WIAW: More Conference Eats.


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Happy Wednesday! I, for one, am excited that we’re halfway through the week. And the fact that it’s Wednesday means that it’s time for the weekly foodie voyeurism that is WIAW.


Pop over the Peas and Crayons to see what deliciousness people have come up with this week!

For today’s WIAW, I’m covering the conference I was at on Friday – so let’s begin, shall we?

One of my cousins lives in Ottawa with her boyfriend, and they were nice enough to let me take over their living room for a few days.


The View from the living room

Clearly, this picture doesn’t even begin to do the city justice, but Ottawa is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a city that I would consider living in one day.

Breakfast: 10:15

So for the conference, I was up at 7:15 with plans to grab a quick breakfast sandwich or something from Timmie’s before my group presentation at 8:30. But then…we got lost. And arrived at Carlton (where the conference was being held) at 8:32.


I tried to get a picture of the sign…and ended up with Nate’s arm.

So…breakfast was put off. The first break wasn’t until 10 am, so I didn’t end up getting anything until just after 10. NOT recommended! I was dying a little by the time I got a chance to eat – how did I ever skip breakfast so often in high school? Uncomfortable.

The presentation itself went pretty well – we had such an early timeslot (and were at the same time as a keynote speaker) that the room was pretty empty. Still some good discussion though!

Finally, breakfast:

Omelet Breakfast


I had wanted to run to Starbucks for a breakfast wrap, but when I got there I realized that it was one of the small ones that just has drinks and baked goods. Fortunately, it was right next to a little cafe on campus where I was able to get the above omelette made up quickly – with green peppers, mushrooms, tomato, feta and ham. Feta is one of those cheeses that I completely forget about until I stumble across it and remember how madly in love with it I am..amazing. The toast had gone pretty soggy by the time I got to it, so I tossed that.


Conference = lunch is provided for. It came about two hours after my breakfast, so I wasn’t particularly starving. It was over lunch that I got the chance to talk about my thesis with the ‘academic crush’ I talked about earlier – still excited that he liked my ideas! Nothing like getting positive feedback from people you admire.

Lunch Plate


I went for a half-sandwich (I think it was roast beef), salad with Italian dressing, roasted veggies, and two little nanaimo bar pieces. Nanaimo bars = my favourite dessert of all time. No matter where (or how full) I am, I will not turn one of those down.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in various presentations and listening to keynote speakers. One again, I was distracted by scenery…


I would run more if I could run with that scenery every day. Even though it was pretty dreary that day (I woke up to 5 degrees and rain…not fun when you packed heels and a pencil skirt as your conference outfit of choice) it still looked gorgeous.

We headed to the conference dinner, which was held at Tucker’s marketplace in the Byward market. I really wish I had more time in Ottawa – I would have spent a LOT of time shopping in Byward. It’s one of Ontario’s oldest markets and has some of the most unique looking shops and restaurants…and apparently, a pretty awesome nightlife. I remember getting a chance to explore it a little the last time I was in Ottawa, but I really think I just need to give myself a good solid day there.

Tucker's Marketplace


Byward Market

Considering my lack of afternoon snack, I was more than ready for food by the time we arrived..fortunately, it was a buffet restaurant so I was able to tackle the food pretty quickly.

Interject with the coolest experience ever: I got to meet a reader! At dinner, Hannah (another woman at the conference) told me that she reads the blog! I’ve never been approached/recognized by a reader, so it was awesome getting the chance to meet and chat with her. Hi Hannah! Sorry if I acted like a complete dork when I found out you were a reader, I was just so excited Tongue Out

Wine to start; I was hoping for Riesling but I didn’t see any on the menu, so I went for a White Zinfendel. Why yes, I like it when my wine taste like juice.


Evidently horrid restaurant lighting; prepare for some overexposed flash shots!

Round 1:

Mussels Sweet Potato

Some greens, butternut squash, a barley and wheatberry salad (actually my first time trying wheatberries, they got my approval) and two different kinds of mussels. Finding one kind of mussels on a buffet line is pretty wonderful, but finding two?! Amazing. One was in white wine sauce and the other was in marinara (I think). Holy delicious. And the butternut squash was fabulous as well…thinking that I need to pick up some squash soon, despite the out-of-season thing.

Round 2:

Sweet Potatoes Taco Chicken

Round 2: a Moroccan chicken thigh, a beef taco (fantastic, but would have been better with guacamole) sweet potatoes (fabulous) and a carrot and raisin salad, which I didn’t really like and passed on.

Of course, a buffet requires a dessert round:

Bread Pudding, Mousse, Chocolate Banana Dessert round consisted of a few pieces of butter rum bread pudding (so, I’d never actually had bread pudding before…it got my approval. Actually want to look up recipes now!) chocolate mousse, and a banana chunk that I dipped in the chocolate fountain.

So there was definitely a lack of snacking in this post – I was so busy during the day, that I never really got around to snacks. Weird for me, because I’m definitely a snack-y person! Oh well – a day of delicious eats, nonetheless.

I just want to say thanks again to my cousin for letting me stay with her…and a HUGE congratulations goes out to her for running her first marathon! Last weekend was race weekend in Ottawa, and my cousin (who has generally stuck to 10k’s and half-marathons) was signed up for the full. She finished, and I could not be happier for her. A massive congrats to Chelsie as well – she kicked absolute ass at the half! I’m just sad I left Saturday, I would have loved to be cheering them on at the finish line on Sunday.

Talk to you soon! 

<— Is skipping breakfast a possibility for you? Never again…that was just uncomfortable.

<—What is the one dessert you absolutely cannot turn down? I generally can’t turn down anything that involves chocolate and peanut butter, either.

<— Do you ever do the three meals a day thing? I generally do a 3 meals, 2-3 snacks thing.

<— Bloggers: ever been recognized or approached by a reader? Made.my.day.


  1. I’m always amazed by how differently I eat now versus then. I used to do the whole no breakfast thing too. Up until this past December, actually, and now it’s the first thing I do when i wake up. That is SO cool that you were recognized! I don’t think my blog is quite big enough for that yet, but someday
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..You’re healthy enoughMy Profile
  2. Skipping breakfast is the worst. I feel that my day is already messed up when I don’t have a proper start!
    Your food looks really delicious and Ottawa clearly is gorgeous!! I’ve never been there, seems worth it!!
    Chocolate is my crack, so I can never turn down a dessert that consists of chocolate. Preferably plain or in form of cake.
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..WIAW#22 – What I Ate Wednesday – Eat all the EGGS!My Profile
  3. Gah I can’t remember the last time I skipped breakfast- the few times I have, it’s only because my stomach has been REALLY off! Glad the rest of your day was deliciously up to mark! I’m especially loving that dessert plate! I am a sucker for ice cream- if it’s present, I just can’t help but dig in…even with plain vanilla, give me a scoop instead of any fancy gourmet dessert and I’m a happy girl :)! I went through a phase of doing the 3 meal approach and while I enjoyed it at the time, I find that 3 meals + a snack or 2 thrown in suits me better.
    Khushboo recently posted..Wednesday tangentsMy Profile
  4. Congrats on the conference and on getting in some delicious looking eats! That dessert…um, yum!!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Hot and Sweet Pepper Jelly TempehMy Profile
  5. That is too cool that someone recognized you! I am sure you acted fine when it happened though I would have been nearly speechless… so if you did that, well its okay
    Great choices at dinner too. I love muscles and haven’t had them since last summer soooo that needs to change. I actually was never a breakfast skipper because I had swim practices most days before school and if I didn’t eat anything after, I would probably have fainted on a daily basis.
    Howeverrrr, my breakfast skipping started when the disordered eating stuff intensified. And yes, uncomfortable to say the least. I was starving, couldn’t concentrate, yet would not allow myself to have any food (besides carrot sticks) until at least 12 noon. Wow, what in the hell was I thinking?!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..“Battles and “Fights”- Too Much?My Profile
  6. Unless I’m sick, there’s pretty much no way I can handle skipping breakfast. I’m not even a functioning human being until I get some food in me, so the idea of going more than an hour or two without food after I wake up is kind of terrifying. Actually, the idea of going more than 3 hours without food is too… I’m a 3 meal, constant snack kind of girl, so I’m pretty much always picking away at something, which is just fine with me

    And I always get all sorts of jealous when I see people enjoying dessert spreads. Having allergies means I usually have to turn down everything that’s offered, but I’m a huge fan of anything involving ice cream or whipped cream.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... WIAW … snacking at the crack of dawn .My Profile

  7. Those pictures are awesome! everything looks so yummy! and that is so. freaking. cool. you got recognized!! i can’t turn down a brownie. never have, never will
    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness recently posted..How To Lose Your Mind In 10 WaysMy Profile
  8. Okay I have NO IDEA what nanaimo (sp?) bars are. Please enlighten me. They look kind of like large Andes mints? I am intrigued because I am 90% sure they consist mostly of chocolate, based on the pic. (I spent a couple of minutes studying it. haha)

    And OMG BREAD PUDDING – best thing EVER and it’s SO easy to make!

    • AH! They’re a Canadian thing, so I guess I forgive you for not knowing about them It’s a no-bake dessert where the base layer is a mix of graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and coconut, the middle layer is a custard-based icing, and the top layer is pure chocolate. You need to find some pretty much immediately!
  9. I don’t like skipping breakfast, I get a headache and my stomach growls all morning (embarrassing). Your dinner looks amazing!
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..WIAW #20My Profile
  10. I could never skip breakfast, I always wake up starving!
    Isn’t feta just amazing? I love all cheese, but I must say that feta is a favorite (along with goat cheese, gruyere, gouda… and the list continues ).
    Alex (Veggin’ Out in the Kitchen) recently posted..WIAW – Memorial Day Eats (or everything but)My Profile
  11. Unlike the status quo, I am not a breakfast person. Can’t get my stomach to be hungry that time of day. however, I know my mom needs her breakfast or else!
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..I Can See No WayMy Profile
  12. That is beautiful scenery! I can never skip breakfast unless I have to (for like a blood test or something). Even if I eat breakfast a little too late, I seem to be starving all day!
    Alyssa @ Road to RD recently posted..WIAW- Vanilla Greek Yogurt Cranberry Banana BreadMy Profile
  13. Um no, skipping breakfast is never an option, even if that means I’m going to be late for work/appointment/class/whatever (and yes I’ve been late to each of those things because of said refusal haha). It’s better for me to get to wherever I’m going having eaten than not, and I think most people who know me by now agree Alex from Brain Body Because stopped me in Trader Joe’s a few months ago, which completely caught me off guard but made me really excited, too, and Heather caught pics of me in the Pittsburgh half even though we hadn’t met in person yet, which boggled my mind. It’s so much fun to be recognized by people who read your blog/who’s blogs you read and love…definitely a perk of participating in the blog world
    Caitlin recently posted..Frozen Salted Caramel Pretzel PieMy Profile
    • I’ve been late to 8:30 classes before because I desperately needed some breakfast And it is crazy, isn’t it?
  14. I eat 3-4 meals per day and loooove it. So much better than when I used to eat 7 a day! I’ve also trained myself to not be starving in the mornings. I used to wake up ready to eat and I’d eat right away. Now I wait 1-2 hours before eating, purely because I like to get some work done first thing in the morning and don’t want to worry about eating. It’s funny how things change!

    I’ve met a few readers, and you become less awkward over time haha
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Lean Out: Week EightMy Profile

    • I usually need about an hour, hour and a half for my stomach to wake up…I can’t do the wake-up and head right for the kitchen thing.
  15. Skipping breakfast is definitely not a possibility for me. I get really grumpy in the morning if I’m hungry, and it actually starts to make my stomach feel upset if I haven’t eaten within a certain amount of time after waking up!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted..Completely UnexpectedMy Profile
  16. So much good food in this post!! I love buffets and definitely can never stick to one round or plate. I hate skipping breakfast because I am usually hungry within the hour of waking up. Also a generally snacky person. The only times I really don’t snack is on vacation when we go out for big lunches and dinners.
    Hayley @ Running on Pumpkin recently posted..WIAW and a New PurchaseMy Profile
  17. I hate skipping breakfast! Especially since I drink coffee and am a jittery mess if I go without breakfast. Not to mention I have low blood pressure and sugar and will get close to passing out if I go too long without food in the mornings. I don’t understand those people that never eat breakfast. Kills me! The scenery at your conference was beautiful!
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted..What we ate at The Love Nugget’s Birthday Party!My Profile
    • I don’t get it either! The boyfriend’s up at six and doesn’t usually eat until nine…I don’t get it at all!
  18. This all looks scrumptious! I’ve never had a nanaimo bar, but those look good!
    Courtney recently posted..MIMM: Photos from the WeekendMy Profile
  19. we have been playing around eating 3 meals and maybe a snack. we have really been liking 3 large meals, in the past we would eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. we sometimes can skip breakfast but never coffee haha
    purelytwins recently posted..a new grain-free bread recipeMy Profile
  20. Ok I have to alert you to Nigella Lawson caramel croissant pudding! Google it and rejoice!! Its bread pudding made even more decadent- and is also awesome with panettone! I never skip breakfast- if I do I feel awful all day! I can’t turn down apple strudel or gelato easily- and together no hope I don’t tend to have an eating schedule because my days are often so different- work, university, family commitments etc so sometimes three meals is what happens other days I just inhale and move on until I can eat next lol That is so lovely that someone recognized you, how fortunate to meet up- a beautiful thing
  21. I used to skip breakfast in high school too and I have no idea how I did it. I absolutely cannot go without food in the morning now! Even if I wake up stuffed from the night before, my appetite still always kicks in before 9!

    Mmm I adore Nanaimo bars too! I love the recipe from Canadian Living. The one dessert I can’t turn down is probably cheesecake though. Or anything involving chocolate.

    I really want to go to Ottawa someday soon. I’ve heard so many great things about it! Especially about Byward Market.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Birthday eatsMy Profile

    • Canadian Living has a recipe for reverse nanaimo bars, which I’m definitely intrigued to try…I also made a peppermint version around Christmas that turned out pretty awesome.

      And you definitely need to go to Ottawa! I’ve only been about 3 times, and I still haven’t seen everything there that I would like.

  22. I NEVER skip breakfast! I don’t know how people do it.
    Matt @ The Athlete’s Plate recently posted..Paleo Banana-Walnut BreadMy Profile
  23. I can’t remember the last time I skipped breakfast. If I go without it, my body gets PISSED! I absolutely adore the byward market. I definitely want to hit it up the next time I’m in Ottawa (with you and Chels?). Nanaimo really are sent from god. Whoever decided to take a coconutty brownie, cover it in icing and THEN top it with chocolate ganache was a true genius.
    Devon @ Health in Equilibrium recently posted..Little WinsMy Profile
  24. Nanaimo bars! Oh how I adore them! But get this: I don’t think I’ve had one since…middle school? How is that possible? They’ve been completely off my radar for the past few years. I actually just Googled “gluten free nanaimo bars” and found a killer-sounding recipe. Chocolate + walnuts + coconut = weekend dream. It might have to happen!

    Since we’re talking about sweets already, let’s just cut to the chase…Your dessert buffet plate looks incredible. I’m a big fan of bread pudding (never had it was rum, though–yum!), chocolate mousse (!!), and chocolate-covered bananas. Dinner looks pretty incredible, too. The taco and mussels are calling to me.

    The desserts I can’t turn down: cheesecake, ice cream (the GOOD kind), and anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

    Breakfast is a definite must for me, however a few recent situations (Blend Retreat) made me realize that I don’t die if I have to wait a few hours.

    How exciting that you were approached by a reader! It’s happened to me a couple times in Boise and DC, and I’m 100% sure I acted like a complete dork, too! It’s kind of like a reverse case of star-struck…I’m intimidated by my readers!

    Happy Wednesday (now Thursday), Sam!
    Sara @ Nourish and Flourish recently posted..WIAW: Eating As an (Almost) EverythingtarianMy Profile

    • Oh goodness, you definitely have to make up a batch of those…and then send me some?

      Yea, I think the weekend reinforced that for me too. Obviously it sucks being hungry, but it’s not the end of the world if I have to wait a little while to get breakfast.

  25. I eat when I feel like it, and how often I feel like it! (If that makes any sense) I couldn’t do the 6 small meals a day thing though, I feel like it would take too much planning and calorie counting and everything. I just try to eat healthy and have lots of veggies!

    I cannot turn down Frozen Yogurt, especially in the summer time!
    Anna @ Aspiring Anna recently posted..Green Eggs and No HamMy Profile

  26. BREAD PUDDDDDDDDDDING!!! One of my absolute favorite desserts…I can never turn one down, but I am a total snob so unfortunately, most of the time I find myself disappointed! Is it bad that I don’t know what a nanaimo bar is?

    Wheatberries are amazing…love the chewy texture and nutty taste! I have a huge thing of them in my pantry…but have never ever made them at home! Oops?

    I tend to do 3 meals on the weekend but snack more during the week, but it all depends on what I’m doing…the busier, the less snacky…but also the more ravenous I tend to be come mealtime!

    So cool you met a reader! I’ve never met someone out of the blue, but I did have a reader email me once to tell me she was moving to my town and we actually met up for a lunch date once she got settled in…and have been friends ever since!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Currently: MayMy Profile

    • I forget that it’s kind of an American thing! It’s a three layer no bake dessert: bottom is a mix of graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, coconut and nuts, middle layer is vanilla custard, and a chocolate glaze. Seriously incredible.

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