WIAW: Purse Snacks.


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So before I get into the rest of this post, I have to give a big resounding thank you for all of your lovely comments on yesterday‘s post. Talking about stuff like that is a little awkward to do on the internet, but you guys always make me feel like those difficult posts are worth it. And a lot of people seem interested in my experiences with it, so I’ll be sure to do an update post in the next couple of months.

But, today’s post is all about the food.


Because it’s Wednesday. Of course. Thanks to Jenn for keeping up with her hosting duties, even with her adorable little one around!

So for today’s post, I’m covering my eats from yesterday. Another day where I was out of the house from 7:30 am – 9:30 pm. I have to admit, I’m not very good at packing an entire day’s worth of food. I’ve been snacking my way through the afternoon and then eating dinner when I get home late at night. Not exactly ideal, but it’s easier for me.

It means that I’m still making good use of my lunch bag for breakfast and lunch, but snacks usually come right out of purse. Lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of stuffing a few snacks in my purse at the beginning of the week, so that I always have something on hand if I need it.


I do keep a lot of food around…


When I left the house yesterday, I had:

  • a Questbar
  • half a pack of caramel macchiato almonds
  • an apple
  • a ThinkThin bar
  • a cheese string

so, I make sure I have options Wink but yesterday’s eats!

Breakfast – 8:30 am

Train breakfast. Brantford is a small city and not a lot of people get off the train there, so once in a while we’ll randomly be put in business class. Works for me – it means I actually get a breakfast table.

Greek yogurt and cereal

Greek yogurt with cinnamon, a sliced banana, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares.

Train Cereal Bowl

Yogurt bowls have to be my favourite portable breakfasts. Just so easy and tasty.

Lunch – 12:00 pm.

School. Meetings. Nothing too exciting in my morning. But leftovers for lunch!

Packed Lunch

Chicken drumsticks, baby carrots, hummus, and roasted kabocha squash. That squash lasted three days, and making it last that long was a challenge.

Snack – 1:30 pm

Definitely needed another snack an hour and a half later. A cheesestring it is.

Cheese String

Snack – 5:00 pm

I TA from 4:00 to 7:00, but I was feeling pretty munchy around 5, so I downed another (obvious from the purse – just look at how crunched that is) snack:

Think Thin

Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee Think Thin bar. I picked up a few of these bars at Whole Foods in Minneapolis because I was curious about them, but this was the first time I actually tried one. It’s pretty good – it tastes like a chocolate bar and the ingredient list isn’t half-bad.

Dinner – 9:30 pm

Dinners definitely come late on Tuesdays, and are made up of whatever I can find in the fridge.

Rice Dinner


Monday night for part of dinner I made brown rice with black beans, corn, onion, green pepper, and a bit of salsa. So dinner last night was leftover rice on top of a bed of spinach with guacamole and more salsa. Eric had gone out for dinner and brought home leftover popcorn shrimp, so a few of those made their way on there as well…and a few more didn’t make it on to the plate Wink

Of course, a dip into my candy jar for dessert:

Candy Dish


Lindt Crunchy Nougat. A fantastic way to end the day.

Busy day, but at least I still make sure to eat well. Have a good Wednesday!

<— What snacks are in your purse/bag right now?

<— What is your favourite portable breakfast?

<— What’s you favourite dessert/snack to end the day with?


  1. Oh you know me – I love me sum’ ice cream at the end of the day! I also love Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares though. So tasty!
  2. I got so excited when I saw that ThinkThin bar because I have not found them in Canada. Oops neither had you lol lately I have been ending my days with oatmeal, banana and PB… ugh I know how healthy but I have been craving it and my usual (chocolate chips) have been making me breakout!
  3. Haha high 5 on the food hoarder status! I currently only have 1 KIND bar lurking in my handbag but as for my pantry? It just keeps getting larger and larger….not a bad thing ;)! That’s awesome you got an upgrade on the train…that kind of yummy breakfast deserves to be eaten off a table! Unsurprisingly my favorite dessert to round up the night is some kind of chocolate. Lately that has been in the form of Lindt 70% & Lindt Madagascar!
  4. My at home breakfasts are the same as my portable ones these days- a bagel with butter. It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s hot or cold, although I obviously prefer it warm when I’m eating it! Your day is exhausting too! I eat dinner around 5:30 most days so I can’t imagine having to wait until 9:30 when I’m beginning to wind down for bed!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..Time to Get SeriousMy Profile
  5. So.. err… I currently have almost an entire mini cooler’s worth of snacks packed with me to take on my trip, so let’s just say I like being prepared and leave it at that As for portable breakfast… pretty much anything. I’ll even take my oats, throw them in an empty yogurt container, and eat them en route to wherever it is I’m going. BUt speaking of going, that’s what I very much have to do right now — just wanted to pop in and say hi before I left. Happy Wednesday, love!
  6. lately I have been doing the same thing, snacks on snacks. work can get busy so I always make sure I have things by my side to eat.
  7. I’m the same way when it comes to packing meals and Snacks. I’m not exactly the best at it and usually just end up throwing a bunch of Snacks together to make sure I don’t end up coming home starving…you’d think I’d learn by now, but sadly that’s not the case;)
    My favorite portable Breakfast is probably just a simple bowl of oats…that or a homemade Breakfast muffin of some sort! Those are always super simple to bring along.
  8. I have two kids so I always have goldfish in my purse! lol. I wish I was strong enough to keep a candy jar but I’m not yet. I’d eat the whole thing at once. I’m getting there though!
    • Haha goldfish are always a good option! And the way I’ve taught myself to handle my candy jar is that it’s always full, and there’s always chocolate in the house. So, I can eat it whenever I want…so I don’t need to eat the whole thing at once. One or two pieces most days of the work works just fine!
  9. So I always keep a stash of food on me and at work but just knowing it’s there always makes me want to eat it! Hungry or not, by the end of the week I’ve usually cleared out my stash!
    • That used to happen to me too – I’d eat it just because it was there. Still a problem sometimes, but eventually I got used to just going for it when I needed a snack!
  10. They have chocolate dipped banana’s I have just discovered in the ice cream isle, and they are delicious!
  11. Purse snacks! You’re in my head this morning! {And my heart, always} Haha.

    SIMPLY BARS (I need to be an ambassador or something with all the publicity that I give them), raw nuts & seeds (walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds usually), cucumber slices, are my usual go-tos. I try to pack things that don’t have an odor so I don’t offend anyone.

  12. I always carry nuts and dried fruit in my bag; emergency nutrition! Overnight oats are pretty portable, but I also enjoy wraps with nut butter, banana, spinach, and avocado!

    My ideal dessert it a fruit with flax seed and soy milk; kind of like fruit cereal!

  13. favorite portable breakfast- larabar! in fact i believe i have one in my purse right now. and yep- i love a piece of chocolate after dinner too
  14. Once school starts tomorrow (ugh), my backpack will be constantly filled with food. I usually eat 2-3 meals on the go, so I have to be prepared!
  15. Wow, a breakfast table on the train!?! That’s great! Right now, I don’t have any snacks in my purse. I need to restock my supply asap, but normally I have a granola bar or almonds.

    My favorite portable breakfast is overnight oats or a smoothie.

  16. Love your candy jar! Lindt chocolate is a favourite of mine; its so good! I love ending my night either on a big bowl of comforting oats or a satisfying yoghurt bowl with pretty much everything chucked in!
  17. I would probably get sick if I ate on a moving train. Maybe. Maybe not. Lol I just can’t imagine my tummy would be happy with it! I have dried fruit, snack bars, and lollipops with me at all times. Balance My favorite dessert is a piece of chocolate or a couple of slivers from something homemade!
  18. that dinner looks great. gotta stick the popcorn shrimp in there! often my mom will make my dad something more “fun” for dinner and make lighter things for she and i, and i enjoy stealing his food he never finishes it all! that especially also goes for when we go out to eat. i always can count on stealing some of his fries!
    you should be proud of doing such a good job of packing plenty of snacks and breakfast/lunch! many people would just buy everything out and not bother with planning ahead. plus you are packing plenty to keep you well fueled! i used to be afraid to pack snacks for work because i thought that i’d just mindlessly eat them just because they are there. now i always have a jar of nut butter and a bag of some sort of carby snack in my desk drawers at all times, for snack emergencies!
    i agree that eating dinner at home is just WAY easier than packing it. i used to pack a snack to get me through night class after work, then i’d come home and eat. on days i didn’t have class (and i still do this now) i’d go to the gym after work, come home, shower, get ready for the next day, and sit down to eat at like 8 or 8:30pm. it’s a normal thing for me!
    • Haha if I don’t get my own order of fries or onion rings when we go out, Eric can count on me stealing some of his And thank you! I’m actually impressed with myself that I haven’t needed or wanted to buy food yet while I’m down there…I pack food to save $$, so at least I’m managing that. And I love that you keep nut butter at work!
  19. Wish I had a bag o’ snacks right about now! I keep almonds in my desk drawer, but if I stash snacks in my purse they’ll just get mindlessly eaten when I’m bored and not really hungry.

    I eat my breakfast to go sometimes when I have time to cook it but no time to eat it. Frittatas are easy for me to cook and toss in a container for later.

  20. Oh I didn’t even know that Think Thin has a Fiber bar, that’s pretty awesome, I’m gonna have to check that out. I’ve been trying to get my fiber intake up lately. My favorite portable breakfast are overnight oats or protein bar. Also I usually have one or two protein bars in my purse. Easy and compact and get the job done.
  21. Oh man I would be STARVING if I couldn’t eat dinner until 9:30
  22. That must be really nice to be able to eat on the train on your commute- probably saves a lot of time in the morning. I spend wayyy to long eating breakfast in the morning at home- I should consider getting in the habit of eating when I get to work but I’m always ravenous first thing in the morning I’m not sure if I could wait that long??
    • I usually need about an hour, hour and a half for my hunger to get going in the morning, so eating on the train works perfectly for me. The extra sleep in time is nice too – I’m up at 6:30 to get on the 7:30 train, so I don’t want to be getting up earlier than that to allow myself time for breakfast before I leave!
  23. I am loving your yogurt bowl-what an awesome idea to add cinnamon to the yogurt!
    I have lightly salted Trader Joes almonds and a cashew Larabar right now…fav portable breakfast isn’t anything fancy – just Chobani flips apple/white chocolate yogurt and I make these peanut butter cookies (PB, chocolate chips, one egg, 2 tspns sugar-mix and bake for 10 mins) that I have been ending the last couple of my days with
    • I definitely need the added cinnamon for plain yogurt – and some stevia or vanilla extract. And I think I need to try your peanut butter cookie!
  24. It’s so hard to pack an entire days worth of food so it’s nice to have snacks on hand for when things get crazy. My favorite purse snack is usually protein bar- you can’t beat the nutrition in one little bar.

    Those Quaker oatmeal squares can get addicting! Especially smothered in yogurt.

    • I always try to have one on hand for emergencies – handy, compact, and it’s ok if it gets kinda squished And ohmygod, yes on those oatmeal squares. Cannot stop.
  25. I almost always have a quest bar, almonds and an apple in my purse. A few days a week i’m out of the house for over 12 hours and I like to have snack options in addition to my packed meals. I usually take oatmeal or yogurt with me to work and eat it at my desk. I might be known to eat it while driving on the way to work sometimes too.
  26. Oh interesting! I’ve never seen Think Thin with fiber! I love the peanut butter Think Thin bars so I’ll have to keep an eye out for those. Glad to hear they are good! Do you like Quest bars? I bought a whole box, but they kind of upset my stomach so I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of them!
    • Now I wish I grabbed one of the peanut butter ones! And I do like Quest bars for the most part – some of the flavours are really, really good (banana nut muffin comes to mind..I adore that one) but some of them I’m not big on. Sorry to hear that they’re bugging your stomach!
  27. I am such a grazer – I always munch when I get home from school. My mom bought chessmen and they are so delicious – thank goodness we ran out!!
  28. Honestly, I’m really impressed by your meal and snack planning skills. Being out of the house for that long requires lots of preparation and planning ahead which I’m … not good at.
    And can we talk about that dinner? Minus the shrimp I’d totally take that right now. Maybe I should just invite myself for dinner over at yours ;)?! I might even bring some homemade chocolate for dessert.
    Snacks that are currently in my purse(s) [there are snacks in all of mine – you never know which one I’ll pick up when spontaneously leaving the house]: an apple, some trail mix, vegan snack sausage and a dried fruit bar. Covering sweet and salty as well as different textures.
  29. I don’t really take a lot of snacks with me. No where to carry them!
  30. A good mix of eats, especially for being out of the house for so long! I used to always underpack when I was out and be left with having to go to 7/11 or something later in the day! My favourite portable snack is definitely some bar of some sort or even jerky- I really love that stuff! I really enjoy think thin bars- if you get the chance to come accross the chunky peanut butter one, its really good!

    Recently, I’ve resorted to bringing pancakes on the go- they taste good cold and hold up well! My nightcap lately has been a casein mug cake- so ugly, yet so good (definitely does NOT look a thing like the ones Sara posts on insta..)

    • Jerky is pretty fantastic – Eric found an online recipe for making beef jerky at home, so I need to get on that. And I don’t think that think thin bars are in Canada, so I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m over the border. And casein mug cakes are a usual nighttime snack for me as well – or I get lazy and mix some casein into Greek yogurt or cottage cheese :-p
  31. I used to sometimes have dinner that late too when I worked at the hospital last summer and had shifts from 4-8:30/9ish. I hated it though – my body wasn’t a fan of when I went to bed like right after eating dinner. I could never be European lol.

    Right now I have an Enjoy Life decadent bar, Blue Diamond almonds, and some Mary’s Crackers in my bag for snacks. And I have some chopped veggies with hummus in the fridge that I’m also planning on bringing tomorrow. I need lots of snack options!

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