Some Confessions for a Tuesday.


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So I have some confessions for you today.

Because really, why not? Tuesdays are the least exciting day of the week (although for me, it’s the busiest – I’ll be out of the house from about 7:30 am to 9:30 pm today) so this seems like a fun way to brighten it up a bit. Tongue Out


1.  If there was one skill or talent in the world that I wish I could have, I wish I could sing well. And in public. I don’t think that my voice is absolutely terrible, but I basically freeze up and sound awful unless I’m singing along with something. Basically, karaoke is only ever done when I’ve had a few and I’m with a big group of people…I can remember a lot of “Sweet Caroline” happening that way.

Sweet Caroline

Truth. (img source)

2.  Back in the summer when I was working out before work, I was setting my alarm 5 minutes fast and then waking up at 6:00…so I was waking up at five to six, but I know that if I woke up and saw that 5 on my alarm clock, I would die a little. Bloggers that jump out of bed to greet the dawn? I’m not one of them.

3. I was a HUGE booknerd as a kid (and still am now, but I digress) and was really advanced for my age. I’m pretty sure I was about 7 when I read my first Goosebumps book, and I read Stephen King’s ‘IT’ around the age of 10. Probably not recommended…as I still won’t go near a clown ever. Future kids? No clowns at parties.


I’m sure this is completely accurate of most clowns. (img source)

4. I feel like some people may hate me for this, but I’m not a sweaty person. Like at all. Sure, if I go for a run or something I’m probably going to sweat a bit, but I’m pretty sure the only time I saw a legitimate sweat stain was when I tried hot yoga last year. Even after an intense lifting session, I probably didn’t sweat one drop. It means that I skip post-workout showers once in a while, which probably isn’t a good thing Tongue Out

5. Whenever I chew any sort of fruit-flavoured gum, I always need two pieces. In fact, I usually turn down fruit flavoured gum if someone offers me a piece, because otherwise I might end up hounding them for another. Never with mint gum though…probably better for my wallet for me to stick with the minty varieties.

6. I’ve never done a box jump at any height because they scare the absolute shit out of me. Even if it’s like barely past my ankles, I have an image of me slamming my shins into the box and basically just injuring myself.

Box Jump Fail

(img source)

7. I’m not one to pay too much attention to expiration dates. If it still looks and smells good…I’ll eat it.

8. When I head to Minneapolis on Thursday (TWO DAYS!! EEEE!) it’ll be my first time travelling by myself. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked out that I’m going to get on the wrong plane and end up in Australia (although that wouldn’t be terrible, I could just force Arman to keep me entertained until I made my way back). That being said, who else is going to be in Minneapolis for the afternoon on Thursday? I’ll be getting in around 3 pm.

 And ending it on eight, because that’s all I can think of Wink Enjoy your day!

<— Are you a good singer? Do you like to do karaoke? 

<— Are there any workouts or exercises that legitimately freak you out?

<— Do you abide by expiration dates?

<— Any confessions today?


  1. I even take two piece for most mint gum! Except for “5” gum because those pieces are huge. I seriously think I am addicted to gum so I just don’t buy it anymore. Ahhh so excited for you to go to HLS… slash a bit jealous xo
    • Haha I think I’ve developed a slight addiction over the summer :-p And I’m sad you won’t be there! I’ll get to meet you in a few weeks though!
  2. I’m not a sweaty person either. I’ve been known to skip my post-workout showers (unless it’s a really intense workout or power yoga and then I’ll sweat buckets) after practice because I didn’t break a sweat. It’s kind of weird but I don’t hate it. I was cracking up at the infographic about sweet caroline. It’s so true! Whenever I’m at Red Sox games I’m pretty sure those are the only words to the song I know… I hope you survive your long day
  3. I am so jealous of hls I can’t wait to hear about it. you know I am that morning person, however I can’t stay up past 10 for the life of me now a days. it is so bad. if i could have any talent it would be to be an amazing dancer, like on sytycd status. yep, all I want. I swear!
    • Ok, so I’ll figure out how to sing well and you figure out how to dance like that, and then we’ll basically be able to take over the entertainment world together :-p
  4. I’m so jelly that you don’t sweat that much. When I sweat, I literally sweat buckets. A shower’s a kind of a must if I want to look anything near presentable…which sucks because I hate showering with a very strong passion.
  5. HAHAHA I just lol’d at the box jumps. Aren’t they the most terrifying thing ever? Sometimes I try and do one onto a park bench and then I get scared mid jump. I haven’t had a successful box jump yet.

    Yep, I definitely use the smell test for expiration dates. A few yrs ago, I got food poisoning from yogurt that hadn’t reached it’s date yet. I had a couple bites and thought, “hmm, this isn’t right…”, tossed it, then a couple hours later, I died a horrible death. And that was the last time I let a date get in the way of my food. Anyways, I love going to Superstore (Loblaws) and buying up all the organic dairy when it’s marked down to 50% off. Especially the whipping cream!

    • Haha I guess if it’s going to give you food poisoning, it will no matter what the date on the carton is And I love the sales at any of the Loblaws stores, I’ve stocked up on Greek yogurt that way more than once.
  6. I’d like to think I am a good singer but that’s far from the truth! Hopefully I get some points for effort? I am so jealous of you all that are going to HLS- it seems like quite a few of my favorites (including you) are going. If you don’t hear from me for a while, consider it a result of envy ;)! I kid I kid, hope you all have a blast and can’t wait to read the recaps! I’m totally with you about expiration dates- if it smells good and tastes fine, I’m going to eat it..expired or not!
  7. Oh I feel you on the box jumps. It took me ages until I could jump on a little bench. I am doing really well meanwhile, and can actually jump pretty high. Though I must say I am the biggest sweat-girl ever….I drop sweat after 5 minutes of my workout. Ugh.
    I definitely would want to be a great dancer if I could wish for a talent! I am not the worst, but well….not professional or impressing or anything like that
  8. I wasn’t a sweating person either.. for so long. It was only a year or two ago that my workouts turned me into a sweaty monster. Now I sweat even after an easy 2km run or a good lifting session. Odd. Have an awesome time in Minneapolis! I’m so jealous!
  9. hahhaha i love these. and yeah ending up in australia would be really fun with arman there to entertain!! and omg i hate box jumps too- ive done them, and i hate them. i feel like im going fall on my face every time. i try to avoid them. and when it comes to expiration dates… ehh… for the most part ill abide, but im pretty lenient. i tell myself those are the “sell by” dates, so if you buy it by that date it must be good for at least a few more days right
    • Haha I tell myself the sell-buy thing too – they just can’t sell it past that point, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s no good now :-p
  10. I think I need to take a hint from you with the whole alarm clock thing. I’ve gotten into the horrible habit of actually setting my alarm way earlier than I need to just so I can press snooze a bunch of times and wake up at the time I actually need to. For some reason, I feel like this helps me ease into waking up…hmm. I guess to each their own?
  11. I used to taking singing lessons when back in the day, but now I don’t feel comfortable at all singing in front of people. I don’t think I have a bad voice either and I too much prefer to be in a crowd.

    Well, I’m totally in the same boat as you…this business trip I’m taking next week is my first time traveling by myself and I’m totally freaked. I mean…I know it’ll be ok, but I can’t help but worry. I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday!

  12. stoppppp you ARE me! Two pieces of gum…always. I’m not a sweaty person either! People totally hate me for this. And don’t even think of getting me up before 6:00 AM…I also can’t set me alarm on odd numbers or or the hour or half hour!
    And clearly a book nerd too. Loving my From Left to Write book right now!
    • Haha oh god, I feel like I almost have to apologize to people for not being sweaty after a workout where they’re drowning in it :-p And I’m glad that you’re liking it! I didn’t sign up for any this month, but I’ll have to look at what they have down the line.
  13. Bahahaha I love the sweet caroline chart. I tried to sing it in my head and nope I know nothing more than that!
  14. Haha, box jumps scare the bejesus out of me too! I like to THINK I’m a good singer, it’s all about confidence and having fun, right?
  15. I too, was a huge bookworm. Ever since I was younger I’ve always loved books! I’m a sucker for them.
    And I also wish I could sing well! It’s just something I am incredibly awful at. Like not even close to having a singing bone in my body.
    I’m so sad about not being able to attend HLS anymore…like devastated, but trying to look at the positives and I totally need to come down to Ontario now. Can’t wait to hear all about it! I know last year was a ton of fun.
    • One of my favourite things to do is to just curl up with a book and relax! When I was a kid I would take 8-10 books out of the library at a time and read them all in the 3 week loaning period. And exactly – we’ll still get a chance to meet when you make your way down here!
  16. When my sisters and I were younger, I can still remember my youngest sister always say “girls don’t sweat, we GLISTEN”. I always had a nice chuckle from that,…and, to this date, my sisters continue to say that.

    As for your questions….

    <— Are you a good singer? Do you like to do karaoke?

    No. and….Errr…depends on the audience. I'm OK with my VERY close friends hearing my complete lack of vocal prowess, however, I'd probably be a little too timid to do karaoke outside that circle of close friends.

    <— Are there any workouts or exercises that legitimately freak you out?

    My hubby tells me stories of workouts he does in the Army. 10 mile road marches with 50-100 lbs strapped to his back. I'd prefer just sticking to a good class at our local Y….

    <— Do you abide by expiration dates?

    As a nurse, I know I probably should. With food, I'll generally give it a quick taste….if it tastes safe, i usually go ahead and just eat/drink it.

    <— Any confessions today?

    I love your blog. There, I said it. lol

    • Haha I remember hearing that saying when I was a kid too! Apparently I don’t glisten very much. And thank you, I’m glad you love the blog!
  17. I’m so jealous that you don’t sweat!! I need some help in that department And no worries about getting on the wrong plane, they won’t let you! Box jumps = terrifying. I’ve done them before but was basically whimpering like a little child.
  18. Oh gosh, I am a horrible singer. Like, I tell people that my voice makes animals and small children cry. Haha. I waas not gifted with much musical talent over here.
    I’m with you about the waking up at the crack of dawn thing. I’ve been trying so hard to will myself out of bed earlier each day but it’s just not working. I’d like to get into the whole early morning workout thing, but ahhh. My bed is so comfortable.
  19. It took me awhile, but I am a morning person now and I enjoy getting up while it’s nice and quiet. I am still a huge booknerd and read every night before bed!
  20. Stephen King’s IT made me scared of clowns too. Ugh, I hate them!

    That’s pretty awesome that you don’t sweat. I’m not very sweaty either but it sounds like you’ve got me beat.

    I’ve heard most expiration dates are not that strict anyway so good for you for not letting food go to waste!

    When I was thinking about going to HLS, I got anxiety about traveling alone. Mostly just because of airport security. I got my iPod stolen last time because it is so chaotic through lines and you have to put all of your electronics out so I would be a wreck worrying about my nice camera!

    I’m sure you’ll be fine though. You’re probably a much better traveler than me. I can say with confidence that most people are probably better than me.

    • That’s horrible about your iPod! I’ll be bringing my camera with me too, so I’ll have to make sure to keep a really close eye on it. And my mom is a travel agent, so I’ll be hounding her for tips before I leave :-p
  21. Having taken many box jump-phobic clients through their first box jumps, I can promise you it’s all mental. Once you let go of the fear and learn to jump with two feet at the same time (I bet the first time you try it, only one foot will leave the ground), you’ll be perfectly fine

    And that Sweet Caroline pic made me LOL!

  22. I am SO excited for HLS!! I won’t be getting in until Friday, though :(.
  23. Who needs expiration dates, really? I won’t even tell how old some of the food I’ve eaten so far was ;). But hey, I live to tell the truth.
    No need to feel bad for #4. I’m actually the same – unless we’re talking wearing too much or being in a small room with many others sweating like crazy [hello, university fitness classes] I won’t get sweaty or red-faced.
    Singing … Well, I was in the school choir but that’s been ages ago and these days I don’t even sing under the shower anymore. Did I ever, actually?!
    Jealousy aside I’m excited for you going to HLS soon. Traveling by myself I write down my routes and train/plane changes meticulousy even if it turns out being super easy in the end. Better be prepared.
  24. we haven’t had gum in years haha in high school and college we always were chewing it!

    and we are both horrible singers

  25. I’ve never done karaoke, but I tend to break out into song a lot. When I used to do canoe trips in the summer, that’s how we would amuse ourselves through 8 hour days of paddling and portaging!

    I’m so jealous you’re not sweaty. I went to the gym after internship and before therapy today hoping I could just get away without showering, but I was a drippy mess after 20 minutes on the elliptical haha.

    Ahhh so excited that HLS is so soon!!! I wish I was going Thursday. Question: Are you going to use your cell phone while there? I want to text you or Amanda when I get to the hotel at like 10 pm on Friday!

    • I was just going to ask you when you’d be getting in! That’s great that it’s Friday! And I bought a roaming package, so I’ll definitely have my phone with me!
  26. You are going to end up in Australia, regardless. Have you forgotten about the afterparty? I’m organising hugh jackman to meet you all at the airport.

    Regarding expiration dates…I guess it depends. Cereal- as long as it doesn’t taste like cardboard, its all good. Meat and dairy- it depends on what. Cannot wait to vicariously live the HLS through you guys!

    My confession? I ate a lindt chocolate ball as my post workout snack. C’est la vie.

  27. Jealous of your non-sweaty ways. If I step outside in heat over 80 degrees, I start sweating. It’s nasttyyyy! Have fun at HLS — so bummed I won’t be there to meet everyone!
  28. I always need 2 pieces of any gum, unless its the Icebreakers squares. So weird!

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip–I know you’re scared, but it will be so great for you!

    And box jumps? Screw ’em. I’ve busted many a shin, and seen a few really nasty ones. Stay away from those things.

    Loved this post! xoxo

  29. always love learning more about you! i am proud to say i know that after the DUN DUN DUN in ‘sweet caroline’, the words are ‘good times never seem so good SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD’. and that’s all i know.
    i like that i sweat when i work out! i’m never annoyed by it, except last night in hot yoga when i sweated so much and forgot a towel, so by the end of class there was a pile of paper towels next to me and i couldn’t do any moves without sliding all over.
    i was such a bookworm as a kid but i feel like i never progressed beyond “easy” books, probably because in school they made us start reading harder stuff! i read ‘baby sitter’s club’ past what was probably the acceptable age to be reading it as a result i could read a book a day! my library actually had to tell me that i couldn’t keep doing that and earning points to win summer reading prizes because it wasn’t fair to kids reading books at their level, haha. i’m a sneak.
    i can only do box jumps on tiny boxes! and my friend had to coach me through it hardcore when i first did one. i see people at the gym do them on boxes up to their wastes and i am like WHO ARE YOU.
  30. Sweeeeeeeeet Caroliiiiiiiiine Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun! Yep…that’s all I know!

    I used to sing all the time when I was little and even did some talent shows, but yeah, no one has the heart to tell a 7 year old that she can’t carry a tune to save her life! It wasn’t until I hit high school that I realized I should just hum along when I’m in public…or roll up the windows and belt it out in free abandon!

    I never read the book, but I watched “It” when I was young and just like you…scarred for life! A commercial came on the radio today for the circus that’s coming to town and I literally shuddered just at the thought! Lol

    Never ever EVER care about expiration dates…which is the exact opposite of the man-friend! I’ve actually pilfered eggs and Greek yogurt from him in the past because he’s convinced he’ll get sick if he eats it past it’s date! I’m like, “helloooooooo?! I’m still alive!”

    Oh god, box jumps….no! The last time I did one the box DID move a bit and I almost fell! Luckily it wasn’t very high up and no one was around to see, but if I have a choice, I’d rather NOT have my life flash before my eyes while I’m trying to get a good workout in! Lol

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