WIAW: Mexican Monday.


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So last spring, I went through a pretty solid Mexican food phase. I was buying avocados to make guacamole every week and tacos, fajitas, or enchiladas were making appearances in every meal plan I made. I have to say, this was a pretty fabulous kick to be on. But I must have burned myself out on it a little bit, because I realized the other day that I very rarely make Mexican food anymore.

Not acceptable, because Mexican food is amazing. So I was happy to put in one of my favourite Mexican offerings – enchiladas- for dinner on Monday night on my weekly meal plan. But because it’s Wednesday, I get to show you the rest of my eats from the day Wink


Thank you to Jenn for hosting!


It’s the middle of winter, but I still found myself craving a smoothie Monday morning. So I went with it.

Green Smoothie Eaten out of a bowl and topped with granola = the best way to do smoothies. This mix had a frozen banana, a scoop of chocolate whey protein, a bit of chocolate PB2, spinach, almond milk, and a pinch of xanthan gum.


Basically, some sort of variation of this lunch is on the menu most days of the work week:

Egg Salad Spinach, kabocha, yogurt dressing, and eggs. The ingredients vary slightly (sometimes sweet potato or a different kind of squash, sometimes rice, sometimes quinoa, or I’ll do chicken or cottage cheese instead of eggs) but it’s always my go-to. I don’t like to put a lot of thought into lunch, so this is just usually what ends up happening. It’s delicious though, so you won’t see any complaints from me.


I bought a package of Simply Protein chips a while back and stashed in the pantry, so I dug those out for my afternoon snack on Monday.

Simply Protein Chips I’m not the biggest savoury snack person, but these are definitely favourites of mine. The chili flavour actually has a little bit of sweetness to them, which I really like.





I made Jessica’s Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas, but I used skinless drumsticks instead of the chicken breasts she recommends and only had enough filling for 6 tortillas. And woooow was this spicy. I’ve said before that I’m a fan of spicy foods, but this left Eric and I both guzzling down water as we were eating. Note to self: less buffalo sauce next time. Oh, and I left off the Gorgonzola, because I went shopping before I went to the Wine and Food Show so it was before I realized that I actually like Gorgonzola.

Enchiladas Topped with guacamole to lessen the spicy sting a little.

But you know what really takes the edge off spicy food?


Ice cream Ice cream. That would be Moose Tracks flavour – vanilla with a fudge swirl and mini peanut butter cups. It is easily my favourite ice cream ever – amazing.

So a good day of food Wink Have a good one!

<— Are you a fan of Mexican food?

<— Favourite smoothie combo?

<— Your go-to lunch right now?

<— What’s your spicy-food tolerance? I love spicy foods, but I definitely have my limits. I remember ordering suicide wings once and feeling like my face was actually going to melt off


  1. I’m absolutely crazy about Mexican! It’s funny because just yesterday, I was telling Justin we should go to my favorite Mexican restaurant Friday night. It’s SO good!

    I’ve been eating a lot of homemade chicken salad for lunch these days. It’s easy to prepare over the weekend and then lasts throughout the week.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..WIAW #29 – Chocolate Chip PB Dessert HummusMy Profile

  2. Huge Mexican food fan! I’ve never seen anyone eat a smoothie out of a bowl but hey, you go girl!
  3. I enjoy Mexican food but it’s not #1 in my heart. I like fajitas but I’d never choose to go to a Mexican restaurant if I was the decision maker. Lunches right now are some sort of seafood, sweet potato, and more veggies.
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted..A Day in the Life {WIAW 28}My Profile
  4. Oh wow, those enchilladas look heavenly! I am such a wimp when it comes to spicy food, seriously, it’s embarrassing. I think I have to start training my tastebuds.
    I made a batch of chicken burgers for this weeks lunch and I love them! Though if I had kabocha still, like you, I would prefer this – kabocha time is over here unfortunately
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..WIAW#48 – Food on Repeat and a phonecall that sucks…My Profile
    • kabochas disappeared over here for a couple weeks, but then they starting popping up in my grocery store again! Definitely no complaints from me
  5. Mmmmmm ice cream I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t really like Mexican food.. Unless it’s a plain cheese quesadilla so thats what I get when we go to a restaurant and I actually have one for lunch a lot during the week. The enchiladas do look pretty amazing though!
    Sarah recently posted..Eating Our Way Through The Big AppleMy Profile
  6. seriously why can’t everyday be Mexican day? I could live off guacamole and salsa. i really really could
    alex @ therunwithin recently posted..POP.My Profile
  7. I love mexican! Recently I found an adorable little mexican eatery near my home and I tried their pozole (which is an authentic mexican soup) and holy moly! I need to go back soon.
  8. I am not a fan of hot sauce because I don’t like the taste, but I generally like hot and spicy things! But not so spicy that it masks the main taste of the food…
    Meg @ Meg Go Run recently posted..5 Horrible Things That I Love Very, Very Much.My Profile
  9. I am pretty impressive with the spicy stuff-I love a little sriracha on my eggs too! I make “enchilauras” for my husband that he claims totally tipped the scale in my favor when we were dating.
    Laura@fitfreshnfunny recently posted..Terribly Busy TuesdayMy Profile
  10. Great. Now I’m craving guacamole. Actually, I could honestly go for guac any time of day. I’ve never made enchiladas and I don’t know why. I make tacos, but never anything else. NOT OK. Also–no shame in drinking a smoothie in the middle of winter. I do it alllllll the time.
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted..The Simplest & Most Challenging Arm/Ab WorkoutMy Profile
  11. I love Mexican food (as made obvious by the fact that I made Pumpkin Turkey Enchiladas for Thanksgiving and just went and gorged myself for a week when we were in Cabo. Plus I work at a high-brow Mexican restaurant). My favorite type of Mexican is true, traditional Mexican, with all of the fresh, fresh seafood, vegetables, and fruit. I can’t do the cheeses because of my digestive illness, but I have found ways to get around it! And I love spice, but I don’t like it if I can’t taste my food after. I would say Mexican spice as opposed to Indian spice levels, you know?
    And my go-to lunch of the moment is a giant salad with a protein, carb, and treat–right now, with my work schedule, it is my only opportunity to get my veggies in!
  12. Eggs and spinach is such a wonderful combination–especially when you have runny yolks and just use it as dressing. I’m bummed that I can’t make that at school–they don’t take requests for eggs at lunch. I’m a huge fan of Mexican food, although I agree that if I had it every day I’d probably want a change of routine after a while.
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted..A Perfectly Imperfect Day Of EatsMy Profile
  13. I think moose tracks is a favorite of mine second to mint chocolate chip. Ice cream is always a great night cap Now that I’ve had a taste of the kabocha I get so jealous when I see other people eating it since I can’t find it around these parts. I’ve been on a dip egg kick for a few weeks but I realized it was upsetting my tummy to eat so many eggs so I’ve had to lay off. This post is just full of temptation!
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..My Skin Care RoutineMy Profile
    • ohh, mint chocolate chip is up there for favourite flavours same with cookies and cream! And I’ve been doing eggs about every other day, which seems to be sitting ok.
  14. I hardly ever eat mexican food..the few times I’ve had it I loved it though and I’d never turn down guacamole and nachos/salsa ! I do enjoy spicy food – but not to the point of ‘can’t even taste it because it’s so fiery’!
  15. Moose tracks is the best! Kawartha also makes THE best chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the world. Ohh my. When I worked at an ice cream parlour (glory days) we would snack on MT and CCCD all day long. And I looove mexican food! Mmm I’m craving a burrito as we speak.
    Christine @ Gotta Eat Green recently posted..Easy Smoked Tofu CasseroleMy Profile
    • oh my god, having moose tracks and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream at my disposal at all times would be amazing! probably a bad thing, but I’d enjoy it
  16. I don’t know what I would do without (at least my version of) “Mexican,” food. Tacos, enchiladas, taco salads…. I realized recently that we really are stuck in a bit of a rut that way. Everyone’s happy, for now, but I’m waiting for the day that I hear, “Mexican… Again???” And honestly, everything is better with avocado/ guacamole. We can’t even eat eggs without it anymore!
    Julie@teachinggoodeaters recently posted..What the Kids Ate Wednesday + The Lunchables Experiment Day 1My Profile
  17. Other than fajitas, i’m not big into mexican food, much to the dismay of my friends who ALWAYS seem to want to get Mexican. lol. However, those enchiladas don’t look too bad, I would definitely try them!

    I would say I prefer Italian, French and Asian cuisines a lot more!

    Go to lunch right now – English muffins with cheese, eggs, and tomatoes with a side of veggies. Simple and delicious!

    Have a great day
    Natasha recently posted..WIAW: Foods SurveyMy Profile

  18. I am not a spicy person – I did a hot sauce challenge at camp and I am very anti-hot sauce now.
    Ice cream for the win
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted..Garmin Forerunner 10 ReviewMy Profile
  19. Haha yes! Vanilla ice cream or ice cream in general definitely helps take the spice off my tongue. I’ve gotten a lot better with accepting spicy food (used to hate it), but I can’t do more than a 5-6 on a scale of 1-10. I do like mexican food, though…guac is a huge reason why. Any excuse for massive amounts of guac with a meal sounds good to me
    Caitlin recently posted..A Proper Birthday CelebrationMy Profile
  20. I freaking -adore- Mexican food… as long as it’s not too spicy. My tolerance for spicy foods is basically 0, and mild salsa is about as far as I can go before my taste buds start going into panic mode I -might- be willing to suffer if it meant ice cream is part of the healing process, though.

    As for lunches, lately I’ve been all about the snack plates because I’ve found them to be the best way to keep the afternoon snack monster at bay. Knocking all my random cravings out in one go? I’ll take it!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... WIAW … oats, almonds, and honey .My Profile

  21. Gorgonzola, Blue Cheese, #allthemoldycheeses!!!!
  22. OMG moose tracks is my most favourite ice cream everrrrrrrrr!!!
  23. I love Mexican food but not the spicy stuff, I have zero tolerance! Moose tracks is definitely one of my favorite ice cream flavors also!
    Courtney @RunningforCupcakes recently posted..WIAW: Banana Peanut Butter ShakeMy Profile
  24. If burrito bowls, salsa and tortilla chips count as proper Mexican food than I’m definitely a fan of it. I’ll admit I’m a spice wimp so I can’t take the authentical heat of some dishes but I’d really like to try some more. And enchiladas sound SO good yet I’ve only ever once had a failed homemade version years ago. My go-to lunch is any kind of veggie stew or chili – unless I go a little too heavy-handed on the cayenne pepper ;).
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Trusting hunger cues & Berlin recapMy Profile
  25. Love your lunch, obsessed, love egg, spinach, blah blah, you know the drill
    ICE CREAM. I don’t remember the last time I just had a dish of ice cream! Wait yes I do, it was almost a month ago, after I had just gone out and eaten pizza. Because well, sometimes pizza makes me crave ice cream!
    Caitlin recently posted..WIAW: Cheddar Chicken-Veggie-Potato ChowderMy Profile
  26. I love Mexican food! Homemade guacamole is my favorite. I could seriously eat it on everything.
    Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog recently posted..WIAW #57 – A Mash UpMy Profile
  27. I love moose tracks- but coffee, vanilla and mint chip are my favourites :)! Fav smoothie combo I just simple yogurt, milk (both cow) honey and banana. Go to lunch is leftover sausages in a crusty ciabatta! Spicy food and I don’t mix all to well- I wish I could handle more heat!
  28. I LOVE mexican food and smoothies but not together. I like my smoothies to be a bit tart rather than sweet so I use raspberries/ blueberries, bananas, and whatever else I have.
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted..Planning is for SuckersMy Profile
  29. That dinner….. I think I’m getting Mexican take out tonight for real.

    My spice factor is extreme…I sometimes forget my version of ‘petty’ in recipes could make others mouths go on fire…not good when you make a big recipe to share! Smoothie combo has to include frozen fruit + casein protein powder + crunch factor on top.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..WIAW + Recipe Redux- Pesto Hot Sauce PizzaMy Profile

  30. Haha I remember your Mexican food phase because I was going through it at the exact same time! I seriously will never get sick of it. Those enchiladas look amazing – adding those to my must make list!

    My lunch totally varies depending on the week. Lately I’ve been prepping lots of soups/chili to take for lunch throughout the week.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Thoughts on partying and healthy livingMy Profile

    • With all the cold weather we’ve been having lately, I could definitely use some soup/chili…I think I need to make some next week.
  31. I love Mexican food! We have some of the best here in TX.
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted..Would You Rather Running Survey #7My Profile
  32. everything looks great!! we both do not do that well with spicy foods, but we try them from time to time
    purelytwins recently posted..4 ingredient cocoa pancakesMy Profile
  33. I absolutely love Mexican food! I can eat it all day! (Not literally, but you get what I mean. ) I never really put much thought into my lunches, because to be honest, it’s my least favorite meal of the day. (Yes.. I play favorite. :p ) Enchiladas are one of my weaknesses. I can’t handle too spicy of foods, but I think I may try out this recipe soon.

    You can never go wrong with ice cream. FACT.
    Natalie Staeckeler recently posted..WIAW – A Very Hungry GirlMy Profile

  34. Mmm, enchiladas!!! I haven’t made those forever. I just bought brown rice wraps so maybe I’ll make them for dinner tomorrow!

    <— Are you a fan of Mexican food? Absolutely. Love it.
    <— Favourite smoothie combo? You already know this one. I think. It's basically the only thing I ever talk about.
    <— Your go-to lunch right now? Usually just leftovers from the night before – roasted veggies and some sort of protein. Sometimes I'll bring a yogurt bowl or chia/fruit pudding instead.

  35. I’m still firmly on the smoothie train, I had one in front of my heater this morning. That lunch is seriously just perfection. I am so glad eggs are back in my life.
    Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate recently posted..What I’ve Been Eating LatelyMy Profile
  36. ICE CREAM!!! Ah for the win. I’m in a big grilled vegetables and chicken mood for lunches. Whether it’s prepared at home and brought to work or bought at our cafeteria, it just suits my mood midday.
    Kaitlin recently posted..Think, Think, Thinking About LifeMy Profile
  37. Mmm, those enchiladas sound delicious…though they’d probably give me heartburn from hell! I’m such a weenie when it comes to spice! I can’t even handle pickled jalapenos! Haha!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Let’s “B” Marvelous!My Profile

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