WIAW: Holiday Monday.


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Hello and happy Wednesday!


Of course, thanks to Jenn for keeping this link up going!

So, I didn’t get any awesome Thanksgiving meals this last weekend – that’s coming up later this week. So, I just have a holiday Monday day of eats for you Wink And as I said in last week’s WIAW, this isn’t representative of absolutely everything that went into my mouth on Monday, so there’s no use in comparing!




Pumpkin oats with wildberry jam, Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter and a fried egg/egg whites. I’m almost out of the chocolate hazelnut, and that makes me sad.

The perfect holiday workout:

Yoga Yoga! I think that holidays are meant for more relaxing workouts – this was a great way to stretch out a bit.


Salad Beast


Salad beast! A mix of spinach and romaine with squash (red kabocha and pepper), carrots, bell peppers, and leftover pulled pork. I used the roasted garlic yogurt dressing I picked up on Saturday and I  really liked it – it tasted a lot like Caesar to me.

After lunch, we went out to visit my parents – the reason why we’re delaying Thanksgiving was because my parents were actually on a Mediterranean cruise for twelve days. Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Greece. Yes, I am jealous.


But they did bring me back pretty earrings!



And a Turkish teapot and black squid ink pasta. If they’re going to go without me, at least they brought me back stuff Tongue Out And fun fact: my mom always picks out jewellery for me when she travels. Pretty sure that half of my jewellery has been bought in other countries!

Annd they brought back Turkish Delight, which of course I had to try.

Turkish Delight


I’d never actually had real Turkish Delight before…it wasn’t bad, but I prefer chocolate in my dessert, I think.

And Everything Pretzel Thins. The best flavour.

Everything Pretzel Thins





Scallop, crab, and veggie stirfry on brown rice. Stirfries are basically Eric’s favourite meal, so I tend to make them about once a week or so. And because I’m lazy, I just buy a bag of frozen stirfry veggies and I’m good to go. So convenient.

Dessert/Late Night Snack

Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese with casein, Justin’s Maple Almond, and pretzel pieces. Apparently, I am all about the pretzels right now?

So, a holiday day that wasn’t all that different from regular days of eating. Still delicious, but I’m looking forward to my family Thanksgiving this coming Saturday Wink 

Have a good one!

<— Any suggestions on what I should prepare with the squid ink pasta? I was thinking mussels and red sauce would be tasty.

<— Do you work out on holidays?

<— Should pretzels be plain, or do you like flavoured ones? Of course, chocolate-covered are the best way to go.

<— Chocolate or fruity desserts?



  1. Those Turkish Delights look so interesting! Kind of like a fruit roll up? And that tea pot is just gorgeous, I wish my parents went on exotic cruises and bought cool things back!
    I think it’s all about simplicity when it comes to squid ink pasta. Maybe some nice mussels/prawns in a garlic and white wine sauce with parsley. I think I’m going to have to get me some now…
    • Yea actually – they did remind me of a fruit roll up! And ohhh, I like the idea of a garlic and white wine sauce, thanks for the tip!
  2. I’ve never had squid ink pasta so I can’t be of any help there. Those are such wonderful gifts from your parents! I would loveeee to go on that cruise.
  3. Yoga is definitely not a bad way to celebrate a holiday. Or any day, really! So cool that your parents went on that vacation! It sounds similar to one my family will be taking in June. The best part of parents traveling is the presents but I am partial to chocolate desserts too. But hey, dessert is dessert and it’s cool to try native foods, if you like trying new things
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..Totally Missed The Boat…on bloggingMy Profile
  4. YES to squid ink pasta with mussels!!!

    love those earrings and that teapot! Gifts in general are just so sweet.

  5. Jealous of your parents vacation! That teapot is pretty awesome. I just discovered Justin’s chocolate – and omg it is so so freaking good.
  6. I’ve heard of Turkish delight.. I think it was in a song of some sort lol. Never tried it though!
  7. Sam. I think we need to get married. Squid ink pasta is SO good. Make a spicy bolognese sauce with it. Or a spicy shrimp/tomaty based sauce.

    When I was in Hawaii, I stumbled across this run down authentic Tuscan restaurant where I had some of the best food of my life. The chef/owner is Italian, and he imports squid ink from San Fran to make fresh squid ink pasta. I wanted to marry him & live in his restaurant forever, but he was like 70 and about to die.

    • Just don’t tell Court or Eric And if you go back for the Italian guy, maybe you could pull an Anna Nicole Smith, except with lots of awesome food instead of money?
  8. Looks like a delicious day of eats. I’m really jealous of your parents….That trip sounds so amazing! I usually do work out on holidays because there’s plenty of time without all of the rushing around that I have to do on work days. Hope your week is going great!
  9. I am sure that squid ink pasta would also be lovely with giant prawns! Ok, I just love everything with prawns.
    Love the earrings! My mom always spoils me when she goes on vacation.
    You know, I am all about chocolate in a dessert.
  10. Turkish delight always reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia Although I don’t actually think I’ve ever tried it before. And I’m with you on desserts needing a good chocolate factor. I love fruit and all, but not usually in desserts. Adding fruit instantly takes it from dessert to healthy snack choice in my mind

    And not gonna lie… the squid ink pasta skeeves me out. But then again, I avoid anything that lives in the water so my opinion shouldn’t be trusted

  11. Love your earrings, and I’m super jealous of that Turkish delight…I LOVE that stuff! Okay…now I’m having a craving!

    I really need to get back into Yoga. I was doing it for a while, but then stopped. Jillian Michaels just came out with a new yoga DVD that I want to try out. It looks intense!

  12. Have you ever had black squid ink pasta before? Does it have a different flavour or is it just dyed? I’m so curious! Looks like you had some awesome eats. I adore pretzels. They make the perfect snack and add so much flavour to desserts!
  13. Sounds like an incredible cruise your parents went on! The teapot is so cute, and I especially love those earrings! I love jewelry from other cities and countries; I have a bracelet collection from all over the world because I’m friends with a lot of world travelers and they know that about me. Makes for a good conversation starter, too.
    One of my friends who spends her summers in Italy told me about squid ink pasta. I’ve never tried it though! I’ll be interested to hear what you come up with.
    • It’s fun to have a jewellery collection from all over, isn’t it? :-p Definitely agree that it’s a conversation starter!
  14. I’m always a fan of buffalo/hot sauce pretzels, but you’re right… You can never go wrong with chocolate covered ANYTHING. I used to work out on holidays because I felt like I had to due to the amount of food babies I would get throughout the rest of the day. Plus, my family doesn’t really do anything special on holiday mornings, so I didn’t miss out on much… Sometimes, though, I wish I would have given my body a break for just ONE day… Yoga should have been an appearance more often!
    • I know what you mean, I used to be the person on the treadmill on Christmas morning, and now I just wonder why I put myself through that!
  15. I’m all about the chocolate desserts! I’m not a huge fan of the fruity variety.
    Haha, I agree with Amanda about the tukrish delight. It always reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia. I miss that book. Loved it as a kid.
    Hm squid ink pasta…don’t think I could eat that but it would be cool (for others) to try! I’m so particular about food, like textures and flavors I’m just not sure I could handle it.
  16. I love all your ear piercings!!! Everything pretzel thins are most assuredly the best flavor. Also, that salad beast is life.
    • Thank you! Part of me worries that I’m outgrowing them and need to take some of them out but…nope. Can’t do it yet. And I figured that salad was right up your alley!
  17. I do work out on holidays. I find it makes me feel clean and healthy and yes, even better when I indulge to the max.

    I’m a fan of anything when it comes to pretzels. Love ’em plain but sure add the chocolate. That makes me happy too

    And there’s nothing better for dinner than a quality stirfry

  18. What fun gifts they brought you back! Your salad looks great, so colorful and full of different flavors.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..WIAW – busy daysMy Profile
  19. I am so jealous of your parents adventure. I’ve always wanted to go to Turkey and Greece. Those are my next places on my travel bucket list. Looks like they got you some awesome things too!
  20. Dude! Casein + cottage cheese + salted crushed pretzels is AMAZING. Great minds think alike

    Squid ink pasta is realllllly chewy and tasty, so a plain red sauce would be perfect- you want to focus on the pasta itself.

    Chocolate desserts always. Fruit is the pre dessert dessert.

    PS If you ever come across it- cake batter casein by ON is amazing.

    • Definitely one of my favourite nighttime snack combos! And I’ve never seen that flavour of casein around here, I’ll be keeping an eye out!
  21. What sauce do you use for your stir fry? It looks super legit like from a take out place!
  22. I went to yoga this week too! I looooved it. It was just what I needed! I sometimes workout on holidays, but a lot of the time I don’t because the reduced hours at Goodlife on holidays make it impossible for me to squeeze in a workout. And I refuse to workout on certain holidays, like Christmas Day.

    That teapot is gorgeous! I love teapots because they turn a simple cup of tea into a more luxurious experience. It relaxes me even more than just a normal cup of tea, I find.

    • Definitely agree with the reduced hours thing – actually at The Athletic Club holiday Monday, yoga was the only class that was still on!
  23. Yoga seriously is the best holiday workout, it is always mine of choice. We may have to hold a funeral for the Justin’s when it is gone…
  24. Squid ink pasta is reallllly good with #yolkporn.
  25. Love the pretzels and cottage cheese combo! Sweet and salty is always the best way to go! I overdid it a bit on some yogurt-covered pretzels the other day, so right now I’d have to go with plain over flavored. Can’t wait to see what you do with the squid ink pasta! Meghan made an awesome #strangebutgood concoction a few months ago with cheese, pears, and walnuts…couldn’t help but be curious about that! http://cleaneatsfastfeets.com/2013/03/01/not-your-mamas-pasta/ or like Laura said, go for the #yolkporn!

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