WIAW: Thanksgiving Dessert.


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I ate other things too, but clearly the dessert was the most important thing…and the most plentiful. My stomach was pretty unhappy with me for a day or two after Saturday…but I’d say it was worth it Wink


Lots of treats, just missing out on the healthy part. Oops. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!!

For some reason, when I woke up on Saturday morning I didn’t have an appetite at all for the longest time…and by some reason, I mean it’s because of the copious amount of Chicago Mix popcorn I ate Friday night. Oops. So I woke up and headed to a 9:30 Tour de France spin class, then went grocery shopping. I was finally starting to feel a bit of an appetite by that point, so I munched on some grapes in the car and got breakfast together when I got home.

Eggs and Banana


A massive sliced banana, Justin’s Maple Almond and two fried eggs + a pour of whites. It did the trick.

I had to finish up the cake I was making for Thanksgiving, so I spent an hour working on the caramel buttercream frosting only to end up with that broken buttercream I talked about on Monday. I maaaay have ended up needing a little help from Betty Crocker Wink Of course, I am hopeless for BLT’s (bites, licks, tastes) when I’m baking, so I ended up eating a good amount of frosting.  P.S. I really don’t get people who say they don’t like frosting – the best part of a cake, in my humble opinion.

I headed over to my aunt’s for Thanksgiving, where this was promptly placed in my hand:



I knew I liked my family. My aunt bought a Party Magic Bullet, which is basically a magic bullet meant for making mixed drinks in. Sounds good to me.

Brie and Crackers


Brie on a cracker times like, twelve. So my Thanksgiving lunch was brie, crackers, frosting and a margarita. I’m ok with this.

Wine at dinner:



Wild Vines Strawberry…yes, it tastes like juice.

Of course, the dinner itself:



A deviled egg, Greek salad, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, maple-glazed carrots, scalloped potatoes, and ham. Clearly I take a ‘try-everything’ approach when I have a lot of options.

Another shot of the dessert table, because it’s necessary:



My plate:

Dessert Plate


I tried a slice of the caramel apple cake I made, the chocolate cheesecake, and a bite of the pumpkin cake. Clearly, I’m going to have to play favourites and say that mine was the best Wink

After dessert, we all gathered around to play a game of cards, as we usually do at family holidays.



We play Chase the Ace, which is pretty fun with a big group of people. We play using quarters – each person needs four quarters to play. The winner ends up with the pot, so whoever wins usually ends up with about $12 in quarters – laundry change?

Annnd I may have snuck a forkful or two of icing when I was putting the cake away Wink And then proceeded to spend the next several hours on the couch with my stomach angry at me. Oh well…still a great day.

Have a great Wednesday!

<— Would you rather try a little bit of everything or pick a few favourite items when you have a lot of food choices?

<— Do you have any traditional holiday activities in your family?

<— The cake or the icing?


  1. Party Magic Bullet= awesomeness. I have to try a little (or a lot if I like it) of everything. If I don’t I am left with regret and we don’t want that!
  2. I loveeee honey glazed carrots! Yum now I am totally craving them and quite probably will make some for dinner. Also, your caramel apple cake looks the best hehe so I’m playing favorites too
  3. So I’m pretty sure that eating too much icing is a requirement of the holidays. I do the exact same thing when I’m baking and putting it away. The sugar just draws you in. That’s one time I don’t mind the stomachache later
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..When Running Feels GoodMy Profile
  4. Even without knowing it was yours, I’d still say the caramel apple cake looked the best And I’m the same way with needing to try a little bit of everything — if we didn’t try it all, how would we know what to grab seconds of?!

    And please don’t hate me but… I’d choose cake over frosting Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE frosting, but at the end of the day, the doughiness of cake always wins out.

    • I’m actually ok with you preferring cake, because that means if we find ourselves sharing a piece of cake in the future I won’t have to fight you for the frosting :-p
  5. That Breakfast definitely made up for your dessert intake no?
    The frosting most definitely! There is a wholesale store here in Georgia called Costco and my dad LOVES their vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and cheesecake filling – and boyoboy the frosting!!! And it’s piled on THICK – a corner slice of heaven and it gives new meaning to self gratification thru food porn!
    Shashi @ http://runninsrilankan.com recently posted..Heart Warming Apple Pecan Pancakes!My Profile
  6. I like trying a little bit of everything when there are tons of food choices. I feel like I may miss out on stuff if I just stick to what I like and know.

    Dessert is always my favorite part of any meal! Definitely digging that caramel apple cake, and I’m all about the icing, so long as it’s not super sweet and fake tasting!

  7. ICING!! I could live of it. Ok, that would go a little far, but yeah, I could definitely skip the cake and only take the frosting. BEST.
    And a party magic bullet – I need that, where did she get this?? It’s the perfect christmas present for my momma!!
  8. Holy DESSERT- yum!!! Everything looks phenomenal although the caramel apple cake especially appeals to me- and that has nothing to do with me playing favortism :)! Funny enough as much as I love chocolate, I am not the biggest fan of it in cake form. As for any other cake, it’s almost impossible for me to say no! I’m definitely a cake girl as opposed to frosting- I can do without :)! Your family sure know how to assemble a delicious spread- I might have to invite myself over next year Thanksgiving!!
  9. When I get together with my family, there is always lots of alcohol involved. LOTS. Haha we play games too, usually cards or we sing kareoke (hilarious). Recently we started playing Partini – which is too funny with a big group of people!

    Looks like you had a great feast! Those desserts looks delicious!

  10. I definitely go for a little bit of everything. I think it’s a smart decision because if you’re still hungry at the end, you know which things to grab for extras! There are days I like cake better and some days I like frosting but if I’m being honest… I probably would eat frosting over the cake. If it’s cake BATTER, though, it’s a totally different ballgame. lol. I hate the feeling you get after eating too many sweets. It’s like your stomach is in a state of shock! lol
  11. I love Brie, my mom makes it baked topped with homemade apricot preserves and covered in puff pastry. I die. I’m a big fan of trying lots of different things. Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday meal, we usually have lots of friends over and tons of appetizers to sample. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday!
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted..WIAW – Costco haul and the dentistsMy Profile
  12. I like to just pick a few favorites. I prefer cake over frosting anytime! I guess we are opposites on these tastes! All the eats look fantastic, though. Maybe I would have picked a little of everything. Our dinners usually offer less to choose from than yours!
  13. All of your yummy food photos is making me so excited for Thanksgiving here in the U.S.!

    I’m all about the ICING!

  14. I like tasting a little of everything, and then for my second helping, I just choose my favorites. You’re getting me super excited for our Thanksgiving next month! HELLLL YEAH!
  15. I’m very impressed by how well your cake turned out! I looked at the recipe and saw there were THREE separate parts and thought “nope!” But you did a fantastic job (even if the buttercream wasn’t the easiest character to work with).

    I completely agree that frosting is the best – it always wins over cake. Actually, my birthday cakes used to always somehow “lose” their frosting overnight…

    It looks from the pictures like you had a good crowd of people – I hope you enjoyed the event!

  16. Thanksgiving food is the best!!! You are making me excited for Thanksgiving in the States!
  17. oh LORDY i just got so excited for US thanksgiving!!! the party bullet’s existence makes me happy indeed. i thought that was a restaurant drink! that dessert yum but the savory food, DOUBLE YUM! also your breakfast has some of my fave things – runny eggs, nut butter, banana. yup definitely a win.
  18. We ALWAYS play cards at family holidays! That is probably my favorite part of the holidays- after the food of course. For some reason my eyes went straight to the deviled egg!!
  19. Oh yummm what a great meal! I tend to try a little bit of everything too – that way I can find out what is worth going back for seconds for. And holy cow your caramel apple cake looks amazing (minus the pecans)! I can see why it was the best.

    My family is a big game fan too. One of our traditions is to have a potluck dinner and play board games on Christmas Eve. It’s always one of the highlights for me!

  20. Mmmmm Brie on crackers is so so yummy!!!
  21. Oh my god, HOW do people decide on just a few items?! I ALWAYS have to try a bit of everything…even if it’s just one bite…even if it’s off someone else’s plate! Yeah, the man-friend knows by now not to get in the way of my ninja fingers! Bahaha! All that said, that plate…seriously, I need it in my face like NOW! And holla little deviled egg…I see you! As far as baking and desserts go, I’m sorry but I’m sticking to my guns on this one…cake BATTER is where it’s at…or cookie DOUGH! What can I say, I’m into the raw revolution…though I think I might have things a bit confused…nah!!!

    We don’t have any real traditions for Thanksgiving, but I keep trying to push the whole gaming thing. I think it would be so much fun to bust out a good card/board game instead of everyone just vegging out in front of the tv after dinner! Too bad they’re aren’t more kids in my family (I’m SO not contributing to that any time soon) or I’d bust out some frickin Mouse Trap! Lol

    PS, “So my Thanksgiving lunch was brie, crackers, frosting and a margarita.” <- love this! haha!

  22. So I pretty much want to faceplant that dessert table…and that ham. YUM!

    I’m probably in the minority here but I love the cake over the icing- I find it wayyy to sweet usually- so much it hurts my teeth!

    I firstly try everything then go back for seconds of the good stuff Brie and crackers sound like a perfect lunch!

  23. I feel like we have very similar tastes in alcoholic drinks, I don’t like things too sweet and I like more on the boring straight up side but still you have some good taste when it comes to picking it. I can’t wait for thanksgiving, why do we still have a month to wait??? booo.
  24. I’m always so jealous of your family get togethers – you guys all have such great taste!

    Whoever says they don’t love frosting is a GD liar!!! Granted, it is hard to consume in copious amounts because it’s SO sweet, but it’s still, by far, the best part of any cake experience.

    I like trying a little bit of everything! That’s just the kind of person I am though, I gotta try (and eat) everything at least once!

  25. clearly SOME Canadians know how to do Thanksgiving! Please bring me leftovers!
  26. Ahh this is getting me excited for my Thanksgiving! Plans are going haywire this year and I am not sure if I will even be having a traditional dinner but I am excited regardless.
  27. Love a good family game after Thanksgiving. That and dessert are definitely my favorite parts. Sounds like you did both of them right
  28. I always have the same thing – I love brie/crackers and sugary desserts, but too much sugar doesn’t really sit well with me It’s worth it though

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