Wonderful Weekend Wedding.


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(yea, I can plan the alliteration game).

Hello loves! How is everyone doing today? I’m back to real life after the long weekend, unfortunately…but at least it’s a short week Wink

So I’ve recently figured out that my perfect weekend formula involves some business combined with some relaxing. Too much of one makes me feel like I’ve missed out on the other, so I’m happy when I can balance those two out in one weekend. This last weekend was the perfect example – I had a wedding reception on Saturday to attend, and then spent most of Sunday and Monday relaxing and having some family time. Perfect!

So, today I’ll talk about the wedding reception. The couple is my best friend’s sister and her now-husband. They actually got married in Mexico recently, but they held a party at home so those of us who couldn’t attend  (in my case, couldn’t afford the trip or the time off) were still able to celebrate with them. The bestie and I have been friends for a decade, so of course, I’ve known her sister for years and couldn’t be happier for her! They threw a big backyard party bringing together friends and family from both sides of the wedding.


They definitely knew how to show people a good time! This helped:



On the list of liquids that I hate (joining coffee and beer), I cannot stand Caesars. Everyone tries to convince me that they’re awesome, but nope…can’t handle it. That punch, however…another story. So good.

And they rented a photobooth, which I’ve decided needs to make an appearance at basically every large party and event I throw in the future. I managed to snap a couple of pictures, but I’m afraid/intrigued/excited to see the ones from the company.



Gooooood times.

But clearly, I need to highlight the food. First off, this may be the biggest veggie plate I’ve ever seen:

Veggie Plate


And then there was real, homemade smoked salmon. One of the uncles apparently has a massive smoker, so he contributed this as an appetizer. Smoked salmon is definitely high up on my list of favourite foods, so with the cream cheese and the salmon it was incredible.

Smoked Salmon

A lot of that damage may have been done by me Wink

And you can’t go wrong with a pico de gallo:



Plus there was a spinach dip with chunks of bread and party mix (of which I immediately picked out all the pretzels because I adore them). And that was just the appetizers. Pretty safe to say that everyone ate well!



(couldn’t resist…I think he’s enjoying it?)

And then there was dinner:



3 different kinds of smoked meat (turkey, beef and pork) and a whole bunch of salads: Caesar, spinach, quinoa, Asian, and potato.

My plate:



A few chunks of cheese bread, pieces of smoked meat, spinach salad, quinoa salad and potato salad. I would have thought that with my love of all things pulled pork I would have been all over that, but the roast beef was actually my favourite one of the three. And the quinoa salad – oh goodness, must recreate. From what I can tell, it had beets, cranberries, roasted zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and cheese added. I could have just eaten a plate of that for dinner, it was incredible.

Then there was dessert:

Cake Cutting

(isn’t that a cute cake?)



My favourite part of any party/BBQ, of course.



I had some fruit, a homemade butter tart, and a piece of some sort of ice cream dessert. I also had a few bites of an unpictued Hello Dolly.

I’m not usually the biggest fan of anything pastry-based (pies and tarts…lemon meringue pie is whole different story though) but those tarts were amazing. The tart shells were quite literally, perfect. Amazingly flaky.

Apparently, they’re Grandma’s recipe:



I may have to track her down for that, because they were amazing!

So, it was definitely a fun night. I probably drank a little more than I needed to and my stomach wasn’t 100% pleased with me the next day, but it was 100% worth it. Also: I probably got the best sleep of my life that night – lately I’ve been averaging 7-7 1/2 hours and that night I was out for a solid 9. It was pretty glorious.

Oh, and I cannot handle how cute this kid is:

Cute Baby

One of the bride’s friend’s son. Such a little cutie!

Ugh, back to reality. Have a good one!

<— Are you a fan of Caesars?

<— Have you had a lot of weddings to go to this summer?

<— Pie fan? What’s your favourite kind?

<— Ever made a homemade pie or tart crust? I can do a pretty decent pie crust, but those tarts put me to shame.


  1. What is it about Grandma’s recipes that’s always so amazing?! Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of pies (nothing beats the doughiness of a cake), but I’ve come across a few that had me eating my words for sure. And I’m kind of ashamed to admit this, but I had to Google what a Caesar was Apparently it’s one of those tomato based drinks, which I’m not a huge fan of. But the reception looks like it was a blast… and I know what you mean about the photo booth – I need one of those in my life.
    • I think I need to go back to parent’s house at some point and dig through my Grandma’s old little recipe box – any recipe that I’ve made that’s come out of there has been amazing…a grandma thing for sure. And believe me, you’re definitely not missing much on the Caesar. It’s weird, I love anything else with a tomato base (ketchup, tomato sauce) but tomato juice is horrid to me.
  2. I thinking a wedding reception and some relaxing with family sounds like a great weekend to me! I love the photobooth idea and all the foods looks amazing! In fact, it’s making me super hungry since I haven’t eaten breakfast yet!

    Pie isn’t my favorite, but if I had to choose, I’d say apple pie. I’ve made apple, pumpkin and cherry pie for various family functions. I love baking!

    • The photobooth is definitely going to be a must at my future wedding or stag and doe And I adore baking too! While I’m not the biggest fan of eating it, I actually really love making pies and tarts from scratch.
  3. this looks like such a blast. It is getting me excited to see my family this weekend, just spending time in the company of others is always such a blast. And there is nothing like the atmosphere of a wedding, i can’t even explain it
  4. Re: Caesars. I think I can speak for all Canadians when I say, HOW DARE YOU! Hahaha what about a Caesar made with pickle juice?! I had one of those recently and it was awesome! I hate beer too. I can handle a little bit of craft beer (if it’s really light, not bitter, maybe has a fruit infusion, it’s a full moon, etc) but other than that, can’t do it. It just tastes toxic! And it gives me a headache. I projectile vomited from drinking half a Kokanee once.

    I love pie! Strawberry-rhubarb and good old pumpkin are my faves.

    • Haha I did try a sip of a Caesars made with pickle juice, and still…nope. Grosses me out – it’s the tomato juice! And I did steal some of my mom’s cider when we went out for dinner the other night and I was pleasantly surprised – probably the closest thing to beer I will drink. Don’t think I’ll be looking at Kokanee the same way again…

      And pumpkin is another pie exception for me, those are amazing in the Fall.

  5. That sounds like such a great party!! My fave food at parties are mostly the appetizers and dessert Main course wouldn’t be necessary in my books. I am not a huge fan of pies, though I could live of cake.
    We had 5 weddings last year….it was more than enough. This year we had one 2 weeks ago and that’s it – perfectly ok with me after the overload of last year!
  6. Oh what a fun idea to have a party for people who couldnt make it to the destination wedding site!! i love that idea! and it looks like a rocking party! that cake is so cute!! my mom makes the best pie crust, in fact her apple pie is my favorite pie.
  7. I’m with you on hating beer and caesars. Ick – definitely the worst beverages out there!
    It looks like it was such a fun wedding event!
    Photo booths are by far the most fun things ever. I seriously have a blast in those things, it reminds me of my childhood.
    I actually hate pies! I’ve only had one in my life, and I tried a bite and almost lost it. Now I will never try another one again haha. It’s one of those foods that has scarred me for life.
    • Haha I remember going the mall as a preteen and my friends and I would always jump in photobooths for pictures so definitely a fun childhood throwback!
      And that must have been a bad pie, I’ve never heard of a reaction quite like that!
  8. Unless it involves chocolate (or pumpkin), it’s probably not a pie I’m going to eat I prefer cakes and cookies to pie usually, and the only crusts I’ve made involve graham crackers or oreos This looks like so much fun! I love that they had a huge party for everyone who couldn’t make it to mexico! We haven’t had any weddings to attend this summer, since most of our friends are married or single at this point! Maybe next year though
    Caitlin recently posted..Fun Facts FridayMy Profile
  9. Homemade smoked salmon and cream cheese?! Sign me up. I’ve been craving a salmon and lox bagel for theee longest time. Pricey craving though. I’ve already decided that I’m having a photoshoot at my wedding complete with optional costumes. I just think it’s too cute to pass up!
  10. First off, love the alliteration!
    That wedding reception had some seriously awesome food! Especially the dessert spread. Nothing is better than a table stocked with sweet delights.
    Generally, I probably prefer cake over pie, BUT there are some pies that I seriously love. My parents are pretty great pie makers, so I guess I’m spoiled making me a bit picky. My dad makes an incredible key lime pie and fresh blueberry pie, and my mom’s chocolate cream pie? Best. dessert. ever.
    • I’ve tried key lime and I wasn’t a fan! But everyone keeps insisting to me that I’ll love it (because lemon meringue pie is my favourite) but nope…but it was a grocery-store version, so maybe I just need to try your dad’s to be convinced of it’s awesomeness?
  11. Ah any wedding/reception with good food rates high in my books…looks like this was a blast :)! I am so impressed at the spread of food (don’t even get me started on that ice cream dessert)! It seems like 2013 is a wedding year for me! As of now I have attended 3 weddings this year and will be attending another 3 by the end of the year- many things to look forward to
  12. Are you serious? You don’t like coffee? Ugh. Maybe I need to reconsider what I look for in a blog … Just kidding.
    Anyway, all that food looked amazing! And that kid was definitely extremely cute!
  13. I’m the same way that I usually don’t like pie crusts (the filling is the best part, so why not just make a crumble?), but I love a good butter tart. We seem to have similar tastes, except for the caesar thing. I don’t like bottled caesars, but if you get a good one made fresh from a bar, they are awesome! They probably give you less of a hangover than fruity drinks too! And I was pretty much drooling over that smoked salmon. Any fish that’s smoked and dried like that is my favourite. I went home this weekend and my parents make cedar plank salmon on the grill; probably the best way to prepare fresh salmon!
    • Oh, I’ve made cedar plank grill with my dad before and it seriously is amazing. And it’s just the tomato juice thing, in any form it basically makes me gag!
  14. That does look like a perfect weekend! That veggie platter was pretty amazing! You should get Grandma’s recipe, I think it would be a hit on your blog.

    Yay for 9 hours of sleep! It always feels so refreshing to get that much rest in one night.

    • I’m thinking that I’ll make the best friend track it down for me, it was seriously incredible. And it was amazing, I can’t even remember the last time I got that much sleep!
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