with anyone at that time, let alone a stranger at the gym. I hate it when people try to talk to me – I have to take off my headphones and ask them to repeat it, and that’s just annoying and wastes my time. So, do not talk to me with headphones on unless it’s vital. Ok? Ok.


Wearing headphones…so therefore, I’m avoiding conversation.

3 Talk to me in the middle of a set.

I actually had to laugh while I was at the gym at the other day – a woman about my age was moving around the gym from one set of equipment to the next, clearly performing a circuit workout. There was a guy literally following her around chatting her ear off (I couldn’t tell what he was talking about…headphones, remember?) and it was obvious that she could not be less interested. I don’t know too many people that go to the gym to be picked up, so you probably shouldn’t try. #justsaying

4. Take four sets of dumbbells at once.

My current gym is on the smaller side, so there’s only one set for most of the dumbbells. So therefore, grabbing the 15, 20, 25 and 30 lb sets all at once and taking them back to your bench is clearly unacceptable. Please people, learn to share!

5. Obvious staring/check out.

I’m talking to you, Creepy Butt Guy. Yes, I’m proud of mine, but I don’t need a conversation with a creeper for me to know that I have a good one.


6. Inappropriate equipment/clothing.

I realize that a lot of people at the gym are just starting out and don’t have the arsenal of fitness wear that a lot of regulars seem to, but jeans and loafers really don’t have a place in the gym. A pair of $20 Walmart sneakers will do the job just fine.


 7. When people don’t put equipment away.

If you spent like 5 minutes loading a bunch of weight onto the barbell in the squat rack, do two sets and then walk away….not cool. Employees are not here to pick up after you, so please, put stuff away when you’re done!


8. Unsolicited advice.

I realize that some people are trying to help, but if you’re in no way qualified to tell me how to exercise (read: not certified or professionally qualified), please refrain from doing so. So, please don’t approach people and offer advice on the type of training they should be doing (lifting heavier, lifting lighter, doing different exercises). Umm, you could probably get sued that way. Just don’t do it.


I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what jumps out at me right away. Hope I entertained you guys for a Thursday, have a good one! 

<— Do you agree with my list? Do people at your gym commit these?

<– What are the most annoying things people do at the gym/at races/in a fitness class?

<— Do you wear headphones to work out?


  1. I love this list
    I hate when people moan while lifting. I Know it’s hard, but I don’t wanna know it! And we have 2 girls who chitchat along on the Elliptical for a good hour – so loud that everyone can hear the gossip. Not necessary. And the last thing – if somebody takes away my weight when I am in a circuit. I want to share, but quickly asking if I am finished or not, would be so polite….
  2. Oh yeah…I totally agree with your list and this is why I don’t go to the gym. I just go to my Zumba class (which can be annoying enough), then workout at home on my own. It’s just easier and less aggravating for this way.
  3. In gym class at school, I hate when the girls play football because they scream and run away whenever the ball gets near them; I seriously asked the gym teacher if I could play with the guys.
  4. I’m definitely with you on all of these. I don’t currently go to a gym, and the one in my building that I occasionally frequent is usually empty, but I’ve been victim to all these peeves in the past. The one about people trying to chat me up while I’m wearing headphones and just trying to get through my routine was always the worst. I’ll admit that if the guy is really cute, then I -might- make an exception, but as a general rule, you’re right… people don’t usually go to the gym to be picked up. And the creepers… oh man, the creepers…
  5. Oh gosh yes, I totally agree with all of these, especially #4! That happens all the time at my gym. Some of my other pet peeves are bench hogs, women/men who wear super strong perfume/cologne, and women who wear such short shorts that their butt cheeks are hanging out.
  6. haha i can see someone is making friends at the gym. i have to say some gyms have more of these gems than others – gold’s is a goldmine for all the above. I saw a lady in a full turquoise body suit with a cut out back. I can’t make that shit up
  7. Ewwwww… I got creeped out just reading about your interaction with that guy. Geeeze, the nerve of people!!! I agree with most of these, the biggest being re-racking weights and putting stuff back. It’s not that hard people!
  8. Haha this list is awesome and I couldn’t agree more! My biggest peeves are unsolicited advice and machine hoggers- if you’re resting for 3+ minutes between sets, get yo ass up so I can do a set in the meanwhile…and when you do, don’t even think about huffing and puffing! Most of my workouts lately have been outdoors and one thing which I find odd are non-smiley runners- I always try to acknowledge fellow runners with a mere smile and I just can’t get those who don’t reciprocate…doesn’t take much effort at all!
    • Haha especially on crowded gym days when it’s obvious you’re waiting for a machine! And definitely on non-smiley runners, it’s not exactly time consuming or too difficult to return a smile!
  9. PREACH! PREACH, I SAY! All of the above are totally spot on. Once I saw a woman on the treadmill in a maxi dress. Like. PLEASE. I’m worried for your safety, let alone the fact that you are working out IN A DRESS. I hope the world sees this post.
  10. couldnt agree more!! gym time for me is alone time- no talking, pointers, looking, or anything of the like- i dont appreciate it. i also dont like when someone doesnt wipe off their machine with the disinfectants the gym provides- like, if you’re just using it for a bit,or you arent really sweaty- then its not a big deal- but its always the guys who lose half their water weight that dont wipe it off and it makes me gag.
  11. The thing that bothers me most is the inappropriate clothing one. I’ve started noticing it more and more. People will come to cycle classes dressed in denim shorts and basic t-shirts I would wear normally. I just don’t understand it. Sometimes, they’re not even wearing decent footwear!

    I’m actually really weird and don’t like to talk to people much while I’m working out – maybe that’s why I prefer solo outdoor running?

  12. I can’t afford to join a gym right now, but I absolutely hated when people didn’t wipe the equipment down and left a sweaty, yucky mess for the next person. And inappropriate clothing that show more than I wanted to see.
    • Exactly – some people seem to have trouble with the fact that if people don’t want to see it out on the street, you don’t want to see it in the gym either!
  13. This is perfect!

    The headphone rule is a huge one. It’s a sign I am in MY zone (so please stay out)

    Also the unsolicited advice- I understand wanting to help but it could throw me off my game for the rest of my workout.

    Another one for me is the locker room gawkers. We’re all changing, get over it!

    All your gifs were hilarious too.

    Great post!

  14. Hahahaha ok this just made me die of laughter. I miss going to the gym and people watching…absolutely hilarious and could keep me entertained for ages. I always listen to music when I’m running alone or at the gym, usually because I need something to focus on besides what I’m doing. I also don’t really want to be social at 6 am at the gym either so those are definitely meant to discourage people
    Caitlin recently posted..One Short YearMy Profile
  15. YES, I completely, 100% agree with your list!! I don’t actually work out in the gym, but this list pretty much covers all my pet peeves about people in general. I especially find 1. annoying when I’m driving… the drivers who blast their music with their windows open so the whole WORLD can hear??!! Um, if I want to listen to that song, I’ll play it in my own car, thank you very much.
    • Ugh, I was just thinking about that yesterday! On my drive home the guy in the car had his music turned up so loud I couldn’t hear my own.
  16. I want to come to the gym with you so I can witness/laugh hysterically at your encounters with creepy fitness guys. SO funny. I absolutely NEED music to work out – it helps keep my mind off the task at hand.
    • If you come to my gym, I might need you to help save me from all the creepers, because apparently my gym is full of them!
  17. Haha, so true. Some people just don’t get that the gym is workout time not social time. This is why I kind of like that my gym has a female only section. It just makes you get out of there faster and you don’t deal with all the creepers;)
    The worst is the obvious check outs! So uncomfortable.
    • I’m pretty sure that the gym I’m looking at after I move has a women’s only section…while part of me loves showing up the males in weight section, I’m sure I’ll use the women’s section as an escape-from-creepers haven
  18. This is THE best list!!

    Amen to the headphones thing. SO annoying when you have to take one out & be like “what??!” haha. I try to do gym stuff on my own when it’s super dead in the morning to avoid a lot of these things–esp people who hog stuff or don’t put stuff away.

    Great list!

  19. I agree with all of this! Especially the don’t talk to me when I’m wearing headphones. I think that applies to everywhere, not just the gym!
  20. OMG I had a guy say the exact same thing to me when I was doing hip thrusters!!! Creepy gym man is everywhere!!!! 2, 4 and 8 make me shudder too!
  21. There are some people tht freak me out big time at the gym. This one guy who I have seen at the gym came up to me at the grocery store asking what time I typically go. Hello creeper! Hopefully butt guy leaves you alone.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..zucchini breadMy Profile
  22. Ugh, creepy butt guy sounds awful!! He probably thought you would demonstrate more butt exercise for him if he asked. What an idiot.
    I agree with all of your peeves, especially the one about talking to someone when they’re wearing headphones. So annyoying!
  23. HAHAHAHA I am right there with you! My biggest pet peeve is when someone tried to talk to me when I have headphones on. Another thing that really bothers me is when there are a ton of open treadmills and someone comes and uses the one RIGHT next to me. It’s like a social convention that you give people personal space if it’s available.
  24. YES YES YES i agree with your list! that butt thing is CREEPY. working your ass?! omg i’m horrified! i cannot stand it when people talk to me at the gym when i’m wearing headphones or doing a set or both. what is that all about?? do you not get the hint? some people can’t read social cues and i try to remember that to an extent but come on!
    • At least when someone’s doing a set, it should be common sense to wait until they’re done before talking to them!
  25. Well you already know my main pet peeve from instagram, and I have a lot of “creep butt guys”, only they usually turn out to be checking THEMSELVES out in the mirror behind me. Sorry to get in your way, bro… I also notice a lot of people wearing inappropriate clothes to the gym, like jeans or button-down shirts. It doesn’t really bother me, I just don’t know how they’re not uncomfortable!
  26. This makes me smile! I hate when people don’t wipe off the machines after they use them..gross!
  27. OMG how could you NOT like # 7!!!!!!!!!! I would run next to him and try and get his digits FOR SURE!
  28. Oh my gosh, I love this sooo much!!! hahaha. I agree with everything!
  29. Omg, I was nodding like a freakin’ bobble head all the way through this! I went to the gym today (first time in FOREVER) and was there for about 45 minutes. I noticed this guy walking around playing Mr. Conversation with people. The WHOLE time I was there, I watched him walk to different parts of the gym, chatting people up, smiling, waving, laughing…not ONCE did I see him pick up a single weight! What the heck?! I go to the gym to workout and then I leave…I will never understand the people who just want to camp out all damn day!

    And seriously, do NOT talk to me if I’m wearing headphones! I consider them my anti-communication buds!

  30. I agree with everything on your list. I could add more too. People, please wipe off your machine, I don’t want to use it after you sweated all over it. Gross. Also, shower if you have some extra odor. Ugh, sorry it is the worse when someone uses the machine next to you and has some serious body odor.
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