The Weekend Where I Didn’t Really Cook Anything.


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Hiiii lovely readers! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy, but I made sure to include some couch time Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. I always need at least a little downtime on the weekends, otherwise I never really feel prepared to tackle Monday.

Also, over weekend I went out for one meal a day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and didn’t really cook much in between. This is definitely indulgent compared to a usual weekend for me – but considering that going out to eat is one of my favourite activities, I’m cool with that.

So first up, Eric and I went out for dinner Friday night to celebrate some FABULOUS news. He got a job! Believe me, this is huge – the industry that he’s trained in is extremely oversaturated and the unemployment rate in general in our city is high. He had been without a job for quite a while and we were both getting pretty worried, so this opportunity came at a perfect time.

And we celebrated with our favourite dining experience – All you can eat sushi! We decided to try a new-to-us restaurant – 168 Sushi Buffet. Annnnd now we have a new favourite.

First of all, you order off of IPads. I know this isn’t really all that new for some people, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in a restaurant. It’s pretty badass – I’m pretty sure we spent the first 10 minutes just playing around with it.

IPad ordering So fun. And then of course, there’s the sushi itself at Sushi 168…amazing. Fresh and tasty, with quick service. And we know what we’re talking about, because Eric and I are kind of experts AYCE sushi-ers. Wink

Round 1:



  • 1. Crispy Spicy Salmon
  • 2. Seaweed Salad
  • 3. Shrimp Dumplings
  • 4. Pink Lady Roll (spicy crab topped with smoked salmon)
  • 5. Salmon Sashimi
  • 6. Spring Rolls

Round 2:

Round 2


  • 1. Salmon Avocado Roll
  • 2. Salmon sushi
  • 3. Red Snow Roll (Dynamite roll with spicy white tuna) and Gym Roll (Dynamite roll and banana with spicy red tuna)

And finally, dessert:



  • tempura banana (ohmygod that was amazing. Must find a way to recreate)
  • vanilla ice cream

Needless to say, we rolled ourselves home and lazed on the couch in a sushi coma for the rest of the nice. Oh my, that was fabulous.


After the gym and my usual errands Saturday morning, I had some time to kill before meeting my mom, my aunts and some family friends for lunch. I found myself at Covent Garden Market downtown, where this happened in the Homeopathy London:

Health Food Purchases Oops. Miiiight have overdone it a little. Oh well – it’s all good stuff. Oh, and for someone that hates pretty much everything grape flavoured (candy, most pop, medicine, etc.) I’m slightly obsessed with Grape Zevia.

Oh, and finding G.T.’s mango flavour made the whole trip worth it. I thought that Third Eye Chai was my favourite, but nope. Mystique Mango for the win.

Mango G.T.'s After hanging out downtown for a little while, I headed over to Under the Volcano to meet the group. Under the Volcano is one of my favourite restaurants in London by default, because it’s one of the only sit-down Mexican restaurants in the area. The food is always good – I think I’ve tried most of their menu by this point and I haven’t been disappointed by anything. Although, this time around we didn’t have the greatest waitress – she was kinda rude/rushed and kept forgetting things. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

My mom offered to split a pitcher of sangria with me, which I’m certainly not going to say no to.

Sangria And after snacking on chips and salsa (loooove UTV salsa. It’s mild, but it’s got a ton of cilantro, which I adore) I went for the steak fajita salad with a side of guac for my lunch.

Fajita Salad The steak was good and I loved all the fajita veggies, so this dish definitely made me happy.

Although there is one thing that makes me happier…

Deep Fried Ice Cream It is physically impossible for me to go to this restaurant and not order their deep fried ice cream. It is insane how delicious it is – vanilla ice cream with a crunchy, honey and cinnamon-ified coating and topped with whipped cream. My mom loves it just as much as I do, so she was happy to split it with me.

An afternoon of getting some work done and watching Gone With the Wind (anyone else find that movie depressing?) I continued my non-cooking streak with salad and freezer pizza.

Pizza Laziness tastes delicious.


Sunday was spent:


Muffins Amanda’s Flourless Double Chocolate Chip Muffins. Seriously, make them. Amazing.


Brunching Pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns at Richie’s. Hmmm, diner food.


Cleaning (img source)


Atticus This is now his solution when I don’t let him sit on my lap…

And finally, actually cooking for the first time in three days:

Salmon Dinner Salmon, brown rice, spinach salad.

So clearly, this was an indulgent weekend for me. Lots of restaurant meals, none of them particularly healthy, and eating to complete fullness.

But I’m ok with that! Years ago, having a weekend like this would be a cause for anxiety and ‘atonement’ – extra workouts, cutting back on portion sizes for a few days, or cutting out sweets/sugar for the foreseeable future. Nowadays? Meh. Yes, I overdid it, but I trust my body enough that I don’t want to try and tell it what to do – I’m going to spend today and the rest of the week continuing to eat in my current ‘normal’ fashion. And considering that I’m trying to up my fat intake right now…all that avocado and ice cream can’t be that bad, right? Wink 

I think our bodies are smart – whether you overdo it at one meal, for a day, or for a week – they’re capable of returning to a natural set point without our intervention. Cleanses, extra workouts, restricted eating – why make yourself suffer? Just listen to your body and your hunger signals…and more importantly, trust it. It’ll sort things out without you trying to take control, promise.

But oh goodness, back to actually making all my meals today Wink

Have a good one!

<— When you eat sushi, would you rather go for AYCE or just order off a regular menu?

<— Are you a kombucha fan? What’s your favourite flavour?

<— How do you handle super-indulgent weekends?

<— What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Congrats on the new job! You guys must be relieved! Sushi is the perfect way to celebrate! I ordered of an ipad ONCE at a restaurant… I didn’t like it haha!
    Meg @ Meg Go Run recently posted..Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile
  2. i have to say, i don’t mind weekends like that anymore. I actually enjoy them. a whole lot. i wish I had them more, I need my family to come visit because that is when I take more advantage of it. congrats to your man!!! so amazing I am glad you got to celebrate. also saving up my health food store splurge for president’s day, can’t wait to blow some money on ridiculous fun finds. (ps tell me how those chimes were, I have yet to try the peanut butter ones but want to)
    alex @ therunwithin recently posted..Spill it: Keep me CrazyMy Profile
  3. I LOVE RICHIE’s!!!!! That place is so good. Also for the record I will split the sangria with you anywhere, anytime!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Banana Fosters Cinnamon RollsMy Profile
  4. Yay congrats to Eric for getting the job! That’s so exciting. That sushi looks delicious ahhhh and now I’m craving it. ….thanks
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted..Weekend Wrap-Up: Thai Food & BowlingMy Profile
  5. Yay…congrats to Eric! That’s such wonderful and exciting news!

    Annnd, you’re seriously killing me with all that Sushi! It’s only 9:14 a.m. and now I’m having the biggest Sushi craving ever. Ha!

    I definitely want to make Amanda’s muffins asap! They’re on my list to try – they look SO good!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..10 Things You May Not Know About MeMy Profile

  6. I’ve good food envy looking at all your pictures, yum!
    Katie recently posted..Peace Perspective V: DanceMy Profile
  7. Wowwww congrats to Eric, that is so amazing!! I ate out a lot this weekend too, but it was worth it. I have some baking on the agenda this week for Davs’ Valentine Baking link up. Wish me luck lol
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..Sibs Weekend 2014 [MIMM #23]My Profile
  8. Congrats to Eric! That’ll be me in a year and a half…sigh. I’ve never been to restaurant where you can order on an iPad…or any other electronic device. Technology these days. And as always, your meals look delicious! Particularly that sushi… I might need to hit that up this weekend.
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted..Sometimes All You Need Is A Good Cry…And Froyo.My Profile
  9. So much deliciousness going on! Ordering off Ipads!? Ohemgee am I living under a rock?
    I’ve always wondered how deep-fried ice-cream is made..anyway it looks marvelous. And I just made Amanda’s muffins today and I’m in love too..she’s a genius! What a good attitude to have..and why not? We achieve nothing by beating ourselves up after having a blessed good time right
  10. I’ve now had two weekends of eating out in a row which is unheard of for me. I don’t mind since I do like eating out but I do miss eating healthy foods which helps me get back on a Normal eating schedule. Like you though, I’m not trying to make up for this weekend despite feeling a little “puffy” last night. Today may even be a rest day for me and I’m working on upping my food intake so it works out. Plus, you can’t go wrong with ice cream sundaes
    Sarah recently posted..MIMM: Baltimore WeekendMy Profile
  11. Oh you CAINT say NO to Mama!!!
    Today is a fresh day
    A new 24hours.
    Go GIT IT
    Carla recently posted..What does BRAZEN mean?My Profile
  12. Mmm I am craving sushi hardcore now. There is no better form of getting your fats in than deep fried ice cream!
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..A log PR and a possible injuryMy Profile
  13. Congrats to Eric! It sounds like the perfect weekend for celebrating! I had an indulgent weekend as well. Weekends like that still make me a little uncomfortable, but I am learning to live with that feeling rather than trying to “make up” for it during the week. I hope to someday be as carefree as you and just completely trust my body. I needed this today, so thank you!
    Lindsay recently posted..I Think I am ReadyMy Profile
  14. I’m still amazed that you went to a place where you order off ipads. That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.
    And now I’m majorly craving sushi. I think the last time I had some was about a year ago. Not okay.
    And congrats to Eric!!
    Lisa recently posted..The UpdateMy Profile
  15. I used to beat myself up about indulging….but it’s easier for me to move past it now
    Andrea @ pencils and pancakes recently posted..Paleo Meal PlanningMy Profile
  16. Huge congratulations on the job, he must be so excited! It looks like a marvelous weekend all around! I was home with my family for the weekend and defiantly overdid it some but it was all so enjoyable. I have never tried deep fried ice cream but it sounds good!
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..MIMM – TimberwolvesMy Profile
  17. Oh my goodness that deep fried ice cream sounds amazing!! I haven’t had that in years. Used to love it at a restaurant by my parents Diner breakfasts are the best by far, too. I’m happy that you enjoy weekends like this now, hun. I have learned to do so, too. I typically just go by how I’m feeling; I think my body is relearning how to balance things out so if I have a little too much sugar or something one day, I crave less the next. And now you just put me in the mood for sushi haha. Haven’t had it in way too long!
    Caitlin recently posted..Tag It TooMy Profile
  18. Congrats to Eric!! So cool!!
    It’s almost 10 pm now here and I’m craving Sushi. Omg, they look to die for!! I love sitting on a kayta band, where little plates with a sushi/sashimi choice come by and you can just pick them off the band. It gets pretty expensive in the end, but so worth it!!
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..Marvelous in my Monday – Weekend BlissMy Profile
  19. HUGE congratulations to Eric for securing a job! SO happy for you both and really glad you got a chance to go out and celebrate together!

    My sister was here this weekend so I spent all my time with her
    Cori @ olivetorun recently posted..An Update: An Interview With MyselfMy Profile

  20. I can completely relate to the changing mindset. Back in the day, if I wasn’t constantly hungry, I wasn’t happy. A lack of hunger meant I was eating too much, which would send me into a tailspin of anxiety. But now? I freaking hate hunger and I’m happy to say that I’m pleasantly satisfied 99% of the time, unless unforeseen circumstances delay my meal/snack. Life is better when aren’t constantly stressing about food… especially because it’s so freaking good!

    Huge congrats to Eric
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... currently – february 2014 .My Profile

    • Ohhh I know what you mean. Back in the day, I thought I had to be starving come meal time, otherwise, I was ‘eating too much’. So dumb. So much better not being hungry all the time.
  21. I love weekends with lots of eating out! But can you believe that out of all those restaurants you mentioned, I’ve only been to Richie’s? #foodiefail When I come to London next, we are going to Under the Volcano, deal?

    Whether I prefer AYCE or off the menu sushi totally depends on the restaurant. If it has good quality AYCE, I prefer that but otherwise I prefer restaurants that only offer sushi off a regular menu since they tend to have better quality sushi (but not always).

    Also I miss Alex’s Homeopathy – such a great store! Actually I miss Covent Garden in general, especially the outdoor farmers’ market!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Weekend kitchen storiesMy Profile

    • Deal!! And I’m so excited for the Farmer’s Market at CG to start up again – it technically runs through the winter, but only a handful of vendors. It’ll be so nice in the spring, especially because I’m pretty close to downtown…and I can never convince myself to drive down to the Western Fair.
  22. Congrats on your boyfriend’s new job! I know that being unemployed can be nerve-racking. I’ve never been to a restaurant where you order off of an iPad- that’s pretty damn cool My husband despises sushi- he also hates most veggies and fruits so I’m thinking his palate just never matured past age 5, haha. I’ve never had deep fried ice-cream- looks interesting!
    Kim recently posted..A Glimpse Inside the Beginnings of Infertility TestingMy Profile
    • haha Eric does do sushi, but he only veggies when I put them on his plate he doesn’t like fruit either (except bananas) which I don’t understand!
  23. A huge congrats to Eric!!! I know how difficult it can be to find a job and it’s always so fun to celebrate the occasion Feel free to give me a call the next time you want to split a pitcher of sangria… I’m always down for that
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Red Thai Curry StewMy Profile
  24. Congrats to him on the job! ^-^

    Oh. My. Gosh. Your eats have my mouth watering.

    I’ve never had sushi or fried ice cream. I need to get on that..

    That salad and home cooked meal looks refreshing!
    Natalie @ lovenataliemarie recently posted..MIMM – What I NeededMy Profile

  25. What a lovely weekend filled with so much great food. I’m jealous.

    <— When you eat sushi, would you rather go for AYCE or just order off a regular menu? Regular menu, because I like all the fancy rolls.

    <— Are you a kombucha fan? What’s your favourite flavour? YES! I loooooove ginger berry. I've been loving Rise kombucha too.

    <— How do you handle super-indulgent weekends? Unbuttoning my pants.

    <— What did you get up to this weekend? I've been sick for three weeks (damn life stress) so I spent a lot of time in bed trying to sleep. The most exciting thing that happened was take out sushi on Friday night & a movie followed by a Tylenol PM drug induced coma. Oh, and yoga yesterday.
    Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted..Allowing The Unexpected To HappenMy Profile

    • I love the Blueberry Maple Rise! Another one of my favourites. And I hope you’re feeling better/less stressed now that the career decision has been made!
  26. I luurrrvveee sushi. Fancy sushi, weird sushi, boring sushi. All the sushi! Seaweed salad is also one of my favorite foods. Because apparently seaweed tops ice cream and candy in my weird brain.

    Question about those ginger chews. Have you noticed a difference in your digestion since you started eating them? I know ginger is supposed to benefit digestion and I’m looking for a natural remedy.

    Looks like an awesome weekend! I’m glad you had fun and realized that our bodies balance themselves out. They are smarter than we give them credit for!
    Laura recently posted..Spill it, Sundays #4 (and my Boston adventure)My Profile

  27. HUGE congrats to Eric- I can understand how tough it must be in an industry where there are many vying for those rare positions

    I am slightly confused…at buffet restaurants they give you menus? Here it’s a ‘leave your table and hoard it all on your plate.’

    PS I MAY have a recipe for the tempura bananas- My friend made it at her Japanese dinner a couple of years back- I’ll get back to you on that!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..He thinks/She thinks- The taboo word- ‘dieting’My Profile

    • haha most sushi restaurants call it a ‘buffet’, although you have to place orders. It just means you can order as much as you like for one price (although you have to actually eat what you order – they’ll charge you for ordering something and not eating it). And that would be awesome if you could find that recipe!
  28. Congrats to your man on the job! And got to love a weekend that involves sushi, the best GT’s flavor ever, and sangria.
    Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate recently posted..Weekend Snapshots {1/10/14}My Profile
  29. The thing I’m deeply disurbed by of your weekend eats is the deep fried ice cream. I simply cannot wrap my head around is how on earth it’s possible?!!! It just doesn’t make sense to me. How does it not melt instantly when they put it in the fryer???? This has plagued me since I was a kid because I just can’t understand how it works… But fried ice cream aside, yay for a weekend of fun a celebrations. I have a feeling the only thing your weekend eats added to your body was more love and happiness. And that to me is the epitome of a perfect meal
  30. I was just telling Marty how I wanted to start eating sushi again! We used to go on a sushi date about once a week but we haven’t been in a good eight months! I need to get my sushi fix pronto

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