WIAW: Craving Some Spring.


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Hello there! Happy Wednesday! Hopefully, your day is getting off to a fabulous start.

Since it’s finally starting to feel like spring around here (I haven’t had to wear my winter coat in like 4 days! That is amazing!) my eats are starting to reflect the change in weather.  I’ve still got some winter favourites kicking around (squash!) but my eats are changing a little bit to reflect some of my favourite Spring-y foods. BBQ, salads, smoothies, fruit and ice cream all scream warmer weather to me.


So..let’s take a look at some of my ‘the-thermostat-is-slowly-creeping-up’ sort of eats, shall we? Thanks to Jenn for hosting our favourite foodie linkup!


Smoothie A chocolate-banana-PB smoothie (almond milk, North Coast Naturals chocolate protein powder, PB2, spinach) topped with Cinnamon Puffins and coconut butter.


I made banana bread on Sunday (this recipe that I adore, except I re-glutenized and de-veganed it. And pounded a chocolate bar with a rolling pin and threw that in the mix) so I went for that as my morning snack.

banana bread Mmm….banana bread.


Eggs Kabocha Just some eggs on top of roasted kabocha. It almost did the trick…

Banana Bread Except then I needed more banana bread.


I took a little spoonful of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl while I was debating what to snack on.

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl And of course, my third banana bread hunk of the day. This is why I don’t bake banana bread too often – it barely lasts more than a few days around here!

More BananaBread Dinner:

How about some BBQ to get you in the warm-weather mood?

Ribs for Dinner I noticed that ribs were on sale over the weekend, which are Eric’s favourite. So, I decided to earn some girlfriend points and cook up a rack for dinner. Of course, they’re not quite as awesome when you don’t have a grill…and I accidentally overdid them a little in the oven. Nothing a little extra BBQ sauce can’t fix though! And a side spinach salad for some veggies.


One of the usuals:

Casein Dessert Cottage cheese mixed with chocolate casein, Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, and a swirl of chocolate sauce to top it off. The chocolate sauce is a new addition, but it needs to stick around…a little bit goes a long way!

So, the ribs gave me a craving for more BBQ…I think Imma need some pulled pork in my near future. 

But that’s all for me, have a good one!

<— What food do you tend to crave in Spring?

<— How long does banana bread last in your household?

<— Favourite BBQ food? I like ribs, but I have to give it to pulled pork and cornbread.

<— Chocolate or caramel sauce?


  1. Just popping by quickly to tell you that a) I want banana bread now and b) I took my winter coat to the cleaners to get cleaned, which means…. bye bye winter!
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted..From My Kitchen To Yours {What YOU Ate Wednesday}My Profile
  2. You ate a very respectable amount of banana bread. That is by far the best way to eat bananas….and your additions- Respect.

    Oh man, you’ve made ME crave ribs now! Best BBQ food is definitely slow cooked pulled meats lathered in BBQ sauce.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..Polar Whole30 day of eatsMy Profile

  3. Nope. Not gonna do it. Can’t decide between chocolate or caramel sauce. Both are big winners in my books. And omigosh don’t even get me started on how dangerous it can be for me to have banana bread lying around… If you think I go through bananas fast, you don’t even want to know how easy it is for me to polish off a loaf of bread. One of my favourite baked treats, to be sure.

    Also… SPRING! It’s -still- not quite here for us, but there’s hope on the horizon! We’re supposed to hit +1 today… with snow… but still
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... crunchy honey almond roasted chickpeas .My Profile

    • haha you should probably just have both on hand at all times :-p and I never make bananas last long enough for banana bread, so it’s a rare treat for me!
  4. Haha I was just feeling embarrassed because the banana bread I made sunday is nearly gone…..never lasts!
    Andrea @ Pencils and Pancakes recently posted..Why I hate specific nutrient marketingMy Profile
  5. Haha I can’t keep banana bread around for long either. Way too addictive!

    And I’m going to have to agree with you about pulled pork and cornbread being my favourite BBQ food. Plus baked beans!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..8 lessons I’ve learned about blogging (& my 4th blog birthday!)My Profile

  6. Hahahaha re-glutenized & de-veganized are my new fav words. I made 24 muffins last week and there’s only about 6 left. Did I mention I live alone?
    I ate banana bread yesterday at work! *my weakness* Sometimes they put chocolate ganache on top and I can’t say no.

    Spring cravings – asparagus, lemon-y anything, salads, fruit, anything GRILLED. I’m so excited. Lets pray winter is finally gone for good!
    Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted..Loving Lately: Food EditionMy Profile

    • i’m pretty sure it’s basically impossible to say no to anything with chocolate ganache on top. Ohh, asparagus! I’m excited for that to pop up locally.
  7. This is the second post today that I’ve seen with banana bread in it, so you know what…I’m totally making banana bread this weekend! Now I’m totally having a craving! It’s Justin’s favorite too and it doesn’t last very long between the two of us!

    I love, love, love BBQ ribs! Justin makes some pretty amazing ones on the grill. So good!

    Definitely chocolate sauce for me! You can never go wrong with chocolate!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..WIAW #38 – Give Me Some Cheesy SconesMy Profile

  8. Yummy looking banana bread Sam! I’m definitely craving a BBQ now!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted..WIAW: Ski fuelMy Profile
  9. Oh Banana Bread – same here!! It lasts 2 days – max.
    BBQ!!! Ooh yes, I can not wait for the season to begin! We really have warm weather here and some already digged out the grill.
    I also love my salads currently, a sign of warmer weather too!
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..WIAW #55 – #strangebutgood breakfast and Healthy Mini Muffin RecipeMy Profile
  10. I try not to make baked goods–banana bread, muffins, etc.–too often either because I will eat ALL of it within a day or two. It’s actually terrible. But so, so wonderful.

    Re-glutenizing and de-veganizing and adding chocolate sounds like a good life decision.
    Beth @ The Small Victories recently posted..Cheese Is A Girl’s Best FriendMy Profile

  11. At us the spring yet didn’t begin – snow dropped out yesterday. Again. It starts irritating, seriously! Therefore at me everything is all right with winter food. But the girl, you force to choose between chocolate and caramel? We need to talk seriously! I equally strongly love both options. Your question too cruel!
    Marina @ Lazy for Diet recently posted..#WIAW: Март (Невошедшее)My Profile
  12. ALL THE SMOOTHIES! My favourite thing to do is just throw my entire freezer and cupboard into the blender, so I end up with a smoothie the size of a small child. It’s a glorious thing. In Alberta,though, it seems like we had our spring in January, so I’m still rocking the warm food.
    Emma @ Life’s A Runner recently posted..All Natural + Gluten Free Banana Bread MuffinsMy Profile
  13. You can never eat too much banana bread
  14. Glad to hear the banana bread is still tasty with reg flour, eggs and a crushed up chocolate bar (LOL). Then again, why wouldn’t it be?! Now I want some…
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Finding My Blogging VoiceMy Profile
  15. I am the exact same way with banana chocolate chip muffins (only because I’ve never been around a loaf of banana bread for any length of time).
    Your cottage cheese snack looks heavenly!
    BBQ food would be braai food right!?..grilled chicken, garlic butter rolls, bean salad, potato bake/salad, corn on the cob..yummy .
    Ms.J recently posted..I don’t understand meMy Profile
  16. Drool… that banana bread… 36 hours is the average lifespan of a loaf on banana bread in my house. All 3 of us love it! I am right there with you on the craving for spring-ish foods (is that a real thing? well if not, then it is now!) I have a foolproof method for ribs. I put them on low in a slow cooker full of beer for 8 hours. Then baste them with BBQ and bake at 350 for close to an hour. I’ve yet to find a man that doesn’t love good ribs.
    Syd @ Through the Thin of It All recently posted..WIAW – Adios, Winter! For Real This Time.My Profile
  17. I love that you added spinach to your smoothie! Such a great way to sneak in the greens I am totally the same with banana bread as well, gosh and with chocolate I would probably eat the whole loaf!
    Spring foods I really enjoy salads, they are so light and refreshing just like spring with a nice side of lemonade !
    Hilary recently posted..WIAW Random MealsMy Profile
  18. I have a confession. I Ashley, have never, EVER, made banana bread…..! I’ve had it, but never actually baked it. I feel like that should be an obligatory thing for a foodie right? Damn. Maybe you’ve convinced me because that gooey pb on top is making my stomach dance. Sounds like I have a crush right?…or maybe I do Totally normal to crush on food.

    In the spring I crave salads the size of my head. I am still milking the hot soups for lunch as long as I can. But give it a month or so when 115 degree heat kicks in, I’ll be kitchen-sinking my little heart out.
    Ashley @MilesonOats recently posted..WIAW #10My Profile

    • haha you really need to make some! :-p and definitely agree on the giant salad thing – my go-to lunch in hot weather!
  19. Banana bread will forever be a favorite of mine. So moist.. so sweet.. so delicious!
    Natalie @ lovenataliemarie recently posted..Busy Bee Eats (WIAW)My Profile
  20. So funny- I JUST wrote about my addiction to banana bread today! I made banana bread scones this weekend so that I could control my portions a bit!
    Katy recently posted..WIAW: #68My Profile
  21. I need some of that banana bread!
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted..Weekly Rundown: 3/3/14-3-9/14 and Spill It SundayMy Profile
  22. Oh wow, I have to say I was surprised not to see pulled pork! Ribs for the win though! Mad props for making them at home…I’m too skeeeeerd! Love the re-glutenized and de-veganized banana bread! That one got a giggle out of me! I love making bread into muffins so that I can easily freeze them…that way I don’t go bonkers on the whole thing! Haha! And actually, you just reminded me that it’s been TOO long since I’ve made any…that needs to change!

    Hmm, I’m normally a fan of caramel sauce, but lately, it’s lost it’s charm. You know what’s good though? Chocolate POWDER on ice cream…as in the Nestle Quik stuff that “normal” people put in milk!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Carrot Cake QuinoaMy Profile

    • I do love my pulled pork…but ribs were on sale I’ve never thought to try chocolate powder on ice cream – I’m intrigued!

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