WIAW: Winter is Going to Turn Me Into a Hermit.


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Hello there! I hope everyone is keeping warm today….ugh. This is one of those moments where I’m particularly grateful that I work mostly from home this year. It means that on days like yesterday (felt like -40) I don’t even have to think about going outside if I don’t want to.

Winter (I wanted to get a picture of the snow outside, but I refused to open the door…so frosty door picture it is. And that frost is on the inside, by the way).

Which come to think of it, happens on a lot of cold weather days. Winter turns me into a hermit. I’m ok with that though Wink

But even hermits can eat good food, right?


Thank you to Jenn for hosting!

So for today’s What I ate Wednesday Tuesday, I’m focusing on what I eat when it’s freezing outside and I refuse to leave the apartment. I tend to crave lots of comforting foods in cold weather (oatmeal, casseroles, pasta, soups, stews)…but for whatever reason, my love of certain hot-weather foods (salad, yogurt, smoothies) doesn’t seem to go anywhere. So I just kind of roll with it. Even if that means I’m huddled under a blanket to eat my smoothies and yogurt bowls!


Oatmeal Can you tell I cook my oats in the microwave?

Chocolate protein oats with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. I think we can all agree that oatmeal is the perfect choice when you wake up and it’s so cold that the inside of your patio door has frozen.

Kiss And then a chocolate kiss….because why not have dessert after breakfast?


Salad But I wanted a summery salad of sorts for lunch. At least the tofu was warm, so that kind of counts as comforting food? Spinach, roasted kabocha, and buffalo tofu. Roasted garlic yogurt dressing added post picture.


Yogurt Greek yogurt with honey topped with some mocha almonds I found stashed in the pantry. Because even when it’s freezing outside, yogurt is still awesome.


 But dinner, however, was extremely winter-y. I made Kristen’s Skinny Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Rice Casserole, and it was fabulous. The only downside was that I got distracted and started on it too late, so we didn’t end up eating until almost 8 pm and I was ready to eat my arm off. I settled for some unpictured baby carrots and some nabbed bites of chicken, instead Wink

Casserole While it definitely wasn’t as rich as a traditional casserole, it didn’t taste super-light, either. It was worth the wait.



Annd something warm to end the evening:

MugCake A casein mugcake topped off with some peanut butter. Definitely a comforting way to end a chilly day.

Eating good food is a good distraction from awful weather, right?

Have a good one!

<— Do you find that your eating patterns change with the seasons?

<— Favourite breakfast on a cold morning?

<— Anyone else refuse to leave their apartment in super-cold weather? I’m actually pretty convinced I wouldn’t even have gotten the car to start yesterday.

<— What’s your favourite type of casserole? This one was pretty good, but I have a Mexican one that I like a little bit better.


  1. It was so cold here yesterday some of my pipes froze! Including the hot water pipe in my shower, which meant no bathing for me and turned into me staying in my pjamas all day fighting with my cats for who gets to sit on top of the heater and doing absolutley nothing useful. But what else can you do when it’s so *$#! cold? Ha ha. Strangely the cold weather makes me crave cold food – I find myself wanting frozen fruit and ice cream and anything from the freezer. It’s very bizarre. But for whatever reason, it seems to warm me up more than hot food!
  2. Certainly, my food changes from a season by a season And if in the summer I enjoyed green cocktails, now one thought of them frightens me… Though there are things which I can always eat, in any weather. The frozen banana, yogurt or salad if to speak about atypical winter products
    Marina @ Lazy for Diet recently posted..#WIAW: НетипичноеMy Profile
  3. Unfortunately I barely eat any fruit in the winter because it is so expensive. It is sad.
    Meg @ Meg Go Run recently posted..What it’s like to run the Boston MarathonMy Profile
  4. You mean you don’t like going outside and having your eyelids stick together when you blink? Yeah, no… not a fan of this crazy weather, and I’ve definitely been hibernating more so than usual lately. Thankfully it’s warming up around here, and the next 5 days will all be around 0 — better believe I’m taking full advantage of it!

    As for eats, I definitely start craving more comfort food (carbs and sugar!), but I still eat a lot of cold food too. The other day I was sitting there snacking on a bag of frozen blueberries, which probably wasn’t the best idea since it took me about an hour to warm up after that.

    • ahhh weather is ridiculous! we’re supposed to be at +7 by Saturday….I really don’t understand it. And carbs and sugar are definitely more appealing in the winter – my consumption of chocolate and pasta both go up.
  5. Eeek so.cold. Dessert after breakfast is the way to roll! You can’t go wrong with a comforting bowl of oats on a chilly morning. In a few ways my eats do change.. like now with the warmer weather I prefer overnight oats to cooked oats. But some eats will remain the same come sun or snow – coffee, yogurt, salads to name a few.
    Ms.J recently posted..WIAW no rulesMy Profile
  6. dude I would be hibernating too if I had that kind of weather! I tend to stick to mostly hot foods, even if my apartment is hot with the heat. Lots of easy meals too.
    alex @ therunwithin recently posted..Supernova Girl.My Profile
  7. My eating habits definitely change in the winter. It’s been freezing and snowed 12 inches. I’ve been stuck in the house for 3 weeks! P.S. Hershey kisses are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food.
    Ashley @ Kick Ash Mom.com recently posted..Get me out of hereMy Profile
  8. I am so with ya on the warm food… and tons of tea that I am peeing like crazy! I made a pot of soup yesterday that turned out super well. Oatmeal is on repeat as well.
    Amy @ The Little Honey Bee recently posted..Balanced Travel Eats {WIAW 26}My Profile
  9. I hate the cold. I seriously think about moving to California from Novemeber till April. Interested in joining me?
    That casserole looks SO perfect! I need to check that recipe out!
    My favorite breakfast for cold mornings are definitely fresh and warm eggy oats.
    Lucie@FitSwissChick recently posted..WIAW#46 – My Vacation MealsMy Profile
  10. I know everyone makes fun of casseroles, but I mean, come on! When you have one that looks like that, how can you deny that casseroles are great despite the stigma!? My favorite breakfast on a cold morning is definitely oatmeal. Sometimes when I eat oatmeal when it’s hot out, I start to sweat and it’s really embarrassing.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted..Two Yoga Resources I’ve Been Loving LatelyMy Profile
  11. I have yet to find a mug cake that I enjoy-the texture is just never right! My eating really doesn’t change much with the seasons, aside from being able to use the grill more when it’s nicer outside.
    Laura@fitfreshnfunny recently posted..You’re better than me, I promise.My Profile
  12. I wish I didn’t have to leave the house on these super cold days, but unfortunately, I have to go to work and I don’t have the opportunity to work from home. Poo! It’s definitely super hard to get out of my warm bed in the a.m. when it’s so darn cold!

    Love that casserole! It kind of reminds me of the slow cooker meal I talked about today. Casseroles are always a favorite of mind, especially during the winter. They’re a perfect comfort food!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..WIAW #27 – A Recipe ReviewMy Profile

    • I’m definitely soaking it up this year – I know there’s a pretty good chance I won’t have the work-at-home option wherever I end up working!
  13. No snow for us in the UK yet but plenty of rain and that can turn me into a hermit for sure! Weirdly I’ve been eating lots of smoothies for breakfast despite the winter… and yet I ate hot breaky’s all summer? I don’t understand myself… Love anything I cook in the crock pot in the evenings though – warms me right up!
    Cat recently posted..(WIAW) What I Ate Wednesday #16: Back to RealityMy Profile
  14. If I could avoid going outside for the next 4 months you better bet I would! Also that casserole looks so good!
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted..Bike Boredom Blaster WorkoutMy Profile
  15. MmmMmmmMmmmmt that mug cakes looks deeeee-vine! I always try making oats in the microwave but I never seem to have a bowl big enough to fix the overflow issue
  16. I can’t even tell you how hard it was for me to get out of bed and go to work this morning. My commute is SO cold. I refused to leave my apartment last night when I got home so I tried to do a workout at home.. but ofcourse my pup wanted to play while I was doing push ups so that didn’t work out well, haha.
    Christine @ Gotta Eat Green recently posted..Here’s to 2014 – My NEW Go-To Green SmoothieMy Profile
  17. It takes a lot of convincing or a good reason to get me to leave the coziness of a warm house [or actually even the bed first thing in the morning] if it’s cold outside. And we’re not even getting temperatures closely as cold as you poor Canadians – or people in the US currently – at any time.
    My winter eating patters -would- normally mean warm breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Due to eating the first two meals of the day at work, though, they’re cold. So my favourite breakfast would be hot oatmeal with caramlized banana and coconut flour topped with peanut butter. Simple but satisfying.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Edible lessons in satisfactionMy Profile
  18. Mm I have been eating oatmeal with justin’s maple almond butter for the last week and loving every minute of it! Sooo good My tastes don’t really change throughout the season…just the number of warm drinks I need with my favorite cold dishes I wish I didn’t have to go anywhere, but I’ve still had to work…being stuck inside with the boys all day has not been fun, however, so we cannot wait to get out tomorrow!
    Caitlin recently posted..Stay Warm and Check It OutMy Profile
  19. that casserole looks so good. i need to make it for my dad!!!
  20. I feel you on not wanting to leave the house yesterday! It has just been wayyyy to cold. There is so much chocolate in this post – I love it! As for eating with the seasons, I don’t think my main eating habits/preferences change with the season but I definitely have more access to fresh fruits/veggies in the summer which I love
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..A day in the the life…My Profile
  21. JFC that is cold!!! Before I moved to London, I’d never felt anything colder than 18C…. #Australianproblems ! It’s still hovering around 9-10 C here and that’s cold enough for me. I actually think I would die in negative temperatures :S
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..PR weekMy Profile
  22. I’m like a little squirrel in the winter. EAT ALL THE FOODS
    Suzanne @ hello, veggy! recently posted..Falafel PieMy Profile
  23. My eating patterns definitely change with the season – I stop eating salads and move into microwave muffins, tea, and mac n cheese
    Liz @ Carpe Diem and Run recently posted..I’m SlippingMy Profile
  24. I actually had a convo with Spoons a while back about how my tastebuds are so warped- I love hot oatmeal in Summer and in Winter, cold oatmeal. Weird. Ironically, my smoothie consumption was greater in Winter too!

    Buffalo tofu? That sounds awesome! I really need to branch out with my tofu marinades!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..WIAW- Cleaning out the fridgeMy Profile

  25. It’s been ridiculously cold here too! But my preceptor has actually been off sick for the past 3 days so I’ve been able to work from home too and avoid the cold. I’m loving it!

    That casserole looks seriously fantastic. I love casseroles, but I don’t make them enough!

    I crave a lot more warm comfort foods in the cold weather too and also lots of roasted vegetables! And my cravings for certain fresh vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce are pretty much non-existent. I always love oatmeal though, no matter what the season.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen recently posted..What I’m loving latelyMy Profile

  26. that casserole looks tasty!!

    I love dessert after lunch. It’s the way to livveeeee for sure!

  27. The weather is pretty much the same here in Ottawa and I don’t like to go outside either.

    One thing I don’t usually make is a casserole. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever made a casserole other than lasagna. Yours looks pretty good but now I can’t stop thinking about your Mexican one…

    I love your window doodles btw!

  28. That casserole looks delish! I might have to try that one out.

    I always love smoothies and yogurt, no matter the weather, but our “freezing” California winter is hovering around 60 degrees F (15 Celsius, I did the conversion). I can’t really complain.
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted..CurrentlyMy Profile

  29. I don’t think I really no what “cold” weather means… thankful? I don’t know. I don’t think I ever have had a casserole before… hmmmmm
  30. I love mug cakes for breakfast or at night or well, anytime of the day because it’s easy and warms me up.

    Actually, I love getting in the car because for some reason, the car is much warmer than the house!
    Julie recently posted..WIAW: Too full on 1200 calories?My Profile

  31. Hermits can most definitely eat good food, as proven by your eats. I eat my favorite warm weather foods all through the winter also, I just never stop craving them!
    Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate recently posted..What I Ate in Southern CaliforniaMy Profile
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  33. Oh that casserole looks DELICIOUS! That is one thing that I miss from living at home…my mom was a master casserole cook. She always made these amazing casseroles. I definitely need to start making casseroles..there is something about them that is just so.dang.tasty! (especially in winter!)
    elise recently posted..Living for the good times (MIMM)My Profile
  34. I’m not a big fan of rice normally, but that casserole is calling my name…yup, must be the winter weather! It’s weird, I’m still eating a lot of cold foods (I blame the laziness) but I’ve been craving some hot soup in the worst way…I think it’s about time I dug out some of my freezer stash!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted..Music Monday: Spilling It!My Profile

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