Weekly Eats & Workouts + Spill It Sunday -3/16.


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Hello there! I hope your weekend is going fabulously.

So, I feel like my grocery posts were getting a bit repetitive, so I’m going to skip those for now. I’ll cover the meal plan and workout recap for the week, and today I’ll be linking up with Arman‘s Spill It Sunday. Sound good? I still may do a grocery post every now and then, but not every week.

Meal Plan

Sunday: baked rainbow trout, brown rice and roasted broccoli
Monday: Black Bean Mexican Casserole
Tuesday: homemade fettuccine alfredo with shrimp
Wednesday: Pizza bagels, roasted broccoli
Thursday: salmon burgers and salad
Friday: easy meal/out
Saturday: easy meal/out


Sunday: TRX
Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Hot Power Flow Yoga
Friday: Cardio Drums
Saturday: off

As you can see, there’s no real rhyme or reason to my workouts right now. I’m still taking it easy and taking plenty of rest days, but pretty much I’m just doing what I feel like, when I feel like doing it. I’d love to get back on an actual plan or program soon, but this is working just fine for the moment.

Spill It Sunday

So, last week we talked about fats for Spill It Sunday. This week:

The Protein (img source)

Yup, we’re talking protein this week!

1. What is your favourite protein source?

Eggs! I try to include a source of protein at each meal, and eggs are a cheap and delicious way to do so.

DSCF8860 I usually do a combo of whole eggs + whites. I usually have 1-3 a day.

2. What is your favourite meat?

Although I don’t eat it too often, I love bison. It has a higher protein content than beef, which is always a good thing. And considering that bison (American buffalo) typically isn’t raised on feedlots, most of what’s available is going to be leaner, grass-fed, and hormone/antibiotic free. (source)

3. What protein receives unfair flack? What protein is overrated?

Hmm…similar to what I posted last week, red meat. While I don’t think we need to eat it every day, I do think that once or twice a week is great – lots of protein and lots of iron.

Overrated protein: chicken breast. Unless it’s fried, stuffed, or covered in cheese or BBQ sauce…it’s boring! I find thighs and drumsticks to be so much more tender and flavourful.

Chicken (img source)

4. Link up a protein rich recipe:

How about last week’s protein mug cake?

Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Protein Mug Cake | Better With Sprinkles

5. What is your perception of this macronutrient?

While I do think that the importance of protein is overblown a little bit these days with lifting weights and Paleo being all the rage, I think it’s still an important macronutrient. Honestly? I think guidelines that suggest that we only need about 10% of our daily calories from protein isn’t enough, but we don’t necessarily need the crazy amounts portrayed in bodybuilding circles, either. It’s important and I think it should be included in each meal, but it should be balanced out with appropriate amounts of fats and carbs, too.

Also, protein powder. I use it daily and think it’s fine, but it shouldn’t be our primary source of proteins.

6. What benefit does protein play in your persona eating habits?

It helps me stay full, it keeps my muscles growing, and obviously, taste. I try not to emphasize meat too much, and instead include lots of eggs and egg whites, dairy, and some protein powder for breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Meat is usually included in dinner.

I think it the end, we need to focus on balancing all of our macros appropriately – if you have too much of one thing (protein), you’re probably lacking in another.

And another throwback for the selfie this week:

St. Paddy's A St. Paddy’s Day throwback seems appropriate, doesn’t it? This was from four years ago…and I can’t believe it’s been four years since this picture was taken. And hey…I guess I did own something green at some point? I’m still trying to figure out my outfit for tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

<— Should I keep doing grocery posts?

<— What did you do for St. Paddy’s last year?

<— Do you use protein powder? What do you usually use it for?

<— What’s your opinion on protein? Are people overdoing it these days?


  1. YES, If it’s not too much trouble, I love the grocery lists. It would also be helpful if you could provide links to some of your meals for the week, like the Black Bean Mexican Casserole and others that aren’t just meat/fish, a carb and a veggie. I personally do not believe in protein powders and do not buy them. I think they are a fad and people have lived for hundreds of years with protein from real food sources, not an expensive jar of ingredients and unfamiliar ingredients. But that is my opinion. Maybe if I had more money I would try them! Protein does seem to be the latest source of food type getting lots of attention. But it is very important for the body and we need to get enough to keep the body going! I could never go Paleo, but protein is very important for good health. Very much so!! Thanks Sam for another wonderful post!
    • I also don’t work out as much as you all…so don’t need as much protein. Also, my naturopath is firmly against the powders so she may be influencing my opinion.
      • I’ll plan to do them once in a while Beth, but not every week – maybe once or twice or a month. And I don’t have a recipe for the casserole yet! And that’s a good point – people did fine without protein powders for the vast majority of humanity’s time on earth!
  2. I love all the proteins! Good call on the eggs and bison though. Now I’m going to have to go get some…

    P.S. I’m coming over for dinner every night this week.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..San Diego: A Long, Strange TripMy Profile

  3. Yes for eggs! I think one of the reasons they are my favorite too is because they are so reasonable. Your eggs look so perfect, I always end up with the yolks too cooked or some of the white still a little runny.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..Spill it Sundays – ProteinMy Profile
    • it definitely takes a bit of practice, but you’ll get the hang of it! I find it has a lot to do with figuring out the perfect temperature on your stove.
  4. I always feel like I’m in the minority because I don’t care too much for protein. I mean, I’ll crave a good meaty dish every now and then, but for the most part I don’t actually find it to be as satisfying as most people claim — gimme the carbs and fats, please And when it comes to protein powders, I’ll use them on occasion to add some flavour or texture to smoothies or baked goods, but too much sends my stomach into a tail spin so I tend to use them sparingly.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... link love 3/16 .My Profile
  5. I like your grocery posts! But then again, I’m nosy lol.

    I used to be pretty anti-protein powder, but I’m finding that I like it to boost the staying power and nutrition of my smoothies. I don’t really have it that often though – I think the last time I used it was a couple months ago!

    I think most people either get enough or too much protein. And definitely too much from animal sources – I think we could be a lot healthier if people tried to go meatless more often.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Leek and potato soupMy Profile

    • Haha yesterday I got home and was too hungry to take pictures, so I just threw everything into the fridge as quickly as possible so I could get started on lunch I’ll still do them once or twice a month though!
      And that’s definitely fair – I used to be really good about keeping most of my meals meatless, but I’ve fallen off that bandwagon recently. I need to start buying tofu and beans on a more regular basis again!
  6. I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t eat red meat. I haven’t in years. I don’t like it. Some people don’t like sushi, I don’t like red meat. Plain and simple. I love chicken because it’s adaptable to so many dishes. Honestly, my favorite proteins are eggs and fish. I don’t do protein powders….most have many additives and tons of fat. They don’t appeal to me at all.
    Megan @ The Skinny-Life recently posted..Comment on 3/16/14 Sunday Funday by Michael AndersonMy Profile
    • definitely understandable about red meat – I went semi-vegetarian (I ate fish and poultry, but no beef or pork) for about 4 years. And while most protein powders have additives, I would argue that most that I’ve seen are pretty low in fat.
  7. I’ve never had bison, but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on it! I’ll have to try it sometime.
    Natalie Staeckeler recently posted..Spill It Sunday – All About The ProteinMy Profile
  8. Dude, just a heads up- maybe contact bloglovin- this didn’t come up on there and saying your last post was 5 things friday…

    Anyway! I loved bison burgers when I was in the States- it’s actually similar to kangaroo- and kangaroo is the leanest meat in Australia! YES- chicken breasts- unless covered in something amazing as so less flavourful than thighs or wings!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..Weekends in the Sydney Sun!My Profile

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