Scenes from the Weekend: Ottawa.


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Hi friends! How was your weekend/Monday?

Eric and I spent the last few days in Ottawa  for a wedding reception of sorts – his cousin and her now-husband eloped in California last month, so Saturday night they had a party at their home to celebrate. Eric and I made a weekend out of it and did all the tourist-y stuff.

So, a photo recap?

(And I didn’t bring my camera, so you’ll have to forgive me for all the android pics!)

Before the wedding on Saturday, we spent some time in downtown Ottawa walking around and doing all the touristy things:

Checking out the buskers in Byward Market:


(Crazy circus-wheel-thing)

And Eric got pulled into her show:


So basically, I need to learn how to do that.

Oh, and then there was all the food at the market:

Sugar cookies

Quite possibly the cutest sugar cookies ever. Although to be fair, I find the taste of sugar cookies to be a tad boring (don’t hate me!).

Lunch break! We went to Bite Burgerhouse, where the Gardener burger was speaking to me:

Gardener Burger

A black bean and beet patty with veggies, goat cheese and aioli (no spellcheck, I don’t mean ravioli) with parmesan truffle fries on the side. The truffle fries were a good idea.

And then all the Ottawa touristy things:


Parliament Building

Just hanging out on the steps:

Parliament Steps

The Rideau Canal:

Rideau Canal

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Supreme Court Building:

Supreme Court

The bridge to Quebec:


(view behind the Supreme Court Building)

And then I decided it would be fun to do this:

Crow Pose Ottawa River

Eric took the picture and was not impressed because he was convinced that I was going over the side and ending up in the river. Clearly, that was not the case. Death defying crow pose? Good times.

Later on Saturday, it was time for the wedding reception! Unfortunately, I only got one dark, blurry picture of the two of us that night:

Wedding Attire

But I assure you that we looked pretty fabulous

Coolest thing ever: for dinner, the bride and groom hired a food truck to sit at the end of the driveway:

Food truck

Clearly a seafood-themed truck. I went with the fish taco:

Fish taco

Which was fabulous (and the sun had gone down by the time I got around to eating, so I stuck it under the stove to get a picture. The things bloggers do…)

And then of course, my personal favourite of any big party:

Dessert Table

The dessert table. Absolutely overflowing, just the way I like it. I put the phone away for the rest of the night, but it was a lot of fun!


Early Sunday afternoon, we met up with a cousin of mine who lives in Ottawa. We went to Tutti Frutti, a cute brunch place I went to the last time I was in Ottawa.

My choice was the Blue Velvet – hash browns, eggs, bacon, and blueberry crepes.

Blue Velvet

It was a good decision.

A lazy afternoon, followed by the “ohmygod I’m craving veggies” dinner at a diner around the corner from where we stayed:


Because sometimes, you’re just really compelled to shove vegetables in your face.

Sunday night, we made the drive into Quebec and the Gatineau Hills to check out some of the sights and watch the sunset:

Gatineau Hills

This doesn’t even begin to do it justice – it was so gorgeous out there.

Oh, and I did another ‘crow-pose-on-a-precarious-ledge’, just for good measure:


So I probably have way too much fun with that.

And we found a little 25 minute trail so I could say that I got a hike in over the weekend:

Chaplain trail

I swear, I got bit by the hiking bug at Blend last month – suddenly all I want to do is go climb a mountain.

Monday was another travel day, with a quick pit stop to pick up this little guy:


Who got to stay with my parents all weekend. Apparently he a) was tired and b) missed me, because all he wanted to do Monday night was cuddle and sleep. Sounded good to me.

But that’s it for me today – back to the grind. Have a good one!

<— Have you ever been to Ottawa?

<— What’s the last city you played tourist in?

<— Are you a big fan of food trucks?


  1. OMG I am so impressed that you can get into the crow pose- that’s definitely a fitness goal I’m working towards..I should probably get back to practicing haha! Your weekend sounds like a blast. I’ve never been to Ottawa but I’d love to one day…and the rest of Canada for that matter! I went to Montreal a few years ago and fell in love with the place!
    Khushboo recently posted..Blogging etiquetteMy Profile
  2. You are Crow-Crazy!! Love it!! You should do a crow pose wherever you go – one day it will be on the top of a Swiss Mountain

    Looks like such a fun weekend. Love that Eric was in that show
    I can not wait for the wedding in August. And by that I mean I am way too excited for the dessert table!!
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..Healthy Chocolate Almond SpreadMy Profile

  3. …The burger spoke to you? What did the damn burger say? And Aoili….oh man that is God’s gift in dressing form.

    You and Eric need to master that trick/thing/balance act- you’ve got the crow pose down pat!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..Cinnamon Bun Oatmeal PuddingMy Profile

  4. This looks like a wonderful weekend, and I’m still amazed by your death defying crow poses. Very impressive, pretty lady, very impressive.

    Give Atticus an extra cuddle for me. We had to put our cat down last night, and I’m still reeling. I’m giving the other two lots of extra love right now or maybe it’s the opposite. Either way, it helps.

  5. Two death defying crow poses in one weekend…. you’re crazy. And truffle fries are ALWAYS a good idea. If you DO learn how to balance on Eric’s legs like that you better Instagram it ahhah….but really.
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted..My Weekend+TAE’s New LookMy Profile
  6. Have you ever been to Ottawa?
    No never been! Montreal and Toronto (loved!)

    <— What’s the last city you played tourist in?
    New Orleans!! LOVE

    <— Are you a big fan of food trucks?
    Yes!! I love finding events that feature them. We recently had one in Manyunk, so much fun. What is a cheese curd anyway??!
    Diana recently posted..“Un”-Manic MondayMy Profile

    • Jealous of the New Orleans trip! I’m dying to go there one day. And from my knowledge, a cheese curd is a really mild cheese – the first thing to come off the line.
  7. Love those crow poses on the ledge! I’d be pretty terrified, but it makes for such an epic shot! It sounds like you had such an awesome weekend
  8. I still can’t do crow pose, but my headstand has been coming along nicely… how suicidal do you think it would be to do one of those on a ledge? And I’ve never been to Ottawa, but I’d like to eventually make it out there… or out east in general. I feel like I haven’t explored nearly enough of Canada, which is sad ’cause it’s beautiful out here!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... blueberry muffin breakfast bake .My Profile
  9. Sounds like a great weekend! I love exploring new cities. A friend of mine from college recently had a food truck at his wedding and it looked adorable (fb stalking at its finest, not because I was invited to the wedding lol)
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted..Let It GoMy Profile
  10. What beautiful photos!! I’m so happy you had a great time with great food! I think it’s a great idea that the bride and groom hired a food truck. I would never have thought of that. We last played tourist in Nashville, TN – I definitely recommend that trip to anyone.
    Samantha @ The Faithful Runner recently posted..Why Stretching Is Just as Important as Your WorkoutMy Profile
  11. I love food trucks! Especially when you don’t expect to find them and they are making exactly what you are craving! It’s like the universe read your mind and delivered the goods!!!
    Looks like a great trip. I am I love with the crow pose pics. I’ll have to try some neat poses on the trip that I leave for tomorrow!!!!
    Bridget recently posted..Learning the hard way…My Profile
  12. Nope, never been to Ottawa, but I think I need to make a trip just for the truffle fries. Yum!!
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted..A Break in the HeatMy Profile
  13. I haven’t been back to Ottawa since grade 10! Your pictures make me really want to visit again!

    Clearly Eric has a knack for buskering (is that a word?!) You two should come out for busketfest!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Gluten-Free Cherry CrumbleMy Profile

  14. Sounds like an eventful weekend! I’m love your death defying crow poses! And, I’m thinking I need to try truffle fries! They look amazing!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Weeks 21 to 25 – Going PerfectlyMy Profile
  15. holy crow, your crow pose on ledges keeps giving me a mild heart attack- be careful!!! (but yeah it makes for some awesome photos ) looks like an amazing weekend!
    charlotte recently posted..American Ninja Worrier?My Profile
  16. I love it when burgers speak to me ; ) haha I love this so much – your weekend looks and sounds so soul-fulfilling. The best kind of weekends.

    Oh and obsessed with your new hair!


  17. Looks like you two had a lot of fun. And what a great idea to have the food truck at the wedding! I think that is something I would do but maybe have 3 trucks for more variety and less wait time.
    Renae @ MissFit Mixed Chick recently posted..Things that sucked then, but made me stronger todayMy Profile
  18. Burger beats sugar cookie any day!
    Looks like a fun fab weekend full of exploring! Always great to explore! I still feel like I am playing tourist in my own city! So much yet to see!
    Jen @ Chase the Red Grape recently posted..Vlog Blog!My Profile
  19. I have been to Ottawa – I believe for a 7th grade class trip. But the last out of town adventure I had was in Denver, Colorado to visit my husband who was temporarily stationed there. It had a lot of good restaurants and hiking!
    Jessica @ Absurd, She Wrote recently posted..Things I’m Supposed to Like (But I Totally Don’t)My Profile
  20. Oh girl this looks like a fabulous weekend! I love when I have an excuse to travel somewhere new and play the tourist and I think it’s awesome that you did two crow poses on precarious ledges….very badass we haven’t had a ton of good truck experience sadly, but I like to think that I would really enjoy it if that ever changes?
    Caitlin recently posted..Saucony Ride 7sMy Profile
  21. I’m loving all the crow poses…I think I may finally make it back to yoga this week!
    Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate recently posted..Weekend Snapshots {7/28/14}My Profile
  22. teach me how to do crow pose. I’m broken & suck at everything. That burger sounds awesome – “good” veggie burgers are hard to come by!
  23. I would love to one day get into crow pose but I’m nowhere near strong enough to do that!! Rock it out!
    Jen @ Bagels to Broccoli recently posted..Hiking Mt. MonadnockMy Profile
  24. Fun weekend!! I’ve never been to Ottawa, but I hear good things about it and I really want to go sometime.

    The last city I played tourist in was Niagara Falls this weekend. I’ve got a post coming up about it at some point!

    Also those photos of you doing crow pose on ledges give me the heebie jeebies. I would SO fall off if I ever tried that!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..10 tips for shopping at farmers marketsMy Profile

  25. Sounds like a fun weekend!
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted..Back At ItMy Profile
  26. Ummm girl you doing crow pose on that wall… you’re my new hero. xoxoxo stop being so amazing, I’m jealous!
    Cassie recently posted..Greek Cucumber Salmon SaladMy Profile
  27. Oh my god, those crow poses are scaring me! I can’t appreciate this post because I’m stuck on the truffle fries haha
    Tara recently posted..Epic food pornMy Profile
  28. Gotta love random crow poses in strange places! What are truffle fries?? They look so good! Thank you for sharing your weekend =).
    Erin @ Snapbacks and Racing Flats recently posted..A Sentence Per PictureMy Profile
  29. 1. I agree. Sugar cookies just do not do it for me.
    2. Your crow pose is superb.
    3. I find it hilarious that Eric was in the show because that is something I would totally do.
    4. I love hearing about your weekends. Sounds so fun!
    Julia @ LordStillLovesMe recently posted..Grilled Cheese HugsMy Profile

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