Scenes From the (Long) Weekend.


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Hi there! I hope everyone had a good weekend, whether it was a long one or not. I made sure to keep myself busy Wink

So, in pictures (of course, I took more pictures of food than anything else. But I suppose that’s to be expected):

Blondies I was asked to contribute something to a Valentine’s bake sale, so I ended up putting together Davida’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies. The only disappointment was the fact that I didn’t end up with any to take home.

Eric and I spent Valentine’s Day with his family – I got to see the beginnings of the baby bump!! (Eric’s sister-in-law is pregnant). But of course, the only picture I snapped was of dessert:

bananas foster Bananas foster with vanilla ice cream. Is it weird that despite the fact that bananas are easily my favourite fruit, I had never had bananas foster before? Thank goodness that got remedied. I usually don’t think that fruit counts as dessert, but I’ll make an exception here…mainly because it included ice cream. 

As for an actual Valentine’s date, Eric and I went out for dinner Saturday night. Our original plan was to head to Milestones, but I didn’t think about making reservations until that afternoon. When I called, I was informed that they only had spots before 4 or after 8:30, so we decided to pass and get creative instead.

First stop:

Crepes Marky’s Crepe Cafe! I’ve known about this spot forever and hadn’t tried it yet, so Eric and I figured it would be a fun (and not very busy!) Valentine’s Day option.



I went with the Popeye – spinach, goat cheese, and seasonings in a whole wheat crepe. I don’t really remember ever having a savoury crepe before, but I was really impressed! Eric chose the chicken and mayo, and he was happy with his choice.

We were going to get a sweet crepe for dessert, but instead found ourselves wandering down the street to Prince Albert’s Diner. Ohmygoodness, this diner is adorably retro. A few dishes to split:

Onion Rings Onion rings…(I’m sorry, french fry and sweet potato fry people. Onion rings will always win in my book).

Milkshake And a chocolate milkshake to share. See? Adorably retro.

Milkshake Mmm, milkshake. Definitely an untraditional Valentine’s Day date, but for Eric and I, it was pretty perfect.


Blogger meet up day! I hopped on the bus and headed down to Toronto for the afternoon to meet up with Chelsea, Davida and Suzanne. And really, it was just miraculous that for once the weather actually cooperated! (this was the fourth time Chelsea and I had attempted a meetup this winter – the first three we had to reschedule due to bad driving conditions).

We met up at Sadie’s Diner, which was adorable:

Sadie's Diner Think traditional diner food, but with a vegetarian/vegan spin. A little bit of foodie heaven.

I went for the veggie burger (with caramelized onions and guac) and side salad.

Veggie Burger Guacamole should really just be on everything that I eat.

While the food was awesome, the company was of course the best part:

Blogger Lover So happy whenever I get the chance to see these girls! Blogger meetups are seriously amazing.


Monday was Family Day up here (yes, that is an actual statutory holiday), making spending the day with my family the most appropriate thing to do…and of course, the puppy loves having someone else to play with:

Tug of War Hard to say who was the victor…Atticus was stronger, but got distracted more easily. Tie?

Mom made dinner:

Dinner Roast beef, scalloped potatoes, and veggies.

And dessert:

Pound Cake Lemon pound cake with whipped cream.

Of course, a belated Valentine:

Chocolate Yup. I was getting worried about the lack of chocolate over my Valentine’s Day weekend.

But oh goodness, back to real life today. While all my Canadian university friends are on reading week this week….that means that us TA’s get to mark your midterms Wink have a good weekend!

<— How much chocolate did you consume over the weekend?

<— Have you ever been to a blogger meet-up?

<— Fruit as dessert – yay or nay?

<— If you had the day off yesterday, what did you get up to?



  1. Your brownies look amazing, girl!
    I like fruit as desert, but to me it almost seems like a cop-out. I think 1/2 of the fun of a ‘dessert’ is for it to be 100% indulgent. Fruit is kind of… on the healthy side and I could have it anytime.
  2. Pretty sure I requested you to pie Davs in the face and pretty sure you failed! Fail whale.

    As for the eats…oh my gee where to start. Onion rings are amazing- especially if they are from Burger King. As for crepes?! Savoury crepes stuffed with cheese and paula deen is amazing.

    Fruit is NOT dessert. Unless it’s covered in guac, chocolate or peanut butter.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..I am on the ‘Middle Ground’ Diet.My Profile

    • Hey, I looked for pie, but there weren’t any around. I suppose I could have tried with a gluten free pancake…
      And really? I don’t think I’ve ever had onion rings from Burger King. Have you ever had them from Harvey’s? (which I think is only a Canadian chain). Best fast food onion ring out there.
      And what fruit would you cover in guac?
  3. I’m so happy the blondies were a hit!!! And again, so wonderful to see you on Sunday. Hopefully we can make a plan again soon!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Thai Salmon SaladMy Profile
  4. well can I Just have all of the above. holy crud gluten free blondies? now I would love to get my hands on those. nothing like diner food, I have to say it is one of the easiest places to go with the whole family because we can all get something we enjoy.
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..Trade em Up Tuesday: Coffee Me.My Profile
  5. So jealous about your blogger meet up! Why does no one live over here in the west?! At least I have June to look forward to! Now if only it would get here sooner!

    I know we’ve had a serious discussion about the crepes already (because food ALWAYS warrants a serious discussion), but you’re making me crave them like crazy. I think I’m going to have to remedy that soon. It’s actually too bad I didn’t take advantage of the day off yesterday to head to my parents’ for breakfast — my mom makes some of the most amazing stuffed crepes. Gah! Do over!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... link love 2/16 .My Profile

    • We need to get you out here! And I’ve never made homemade crepes…I feel like I’d have trouble making them so thin without breaking them!
  6. Jealous of your meet up!! Looks like so much fun. I have met up with three bloggers individually and only because I happened to be in the area, but I loved it! Fruit is definitely NOT dessert unless it’s an apple pie or something
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted..Fit Tip: Tabata WorkoutsMy Profile
  7. Once upon a time I would only allow myself dessert in the form of fruit.. which is probably why I can never bring myself to pass fruit as dessert these days. But I’m with you on that Bananas foster.. we’ll make an exception
    Awhh you guys look so sweet together in that pic! I can only imagine how amazingly fun blogger meet-ups are!
    That tug-a-war is a tie for sure
    Ms.J recently posted..4 hours of Living in the MomentMy Profile
  8. Thank goodness for long weekends; it lets you really pack in the fun! So nice to see you
    Suzanne @ hello, veggy! recently posted..Virtual Tea Time #9: Vacation EditionMy Profile
  9. Wow – could the banana foster be any more perfect? Atticus and the pup playing tug of war is adorable
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted..Monday Miles #5My Profile
  10. I can’t get over the Canadian-ness of this sentence: “While all my Canadian university friends are on reading week this week….that means that us TA’s get to mark your midterms.” Lawlz. Also, I’d totally be down for Family Day…yesterday was President’s Day here, but despite it being a federal holiday, our university is cruel and didn’t give us the day off.
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted..A Year’s Worth Of Running LessonsMy Profile
  11. Your brownies look really good & if they sold out then that means they must have been tasty! I’m jealous of your blogger meetup. I’m on the west coast & have not met anyone yet, but would love to!
  12. Those blondies look so amazing! Blogger meet-ups always seem like so much fun- too bad no bloggers live in Montana, haha!
    Miranda @ Loving Every Mile recently posted..things i’m pinning tuesday vi {let them eat cake}My Profile
  13. Well after seeing all your delicious eats, I’m now officially starving! I think I may be looking for an early lunch today.

    I actually didn’t have too much chocolate over the weekend, which is kind of surprising.

    We had yesterday off too and we did absolutely nothing. We had a super busy weekend, so the day off of work ended up being our day to recover from the weekend.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..{Guest Post} Food and Drink Trends of 2014My Profile

  14. Fruit is NOT dessert. I am always horrified when a perfectly good piece of cheesecake is smothered in raspberry sauce.
    Jessica recently posted..How To Request Letters of RecommendationMy Profile
  15. Oh yay!! I’m glad you guys got to meet up finally! Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Sunday I ate more than my fair share of chocolate this weekend and loved every minute! Thankfully I still have some leftover, so that can continue this week I wish we had family day in the U.s. It sounds like an awesome day to celebrate with loved ones!
    Caitlin recently posted..Lesson LearnedMy Profile
    • I’m pretty sure Canada just threw it in there so we weren’t going from New Years to Easter without a holiday – but I certainly won’t complain
  16. That crepe you got sounds amazing! Why are there so many restaurants I never visited when I lived in London!?

    We had roast beef for dinner last night too! And I know someone else who did as well… there must be some weird association between Family Day and roast beef haha.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Toronto weekend getawayMy Profile

  17. That veggie burger looks delish…even though it’s only about 10 am where I am, it makes me want lunch!

    As for fruit for dessert…I can’t really get behind that. To me, if it’s not chocolate, it’s not dessert! (Though your bananas foster did look pretty good)
    Tara recently posted..Valentine’s Day In JBMy Profile

  18. It sounds like you had a really good weekend filled with good food, good vibes, and good company. Always the best type of weekends.
    Natalie @ lovenataliemarie recently posted..PB & J Melted Banana OatmealMy Profile
  19. I love french fries and enjoy sweet potato fries, but onion rings? There are no words to describe how much I LOVE onion rings!! If they are an option on the menu, they will be on my plate!
    Michelle @ Tales of a Fit Kitty Mama recently posted..What I Won’t Miss… My First Guest PostMy Profile
  20. Mmmm, that crepe looks friggin’ fantastic! Can’t say I’ve ever had a savory one either…of course, I’m pretty sure I’ve only had like ONE in my entire life, but still! Ha! I love your and Eric’s non-traditional celebration…as long as you’re spending it together, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

    And you just reminded me that I still need to make Davida’s blondies!

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