WIAW: Straight to the Point.


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Because sometimes, the food can just speak for itself, can’t it?


Although, I talk a lot so…I’m not sure how ‘straight to the point’ I can get. I’ll try though!


Oatmeal Oats, peanut butter, jam, and an egg. Enjoyed outside because woot summer-like weather!


Yogurt Greek yogurt and almonds. Simple but tasty.


Pasta I had a photo shoot and then ate my subject. Recipe coming tomorrow!


Smoothie Bowl Smoothie bowl (frozen banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, coconut flour, spinach) with coconut butter and PB Puffins. Of course, added more Puffins halfway through.


Toffee Is that not a thing? A square of Lindt Excellence Toffee Crunch.


Taco Salad A slightly lame taco salad with romaine, salsa, seasoned ground turkey, sour cream, and crumbled taco shells. Slightly lame because I forgot to buy cheese and my avocados weren’t ripe yet.


Mug Cake Amanda‘s Double Chocolate Mug Cake (notice how these pop up all the time in my WIAWs?) minus the chocolate chips and with a massive scoop of Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream. It’s a really good thing that that stuff isn’t available here (that I’ve ever seen) and has to be shipped to me via Lucie (thank you lovely!) because holy hell is it addictive.

Ok. 289 words in this post. That’s pretty much as ‘straight to the point’ as I’m ever going to get.

Have a good one!

<— If you’re going to eat chocolate in a day, when would you normally have it? i.e. after lunch, after dinner, mid-afternoon…?

<— Do you have a habit of talking a lot or rambling? Considering that I have a lot of posts that hit the 1200+ word mark…yup.

<— Tacos or taco salad? Either/or for me. Or both, that’s cool too.

<— What’s for dinner tonight?


  1. Mmm good eats, Sam! I’m definitely more of a taco salad fan…at least until someone starts making taco shells which can hold my ridiculous amount of filling ;)! I love pasta with shrimp so am looking forward to that recipe! Tonight’s dinner is going to involve homemade falafels, hummus, veggie and either brown rice or quinoa! And chocolate will follow shortly after- I love my post-dinner choc fix!
    Khushboo recently posted..Happiness from weight lossMy Profile
    • haha that’s my thoughts exactly – I’d need to eat a hell of a lot of tacos to get all the filling I would want
  2. Chocolate – actually, well….after every meal. I know it’s a little exaggerated, but I can’t help it – I crave chocolate already in the morning. But I try to keep it to one indlugence at night.
    And oh yes – Ovomaltine Crunch is crazy addicting!! Glad you like it
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..WIAW#61 – Oh hey there liver, what about a detox?My Profile
  3. Baha, I ate my photoshoots subject last weeks WIAW post. It had to happen. It was rude not to.

    I made the executive decision for all future salads to NOT include lettuce. Ever. I try and keep my posts short. Key word- try.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..Embracing the leftovers- My day on a plateMy Profile

  4. I can’t even tell you how much will power I have to practice NOT to eat the subject of my photoshoots while I’m shooting. I actually usually have to have a little serving for myself behind-the-scenes so I can nibble on that when the urge hits And I’m forever battling with my wordiness. I try to keep most of my posts under 1000, buuuut sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... vanilla cake batter smoothie .My Profile
  5. Love me some mug cakes and yaaaa snack-dessert should be a new thing. I’m all for it. That taco salad looks a lot like my taco salads when I make them lol oh well still good!!
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted..Cottage Cheese Breakfast BowlMy Profile
  6. So, I could pretty much eat chocolate any time of the day! I just love it too much! Now that toffee crunch square looks amazing! I could easily eat that entire bar in one sitting!

    Looking forward to the new recipe tomorrow!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..WIAW #40 – Getting My Appetite BackMy Profile

  7. Mmmm taco salad. I want. That’s actually what I was craving for dinner last night but didn’t get home until 830pm so it didn’t happen.

    I like to start eating chocolate as soon as I wake up. hahahaha.

  8. Well you know I talk a lot. I can’t handle any form of silence so I just fill the void!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..{Ebook Talk} My Gluten-Free Flour Blend + Release DateMy Profile
  9. 1. After lunch, 2. Yes, 3. Tacos, 4. Going out with a friend! That’s as quick and to the point as I can get it!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted..Humpday ConfessionsMy Profile
  10. Coincidence that I worked the other way round in today’s WIAW by going into more detail than usual ;).
    Chocolate is good any time of the day but seriously needed after 2 PM. And right now – read: at the office without any at hand – more than ever. P.S.: Why did you have to tempt me into possibly buying the Ovomaltine crunch? I’ll blame you in case of any severe addiction.
    Right now I wouldn’t mind a plate of your lunch minus the shrimp for dinner. The universe – or at least blogiverse – is telling me to go and buy pasta this week…
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Dishing up the detailsMy Profile
    • I can pretty much guarantee addiction with that stuff…it’s insanely tasty. And it’s a pretty good sign to follow!
  11. Yumm! I always eat some form of chocolate after dinner. I need to top the day off with something sweet. Some days I think I eat it at every meal though, which is totally awesome. I’m a not so secret chocoholic
    Kim @FITsique recently posted..How To Fit Flexible Dieting Into Your LifeMy Profile
  12. I most definitely think that snack dessert SHOULD be and is a thing. I eat it nearly everyday
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..WIAW: May 14, 2014My Profile
  13. I had a mug cake last night whoop whoop! It was a little warm though, like I started sweating while I was eating it. #embarrassing

    Whatever that lunch was, I cannot wait to read more about it because I see shrimp and pasta which means I’m automatically down for that.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..What I Ate In Toronto [WIAW #46]My Profile

  14. Chocolate is most enjoyable for me in the mid-morning time because it pairs so well with coffee. Mmm.
    I’ve never had a taco salad, believe it or not! I’m just not a fan of anything in ‘salad form’ when I can have the real thing. I know, I’m probably wrong. Whatevs.
    Dinner tonight is one my usuals: mexican beans and rice with avocado, cheese, and a big salad on the side.
    Rebecca recently posted..My Night with the PoliceMy Profile
  15. If I have chocolate, it’s typically post-dinner. Although I won’t necessarily say no if offered it earlier in the day Do you eat the cooked egg in with your oats or separate. I’ll sometimes whisk eggs into my oats as they’re cooking.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted..Expert Q&A: CrossFitting While PregnantMy Profile
    • I’ll mix an egg white into the oats while it’s cooking, and I’ll throw a fried egg on top – it’s a sweet/savoury combo that I really like.
  16. Snack-dessert is definitely a thing!

    That smoothie bowl looked delicious! I like the idea of adding Puffins, yum.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted..Gluten-free Falafel with Yogurt-Dill SauceMy Profile

  17. Snack dessert is most definitely a thing.
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..WIAW: Kelp Noodle FAQMy Profile
  18. Oh darn that sucks about your taco salad – cheese and avocado/guac are the best part! Actually I really like taco meat too – especially with the chemical and salt filled flavour packets. I tried making my own taco seasoning once and it just wasn’t the same.

    That pasta recipe looks awesome – I’m excited for you to post it!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..Del DenteMy Profile

  19. I still need to try oats with an egg!
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted..Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon Race ReportMy Profile
  20. I’m such a rambler… my posts are so long sometimes I have to delete paragraphs. Also why are Puffins seriously the best cereal in the world? Something about the texture… they are so much chewier than other cereals but still crunchy.
    Cassie recently posted..Spring Superfood SaladMy Profile

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