WIAW: A New Meaning to ‘Fried Egg’.


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Hello loves! Thank you for all your feedback on my post yesterday. Pseudo-recovery is definitely a difficult concept when you’re going through it, but hopefully people can realize that true recovery goes one step further.

But, it’s Wednesday, so….


That means it’s on to the eats. Thank you to Jenn and the chickpea for hosting…we’re so close to seeing that little face!

So for today’s day of eats, we’re going to rewind to Sunday, when I had a lunch date with Chelsea. One of the downsides to moving is that I’m not going to be a 40 minute drive away from her anymore! We’ll make sure we still get a lunch date going every once in a while though, I seriously love spending time with that lady.

Sam and Chelsea

Old picture, but the same idea Wink

When I woke up Sunday morning I was in a running mood – apparently, I like running on Sundays? Although my mind was willing, my body wasn’t…it was definitely a lead-leg sort of run. 3 miles was plenty.


With some untimed walking/stoplight breaks in there. Runners who use a Garmin or timer, do you stop your watch for walking breaks or stoplights? I always do, but I’m not sure if that’s the ‘proper’ way to do it. 

Refueled with a protein pancake.


I use the TIU Girls recipe, but without the berries and with whey protein. I also add 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder for some extra fluffiness. Topped with the rest of the sliced banana (at least, the slices that didn’t end up going straight into my mouth while waiting for the pancake to cook) and some cashew butter.

A little while later, I made the drive up to Burlington, and then Chelsea and I headed into Oakville to O’Finn’s Irish Temper, a restaurant recommended by a friend of hers. 


The interior was really cute: kind of dark, but it felt like being in someone’s library or study. Very homey. 

For lunch, I was stuck between the California Club Sandwich and the Blackened Salmon Salad. The waitress pointed me in the direction of the salmon…and it was a good choice.


Chipotle crusted salmon, romaine, tomatillo salsa, cotija cheese, crispy tortilla chips and a fried egg.

I’m always a little weary to order salmon or fish of any kind in restaurants – it almost always ends up overcooked. But the chef here definitely knew what he was doing – it was cooked perfectly and I adored the chipotle crust. Perfect for a spice lover like myself.

The rest of the salad was fabulous too – big hunks of avocado, lots of salsa, and a good amount of tortilla strips – not too many that it overwhelmed the salad, but enough that it added a good crunch to the dish.

And can we please talk about that fried egg?


Obviously not what I was expecting, but it was amazing. I need to figure out how they did that so I can recreate it, because it was amazing.

Definitely a restaurant I’d want to go back to if I’m in the area again!

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around downtown Oakville for a bit, then going to check out the Whole Foods. I love having friends that are just as entertained as I am to walk around grocery stores.

After Friday nights partying and Saturdays pizza, a kombucha was definitely needed to calm my stomach. A new-to-me flavour, but I really liked it!


(And clearly I needed a pug picture in there somewhere)

Once I made the trip back home (almost getting lost trying to avoid construction traffic, but I survived) Eric and I took Atti for a quick dog park trip.

Atti Dog Park

Those two were chasing each other around the park for a while…I love how Atti plays with dogs that look like they could eat him.

I had a chicken in the slow cooker all day (using this method – still working great for me) so I used approximately half of it to put together a stirfry with veggies and brown rice.


Definitely hit the spot. Especially when followed by a few spoonfuls of Coconut Bliss a little while later for dessert.

Coconut Bliss

(except it was vanilla flavoured)

Mmm…such a good day of food.

Have a delightful Wednesday!

<— Runners: do you stop your timer at stoplights/on walking breaks? Apparently, I only want my time to reflect the actual running portion of the workout.

<— Last restaurant you went to?

<— Do you consider walking around grocery stores to be your idea of a good time? Oh, just wait until Minneapolis…Trader Joe’s and US Whole Foods, here I come.


  1. I have to start by saying that I love that picture of Atti and the other dog. The colors and comp are freaking fabulous! But moving on…

    The first thing that caught my eye in that picture of your lunch was the egg. What in the… I need to know how that’s done! Holy.snap that looks good. And girl… you KNOW I can’t wait to get some major TJ and WF action in when we go down to Minneapolis. I won’t say it’s what I’m MOST looking forward to, but it’s definitely up there!

    • That’s Instagram filters for you And I’m already trying to keep an eye out for WF and TJ products that I see on blogs that look good to me…like the chocolate covered marshmallows I saw on Hungry Runner Girl this morning. Want.
  2. I almost always choose salmon if it’s on the menu and chances are I would’ve gotten your order too…looks FAB! Love all the different dimensions to the dish include the fish’s crust, avocado and fried egg. If I’m running outdoors, I usually keep my timer going during walk breaks but if I stop at a traffic light, I either run on the spot or pause it. If I’m moving, the clock better be doing the same ;)! Happy Wednesday Sam!
    • I’m always so, so happy when a restaurant can pull off salmon well…seriously one of the best things out there. Happy Wednesday!
  3. Ah you’re going to Minneapolis!??!?! My bf is from there and it is such a wonderful city!!! Actually he’s there now and picked me up a huge bag of Trader Joe’s goodies!!! That store is actually my favourite!

    You and Chelsea are too cute Next time I’m third-wheeling lol!

    • Yup, HLS is in abut two weeks and they’re holding it in Minneapolis this year. And please come along next time! There’s been talks of setting up a Toronto-area blogger meetup at some point, so hopefully we can do that!
  4. i almost picked up some coconut bliss at the store the other night and now im kicking myself for not. i tried some almond milk variety instead and it wasnt that good. total fail. IF perchance im running and timing it, i dont usually stop it for walking (because theres so much walking, it would be like half the time) also, i never usually even remember to do it
  5. On the running thing, I don’t usually time myself, but when I do, I usually stop it at stoplights. Not for walking, but if it’s not in my control then I will. I wish I was going to HLS with all of you! Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods hot bar are my idea of heaven on earth.
  6. I’m so glad we got to hang out again one last time before the end of the summer! Also, I love how out of all the times we’ve hung out, we’ve only ever remembered to snap a picture once. Ah well, we’ll make up for it at HLS. I’m going to take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

    You know I love walking around grocery stores! I can’t wait to hit up the WF in Minneapolis. Do you know what day you’re planning on going?

    • Haha I can only imagine how many cameras are going to be out at HLS…I feel like I’ll go blind from flashes all weekend And there hasn’t been anything planned, depends on what time people are leaving maybe we can try for Sunday morning? We’ll get it figured out!
  7. Aww, I want to go on a lunch date with you girls! So fun. Yep, I LOVE grocery shopping by myself. Taking my time to browse the aisles, see what’s new & exciting…. oh the little things in life.
    I don't have a Garmin, and use the RunKeeper app on my phone. But to answer your question, no I don't stop the timer.
    Last restaurant I went to was the golf course in Canmore! It was so pretty – big mountains, pond, flowers…

    I WANT THAT EGG. Take me to that restaurant at once!

    • Haha the amount of time I could spend browsing a grocery store is ridiculous…and come to Ontario and we will gladly take you!
  8. Back when I was a runner, I never ever timed my runs. Crazy huh?! That probably explains why sometimes I would accidentally run for 2.5 hours…

    I’m eating fried eggs right now, which is good otherwise I’d be craving the yolk hardcore!

  9. US Whole Foods! It was my place to be when I was in NY. Seriously, I wanted to live there.
    That fried egg looks super interesting. I hope you recreate it and share the recipe with us!
  10. A whole fried egg? Whhaa I’ve never seen that before. I’m sure it isn’t too difficult to recreate! And thanks for posting that coconut bliss pic, now I have a major craving for it!
  11. Yes, I’ll second this new journey to figure out how to recreate that egg! It looks so delish! I really want to try that coconut bliss – coconut has been popping up everywhere and now it’s all over in the ice cream aisle… It sounds like it’d be so good and that vanilla rendition of it would likely be my favorite!!
    • I’d definitely give the coconut bliss a shot, I have no problem with real ice cream but that stuff is really, really good!
  12. Oh my gosh…I’ve never seen a fried egg done like that before! That’s seriously amazing, and if you ever figure out how to do that…please share. The last restaurant we went to was a seafood restaurant in Lake George. I got the crab cakes!
  13. I used to stop my timer at stop lights then I realized I was being an uber control freak and that it contributed to only 2ish minutes of my run so I stopped doing it! If I run a similar route, I know how far I’m going so the time isn’t too important
  14. I’m always ordering salmon at restaurants, but I agree–most of the time its overcooked. But when its perfect? Ahhh bliss. That egg is crazy!
    I gotta find that chai kombucha! I am now officially on a quest. Love you darling, AND HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
  15. THAT SALMON. Yum! I’ve never seen a fried egg like that before. Was it ooey and gooey like a sunny side up egg or more cooked? I’m obsessed with figuring out how they accomplished this now. As for the Garmin question, I usually stop it at stop lights/water fountains/etc. I know it probably jacks up my pace, but I don’t care enough to change my ways.
  16. If I stop, my Garmin stops too. I only have it running while I am running haha. So that means potty breaks during longer races, stop lights during training runs, and once in a while HILLLSSS I cannot muster the energy to climb without walking!
  17. Atticus is getting so big now! Well, not so big…but you know what I mean
    I’m super jealous you and Chelsea got to meet up…I’m hoping to come to Ontario sometimes early next year, so hopefully that will happen. That would be so fun.
    And I JUST tried that coconut bliss last night. Holy, it’s tasty stuff!
    Oh yah, I love walking around grocery stores all the time. I could spend forever in them…even the ones out here and they’re nothing too exciting.
    • I swear, he’s going to a massive, massive pug. At the vet’s when he was sick he was weighing in at 16.5 pounds…when he was sick! And he’s not even six months old yet! And you’ll have to come grocery store adventuring with me in Minneapolis
  18. Yes – I always stop my watch for traffic lights, potty breaks etc.
  19. So jealous but happy about your lunch date! Super cute. Grocery stores are a close second to Lululemon in my shopping books… LOVE! I don’t use a Garmin but am planning on getting one but I feel like stopping them does make sense!
  20. wow that egg looks amazing. I have never seen an egg made that way but I have to say I have been on a major egg kick lately so I am beyond intrigued.
  21. I’ve never seen a fried egg like that! Looks yummy. And I’m so glad you included Atti in the kombucha pic- adorable.

    If I am feeling really energetic on my run then I don’t stop my watch at all…and I also run through stop lights…is that illegal? But I will stop it if I’m feeling tired since my overall pace is already crappy enough.

    That said, I would like to stop looking at my pace in the future. I think it’s better to just disconnect and enjoy the run!

  22. Have you tried the Cocnut Bliss mocha almond one that is available in the fall? Holy moly it is GOOD stuff! So is the carrot cake one. Mmm
  23. That fried egg looks amazing!! Such a cool concept!! The salmon looks delicious too; I love ordering fish when I go out – I had that at the last restaurant I went to apart from mine was halibut yum. I always love the way they cook it when I’m out; I can never achieve the same style at home.
    Ok foreign grocery stores are my idea of heaven! Whenever I go to the U.S. I literally spend hours looking through your stores – there’s so many amazing products! I always end up spending a fortune.
    • I’m in Canada, but the differences between Canadian products and US are huge – I’m pretty sure that most of my shopping budget for when I’m in the States in a few weeks is going towards food shopping! :-p
  24. Atticus is adorable and THE cutest pug I have ever seen – I may be a convert
  25. The picture of Atti and the other dog is too cute. Way to go for him not shying away from the taller dogs . Why go with the stereotype of smaller dogs being afraid of taller ones :)?!
    It’s a bummer you won’t be able to see Chelsea as often anymore after your move. There somehow always seems to be a little downside to every ‘too-good-to-be-true’ situation. I’m sure you’ll make it work, though.
    The last restaurant I went to was Vapiano with my mum on Sunday. It was her first time there and we both enjoyed it a lot. Maybe the only chain restaurant we like as we usually tend to choose more individual ones :).
  26. My Garmin has an auto stop! I also run so early there is no one out so I don’t have to stop much,
  27. Hi Sam! That chipotle crusted salmon dish looks absolutely amazing!! Now, I’m hungry!
  28. I just had inappropriate thoughts about that egg. Not kidding.
  29. THAT EGG. –> No more words are needed. And I 100% consider roaming through grocery stores a good time, just so long as it’s a fun grocery store like TJs, Whole Foods or a local health food store
  30. During workouts, I stop my timer if I take a break but not for running. I went to a vegetarian restaurant and had an amazing burger!
  31. Don’t ask me why, but I love grocery stores. Actually I know exactly why- it’s where all the food is!
    The salmon looked amazing. Definitely my favorite fish- so versitile.
    I usually don’t stop my watch/gps when I have to stop to cross or wait for a car. (too lazy)


  32. That salad looks amazing…especially with that fried egg on the side! It reminds me of a Scotch egg which is soft (or hard) boiled, wrapped in sausage and breading and deep fried…so damn good with a little mustard sauce!

    I don’t run anymore, but back in the day I would always pause my timer if I had to stop to tie a shoe or wait for a car or something.

    I’ve not seen or even heard of that new kombucha flavor! Must find!

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