WIAW: Moving Day Means a Lot of Takeout.


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Hello and good morning! Happy Wednesday!


AKA: Happy WIAW…AKA: enjoy a day a drooling over food creationsWink Thanks to Jenn and her little chickpea for hosting – who is now among us! Cannot wait to hear the details.

For today’s post, I’m showing you what I ate over my moving day last Saturday. Our fridge was emptied and packed, so almost everything I ate was of the takeout variety. I figure I don’t eat like that everyday, so once in a while it doesn’t hurt!

So, breakfast. We were up and packing away the last of everything by about 7, so once all of our ‘volunteers’ arrived by 8:30, I made a quick run to the Tim Hortons down the street for breakfast and coffees.

Breakfast Sandwich


I assumed that the sandwiches came on English muffins, but apparently it’s on a biscuit unless you request an English muffin? I must have been thinking about McDonalds Egg McMuffins…either way, it was still tasty. Egg, ham and cheese on a biscuit.

I also picked up a small box of Timbits (basically, they’re the same as Munchkins for my American Dunkin Donuts fans) and when I saw that they through a sour cream glazed in there, that one was all mine. Best donut ever.



So good.

Apparently, my dad is really good with organizing and moving people because we had the U-Haul and the cars completely packed and ready to go before 10 am.


That plus 3 packed vehicles. Yup, we have a lot of stuff.

Once we got to the new apartment, moving everything in was fairly easy. We’re on the first floor, so we were easily able to just hand things in over the balcony.

Moving Phase 2 But then we had a lot of this to deal with.

Around 1:30, my mom pointed out that we should probably get something to eat. For once in my life, I was so busy that I didn’t actually notice that I was hungry! We ended up heading to a nearby Quiznos to grab some lunch.

I wasn’t really feeling a sub and planned on getting the salad and soup combo, but apparently there was some mis-communication and the server thought that I only asked for the salad, so when we got home (I love saying ‘home’ in referring to our new place!) all I had was a small seafood salad.

Seafood Salad Clearly, not enough food. Fortunately, one lonely sweet potato, cinnamon and my jar of coconut butter had made the trip and were already unpacked, so I managed to throw that together for a side.

Sweet potato

Plates hadn’t been unloaded yet though, so  a paper towel had to suffice. Predictably, the rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking and setting up our new place. 

When we made the decision that we were moving back to London and had our apartment picked out, I told Eric what my request was for moving day food. Moving is synonymous with greasy food and takeout, am I right? So, I wanted takeout that has been recommended to me dozens of times but I hadn’t tried yet.

Five Guys

Yup. Five Guys. They just started opening up in Canada within the last couple of years, and as far as I know London currently has three locations. I’ve heard from multiple people that they have their favourite burgers ever, so of course, my curiosity about them has been peaked. We have one about 5 minutes away from us now, so around 7:30 we headed out.

When ordering, we had originally planned to just share a large fries – the cashier nicely informed us that a large can feed three adults easily. So…medium it was. Eric went for broke with the bacon cheeseburger (all of their regular burgers have two patties) while I went with a little cheeseburger.

I’ve said multiple times that I’m picky about beef burgers. The meat has to be high-quality, it has to be cooked just right, and the toppings have to be good.

That being said:

Little Cheeseburger

Colour me impressed. I ordered it with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and pickles, and it was excellent. Greasy of course, but so, so good.

And we need to talk about the fries.


Fries, I can take or leave. I love sweet potato fries and onion rings, and I’ll swipe bites of poutine, but generally not something I get excited about. But these fries were amazing. Definitely on the salty side, but so flavourful they didn’t even need ketchup. From me, that’s saying something – usually if it even so much as resembles a fry I dunk it in ketchup. Those were basically crack fries.

We ate it on the couch watching Orange is the New Black. Everyone who recommended that show to me – you were onto something. I’m really enjoying it so far!

Needless to say, that dinner definitely had me full for the rest of the evening. As awesome as it to eat takeout once in a while, I’m happy that my kitchen is now set up and I’m cooking again!

Have a great Wednesday!

<— Have you had Five Guys? What did you think?

<— Fry fan, or would you rather order a different side?

<— When was the last time you moved?



  1. Woah I’ve never had Five Guys but I have been hearing crazy good things about the fries. I am a sweet potato fry fan through and through!
  2. I’ve never had Five Guys despite living across the street from one. My friends all rave about it but I’ve just never been into fast food. I do want to try the fries though- like you, I’m not a big french fry person so I probably won’t eat them unless they’re really good, but that picture you posted is literally making my mouth water. I’m glad moving went well and you fueled it with some tasty foods you probably wouldn’t eat every day, but that are absolutely perfect for a day like that
    • I figure that moving day is just one of those days where you’re basically supposed to eat greasy foods – I know most people go for pizza! And I think you would really love the burgers!
  3. Moving food is hilarious! After moving my BF on friday we had a bottle of wine each and some cashews…I was not complaining!

    The night also ended with Orange is the New Black

  4. I’ve heard amazing things about Five Guys fries! I still haven’t gotten around to going there yet. LOVE fries – but unless they’re sweet potato, I usually end up getting a side salad.

    I think it was you who posted about Pita Pit salads recently, right?! Well, thanks to you I got one last night and it was delicious! I asked for EVERYTHING except onions and mushrooms. Seriously amazing.

  5. Oh my gahhh that burger looks amazing! Five Guys recently opened up in London and it’s on my “Places to Eat” list when I’m there next…alongside Shake Shack! Believe it or not, since I started eating beef last December, I’m still yet to eat a greasy fast-food burger. I’m not a fry fan at all either. In theory they sound great but whenever I do order them, I’m always disappointed- either too greasy or too salty!
    • Yea, the Five Guys are definitely on the salty side…I’ve never eaten at Shake Shack! I don’t think they’ve brought them into Canada yet.
  6. Glad your move went well! That burger! And the fries look so good. Take out is not very common here, so we don’t have a big choice, but I definitely love out turkish take outs with their delicious falafels and kebabs.
    The last time I moved was 3 years ago from basel to Zurich – it was a nightmare I hope I don’t have to move in near future!
  7. Ohh moving day is always crazy. It makes me slightly anxious to even think about the next time I’ll have to move all my stuff.
    To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a five guys in Canada! And I’ve never been there myself, and I actually haven’t heard too much about it. But, I definitely trust your opinion on their fries:)
    Hmm…fries for me are a take it or leave it item. If I’m really craving them I’ll go for it, but usually I opt for other sides…except onion rings. I hate those things with a passion.
  8. To be completely honest.. I wasn’t a fan of five guys. My co workers went a few weeks ago to get lunch so I tagged along knowing in advance that there wouldn’t be much I could eat. I ended up just getting a small fry and that was plenty big for me! I found the fries to be really greasy, like almost too greasy to enjoy. I know that type of fry is supposed to be greasy.. but it was too much. I had a sore stomach for the rest of the day!
  9. Glad your move went well! Looks like you had some pretty delicious eats despite having an empty fridge! We have a Five Guys near us, but we haven’t gotten there yet! I’ve heard lots of good things about it and those fries definitely look awesome!
  10. omg, Orange Is The New Black on the couch and a dinner of Five Guys is like my ideal night. haha, so good!

    Glad the move went well! Moving is always a drag but its nice that you guys had some helpers

  11. Blech, moving. At least you have good food to fuel you through the day. And also, I need to come to Canada and eat poutine. I’m convinced that I would looove it.
  12. congrats on the move!! looks like you’re settling in nicely! and i get really excited about fries. like if im out to eat and my dish comes with a side of potato chips, home fries, onion rings, etc- ill purposely ask that fries be substitued in- even in the morning with an omelette… i love omelettes and fries where was i? oh yes, thats the second pic of a donut ive seen this morning, i want one!!
  13. My mom goes on and on about 5 guys. I’ve never been there.
    We just moved last month and I was so excited to not cook! However it ended up being super stressful because we didn’t have the money to go out and eat every night. It was microwaved meals and PB and J for us! lol.
    Isn’t it so nice and refreshing to move though… like a clean slate.
  14. I recently tried Five Guys for the first time too! The burger was good (not quite as good as In-N-Out Burger), but the fries were AMAZING. Glad to see you made it through the move -moving is so exhausting and stressful. Hope you are enjoying the new place!

    I need to try this poutine that you all speak of. Are there places in the states that have it?

    • I don’t think I’ve ever tried In-N-Out…those are only on the West Coast of US, is that right? And I’m sure you could find poutine somewhere in the states!
  15. The last time I moved was two years ago… Actually, I’ll be celebrating two years in my place next Sunday, which is conveniently the same day I get back from HLS Last year I wasn’t home for my moving anniversary, so it’ll be nice to be here this year. And ohhh I remember sitting on the floor and using a cardboard box as a table for the longest time when I first moved in.

    And did I see you type coffeeS (plural?) or was that a typo? Are you switching over to the dark side?!!?

    • Haha I love the cardboard box table…you do what you gotta do, right?

      And while there was coffeeS, none of them were mine I figure I’ll start with coffee ice cream and work my way up from there!

  16. I STILL haven’t tried Five Guys…sheesh! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. This Sunday is my ‘re-feed’ day and I am planning on getting a delicious cheese burger from somewhere (we may be in the States so I should have plenty to choose from).

    Glad your move was a success – moving and packing makes me stressed and anxious – hope you’re settling in and loving your new place!

  17. Apparently Tim Hortons is coming to the Pittsburgh area, where I live. I’ll be interested to see how it’s received here; people freak out over Dunkin Donuts here!
    No Five Guys for me because I don’t eat meat, but my brothers love it. I’m not big on fries. They have to be really, really good/I have to be in the mood for them. Though there is a restaurant near me that does sweet potato tater tots that I can’t resist.
    Glad the move went well!
  18. Everyone hates moving but I find it very therapeutic! Of course, I haven’t moved in two and a half years, so the traumatizing mental scars of packing has faded away.

    I also never had Five Guys, I know there are a few in our area. I’m a Inn-n-Out girl for life!

    PS: Sour cream donuts? I’m intrigued!

  19. Omg, Five Guys is on my list of must visit for the first time very soon! It looks awesome and I think you’re right- moving day is totally synonymous with greasy food.
  20. LOVE 5 guys –> best burgers ever and super affordable too. We always get the little cheeseburgers and share a cajun fry. YUM!!
  21. I’m glad you have everything moved into the new place! We have a five guys in lexington but I have yet to try it. I’m with you on fries. Love sweet potato but usually have no desire for regular ones.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..WIAW – birthdaysMy Profile
  22. Awe, I didn’t know Jenn had her baby. I love her blog but I haven’t stopped by in forever. I will have to so I can see her chickpea!

    Moving sucks! But it will feel great when you’re settled. Taking a break from the kitchen and enjoying a little take out never hurts either.

  23. Do you know if Five Guys has veggie burgers?? I need to look into that!
  24. First of all, NOT A FRY FAN??!?!??!!? Who are you?? I could eat fries for every meal for the rest of my life and be content, haha! I’ve never actually tried Five Guys before, maybe it should be on my list. And let’s talk about moving boxes. We STILL have some scattered about the floor and it is starting to cause undue stress. I gotta get Kyle to get them outta here tonight!
    • If you like fries, you definitely need to try them! And ugh, that’s so annoying! I think we just cleared out the last of them last night, fortunately!
  25. Love that you have started watching that show, beware so addicting. I have actually never been to five guys. I know crazy, I haven’t had a beef burger in … wow maybe 10 or more years. I need to welcome beef back in my life
  26. Oh gosh, just seeing your new living room filled with your stuff stressed me out. Unpacking after a move always sends my nerves through the roof lol. I’m glad you’re getting all settled in though!

    I’ve never had Five Guys because I’ve heard that they serve peanuts and they are all over the floor, so that scares me a bit. That burger and fries does look pretty delicious though!

  27. Um, I could have fries with every meal. I’m fry-obsessed! My London just opened their first Five Guys store too, and I’ve been dying to check it out – you’ve now convinced me to get my butt down there. It’s a 2 minute walk from where I do dance class, so I really have no excuse!
  28. We have a FIVE GUYS here, but I haven’t been. Unfortunately, I am not a burger fan. The fries look bomb tho!
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  30. We just got a Five Guys in town within the last year, but since my stomach is so sensitive and I heard their burgers were really greasy, I decided it was best to stay away…but now you’ve got me curious about those fries! You know me, I’m a fry snob…but I also know you are too and I trust your judgement!

    Last time I moved? March 2011 when I bought my house! Hard to believe I’ve almost been here for 3 years now!

    So glad your liking OITNB! Told you…it totally sucks you in!

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