Rehashing September.


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Ok, so I expected the summer months to go by quickly. That’s pretty much expected. But September? It went by just as fast, if not more so. Craziness! 

Probably contributing to that fact though? September was a fantastically busy month. I moved, school started, I got the chance to hang out with bloggers that I adore…to say that it’s been a hectic month would be a bit of an understatement.

So, what was I up to? I was…


So, if you don’t know this, I’m pretty zombie-obsessed. I pretty much grew up playing Resident Evil on my Playstation, The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows on TV right now, and zombies maaay even be a large part of my MA thesis. So it’s no surprise that I picked up The Walking Dead novel when it showed up in the library:

The Walking Dead

It was an easy read (It took me 4 1/2 – 5 hours to get through it cover to cover) but I really liked it! More true to the comics than the TV show, and it provided a good backstory. I also just started reading this last night:

Self Inflicted Wounds

(img source)

I actually really like memoir-style books, but even more so when they’re written by comedians. Basically, think any book that Chelsea Handler has done. I think I just really like self-deprecating humour?


I’ve been keeping an eye on new shows out this Fall, and I’ve got two that the pilots impressed me: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sleepy Hollow. Joss Whedon directs A.o.S., and I basically adore anything that he puts out (Firefly, Buffy, The Avengers…). The guy is pretty brilliant. I also tend to lean towards supernatural-ish shows and movies, so I really enjoyed the first couple episodes of Sleepy Hollow. I love the original story (and the movie with Johnny Depp) but I think it’s been reinvented in a really cool way.

Sleepy Hollow

(img source)

Plus, the Headless Horseman has guns now. As if he wasn’t intimidating enough…

Listening to:

I’ve been listening to a lot of my favourite high school stuff lately. Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots. Although, something that I’m not listening to? Katy Perry’s new song. Am I the only one that doesn’t like Roar at all?



Act like you’re surprised Wink Definitely in full out squash mode over here!


my ACV cocktail. I’ve been taking this every day for almost a year now!


Yup, since last October. 

September Blog Recipes:

Umm…oops. I guess with all the busy-ness this month creativity in the kitchen just didn’t happen? I do have some ideas floating around though, so I’ll make it up to you next month!

Random Posts in September:

Greens Multi

My secret weapon.

Best September Moments:


Clearly, the best picture ever.

As awesome as September was, I’m happy that it’s October tomorrow. October is easily my favourite month of the year – I can break out the boots and the leather jacket, the leaves are gorgeous, there’s Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, and of course, my birthday. I’m all about celebrating the birthday month, so I’ll be sure to make it awesome! It’s on the 24th, just so you know. Wink

Hope your last day is September is wonderful!

<— When’s your birthday?

<— What were some of your favourite things in September?

<— What are you looking forward to in October?

<— Any new Fall tv shows that you’re watching, or planning to check out?

Side note: I have a guest post up on Swiss Fit Chick today! Go check it out here.


  1. I can’t believe how fast this month went by either! HLS and our dinner on Friday were definitely two of the highlights of my month!

    Some of the things I’m looking forward to in October are visiting some of my friends in London next weekend, Thanksgiving, the Norfolk County Fair, and PUMPKIN PIE!

  2. I am still easing my way into squash, I have only bought one so far. I need to get my fall squash on. I think my favorite post of yours this month was your digestive issue one, totally hit home for me and how tough a process it really is
  3. I love October too, but give me any of the summer months instead. I think June is my fav month, it’s such an exciting time with the prospect of summer still ahead.
    I’m a July 4 baby! Reason #5323 why I was probably born in the wrong country.

    I’m looking forward to starting a new job, Thanksgiving in the Rockies, and of course, my fav holiday HALLOWEEN!!! Ahhhh. Screw Christmas, I’m all about Halloween.

  4. I can NOT believe that September is over! I feel like I blinked my eyes and it was gone. Yikes!

    My husband and I are big fans of the Walking Dead too! We’re also big fans of Sons of Anarchy. Love that show!

    My bday is August 16th.

    In October, I’m looking forward to the leaves changing and for our 6 year wedding anniversary.

    • I could never get into Sons of Anarchy! So happy that TWD is starting back up though. And that’s so sweet, happy (early) anniversary!
  5. It’s the perfect time right now because it’s still relatively warm but the leaves are changing colours so it’s glorious looking! This is when I’m ok with living in Canada

    Eeeee your birthday! Hope you’ve begun celebrations! Mine was August 27th.

    • Happy belated birthday! And they’ll start tomorrow :-p although the boyfriend randomly came home with a cup of ice cream for us to share this afternoon, so I guess I can say that I’ve started? :-p
  6. Well I love all things Chelsea Handler…so I’ll have to check out that Aisha Tyler book…I guess I’m a fan of that humor too;)
    I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow too! I’m wondering how they’re going to keep following seasons going…but so far it’s really good.
    And I’m SO excited for October…firstly, birthday month! I know you’re excited about this too Halloween, fall in general…I just love October.
    • I read more of it last night and it reads similarly – really entertaining! And that’s a good question, I guess we’ll just have to see how the first season plays out.
  7. Ooh when in October is your birthday? Good call on making it a month-long celebration..only way to do it ;)! September really did fly by, but I guess that’s just a sign of a fun month. I am excited for October to start though. A few things I am looking forward to include a trip to London and then a close friend’s wedding in Cannes.
  8. September flew by!! I can’t believe it is October tomorrow. I’m still so happy we got to meet on Friday! It’s too bad you had to leave early, I feel like I barely got a chance to chat with you!! Next time hopefully we are closer to London for you!!
    • I know! Next time we’ll make sure we get to chat a little more. Kindfood in Burlington was being thrown around as the next option, which would work fine for me!
  9. Yup, you’re the only one who doesn’t like Roar. It’s my go-to song when I need some music to get me through a longer or a harder run! And I’m so jealous…you should send me some of that squash because my school, despite all of its fantastic food, is still lacking in that department. I miss my squash!
  10. If you’re looking for a new funny memoir to read, I recently finished Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me?”. Hilarious. I’m a September baby, so I’d have to say that it’s my favorite month.

    I can’t believe it’s October already. WTH?!

  11. I’m looking forward to my mom’s birthday (that we already kind of celebrated), hitting up some local farms for fall produce, eating lots of squash, decorating my apartment with baby pumpkins, and Halloween!
    I’m a summer girl at heart, but there are a lot of fun things about fall.
  12. Squash and carrots have been the front runners of my month, too! I turned slightly orange when I was a baby because I was always eating squash hahaha… True story!
    • Haha even as a baby, you had awesome taste I’m fully expecting to see an orange hue on me soon, with the way I’ve been going through squashes and carrots!
  13. I wish my birthday was in the fall, but unfortunately it’s in January. Boo! I am all about comedy shows this fall : New Girl & Modern Family. It’s always nice to have a laugh at corny comedy! My favorite party about September was spending a lot more time with my family and my knee feeling better than it has in a long time. I’m looking forward to October for Halloween! I love it!
    • I’ve actually never watched Modern Family – Eric and I were saying the other day that we should try giving it a shot, considering how much everyone loves it. And that’s great news about your knee!
  14. You’re definitely not the only one who doesn’t like Roar! I had to check it out on YouTube because I don’t usually listen to the pop stations, but holy.moly… not a fan. I’ve been listening to a whole lot of my favourites from back in the day as well, though — can’t mess with the classics

    And yes… September went by crazy fast. I was actually just chatting about this to my parents yesterday while we were on the final stretch of our trip. I have NO idea where the past month went, but that just means we’re one more closer to Christmas

    • Haha I can always trust your music taste And that is true! Which on one hand I’m excited about, on the other lamenting the business of that season…
  15. It looks like you had a fun September! I love October for so many reasons, partly because it’s my birthday too.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..MIMM – squash and sushiMy Profile
  16. Whoa… that made me think about how long I’ve been having my ACV cocktail… 1.5 years!!!
  17. How do you cook squash? Really, I have no idea! And what are your favorite kinds? My birthday is in January. Usually very cold and snowy…yuck! I like the new show Hostage.
    • I just cut it into chunks, throw it in a bag with some oil and whatever seasonings I’m feeling like, and throw it on an tinfoil-lined baking sheet for about 30 minutes at 400.
  18. I’m also excited for October. It starts to rain in Nov/Dec here a lot so I’m hoping October lasts longer than September!

    I like to listen to Roar while I run but I wouldn’t listen to it just cause. I love some STP though!

  19. I’m A-ok with Sep being over so I can hopefully really soon meet my lil baby girl!

    October is a great month, so this should be exciting!

    Love me some good reading too

  20. Every time you do these monthly posts it freaks me out at how fast the months go by! I’m looking forward to October as it’s my next comp, and then a big long break until my next one! As funny as it sounds, I’m actually really looking forward to not training like a maniac for a little while, haha.
  21. Oooh, my birthday is in October too! October 17th to be exact

    I’m looking forward to my bday (obvi) and Thanksgiving in October. It is my favourite month, and Thanksgiving is my favourite meal of the whole year. I agree, September went by SUPER fast, I can’t believe it.

  22. September has FLOWN. Definitely feels like a 30-not-31-day month I love your recap posts! So cool to look back on each month. I tend to just do these kinds of posts during times like my bday, my blogiversary, or New Year’s.
    I had no idea Aisha had a memoir. I love those too! Added to my Goodreads!
    I like “Roar” but I’m already getting super sick of it. Thanks, radio.
  23. What is an AVC cocktail?

    My birthday is in July, so I am in mourning of my favourite season. October brings Halloween and Rocky Horror picture show sing alongs, as well as knit sweaters and boots. I’m looking forward to those things!

    • It’s my mix of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, water and stevia that I drink everyday. And ohmygod yes Rocky Horror. I saw a live production a few years ago and it has by far been my favourite live show!
  24. September definitely went by faster than usual. In a way it dragged on for me but looking back I honestly wonder if we actually had a full month of September. More like half, I think.
    How much better could October get for you than it being a month-long birthday celebration :)?! You’re clearly doing something right there.
    Some of my favourite parts of September were those weekends I got to spend at my parents’ in the countryside enjoying nature and family time.
  25. I love these kind of posts- It just highlights how we shouldn’t judge someone based on appearance- Who knew your interests were so….dark yet awesome? That is by far, the greatest addition to a thesis out of everyone I know! And residential evil? Ok, It might be time to dig out my ancient playstation!

    I’m looking forward to getting over this 4 week intense study sesh before my exams in early november- then I’m going to sleep for a year.

    PS right this minute, I am eating oats with eggs over easy thrown over it. Looks so gross. Tastes so good. (I will not, however, say yolkporn or something similar…:p)

    • Oh goodness, if only I started blogging in high school! Believe me, the interests over the years have been dark, to say the least (basically, my teenage years involved a lot of heavy metal and mosh pits – adding to my dark-yet-awesomeness).

      Haha I’m glad you love it! And are choosing to avoid certain phrases…:-p

  26. Yay for your birthday month! Let the countdown begin Great month you had Sam and yes you were busy, but like you said, it was all good stuff! You are balancing everything quite well too, which is admirable as I know when I get too busy, especially with school, I turn into an anxious, isolating person. Right now, I don’t have too many responsibilities, nothing besides work as a matter of fact, and I’m enjoying the down time for now. Though again, seeing how you are able to balance everything does inspire me a bit More than a bit actually!
    HOMELAND (ahhhhhh!!) season 3 premiered last night, so you bet your bumm that’s my show of choice this fall
    • Aww, I’m happy that I inspire you! Over the summer was crazy stress-inducing busy, and while I’m still pretty occupied most days, working from home most of the time has definitely makes it easier. And I keep hearing good things about Homeland, I may have to try it out!
      And P.S. replying to your email now!
  27. So many things! 1. my birthday is on christmas 2. I am THIS excited for the walking dead to start 3. I love my ACV morning cocktail too and 4. October might be one of my favorite months of the year as well
    • Wow, a Christmas birthday is definitely an interesting one! Do you like having it that day? My cousin’s is on Christmas Eve and she doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan.
  28. First I just gotta say…SYSTEM OF A DOWN!! HELL YEAH!

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that today is the last day of September…which I actually associate with summer. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be breaking out of my seasonal denial (read: I’ve finally eaten through the last of my fresh summer berries) and welcoming fall with open arms…which will soon have a slight orangish tint to them! Yup, BRING ON THE PUMPKIN! I have to say though, September was VERY good to me! I’ve felt more “together” this month than I have in a very long time…and let’s face it, I ate damn good for the last 4 weeks! Yay for motivation in the kitchen!

    All you people and your cable television…excuse me, I have Netflix to watch!

    • Haha the fact that you like SOAD just made you that much more awesome And I’m happy for you that you’re doing good these days! And I don’t have cable, but I have my ways :-p
  29. ALL the squash. I love it. I tried doing the acv cocktail thing for a while and just couldn’t make it a routine so I started taking it in pill form and using it on my skin as a toner which seems to work well for me.

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